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Best and Highest Rated Nutrient - Golden Tree Nutrient After research and trials for over 20 years the scientists at the Golden Tree have finally come up with a revolutionary product based on the science of hydroponics, called Golden Tree. 1. The company adheres to all the guidelines formulated by the California Department of Food and Agriculture regarding labeling laws. 2. The Golden tree is a root stimulator, a sweetener, a growth accelerator and a bloom enhancer all in one. It is a complete soil, aeroponics, aquaponicc deep water culture nutrient. 3. The essential nutrients required for a healthy growing plant are Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus. They are amply substituted in the base of the Golden Tree fertilizer.

4. The company is in the process of giving samples in 20z for a limited period of time and can ship their products worldwide, discreetly. 5. Growers please note that Golden Tree is compatible both with tap water and reverse osmosis water sources.

6. Instructions for use-

All nutrients that are currently being used should be stopped immediately

The base nutrient solution should be increased to 800-100ppms in the reservoir.

Keep it 800ppms for vegetative

1100ppms for flowers

Now add Golden tree during the vegetative state

2ml per gallon during vegetative state

5ml per gallon per flowering state

Stop complete use one week before harvest

The 1/8th Gallon size makes up to 250 gallons of Golden Tree solution for veg state

100 gallons of Golden Tree solution for flower state

Some growers have reported the same results at half the dose mentioned above. The Golden Tree is available in these sizes-

1/8 gallon

½ gallon

One gallon

Two gallon

Best and highest rated nutrient golden tree nutrient