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Loughborough University School of the Arts BA (Hons) Visual Communication Graduates 2014 JAM2014.CO.UK

HELLO! We are the 75 or so people that make up the Visual Communication Class of 2014. Ever since day 1 in Loughborough University School of the Arts, we have been hand-picked, nurtured and grown with tender loving care. We consist of people from around the globe who all have very different styles and specialities. We are all individuals, but together we are one fruity entity that is Jam. The world out there is a dark and dull place. Let us be the colour. That is the very essence of Jam.











ADVERTISING Alexandra Cook Alice Marston Alice Wilson Alicia Cliffe Ana Curbelo Andre Charles Anjola Adesanya Becky Wright Billie Cara McMillan Charlotte Monks Cheryl Cheung Corey Braggs Cristina Agramunt Emily Neve Emma Scott Florence Bryant Harry Adams Hayley Lloyd Jordane Gourley Julia Poulter Lauren Bennett Lauren Jane Perkins Lina Jankūnaitė Lucy Nast Max Macdonald Nicole Pearce Petras Ulikas Rachael Scott Rhiannon Bater Sarah Jane Cavill Stephanie Ibrahim Tamasin Langton Tamsin Gordon Thomas Westwood Xing Guo

ANIMATION 12 14 16 18 20 22 26 32 38 44 46 48 50 56 58 66 70 74 84 86 98 100 104 110 112 122 124 130 134 138 144 146 148 152 156

Abi Sambells Alexander Allen Hayley Lloyd Katherine Greenwood Kelvin Gomez Megan Shields Rachael Cross Tony Pius

8 10 74 90 94 114 128 154

Cristina Agramunt 50 Emily Neve 56 Emma Scott 58 Faizan Qureshi 60 Florence Bryant 66 Harry Adams 70 Hayley Duffin 72 Hayley Lloyd 74 Julia Poulter 86 Kelvin Gomez 94 Lauren Jane Perkins 100 Lee Barguss 60 Lina Jankūnaitė 104 Liv Bell 106 Lucy Nast 110 Megan Shields 114 Meryl Singleton 118 Natalie Kaye Goldsmith 120 Nicole Pearce 122 Petras Ulikas 124 Rebecca Stanton 132 Rhiannon Bater 134 Sarah Jane Cavill 138 Shuwen Xiao 140 Sophie Richardson 142 Stephanie Ibrahim 144 Tamasin Langton 146 Tamsin Gordon 148 Tanya Hutnik 150 Thomas Westwood 152

BRANDING Alexander Allen Alice Marston Alice Wilson Ana Curbelo Andre Charles Andrew Whiteley Anjola Adesanya Anna Kyriacou Billie Bryant Billie Cara McMillan Bryony Freeman Chak Sum Li Charlotte Monks Cheryl Cheung

10 14 16 20 22 24 26 28 36 38 40 42 44 46

EDITORIAL & PUBLISHING Abi Sambells Alexandra Cook Alice Wilson

8 12 16

Alicia Cliffe Ana Curbelo Ashmir Sandhu Charlotte Monks Corey Braggs Eloise Adler Faizan Qureshi Gemma Gould Harry Adams Helen Payani Jordane Gourley Katie Frearson Lauren Bennett Lee Barguss Liam Ball Lina Jankūnaitė Lucy Nast Max Macdonald Megan Shields Meryl Singleton Natalie Kaye Goldsmith Nicole Pearce Petras Ulikas Polly Wyer Rachael Scott Sarah Hemsley Shuwen Xiao Sophie Richardson Stephanie Ibrahim Tamasin Langton Tamsin Gordon

18 20 30 44 48 54 60 68 70 76 84 92 98 60 102 104 110 112 114 118 120 122 124 126 130 136 140 142 144 146 148

FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY Abi Sambells Alexandra Cook

8 12

Ana Curbelo 20 Andre Charles 22 Billie Bryant 36 Billie Cara McMillan 38 Bryony Freeman 40 Faizan Qureshi 60 Florence Bryant 66 Lee Barguss 60 Natalie Kaye Goldsmith 120 Petras Ulikas 124 Sophie Richardson 142 Tamsin Gordon 148 Tony Pius 154

Julia Poulter Katherine Clarke Katherine Greenwood Katie Frearson Kitty Morgan Lauren Bennett Liam Ball Liv Bell Louise Mulgrew Lucy Nast Max Macdonald Mercy Luxon-Eade Polly Wyer Rachael Cross Rachael Scott Sarah Hemsley Stephanie Ibrahim Tamasin Langton Tanya Hutnik Thomas Westwood Tony Pius Xing Guo

86 88 90 92 96 98 102 106 108 110 112 116 126 128 130 136 144 146 150 152 154 156

ILLUSTRATION Abi Sambells Alexander Allen Alice Marston Andre Charles Anna Kyriacou Ashmir Sandhu Becky Wright Bethany Picken Billie Bryant Bryony Freeman Chak Sum Li Corey Braggs Cristina Agramunt Emily Neve Flora Kay Gemma Gould Hayley Lloyd Helen Payani Imogen Richards James Henderson Janan Talat Jordane Gourley

8 10 14 22 28 30 32 34 36 40 42 48 50 56 64 68 74 76 78 80 82 84

PACKAGING Alice Marston Andrew Whitely Anjola Adesanya Billie Bryant Billie Cara McMillan Crystal Wong Emily Neve Harry Adams Julia Poulter Kelvin Gomez Lauren Bennett Lauren Jane Perkins Lina Jankūnaitė

14 24 26 36 38 52 56 70 86 94 98 100 104

Liv Bell Max Macdonald Meryl Singleton Rhiannon Bater Shuwen Xiao Xing Guo

106 112 118 134 140 156

USER INTERFACE TYPOGRAPHY Anjola Adesanya Anna Kyriacou Becky Wright Bethany Picken Hayley Duffin Jordane Gourley Lauren Jane Perkins Polly Wyer Rachael Scott Rhiannon Bater Shuwen Xiao Sophie Richardson Thomas Westwood Xing Guo

26 28 32 34 72 84 100 126 130 134 140 142 152 156

Alicia Cliffe Andrew Whiteley Anna Kyriacou Charlotte Monks Cheryl Cheung Cristina Agramunt Faizan Qureshi Kelvin Gomez Lee Barguss Megan Shields Nicole Pearce Rebecca Stanton Sarah Jane Cavill Tanya Hutnik

3D & MODEL MAKING 18 24 28 44 46 50 60 94 60 114 122 132 138 150

Bethany Picken Bryony Freeman Imogen Richards Katherine Greenwood Kitty Morgan

34 40 78 90 96


ABI SAMBELLS BA (Hons) Illustration 07896886336

‘Estrellas’ - Concept Art for Character Design


‘Estrellas’ - Stills from Animated Film


ALEXANDER ALLEN BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07939373430

Wimpy - Branding and Website


Think Write Recite - A collection of poems written and produced by members of the West Midlands Unison Personell

A stop motion ident for 4seven


ALEXANDRA COOK BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07837777605

‘Ted Baker’ Advertising Campaign


‘The Outsiders’ Puffin Book Cover

‘1001 Arabian Nights’ San Francisco Fairytale Book


ALICE MARSTON BA (Hons) Illustration 07891463704

Henry the Dog - Digital drawing in Adobe Photoshop


Perfect Partners Logo

Kumfipet Products Logo

Defibrillator Man! Animation - Collaboration with Aisha Thornton


ALICE WILSON BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07503243045

Anti-Binge Drinking Campaigns: One of 20 initial ideas that aim to inspire a nation-wide campaign encouraging young people to re-think their harmful approach to drinking. The ideas range from posters and guerrilla marketing to television advertising and product packaging.


‘Flair’ - Branding for Loughborough University’s 2014 Textiles Graduates


ALICIA CLIFFE BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07737015917

New East Midlands Trains website highlighting the ticket purchase options.

Pacman style ‘Save a Seat’ game. Selection of images for the app design for East Midlands Trains.


Poster for ‘Ted Baker Down Under’ campaign, using

Strawberry flavoured lubricant for Durex - an Image for

horse racing to take Ted Baker London to Melbourne,

the ‘Book of Ideas’ day briefs


‘Finger It’ ad campaign aimed at students to encourage them to reduce their electricity waste by turning off switches.


ANA CURBELO BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07891994338

Issue 04 10.01.14


Label Issue 4


ISSUE 02 01.11.13

ISSUE ISSUE 03 02 06.12.13 01.11.13

Top: November Nouveau Left: Label Issue 2 Right: Label Issue 3


ANDRE CHARLES BA (Hons) Graphic Communication

22 07803764825


ANDREW WHITELY BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07709053647

NHS Move is a scheme to encourage people living with cancer to be more active


A redesign of an existing drug distribution system


ANJOLA ADESANYA BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07947783310

Dr. Bronners Magic Soap Rebranding


L’artisan Parfumeur Packaging


ANNA KYRIACOU BA (Hons) Illustration 07919533857

Haim ‘Days Are Gone’ Album Artwork

Alternative Movie Posters


SoundCassette - Branding and Packaging


ASHMIR SANDHU BA (Hons) Illustration 07528197663

‘Afghan Women’s Rights’, Lino


Top: ‘Hendrix’, Colour Pencil & Lino

Bottom: ‘London Stories’, Lino & Digital


BECKY WRIGHT BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07773289842

Posters for the D&AD National Trust Campaign Project


Illustrations of Famous Film Quotes

Posters for Cycling Helmet Campaign


BETHANY PICKEN BA (Hons) Illustration 07975912564

Spinning Detail

Malaria No More Campaign


‘feet, why do i need you’ (Frida Hahlo)


BILLIE BRYANT BA (Hons) Graphic Communication

36 07920032518


BILLIE CARA MCMILLAN BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07547548977

‘Word Evasion’ is a word game where you have to trap an opponent into saying a word, whilst you are both trying to avoid saying it. Points are allocated / deducted accordingly when the word is mentioned.


‘The Outdoors’ is an app to encourage children to play outside. A place where children can discover who else is avaliable to play in their local area, upload pictures to a personal profile and message friends. Points are awarded for how much they play. These points are displayed on their profile to serve as a form of healthily competition. Login details are acquired through participating schools.


BRYONY FREEMAN BA (Hons) Illustration 07456894933

Upcycled furniture made for

90s moodboard for ASOS Campaign


Hand-designed wedding invitation combined with detachable RSVP


CHAK SUM LI BA (Hons) Illustration

42 07766011654


CHARLOTTE MONKS BA (Hons) Graphic Communication These are a few bits and pieces I have been working on over the past few years. Crabtree and Evelyn was a project conducted whilst studying in Hong Kong, along side Project Momo. This project won my classmates and I a Kan Fam Award which was a great achievement. Other work featured here is promotional work to help launch an Australian fashion brand called Firstbase. My main interests surround advertising, branding and promotional material, and hope to follow a career path in this field.

44 07789194077


CHERYL CHEUNG BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07523366165

The ‘Frozen Tag’ project uses Ben & Jerry’s ice cream packaging to encourage freezing easily spoiled food and help save the environment by wasting less food and packaging.


Ignite Uni+ campaign is a 3 weeks University tour that uses service and experience designs to engage university students in a sustainable energy conversation.


COREY BRAGGS BA (Hons) Illustration 07578041493

Character Designs from ‘The Works of Corey Braggs’ Photobook


Sustainable Art - All works have been drawn on the back of recylced pizza, cereal and other boxes.


CRISTINA AGRAMUNT BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07969567721



The easiest way to learn is by


Left: Concept Design & Branding for a Health Friendly Restaurant

Right: Branding & App Design for txitxat


CRYSTAL WONG BA (Hons) Graphic Communication +65 98769049

Jacob’s Oddities Netted Packaging is redesigned to reduce waste, to be recycled, reused and does not need to be repurchased repeatedly. The netted bag is made of Telvek. After using the packaging, the netted bag can be reuse again to store other items. Jacob’s Oddities labels are designed the same as the original packaging so that consumers will be able to recognize its packaging.


The packaging of KitKat 6 Chocolate Flavours has 2 versions. The mini size is meant for consumers on the go, while the family oriented size is for sharing within the family. The ‘all in one’ packaging allows consumer to share it with friends or family. It is also convenient to take it around due to the size. The chocolate bars will be in bite sizes so that it is easier to eat when on the go.


ELOISE ADLER BA (Hons) Graphic Communication

54 07772573165

B+W 175 is a special edition issue of Black+White Photography Magazine, that I have created as part of my final year project, celebrating the 175th anniversary of the announcement of the invention of photography. It explores the work of contemporary photographers using historical processes today, and the revival of analog photographic techniques. The cover, featuring one of William Henry Fox Talbot’s ‘photogenic drawings’, is screen printed using gold photochromic ink - when exposed to sunlight, the image develops on the page.


EMILY NEVE BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07971053473

Experience Design - Concept and Branding for a ski village in the UK


Perfume packaging for L’Artisan Parfumeur’s latest collection: uniquely unisex and based around bottled emotions


EMMA SCOTT BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07834492609

Branding for JAM Visual Communication Degree Show 2014


Masquerade Poster for The Royal Yacht Hotel, Jersey

Album Cover for Sheffield based band ‘Sevelhills’

‘Titans Sports Academy’ Branding & Merchandise Design


FAIZAN QURESHI & LEE BARGUSS BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07445232545 07792701677

JAM Visual Communication Degree Show 2014 - Branding


Live Music Events for JAM 2014 - Branding, Advertising, Set & Light Design, Cinematography & Photography


WANDER Magazine - Curation, Copywriting, Branding & Editorial Design


PULP Fine Art Degree Show 2014 - Branding & Catalogue Design


FLORA KAY BA (Hons) Illustration 07415881569

Book Binding & Design for Loughborough Students Union


Narrative imagery using reduction lino printmaking. This was for a welcome pack designed for beginners to Loughborough Students Union’s Yoga Society. I enjoy using traditional printmaking processes and transferring them into a more modern context that can be used for products in industry.


FLORENCE BRYANT BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07984029392



Tube App Project - London Roots

Big Book Project - Californian Nights - Double Page Spreads




GEMMA GOULD BA (Hons) Illustration 07790980410

Above: Label Christmas Competition Entry. Below: Various Character Designs for Healthcare Diagrams


Norse Mythology


HARRY ADAMS BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07507878460

Travel Posters for ‘Where Next’ Student Travel Company


1. ‘National Trust’ App Design

2. ‘Fest 14’ Festival Guide App Design

3. Personal Identity Branding


HAYLEY DUFFIN BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07785730780

‘Douwe Egberts’ Coffee Rebranding, Packaging and Ad Campaign

‘Elliot Young Photography’ Branding & Logo Design


‘OASIS’ Rebranding


HAYLEY LLOYD BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07702104891

Dreamdo Advertising Campaign (


Cafe Pacifico (Mexican) Restaurant Rebrand


HELEN PANAYI BA (Hons) Illustration 07403340081

Top: ‘Holography’ Play - Poster Design. Bottom: ‘Twins’ - Screen Print and ‘Entangled’ Illustration for Illustration Friday


‘Moss Witch’ - Double Page Spread & Cover Design for Illustrated Book


IMOGEN RICHARDS BA (Hons) Illustration 07747071246

Scenes & Characters Designed in 3D using Papercrafts


‘The Great Fire of London’ Papercraft Design


JAMES HENDERSON BA (Hons) Illustration 07904521523

My studies focus predominantly on child development, educational psychology and alternative teaching methods. This project looked at the issue of ADHD diagnoses, examining the role the education system has on not only the rise in the number of cases but also in the development of the disorder itself.



JANAN TALAT BA (Hons) Illustration 07795534630

Mayan Gods Climbing Game promotional illustration (black card, oil pastels, pencil, charcoal and photoshop)


San Francisco: People Watching (paper & graphite)


JORDANE GOURLEY BA (Hons) Illustration 07891100225

D&AD - XL Recordings Poster


Youth Activism Posters & Paul Smith T-shirt Design


JULIA POULTER BA (Hons) Illustration 07586349315

Illustrations for a music album called ‘Pines” by the band ‘A Fine Frenzy’



KATHERINE CLARK BA (Hons) Illustration 07786274071

Three-dimensional set inspired by Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’ using hand cut card and creative lighting.


‘Friday Night’ - Winning entry to Label Magazine’s

‘Eat Pray Eat Love’ - Illustration inspired by the song

competition themed around Loughborough University

‘Army Ants’ by Tom Waits using hand cut paper.

Athletic’s Union’s ‘Fight Night Live’ event.

‘Trick or Treat ‘ - Competition entry for Label Magazine’s ‘Halloween’ edition. Hand cut paper and creative lighting.


KATHERINE GREENWOOD BA (Hons) Illustration 07580375211

In my studies I have focused on model making, particularly for the purpose of stop motion animation. I’m also skilled in ceramics and painting and have run commissions along side my work. I have a unique persecutive and style being from the Turks and Caicos Islands and my final project is inspired from that experience.



KATIE FREARSON BA (Hons) Illustration 07784819969

Album Cover & Artwork for ‘Goliath’ by Mellor D


‘Discover India’ - Concertina Book


KELVIN GOMEZ BA (Hons) Graphic Communication

94 07593057061


KITTY MORGAN BA (Hons) Illustration 07526491120

A street cat named Bob


‘The Outsiders’ Book Cover

Family Diversity Campaign


LAUREN BENNETT BA (Hons) Illustration 07769223068

“I could see every rib, the joints of their limbs were like knots in a rope; each had an iron collar on his neck, and all were connected together with a chain whose bights swung between them, rhythmically clinking� Heart of Darkness Linocut Internal Illustrations as part of the full book design


“They would have been even more impressive, those heads on the stakes, if their faces had not been turned to the house, only one, the first I had made out, was facing my way ”

“his brother phantom rested its forehead, as if overcome with a great weariness; and all about others were scattered in every pose of contorted collapse, as in some picture of a massacre or a pestilence”

Cath Kidston Conversational Print


LAUREN JANE PERKINS BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07593057387

Self Branding


‘Watergull Orchards’ Branding, Character and Packaging Design


LIAM BALL BA (Hons) Illustration 07512330017

Aztec Gods

10 2

‘The Outsiders’ Book Cover

Series of Images Based on ‘The Stranger’ by Albert Camus


LINA JANKŪNAITĖ BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07783197174

LSU Motor Club Branding

10 4

Seed Packaging for Urban Gardening


LIV BELL BA (Hons) Illustration 07525182629

T-shirt design for ‘Wolfish Minds’ - an up and coming street clothing brand.


Re Issued Roald Dahl book sleeve design - ‘The Twits’

T-shirt design for ‘Wolfish Minds’ - an up and coming street clothing brand.

10 7

LOUISE MULGREW BA (Hons) Illustration 07810304414

The story of a little orphan elephant with a very troublesome trunk.

10 8


LUCY NAST BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07807987916

NASA Project: Message from Earth

1 10

British Council’s Dressing the Screen: The Rise of Fashion Film Exhibition - Poster Design, Invitation & Brochure


MAX MACDONALD BA (Hons) Illustration 07706921347

Niner Wine Packaging

1 12

Editorial Illustrations

1 13

MEGAN SHIELDS BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07770689987

Editorial design for the 2nd issue of Jungle Magazine, a publication which focuses on showcasing creative talent. Please view the magazine online at

A stop motion animated ident for 47 created for a D&AD Channel 4 competition brief.

1 14

Brand identity concept for a luxury takeaway food brand specialising in French Cuisine.

1 15

MERCY LUXON-EADE BA (Hons) Illustration 07587080535

Oracle - Re-imagining scenes and characters from Sophocles “Oedipus� as science fiction.

1 16

Full Page Illustrations for the 2014 folio competition for Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”

Sphinx - Re-imagining scenes and characters from Sophocles “Oedipus” as science fiction.


MERYL SINGLETON BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07817481432

PROJECT THIRST: an initiative to introduce students to exciting opportunities among powerful startups.

1 18

Fred Street Biltong: Brand identity and packaging for a new and delicious high-protein snack in Loughborough.

1 19

NATALIE KAYE GOLDSMITH BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07921269854

Brickwork Gallery Branding & Web Design

Platform Magazine Rebranding & Web Design

12 0

Carnival Magazine Issue 01 A brand new online publication, celebrating vibrant and eclectic fashion photography from around the globe.

12 1

NICOLE PEARCE BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07947879763

Live Brief: Enhancing Node-Link Diagrams for Healthcare

12 2

Bottom: Enhancing Node-Link Diagrams for Healthcare (In Use). Top: Branding Projects for Hop Loft & pdesign.


PETRAS ULIKAS BA (Hons) Graphic Communication

124 07402526409

“I am” - a self promotion project. One of the D&AD New Blood entries.


POLLY WYER BA (Hons) Illustration

12 6 07913128880

Left: ‘Guitar Man’


Bottom: ‘The Outsiders’

12 7

RACHAEL CROSS BA (Hons) Illustration 07961095074


12 8

‘Fidgety Me’ Stop Motion Animation

‘The Good Sex Project ‘ Stop Motion Animation

12 9

RACHAEL SCOTT BA (Hons) Illustration

13 0 07969773619

Book Cover Design for “The Outsiders� by S.E Hinton for the Penguin Design Awards

Origami Greetings Cards for Men

13 1

REBECCA STANTON BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07854016686

Potato Farm Business Card

13 2

Leicestershire County Council ‘The Beacon’ Website Design

13 3

RHIANNON BATER BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07878980956

‘Braganza’ - Branding & App Design for Contemporary Tea Chain

13 4

Branding for ‘Beacon’ - Currently in use on Leicestershire’s Children in Care Website.

‘Batiste’ - New Graphic Identities for Dry Shampoo Brand

13 5

SARAH HEMSLEY BA (Hons) Illustration 07921223617

Spreads for Manx Folklore Children’s Book

13 6

Book Cover for Penguin’s Design Competition, The Outsiders by S.E.Hinton

13 7

SARAH JANE CAVILL BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07910310202

Bookshelf graphic for old-style study in digital printer Rapidity’s office in the City of London

13 8

App concept design for female cancer patients. Pictured: app news feed and profile, and card advert

13 9

SHUWEN XIAO BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07510586633

The perfume packaging set is designed for four different scents. The concept is to match the brand name as The Artistic Perfume, so I make the shape of perfume bottle like a palette and squeeze bulb like a paint brush. Woman body is like a plain canvas, the perfume is like an artist who draw on women to give them characters.

D&AD project : perfume packaging design for L’artisan Parfumeur

14 0

Big Book Project


SOPHIE RICHARDSON BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07792767181

A rebrand of ‘The Clapham Grand’: From Shabby Nightclub To Retro Cinema and Bar

Three examples of pages found in the venue brochure


Razmajam’ Jazz Festival Promotion: Festival Posters and Brand Logo.

14 3

STEPHANIE IBRAHIM BA (Hons) Illustration

14 4 07983907232

14 5

TAMASIN LANGTON BA (Hons) Illustration 07858063160

Caring is cool. T-shirt campaign for H&M aimed to raise awareness of and help people with Depression.

14 6

A new women’s fashion brand inspired by science that encourages women’s interest and involvement in science.


TAMSIN GORDON BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07725339596

UNIBOX advertising campaign, branding, and website for a company providing student university starter kits.

14 8

A catalogue and advertising campaign for a range of OnePiece onesies for seniors.

14 9

TANYA HUTNIK BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07741318621

‘Notts Spots’ Discover Nottingham App

15 0

‘Plant a Memory’ Pop-Up Allotment App and Instruction Booklet


THOMAS WESTWOOD BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 07812389215

“Eagle” Skateboard and “Totem” Longboard

15 2

Branding & Typography for ‘Apache’ - an ecological, sustainable sports band.

15 3

TONY PIUS BA (Hons) Illustration 07815818341

‘The Iron Man’ - Animation

15 4

Animation Sequence Project


XING GUO BA (Hons) Illustration 07510582263

Psychopath Book Project

15 6

Full sublimation jersey design for shanghai ultimate frisbee team HUWA

Reindeer Card Design, Supa Logo, Psychopath Illustration & San Francisco Project

15 7


CATALOGUE, WEBSITE & CURATION Faizan Qureshi Lee Barguss

BRANDING & CONCEPT Lee Barguss Faizan Qureshi Emma Scott Sarah Jane Cavill

FUNDRAISING & EVENT MANAGEMENT Lee Barguss Faizan Qureshi Emma Scott Abi Sambells Sarah Hemsley Helen Panayi

Becky Wright Alice Wilson Billie Cara McMillan Katherine Greenwood Bryony Freeman

SPECIAL THANKS to The Kelso, White Hart, Charnwood Council and Loughborough University. We would also like to commend all those who helped fundraise and donated to put this together.

Loughborough University School of the Arts


Jam 2014 Degree Show Catalogue  

Loughborough University School of the Arts, BA (Hons) Visual Communication Graduates 2014.