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Ahoy Matey! So glad you could join us for the 2011 Bead Cruise! Don’t miss out on these fun events: The Design Contest – Have fun going through your gift bags and creating something during this week with a few of those goodies. At our farewell party you’ll vote for your favorites and there are prizes to win! Make & Takes – Heather is presenting 2 Make & Takes during the cruise. Transform resin beads into mini works of art during the Stamped Resin Make & Take. The second handson workshop is creating quick and easy Beaded Wire Links. Check the schedule for times. Group Photo – We have a group photo during our first Formal Night. Meet us before dinner dressed in your formal attire and dripping in beads! Two Fab Places to Bead – We will have a private conference room open to sit and bead throughout the cruise. But I recommend taking your beads to the deck in the Solarium. Have drinks served to your table; enjoy the sunshine and ocean views while you spend some time relaxing. Also check out the 7 of Hearts or Cloud Nine game rooms on the top deck for great lighting and panoramic views of the ocean while you bead. These places are open to the public and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Supplies 19 22x14mm lampwork beads

24 4x2mm peanut seed beads

30mm pewter starfish pendant

2 grams nickel seed beads

12mm ceramic bead

2 silver crimp beads

12mm polymer clay disk

1 gunmetal hook clasp

10mm amazonite bead

6 ¾” gunmetal chain

4 6mm silver spacers

17” beading wire

Length: 19” Play with complimentary colors adding teal and coral seed beads between the glass beads. 1. String a crimp bead and 7 nickel beads unto the beading wire. Thread the wire through the end of the chain and back through the crimp bead. Close the crimp bead.

2. String on one nickel bead, one peanut bead, one nickel bead and a glass bead. Repeat 6 times.

3. String on a nickel bead, peanut seed bead, nickel bead, spacer, ceramic bead and spacer. Add three more lampwork beads, repeating the same pattern with the nickel and peanut seed beads.

4. String on the pendant. Add 2 more lampwork beads, repeating the same pattern with the nickel and peanut seed beads.

5. Add a spacer, disk bead, a spacer and add 7 more lampwork beads repeating the same pattern.

6. Add the amazonite bead, nickel bead, peanut bead and crimp. String the wire through the clasp and back down into the crimp bead. Crimp the bead and trim the wire. Resources: Lampwork beads: Genea Beads. Pewter pendant: Green Girl Studios. Ceramic: Elaine Ray. Polymer: Humblebeads. Seed beads: Out on a Whim. Clasp: Beading House. Chain: Hobby Lobby.

A new twist on creating a wire bail gives the feel of a nest in a field of wildflowers. Follow the directions to create the bail, to finish off the pendant add a few wrapped dangles unto a jump ring and attach to the bail. String a silk ribbon on the jump ring for an easy way to wear the pendant.

Earrings created using the same technique using Marsha Neal ceramic charms paired with brass wire. Resources: Pendant: Humblebeads. Parawire, butterfly & jump ring: Vintaj. Czech Glass flowers: Dream Girl Beads. Ribbon: Bello Modo.

1. Cut 18” of 24 gauge wire. 2. Pull the wire through the pendant hole, centering the pendant on the wire. (Add a charm at this point if you want - example shown in the last two photos.) Wrap the wire around the pendant, forming a large loop measuring 3/4” tall. 3.  Repeat with both the front and back wire. 4. With the wire at the front of the pendant, wrap it up and around the loops until you run out of wire. Repeat with the back wire until the loop is covered and secure. 5. Trim any excess wire. 6. Push the trimmed ends of the wire as close as possible to the loops to avoid snagging wires. Add an etched jump ring.

Supply List 8/0 Hexes beads 11/0 Seed Beads Fireline Size 10 beading needle Clasp of your choice

Row One: String 1-11/0 seed bead, 1-hex bead, 2-11/0 seed beads, 1-hex bead, 2-11/0 seed beads, 1-hex bead, 1-11/0 seed bead. Tie a knot and pass through the next 11/0 seed bead. Â

Continue adding 1-hex bead, 2-11/0 seed beads passing through the next 11/0 seed bead. Repeat until you reach the desired length of your chain.

Add A Clasp. Bring your thread around until you are exiting out of an 11/0 seed bead next to a hex bead. Add 3-11/0 seed beads, 1 hex bead, 3-11/0 seed beads and pass through the loop of the clasp. Add 3-11/0 seed beads and pass back through the 1-hex bead. Add 3-11/0 seed beads, skip 1-11/0 seed bead, 1-hex bead and 1-11/0 seed bead. Add 3-11/0 seed beads pass up through the 1-hex bead. Weave your thread around the loop and back into the beadwork. Knot and tie off. Repeat for the other side.

Use copper seed beads and two lengths of beading wire to create a beaded bail for this ceramic pendant. Supplies 30mm ceramic pendant 6 15mm wood beads 6 12x8mm Czech glass disks 10 12mm copper beads 6 8mm wood disk beads 16 4mm copper spacers 2 grams copper 11/0 seed beads 2 4 ¾” lengths of copper chain 1 22mm copper hook and eye clasp 2 copper crimp beads 40” copper color beading wire, cut in half Length: 22”

Directions: 1. Thread one of the beading wires through the pendant and position the pendant on the center of the wire. Add 8 seed beads on both ends of the wire. 2. On both wires string 3 wood beads. String a spacer and glass bead, repeat twice, and add another spacer. String 5 copper beads. String on a spacer and wood bead and repeat twice, add another spacer to the end. 3. String on a crimp bead, 16 seed beads, loop the wires through the chain and back through the chain and back through the crimp bead and the three wood beads. Crimp the crimp bead and trim the wire. 4. Add the clasp to the end of the chain by opening the chain links and sliding the clasp on, close the link. Repeat necklace pattern on the other side of the chain.

Resources: Ceramic pendant: Spirited Earth. Wood beads and chain: Hobby Lobby. Glass beads: Shipwreck beads. Copper findings: Beading House. Copper seed beads: Bello Modo.

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NEW! Vintaj速 embossing folders

Create dozens of designs from one folder. Visit for a sneak peek of Metal Embossing project ideas!

Create a fun and funky pair of earrings in minutes using decorative headpins.

Supplies: 2 lampwork headpins

24 4x2mm peanut seed beads 2 sterling silver earwires

Directions: 1. At 1 Ÿ� on the headpin, bend the headpin over. 2. String on 12 seed beads and wrap the wire 2-3 times at the top base of the glass ball. 3. Use chain nose pliers to form and bend the wire into the desired shape. Add on the earwires. Resources: Headpins: SueBeads. Seed beads: Out on a Whim.

This is a fun design to show off the great textures and patterns paired in this collection of disk beads. Use any disk beads you have on hand to create this design. Adjust the size and amount of the beads to fit your wrist. Supplies 28mm ceramic disk 28mm lampwork disk 20mm ruffle lampwork disk 24mm frit lampwork disk

2 18mm ceramic disks 18mm lampwork disk 20mm silver urchin button 52” 20 gauge brass color wire

Directions: 1. Cut an 8” length of wire and thread it through the center of the disk bead, leaving a 3” tail on one side, wrap the tail around the wire 3 times. 2. Thread the other side of the wire through the next disk bead. 3. Wrap the tail of the wire at the edge of the bead 3 times.

4. Continue wrapping the rest of the wire tail back and forth over the center wire in a random fashion. Trim the wire on the backside of the wrap and use pliers to tuck in the end. 5. Repeat this pattern for each of beads. The smaller beads will need 6 inches of wire. 6. On the last bead, create a wire loop attaching the button and repeat the process of wrapping of the wire. 7. Repeat the same loop on the last bead, but create a hook with round nose pliers for the clasp. Hammer lightly to strengthen the hook if desired. Form the wire to fit around your rest, bending slightly as needed for a better fit.

Resources: Ceramic urchin bead: Artisan Clay, teal lampwork beads: Blue Seraphim. Cream and sand lampwork beads: SkullyBeads. Small ceramic disks: Earthenwood Studio. Urchin button: Miss Fickle Media. Wire: Vintaj.

Use the Bead Cruise Program as a handy shopping guide during the year when you need supplies. Be sure to check through the ads for coupons. A few discount codes are also included in the gift bags – some may be time sensitive.

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