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“For me the slow movement is not just about fashion, it is about your life, the way you experience it. It is about slowing to enjoy it and memorise every moment, every detail; slowing down to live fully engaged and meaningful… It is all about physically and mentally to be here, right now“ - Sevda

Minimalistic Neobaltic Jewellery where nature motives are caught by swampy resin.



EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Dmitrij Vasilenko ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Vasilij Zorin ART DIRECTOR Maria Abolina PICTURE EDITOR Victoria Hyeonjeong Yun GRAPHIC DESIGNER Anastasija Vasilenko DIGITAL MARKETER Chia Hou Shen ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE Carol Ann Pippin STAFF WRITERS Jordan Ellen Wood & Hannah Corkhill

editors Letter


his issue of HUMBLE is dedicated to artists around the world who share their vision and spread creativity. We believe that humble is more than just a word, it represents you as an artist. It shows the importance of the work that creatives produce. By being humble we let our work speak for itself instead of us speaking for it. Our mission is to share and promote humble artists of this generation who have a voice and want to be heard. We believe that there is little we can do as an individual but collectively we can build and influence fashion industry, bringing to the light issues that many tend to avoid speaking about. We bring the best artists together in every issue to celebrate creative approach and contribution to fashion photography and fashion design. It is important to know that every artist is independent and is driven by love to his craft. Many creatives struggle between jobs to be able to fund their passion. It is important to acknowledge that and respect their work as they make this world colourful and inspiring. They paint our future in different colours making it brighter. Dmitrij Vasilenko



Contents Twins


(by L aurence L aborie) p14

À tout à l‘heure ( by Christina Hasenauer) p22

Incredible Unique C ollection

(by Olga L arus)


Top 10 independent British designers

(by Jordan Ellen Wood)


TITEL MC B eauty Shoot

(by Felix R achor)


Exclusive inter view with C over photographer Felix R achor (by Hannah C orkhill) p60


(by Tsz Ling L o)


Photographer: Chia Hou Shen

Black Spring

(Ania Hoppner)


Aadnevik backstage, back to basic In partnership with

Made in Italy

(by Dmitrij Vasilenko)


(by Giuseppe Attanasio) p100

I am a f lower too

(by Vera Sadovskaya)


Twins by

Laurence Laborie Model: @gaelle_et_laur ia Stylist: @thecandicefile s


Hair: @cyril_laforet_ Makeup: @fannymaurer








À tout à l‘heure! Christina Hasenauer










Vuliwear sunglasses are unisex and designed with comfort in mind. Lightweight metal frames, also made in Italy, will make you forget you even have them on. We purposely selected the classic aviator style that is the most popular and flattering to most face shapes for both men and women.

w w w. v u l i w e a r. c o m




Incredible Unique Collection Photographer: Sharon Angelia Stylist: Rhea Revren

Model: Sofia Selina Designer: Olga Laurus














Top 10 independent designers to go mad over AW18 at London Fashion Week & Fashion Scout

Written by Jordan Ellen Wood | @jordy_ellen

It is time the independent designers gets the recognition they deserve. The top fashion houses have all been at that point of being so close to the dazzling red carpet. Fashion is constantly revamping itself, whether we want it to or not. Do i smell fresh talent? I think so! These up and coming creatives have produced sweat and tears through getting their collections perfect. Transforming vision to handheld form can be a nerve racking experience, but whether these designers have come from a degree or been self taught, the talent the fashion industry has but does not know about is unbelievable. I have selected the best of the best independent designers to go mad over, from quirky statement pieces to wearable denim jackets.

Aadnevik A

adnevik’s recent SS18 readyto-wear collection screamed punked up princess. The merging electric colours mixed with feminine hues was something to grab everyone’s attention. Kristian Aadnevik is a London-based Norwegian fashion designer, who graduated from Royal College of Art in 2002. Ever since the early 00’s, he knew he wanted to push his designs and create a brand that was different. The luxury fashion house has took the innocence of lace and made it elegant.




Eideline Lee

signature of sophistication has recently been marked on the fashion industry’s doorstep. London based Edeline Lee graduated from Central Saint Martins as a womenswear designer. Her educational background and distinctive designs got her experience in the studios of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, before later on working for Zac Posen as head designer for Rodnik.With experience like that under her belt, there is definitely a space to watch out for. Her most recent ready-to-wear collection had countryside chic pouring out.


Paula Knorr W

hen you are awarded (and won!!) the ITS Fashion Award, you know their is a spark to your talent. Paula Knorr uses her life experiences to inspire each collection, from womanhood to femininity. In every piece that is designed, Knorr makes sure the identity of a strong woman is the main forefront the ‘Paula Knorr’ lady. Paula’s expressive fabric choices and glamorous colour palettes keep her apart from other designers.

A/W 18


Eudon Choi O

riginally trained as a menswear designer, Eudon Choi soon developed a love of womenswear; merging the masculin with the feminine. The Korean born designer soon acquired a knowledge of tailoring and eye for detail. Being inspired by all things art, architecture and historical related, choi manages to make his collection seem so effortless and classic.

A/W 18


is aim is to create garments that can adapt into an everyday person’s life by owning a unique piece (or two).Since launching his own label in 2009, he continues to rise. Eudon Choi will be the name you will want your wardrobe to be filled with. Photographer



Amy Thomson M

erging fashion and illustration through surface pattern is Amy Thomsons niche. She uses her muses to create characters which inform each look in the collection on a narrative field, which all tells a story. And we all love a good story or two‌ Her AW18 collection was an explosion of colour. The pop of wowing colours kept us wanting more more more from her.

Photographer Jane Kuznetsova

A/W 18

Photographer Jane Kuznetsova


Xuzhi S

implicity through intricacy. Couldn’t put the collection into better words. What you see is what you get and the vibe of all the collections is picked up by the industries moguls. Xu Zhi’s luxury label has a contemporary attitude. He manages to create designs but also develop them into a constructive technique. Since brand’s inception, the designer himself has been nominated for LVMH Prize, International Woolmark Prize, H&M Design Award and many other significant fashion design awards. In 2017, Xuzhi Chen was named by Forbes as the receiver of magazine’s 30 Under 30 list in Asia area. Can we get a round of an applause please?

A/W 18

Photographer Jane Kuznetsova


Claire Tagg J

ust because you don’t have a background in fashion design, doesn’t mean you aren’t going to make it in the creative industry. Claire Tagg returned to education at the age of 26 to follow one of her deep and passionate interests. Fashion. Using her time of traveling throughout Europe, she used her experience to create her inspiration. Claire’s textiel work has such detail and colour, that it will make everyone fall in love with her designs.

Photographer Jane Kuznetsova

A/W 18


inally, a label that is feminine and functional! Our prayers have been answered.. We can have some edge in our wardrobes.


Zeynep Kartal U

sing her passion of textiles, prints and design, Zeynep Kartal has made an impact in the fashion industry already by creating silhouettes and lines that scream elegance. All of her collections within the brand have led her to a growing number of celebrity clients from Whitney Port to Cheryl Cole and even Lady Gaga. Zeynep is known for the distinctive use of femininity, especially including elegant fabrics like silk and lace. Kartal’s aim is to encourage women to find their own style and to feel confident in their appearance.

A/W 18

Photographer Jane Kuznetsova


Faustine Steinmetz G

oing back to a few years ago, Faustine Steinmetz would never of thought her designs would be worn by the likes of iconic singer Lady Gaga. She was once just a girl who watched YouTube videos day to day, teaching herself the techniques in which brought her to her show stunning brand now. The parisian designer has an eye for dyes, weaves and re constructing iconic pieces into the modern day. The kind of iconic pieces, that we would love to get our hands on.

S A/W 18


teinmetz is most well known for her journey of reinventing denim wear into what can only be called as a masterpiece. I see this designer getting bigger and better (if that is possible).

Photographer Jane Kuznetsova


A/W 18

hoebe English W

ith slight attention to detail, Phoebe English’s collections are the definition of beauty. Luxury womenswear and menswear designer Phoebe English, creates constructed designs which embrace the detail of textiles. She is bringing the youth to London to the point where we all want to wear her garments. Phoebe has a talent in which we are drawn to everything she designs, from the layering down to the stitching. Watch this space as English is about to get bigger.


Felix Rachor Photo g r apher : Fel ix R a chor Ma keUp : C ar a - L ena S chmidt Mo d el : Shanic e Kรถrb er Hair : C ar a - L ena S chmidt Assist ant s : Mar t a Font i, Nat as cha L ind emann

Slip & body: Acby Bra: Hanro

Jumpsuit: Acby 46

Dress: Danny Reinke 47

Jumpsuit: Acby 48

Blouse: Richert Beil 49

Korsage & skirt: Marina Hoermanseder 50

Look by Marina Hoermanseder 51

Korsage: Marie AC Oberkรถnig 52

Accessory : Acby



E T N I C h a ann H by

ill h k or


Cover Photographer

Felix Rachor w w w . f e l i x - r a c h o r. c o m




HUMBLE Magazine is constantly on the lookout for talented an up and coming creatives to feature in our issues; so, it’s just as well that we got plenty for our second, including this month’s cover photographer Felix Rachor. Berlin based, he is a photographer with depth and an unquestionable candidate for this month’s issue. Without a doubt, there is plenty of stunning images created by Felix and throughout the issue and we know there is huge amounts of work that goes into these behind the scenes however, I personally, feel that from the average reader flicking through the pages of a fashion magazine, there is never much thought that goes from their eyes to the minds about the creation and the people behind the image, hence the reason for this article and interview; apart from the fact we are in awe of Felix. Taking pictures is rock and roll and if there was a photography hall of fame, Felix would be there. Get to know a little more about the inspiration and mastermind behind the images in this month’s HUMBLE issue.


Interview Do you have your own inspiring quote?

“The world belongs to the braves” How would you describe the style for this photoshoot? Creative, graphic, glamorous, and very divers. I love to change all the time the style. Where did you find inspiration for this shoot? In graphic artists and illustrations. I love to play with new ideas from other kind of artists. But also, great artists like Tim Walker, Patrick Demachchelier or David LaChapelle. Is there a consistent theme you like to keep running throughout your photography work? Not really, I follow my heart. And its always changing. So, important is to be happy. But I love the classic way to take photos. I love to see details even if I am shooting with special effects. When someone looks at the cover of this month’s issue, shot by yourself, what do you want their initial thought to be? Oh, I hope the like it and they check everything out because they are searching for more inspiration. I hope they ask them self: who is that photo artist. Is there anything you found difficult about this shoot? Not really: If you are into that theme you find always new ideas what you could arrange more. But it’s a lot of work anyway. What were you focusing on most when shooting for HUMBLE? I am always concentrating on my concept. So, I am like in a tunnel. But the ruff style is always, my target and I always check the picture style before I start to do a whole photo session.



Can you name 3 things you like best about this shoot? The modeeeeeeeel. I like to work with such pretty humans! I really like the graphical way the MUA’s do the models makeup. And I love the stuff of designer Marina Hoermanseder.

Who is your inspiration? I don’t have a single person. It’s the mix of everything I see. What’s best, a little or a lot of direction? It depends on what is your target. I love to lots, so I choose a lot. But what you do little of, you must do really good!


What were you focusing on most when shooting for HUMBLE? I am always concentrating on my concept. So, I am like in a tunnel. But the ruff style is always, my target and I always check the picture style before I start to do a whole photo session.

You have sent a few of your favourite images over used from other shoots, what is it about these images that makes them your favourite? It’s my feeling, a mix of everything, my kind of shooting right now. Check the structure of the skin, makeup, hair, … I love structures. We love Felix and the story he’s created through images for this month’s issue and hope you feel just the same, check out more of his work here:


Photographer: Tsz Ling Lo Makeup: Kumiko Ando Hair: Kay Matsui Styling & Creative direction: Naoi Magaki



Top by Cosmic Wonder


Top by Cosmic Wonder


Coat by Junya Watanabe


(boy)Shirt by vintage, (girl) Top by Comme des Garรงons Comme des Garรงons



Shoes by Dr. Martens, Socks by Uniqlo

(boy)Shirt by vintage,Bottom by Snow Peak, Socks by FALKE, Shoes by Maison Margiela


(girl) Top by Comme des Garรงons Comme des Garรงons, Bottom by egg, Shoes by Cos

Tops by Pool Aoyama


(boy)Knit by vintage, Bottom by Cos (girl) Dress by Cos


(boy)Knit by vintage, Bottom by Cos (girl) Dress by Cos


(boy)Shirt by vintage (girl) Knit by forte forte, Earring by Undercover


Shirt by Comme des Garรงons Comme des Garรงons


Jacket: TOPSHOP, Earrings: OPH, Top: RAG & BONE, Pants: RAG & BONE

Model: Daiva


Vaice at Profile Models



Make Up and Hair: Abbie

Stylist: Ellie Lola


Photographer: Ania


Jacket: TOPSHOP, Earrings: OPH, Top: RAG & BONE

Jacket: MUUBAA, Earrings: OPH


Body: ALICE & OLIVIA, Jacket: MUUBAA, Shoes: ASOS, Earrings: OPH


Dress: ISABEL MARANT, Jacket: ALEXANDER WANG, Shoes: ASOS, Earrings: OPH

Jacket: TOPSHOP, Vest: ASOS, Skirt: ISABEL MARANT, Earrings: OPH



Vest: ASOS, Skirt: ISABEL MARANT, Earrings: OPH


Top: RAG & BONE, Earring: ARCHIVE

Dress: ISABEL MARANT, Shoes: ASOS, Earrings: OPH



A A D N E V I K backstage SS18 Shoot by itrij. on DISPOS IBLE camera 35mm

Article by Hannah Corkhill London based luxe womenswear label Kristian Aadnevik debuted their SS18 ready to wear collection recently at London fashion week. The Norwegian husband and wife Hila and Kristian Aadnevik launched their brand in 2013. Sexy, chic and glam tied in with plenty of leather, chiffon crystals and feathers, here isn’t much more you could want. A long styling list of well-known names and faces tells you so much about a brand and it’s just as well that aadnevik has theirs, from Chanel Iman to Kendall Jenner and of course GiGi Hadid, along with so many more. Notorious.

“The AADNEVIK SS18 collection is without boundaries of our imagination; the circus represents, like the fight of the cannon man, a world of wonders, fun and excitement” The theme this year was all circus inspired, with fun bright colours, it’s the exact feeling of walking right into a fairground. Draping chiffon, ruffles, leather and metallics giving a fierce runway vibe that not even the ringmaster could tame.



Made in Italy Giuseppe Attanasio @giuseppeattanasioph MUAH: Fabiana Cimmino @fabianacimminomakeup



Accademia Costume e Moda @accademiacostumeemoda Designer: Flaminia Sebastianelli @flaminiasebastianelli Designer: Giacomo Pavia @giacomopavia MODELS

3BBM Agency @3blackbirdmanagement Model: Abigail Rose Salgado @abigail.rose.salgado Model: Natalie Clarke @nataliecclarke Model: Faith Deal @faithdeal_

Blouse: Zarina Earrings: H&M Make-up: Foundation: Just 033 Sculptor: Inglot Eyes: Watercolours Makeup Atelier Eyes: Watercolours Makeup Kryolan Lips: L’Oréal color rich 435 plum my nights



I’m a

F l o w e r Too

Photographer: Vera Sadovskaya Models: Zhanna Amandyk; Ruth Tetteh; Victoria Poluga SELECT MANAGEMENT Make-up artist: Julia Natalich Stylist: Alexandra Rozhkova Photographer assistant: Ilya Glazkov Florist: Ekaterina Grosheva Location: St. Petersburg, Russia


Top: Stradivarius Blouse: Bershka Earrings: H&M Make-up: Foundation: MAC studio fix nc 15 Rouge: Dior Shadows: EstĂŠe Lauder Shadows: Manly Pro Lashes: Watercolours Makeup Atelier Lips: Gurmandiz



Jacket: Zara Blouse: Fashion Union Earrings: Mohito Make-up: Foundation: MAC pro long wear nw20 Face: Gurmandiz Highlight: MAC Vanilla Brow: Just pencil 14 Eyes: Water-colours Makeup Atelier Lips: Dior



Dress: Zara Earrings and rings: H&M Bandana: KENZO x H&M Bracelet: Accessorize Make-up: Foundation: Just 033 Sculptor: Inglot Eyes: Watercolours Makeup Kryolan Lashes: Watercolours Makeup Atelier Lips: L’Oréal



Dress: Zara Earrings and rings: H&M Bandana: KENZO x H&M Bracelet: Accessorize Make-up: Foundation: Just 033 Sculptor: Inglot Eyes: Watercolours Makeup Kryolan Lashes: Watercolours Makeup Atelier Lips: L’Oréal



Silk jacket: Mango Blouse: Mango Hat: Marks&Spencer Necklace: Pull&Bear Make-up: Foundation: MAC pro long wear nw20 Face: Gurmandiz Highlight: MAC vanilla Brow: Just pencil 14 Eyes: Watercolours Makeup Atelier Lips: Dior




Hope that you Enjoyed this ISSUE Our aim is to share the work of talented artists with the world. Every little helps

S U ip

T HUMBLE is a donation based Fashion Editorial Magazine. We believe that every one has to have a voice and share their creativity and vision. Regardless of race, gender, religion or financial status. Our magazine stands for ART and humble artists who create it. We believe that in art lies a brighter future. Stay HUMBLE with us and let your work speak for itself.

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