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Proud Hungary


As they both work for one of the largest LGBT travel website, Tuk and Calum have been traveling around the world together. The couple finally arrived to our lovely capital, and now they are spending a bit more than a month to discover Budapest and other parts of the CEE region. Tuk is originally from Bangkok, Thailand, while Calum is from Glasgow, Scotland – talking about two worlds meeting, huh? In the past six years, the couple have been living in Bangkok – a true metropolis that never sleeps. 66

What did you guys know about Hungary before you came here and what brought you to Budapest? We had heard the city was very beautiful. Plus, a few of Calum's friends from the United Kingdom had visited Budapest for stag weekends so we had heard great things about the nightlife and the city's cheap beer. I think our biggest inspirations where Jack Whitehall's Netflix show Travels with My Father and Ellie Goulding's Close To Me video. Both made the city look fun plus a bit crazy. The summer in Bangkok falls to April/May so we try to escape the heat and visit Europe during this time of year. We were looking for a fun city that was new to both of us and Budapest ticked many boxes of what we were looking for. What are your favorite things here? It has to be the architecture of the city. Every building is so pretty, especially at night when they are all lit up. Can't forget to mention the chimney cake (kürtős kalács) and the cherry pie (meggyes pite).

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Humen Magazin 2019. 04. szám (május)  

Humen Magazin 2019. 04. szám (május)