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Our local, brave troops who never returned home, we remember

“They went with songs to the battle, they were young. Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow. They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted, They fell with their faces to the foe. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them. They mingle not with their laughing comrades again; They sit no more at familiar tables of home; They have no lot in our labour of the day-time; They sleep beyond England’s foam”

Laurence Binyon, “For the Fallen”

Robert Younger Herbert Woodward John Bradshaw Gerald Brooke John Dubois Ernest Dyke Aubrey C. Flowers Knud Jensen S.T. Steptoe R.O. Clarke E.C.W. Mockler J.F. Wilson Sidney Crook Bert Eastman W. Gilmour C.F. Hallett Alfred Roden David Dundas J.A. MacForbes J. Foy C.A. Matheson Albert Gold A.A. Allen W.B. Martin D.A. McDonald E.F. McAneeley D.J. Schmitz L.D. Kidd D.E. Horton R.L. Telfer V.F. McHarg I.G. Grice J. Leniuk A.A. Shephard K.G. Smalley G.C. Parker R.B. Kotchork R.A. Wignes L.G. Waddell Duncan Cameron L.W. Lenz J. Morphy W.C. Gay L.C. Kawn R.C. Conley William Taylor

Alex Bain W.J. Parenteau J.A. Williams M. Tagseth G. Wium M. Weber H. Murphy Ernest Roper Bert Roper Steve Veres Edwin Wagner J.P. Kavanagh M. Reynolds J. Reynolds A. Britz T. Flack Arthur Booker Robert Clarke G.S. MacDonald Frank Stockall Ernest Wilson Garvin Wilson Archie Wilson Edward Bowes Samuel Churm W.E. Hewitson Trevor Jones Rex Kirkwood Cyrus Smythe John Whiddet W.B. Brandon Alexander Bellamy Alexander Davies Alexander Cameron Nels Christiansen Frederick Clarke Percy Johnstone Maurice Jordan Kenneth McIntosh Charles MacGinnis Peter McCorkindale Gordon Stockall J.H. Stringer James Stebbings Joseph Pinnette

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When a letter is all you have

Letter submitted by Paul Henry Lewis

Troops overseas would write letters back home as often as they could, their loved ones eagerly awaiting the mail delivery to see if a letter had arrived. What was once a brief update on the war effort from the battle zone itself, is now a time capsule that many families have preserved. Above: Paul Henry Lewis, of the Carleton and York Regiment in the Canadian Army, writes to his sister Vivian Henry, while stationed in Italy during the Second World War in 1943. “Mother told me that you taught school at Mountain Rd. for awhile last year,” Lewis writes to his sister.

Today we pause for our soldiers and veterans. We can never thank you enough for your service, your commitment & your heroism. 306-682-2661 • 1-888-805-0669

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Letter submitted by Boyd Henderson

Royal Canadian Legion Branch # 28 Humboldt, Sask

Monday, November 11th Schedule Letter submitted by Caitie McRae

10:30 Gather in lobby of St. Augustine Church 10:45 Parade into Church 11:00 Lastpost - 2-Minute Silence - Reveille 11:05 Remembrance Day Service 12:00 Wreath Laying Ceremony (in church) 1:00 Lunch at Legion Hall 2:00 Social in Clubroom and Museum (Entertainment - The Beer Tent Gang )

Above: Earl James Piche, of the Algonquin Regiment, writes a poem to his wife, Betty, from the front in Germany during the Second World War. He was killed in action on April 11, 1945. He was obviously looking forward to returning home to his wife: “To hear your voice, to see your face, to walk and talk with you. Picking up the broken fragments, starting life anew,” he writes in his poem. Right: Horace Frederick Knapp Henderson, of the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, writes to his mother from overseas during the First World War. Henderson’s letter shows the uncertainty of the war front for soldiers, given they were often confused on their location and exact date, as evidenced by Henderson stating he’s “Somewhere in France.” He dated the letter Feb. 3, 1918 but the envelope it was sent in was officially stamped January, 1918, showing Henderson was unsure as to the exact passage of time.

Supper in Main Hall 5:30pm (Catered by BV Inn) Social in clubroom until closing Supper tickets -$15.00ea/Adult - $8.00ea/Child (under 8yrs) Available at Legion Clubroom or Poppy Table in the Humboldt Mall

Lest We Forget

Never Forget Always Honour

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Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed.


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Lord, bid war's trumpet cease; Fold the whole earth in peace.

-Oliver Wendell Holmes



627 – 7th Street 306-682-4114

We remember our honoured veterans.

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This Remembrance Day, never forget those that give their todays, for our tomorrows.

LeRoy, SK 306-286-3311

We Remember Their Sacrifice

Humboldt Motors BODY SHOP

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Peter P. Dutchak, gunner Canadian Army Second World War

Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa Second World War

Pte. Andrew Dutchak

South Alberta Regiment 4th Canadian Armoured Division Second World War

58th Independent Field Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers Germany 1952-55

Sgt. Bernard Jansen Royal Canadian Air Force Second World War

Bernard Niekamp Canadian Army, Coastal Defense Second World War

Lance-Cpl. Richard Woods

Donald B. Ramsay, telegraphist

Lance-Cpl. Doris (Atkinson) Gray Canadian Women’s Army Corps Second World War

John Arthur Gray Canadian 6th Anti-Tank Regiment Second World War

Pte. Frederick Blyth Carleton and York Regiment Second World War

Gabriel Laplante, flying officer Royal Canadian Air Force Second World War

Anthony Vincent Zilkowsky

5th Battalion of the 1st Canadian Division First World War


Delbert Kirsch MLA Batoche Constituency

(306) 256-3930

We Salute You - Past & Present

Cpl. Arnold W. Bolton

Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve Second World War

We shall remember their sacrifice.

Guns & Supplies

We Remember

WHEELERS WHOLESALE Serving Humboldt & Area Since 1956

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Lest We Forget

Humboldt Office 639 Main Street




This Remembrance Day, we pause for our veterans. We can never thank you enough for your service, your commitment & your heroism.

R.M. of Pleasantdale No. 398 • 306-874-5732 Town of Naicam • 306-874-2280

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Honour their service and their sacrifice


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Saskatchewan Regiment of the Canadian Expeditionary Force First World War

Gottlieb Freistadt

Pte. Henry Renneberg Royal Canadian Corps of Signals Second World War

Tony Renneberg Royal Canadian Postal Corps Second World War

Cpl. Egill A. Buschman The Regina Rifle Regiment Second World War

Sgt. Horace Frederick Knapp Henderson 72nd Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada First World War

Sgt. James R. Harcourt Canadian Army Second World War

Joe Saretsky The Regina Rifle Regiment Second World War

8th Canadian Reconaissance Regiment Second World War

John Svab, flying officer Royal Canadian Air Force Second World War

Pte. Joseph Leonew 32nd A.A. Battery R.C.A. Second World War

Leo Saretsky, telegraphist Royal Canadian Navy Second World War

We come, not to mourn our dead soldiers, but to praise them.

-Francis A. Walker

Lest we Forget

Rural Municipality of Bayne No. 371 306-369-2511

-Matthew 5: 9

On behalf of the Humboldt constituents and myself, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our veterans who so selflessly served in past wars. Our thoughts, prayers and gratitude are with those serving in the Canadian Forces today.

Donna Harpauer MLA Humboldt Constituency Office

632 9th Street Humboldt, SK Ph: 306-682-5141

306-287-3215 Watson

512 Main Street Humboldt


We remember their sacrifice.


404 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force Second World War


From the Living Word Church Congregation

510 Main Street, Humboldt

Cpl. Louis Francis Benson

Monico Cresting Inc.

We pray for our veterans and those who are presently serving our country in harms way.

“Blessed are the Peace Makers For they will be called Children of God.”

John Clifford Misouri

517 Main St., Humboldt, SK • 306-682-5017 74 Main St., Quill Lake, SK • 306-383-2383

Boyd, Janet, Brenda, Maureen, Denise, Trina

Lest we Forget...


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The Rocky Mountain Rangers/ South Saskatchewan Regiment Second World War

Pte. Math Bunko

Pte. Michael Joseph Zilkowsky Royal Winnipeg Rifles Second World War

Pte. Nick Sokolan The Regina Rifle Regiment Second World War

Pte. Peter Klashinsky South Saskatchewan Regiment Second World War

Flight Sgt. Albert John Cash Second World War Served 1942-46

Cpl. Peter Tarnowski Second World War Stationed in Halifax

Pte. Ray Steffen Canadian Army Second World War

Pte. Roman Sarauer The Regina Rifle Regiment Second World War

Pte. Stan Ford

Pte. Walter Wehage Canadian Army Second World War

Col. William Andrew Boutin Canadian Forces Gulf War

William Domes Canadian Army Second World War

Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry Yugoslav Wars


813 21st Street Humboldt, SK (306) 682-5501

Junction of Hwy 5 & 6 Watson, SK

Lest We Forget Hwy 20 South Humboldt, SK

Humboldt Florist 616 Main Street • Humboldt • 306-682-3861

Lest we Forget 306-682-3900

For love of their country they accepted death. Lest we forget.

Causeway Natural Health “Your Path to Wellness”

Lest we forget November 11, 2013 Remember those who have fallen so others can live.

Humboldt’s Health and Natural Food Store

306-682-5959 • 816 6th Avenue, Humboldt

In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below.

-Lieutenant Colonel John Alexander McCrae, MD

Humboldt • 306-682-2982

Behiel, Will & Biemans Barristers & Solicitors 306-682-2642

Gloria & Connie


Hwy 5 East, Humboldt Humboldt’s only 100% locally owned funeral home!

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Andy McAnally (senior) The Royal Navy Second World War

Cpl. Andy McAnally (junior)

Dr. Robert W. Begg, OC

Lieut. Elsie “Duzz” Baker

The Ulster Defence Regiment/ Royal Irish Regiment Served 1979-1993

1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, Canadian Army Medical Corps Second World War

The Nursing Sisters of the Canadian Army Medical Corps Second World War

Pte. Berenice Baker

Pte. Raymond Schwartz The Regina Rifle Regiment Second World War

Flight Lieut. Stan Baker Royal Canadian Air Force Second World War

Flight Lieut. William McRae Royal Canadian Navy & R.C.A.F. Second World War and after

Cpl. Philip William Clark

Bernard and Francis Doepker The Rocky Mountain Rangers Second World War

Pte. Earl James Piche The Algonquin Regiment Second World War

Gabriel Kloschinsky 18th Canadian Battery R.C.A. Second World War

Canadian Women’s Army Corps Second World War

Royal Canadian Air Force Second World War, Alaska highway project

d We Salute O ur Arme c r e o s F and V erans. et Kevin Phillips

MLA Melfort Constituency Box 2800, Melfort, SK S0E 1A0 (306) 752-9500 Toll Free: 1 (800) 242-6796

Accent Credit Union Quill Lake Branch • 78 Main Street, Quill Lake, SK

Farm Equipment Ltd.

Hwy 5 E Humboldt 306-682-2592 • Parts & Service 306-682-2591

Lest We Forget



HUMBOLDT, SASK. Phone (306) 682-4340 • Fax (306) 682-2413 Hwy #5 East, P.O. Box 237 Humboldt, SK S0K 2A0 Email:


Bunge (Dixon Location) 306-682-5060 1-800-667-5060

HUMBOLDT CO-OP 306-682-4242 • 903 5th Ave., Humboldt Dennis, Vyenda, & Jim Korte

Lest we forget




Graphic arts printinG Ltd.



We Salute Our Veterans

We can never thank you enough for your service, your commitment & your heroism.


We will not forget WWW.HUMBOLDTCO-OP.COM

Our cheer goes back to them, the valiant dead! Laurels and roses on their graves to-day, Lilies and laurels over them we lay, And violets o'er each unforgotten head. -Richard Hovey

Danish Oven 306-682-3933

806 6th Ave. • 306-682-2829

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Martin Muyres Canadian Army Second World War

John Bernard Loeffler Canadian Army Second World War

Don McKim Royal Canadian Air Force Second World War

Norman Angelstad Royal Canadian Air Force Second World War

…And their names are engraven on honour’s bright crest. Naicam, SK Toll Free: 1-877-209-0977 CMI Terminal CMI Ag Ltd.

Remembering those who served

Lake Lenore, SK Ph: 306-368-2281

Locally owned, globally connected.

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The Marysburg Centre of the Arts

Wear a Poppy. a simple gesture, an act of respect.

a lifetime of FREEDOM.

QUILL LAKE OIL CO-OP Ph. 306-383-2313 FAX: 306-383-2213

Supporting the troops of yesterday, today & tomorrow

THE BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA 530 Main Street, Humboldt


Hometown Cellular Your Telus Authorized Dealer 623 7th Street 306-682-1410 (In the old Carlton Trail Building)

Who kept the faith and fought the fight; The glory theirs, the duty ours.

-Wallace Bruce

910 Main Street, Humboldt, SK

Remembrance day  
Remembrance day  

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