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October 10, 2012 - Volume 6 - Issue 3

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Student submission: Say the word! Book review: Right Ho Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse

Time is running out BY HILARY FLINT Staff Reporter Attention students! The deadline for choosing your Flexible Health Insurance Plan, brought to you by the Humber Students’ Federation (HSF), is Friday Oct. 26. So if you haven’t done so yet, time is running out. Students who do not pick a plan by the deadline will automatically be enrolled in the Balanced Plan. Once a student proceeds with enhancing their plan, they will no longer have the option of switching it. Every full-time Humber ITAL and University of Guelph-Humber student is automatically covered by the Balanced Plan, with the policy-year running from the beginning of September 2012 to August 31, 2013. Coverage terminates at the end of the policy-year, so if for whatever reason you withdraw from your classes, your coverage will be automatically terminated. HSF is proud to be the first Canadian student government to

bring students a flexible health insurance plan (FlexPlan). Students have the luxury of picking from three different plans; the Balanced Plan, the Enhanced Dental Plan and the Enhanced Drug Plan. “It’s important for students to have a choice because then they can customize the plan that suits them the most,” HSF Services Director Sieu Moi Ly said. “We want to cater to your particular needs by giving you the option to customize it based on your usage.” Each plan is tailored to a student’s specific needs, so be sure to choose what works for you! If you have any questions about the health and dental plans, check out, or visit the HSF office (KX202 North, K204 Lakeshore) for a more personal encounter.

Battle for the music BY JESSICA ELLIOTT Staff Reporter Humber ITAL students have more than just midterms to look forward to this month. The Humber Students’ Federation (HSF) is hosting a student favourite event that always flocks music lovers and risk takers alike. Battle of the Bands will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 17 in the North campus LinX Pub, (LX building). Battle of the Bands challenges any brave student to take the stage with their band members and battle it out in front of their school for a $1000 prize, and not to mention the bragging right of best band on campus. Only one member of the band must be a Humber or University of Guelph-Humber student, and your music must be original. To take part in the battle

visit and fill out an application for the contest. The deadline for all applications was on Tuesday Oct. 9. All other rules and information for the event will be on the website, so be sure to check it out because students face disqualification if they can’t play by the rules. Band members will be notified if they are selected by Wednesday Oct. 10, and will get more information on their upcoming moment in the spotlight. Not a player? Be a fan. All students are welcome to come watch their friends take the stage or just enjoy the music. Doors open at 8 p.m., so your musically-talented student body will see you there.



$100 Reward*

Jeeves who is as intelligent as Bertie is not. In Bertie’s darkest hour, only Jeeves’ zany schemes can save him. The novel takes place in a number of England’s locales, from the city of London to a country manor in a rural district, all of which are richly described in P.G. Wodehouse’s text. The story is told through Bertie’s witty narration, it is here that you witness why the Jeeves and Wooster series has lasted so well for so long. Wodehouse is arguably the funniest English writer in literature. Bertie’s unique way of looking at the world and his use of language is the novel’s main

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Humber’s going to make noise BY MEGHAN FOLEY Staff Reporter

Violence isn’t necessarily only physical. Make Noise at Humber’s goal is to eliminate every form of it.

There is often an unjustified social stigma when it comes to talking about and dealing with violence. The Humber Students’ Federation (HSF) and Humber ITAL are collaborating with the Urban Alliance on Race Relations (UARR) to bring you Make Noise at Humber. “Urban Alliance on race relations is very happy to partner with Humber College and HSF on this student led project,” UARR Project Coordinator Jason Merai said. “I think working with students is a fantastic way to really connect with the issues that are important.” They are implementing a two-year initiative on campus

to inform and educate students on what to do if they find themselves either directly or indirectly involved with a gender based violence issue. “The goal is to create and implement a plan for future use of Humber and HSF collaboratively, to inform and educate students about the issue,” HSF’s Special Projects Coordinator Vanessa Silaphet said. “Some students don’t want to voice their concern because they’re embarrassed or ashamed.” The collaborators have carefully laid out this plan realizing one of the most critical parts of the initiative is actually letting students know gender-based



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winners got to walk away with a brand new iPod and iPod dock, a Kobo, and some HSF swag. Second-year Criminal Justice student Logan Bowen landed first place in the last iPod Battle. “We had a chance to share our music with everyone and have some laughs,” Bowen said. As for advice to future iPod battlers, he offered, “I recommend to just have fun. It’s all about school spirit.” The next iPod Battle is on Oct. 10 at noon in the L Building at the Lakeshore campus. If you’ve missed your chance, the iPod Battle returns every month for more tune-brawling mayhem. Check out events for upcoming dates!

OCTOBER 10, 2012

violence is actually a reality for some people. “I think that bringing awareness reduces the stigma associated with it,” Vice President Administration at Lakeshore and HSF representative for the initiative, Ashley Martin said. “Understanding that it’s okay to identify with it is very important.” Students will be asked to fill out surveys to communicate with the initiative organizers about how violence affects them and what outlets they currently use or know of. The second part of the two-year initiative will be implementing an action plan. “We are going to take all the feedback we get from the surveys and develop an online resource tool for faculty, staff and students to access to understand how to prevent gender based violence,” Merai said. It’s important to remember that violence comes in many forms and isn’t only physical. The best way students can get involved is by completing the surveys, which will be available in November. All feedback is beneficial in creating a violence free campus.

Students’ voices get heard

HSF music mayhem The first song ends. Your iPod switches onto the next track, and on the first note, you know this is it. Hands behind your head, you smile. Why don’t more people know about this song? Suddenly, you want to show the world. You blast the beloved song on the bus the next morning. The grumpy man behind you tells you to turn it down. The dream seems over. Fortunately, the Humber Students’ Federation (HSF) has planned an event at Lakeshore campus for the musically generous like you! HSF’s iPod Battle not only gives you the chance to show off your playlist, but also pit it against another person’s. Based on the audience’s cheers, your song choices could win you some sweet prizes. Last month’s

source of humor. The story’s suspense is well written too. Bertie’s problems start to build up more and more, until he gets so in over his head that one wonders what Jeeves can possibly do to save his master. Right Ho, Jeeves can be recommended to anyone who can appreciate smart comedy and a suspenseful story. Still unsure of trying it out? Then try dipping a toe in the water by watching the TV series adaptation, starring Hugh Laurie (of the American series House acclaim) and Stephen Fry.

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Run over to your campus HSF office to select your Flex Plan before it’s too late.

Bertie Wooster, an aristocrat living in 1930s England, is in a heap of trouble. He’s accidentally become engaged to Madeline Basset, an overly-sentimental woman who thinks bunny rabbits are gnomes in disguise; Bertie’s aunt Dahlia wants him to make a big speech at a school ceremony (much to his reluctance), and Bertie’s cousin Angela has broken off her engagement with Tuppy Glossip, leaving Bertie the closest object for Tuppy to channel his violent anger towards. And this isn’t even listing half of Bertie’s problems. Fortunately, Bertie Wooster is not alone. He has his loyal valet,




The Board of Directors get ready for their meeting at the Orangeville Campus.

Students spoke out, and the Humber Students’ Federation (HSF) listened. On Wednesday Oct. 3, HSF held its first Board of Directors meeting of the year at Humber ITAL’s Orangeville campus. The Board, also joined by two new Directors from Lakeshore Campus, Marcia Caine-Sergeant representing Social & Community Services and Emily Rockarts representing Creative & Performing Arts, is to meet every three weeks to discuss and authorize decisions that affect students, HSF, and the college. “[Students can] suggest things to Directors which can be proposed at the board meetings

for approval,” said member Kevin Valor, who represents the Media Studies programs for North Campus. A stimulating discussion ensued as the Board brought up the concept of an entrepreneurialism program. The program would provide opportunities to students who are interested in selling their goods and services by giving them things like office space, advice on formulating a business plan, and one-on-one mentoring. “Students generally lack resources to move an idea forward, especially one that involves starting your own business and getting access to key professionals,”

Executive Director Ercole Perrone said during the meeting. “So this would be providing those resources to the student for free to assist them. Over the next little while, we’ll be refining this business plan.” After the Directors sought students’ opinions, their voices were directly brought to the table. Many had mixed emotions about the Frosh Week events in comparison to last year’s, when in fact, HSF is saving some of the fun to gear up for Frost Week, a version of Frosh that takes place after the winter break. The praise was high for this year’s 8-bit video game theme, and students raved that it was great way to learn about HSF services while keeping it fun and interactive. HSF has also made a flurry of changes to their services to respond to students’ needs presented through surveys. You can even listen in for yourself, as Board of Directors meetings are open for students to sit in on. Catch the next meeting on Oct. 24 at North Campus. Until then, this meeting is adjourned.



BY MEGHAN FOLEY Staff Reporter

Students enjoy some comfortable seats while playing Call of Duty on XBox at Lakeshore.

Every gamer’s dream came true at Lakeshore campus on Tuesday, Oct. 3 and Wednesday, Oct. 4. Brought to campus by the Humber Students’ Federation (HSF), We Got Game! was an event packed with racing, soccer and intense action video games. Students wandered in to play FIFA, Call of Duty (COD) and a variety of racing games on a collection of systems like Sony’s Playstation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii. The participating students thought the event was a great idea. “I love it. I’m on break

right now so I just came down here, picked up a controller and played,” First-year Bachelor of Music student Iggy Leikis said. He was playing COD with some people he’d never met before, which was another great aspect of the event. “It’s more of an arcade environment, you’re playing interactively with the people that are sitting near you,” Vice President Campus Life at Lakeshore Colin Edwards-Crewe said. “It’s a bonding environment for students. You could be playing with your friends or with someone

you’ve never met.” Other students wanted to get their hands on games they don’t play at home. With the collection of games and systems that were available it was easy to step outside your gaming comfort zone. “I came out since I wanted to play the games that were available; I like FIFA 13,” Firstyear Police Foundations student Misrad Kurtovic said. “We are going to try, for the first time in a long time, some COD.” Not only were students getting acquainted with each other through a common interest, it gave them an opportunity to take their minds off of class, homework and the other things going in their lives. The videogames also played the role of stress reliever. On Tuesday, Oct. 3 students had the opportunity to participate in a mini FIFA tournament. The tournament champion took home a brand new copy of the game. As opposed to previous years where Humber ITAL campuses would play each other in the big tournament, this year Lakeshore played COD on Playstation against Mohawk College Wednesday, Oct. 4. It seems as though Humber has quite a bit of gaming talent, as they were victorious in the tournament.

Impressed by a pool shark’s tricks



The audience waits with anticipation as Watson and a student think out their next moves.

With pool cues in hand, and dressed in a sleek blue suit, pool pro Gerry Watson was brought into the North campus Student Centre on Oct. 4 by the Humber Students’ Federation, ready to play. “Hello everybody, I’m Gerry Watson”, said Watson as he greeted every person in the room and even remembered their names. “I love coming to campuses, seeing all the different

students who are eager to challenge me, and learn some new things.” Watson started off with a bang, showing off his best tricks including making the white ball jump over another pool queue, landing in the corner pocket. For over twenty-five years Watson has been sharing his gift around the country, and his shows at Humber have always been ones to remember.

“Three years ago a student beat me at this campus; it was a very sad day”, said Watson who then chose nine lucky students to take him on at his own game. One after another Watson annihilated student after student. He used precision and strategy to take down regular Games Room visitor Romel Harri Persuad. “This man has nine lives like a cat, he’s taken us all down” said Persuad, who was the sixth player to challenge Watson. “He is very good, but I will beat him next time.” Watson showed his enthusiasm and enjoyment he got from the company of his admirers, joking and making conversation with the whole audience. As his tricks and game improved, the crowd grew and almost every student watching had out their camera phones, snapping and recording every shot Watson took. History repeated itself for the first time in three years, as lucky player number nine, Muhammad Ullah, a first-year Business student, beat the champion with a final eight ball in the corner pocket. “We are both good players, all I needed was a chance.” Watson didn’t leave without a kind goodbye, and leaving the footprint of a pool legend.

NEWS Way back play back



What’s better than video games?

Spice Girls tribute band, Wannabe, shows off at Humber with the classic Spice Girls pose.

On Friday, Sept. 28, students brushed the dust off their butterfly clips, scrunchies, and jean jackets for a 90s-themed Pub Night at Humber ITAL’s Lakeshore campus. After throwing a series of highly acclaimed Frosh events at North Campus, The Humber Students’ Federation (HSF) thought it was time to spice up the lives of their Lakeshore friends as well, thus bringing Lakeshore’s first of many monthly Pub Nights. “We sold out of advanced tickets,” Programming Coordinator at North Campus Annie Halim said, as she reminisced about sticker books and the TV show Friends. “There’s a good buzz about it, so it’s really exciting!” As for picking the theme, VP Campus Life at Lakeshore, Colin Edwards-Crewe, had no doubt about why a 90s night was chosen. “Because the 90s were the best! There’s a lot of people who are in school right now where the 90s are their nostalgic years,” Edwards-Crewe said. The K Building was transformed into a centre of balloonfilled, boy-band-riddled nostalgia. The entrance’s ceiling was covered in colourful balloons, and clouded by shiny balloon strings, attendees had to brush their way through the entrance as if they were entering a 90s prom. With a soundtrack as memorable as the bassline to “Ice Ice Baby”, the lower level became a lively lounge for the night, with drinks courtesy of LinX Pub. Upstairs, students were free to mingle on the dance floor, while the DJ spun all the greatest 90s hits. One of the highlights of the night was the performance of

Spice Girls tribute band, Wannabe, who performed the British pop band’s most memorable songs. Dressed in classic Spice Girls outfits and accompanied by a talented live band, Wannabe captured the essence of the Spice Girls to the tee. The 90s hysteria made a comeback when the singing from the crowd overpowered the vocals, and as the audience reached out just to clutch at the hands of the all-girl band. “[The Spice Girls] have a lot of positive messages to share with the world, and it’s all about empowerment. Everyone has a good feeling when they hear their music. It takes them back to a place where everything was great - so why not bring it back?” said Wannabe member Janée Olivia, who portrays Scary Spice. The dress code was also one to remember. Those who took the time to dress in 90s wear transformed the building into the set of Saved By The Bell. Secondyear Theatre Production student Alexsandra Handerer was all for the event as she donned a choker, fanny pack, and flannel. With her, second-year Developmental Services Worker Rachael Parkins, knew exactly who she came for. “The Spice Girls cover band!” Parkins said excitedly. “I just like that I get to go back in time. When I grew up, [this music] was all I listened to, and the style, so I’m really excited to go back.” From sticker books, to Nintendo, to the delight of hearing a song you had forgotten all about, Lakeshore’s first Pub Night was sure to bring waves of nostalgia.

Shop ‘til you drop: HSF Marketplace brings the deals to you



Students browse around for some cool finds at the HSF Marketplace in the North Student Centre.

For now, the time to buy textbooks is over. With the uncomfortable days of paying fees, buying supplies, and sinking back into the school system over, the


Humber Students’ Federation (HSF) knew it was time to treat yourself. Understanding you’re students with busy schedules, and just how tightly wound your

budgets can be, HSF brought the marketplace to you. From Monday, Oct. 1 to Wednesday, Oct. 3, vendors set up their tables in the HSF Student Centre at North, ready to cater to your wants and needs. About a dozen vendors were present to sell their goods and services. “I think it’s very cool,” firstyear Fashion Arts student Adaline Belmar said as she waited in line at a vendor. “It’s very open to everybody.” Belmar was right. No matter what your tastes, there was always something to catch the eye at every turn. The comic book deals were extremely tempting, the printed sunglasses just oozed fun, the pretty jewelry could get anyone on a budget

stylin’, and the smell of deals at the perfume stand were just oh-so-sweet. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the iPhone case made to look like a Gameboy Colour - it’s impossible to not marvel at! Victoria’s Secret PINK also made an appearance with their “Spin to Win” promo (but here’s a comforting hint, everyone was a winner!). With each spin of the giant wheel, all participants had the opportunity to walk away with something. The large lineup barely ceased throughout the event as the wheel decided the fate of which prize people would be taking home, whether it was candy, a reusable PINK water bottle, a stuffed toy dog, a gift card, or a tee. However, those who participated won not only once, but twice, as they also got HUMBERLIFE

to take home a few coupons they could share with their friends. With everyone walking away a winner, the table made a huge buzz. “[There’s] a variety of stuff,” first-year Business student Kelsey Flett said as she browsed the marketplace. “It’s nice because you don’t get a lot of this stuff outside of here.” The HSF Marketplace’s closeto-home factor was one of the things that made it so successful. Whether it was between classes or after lunch, the marketplace was so accessible that you could drop by for five minutes to relieve school-related stress with a little retail therapy. In busy times like these, who could say no to shopping and freebies? OCTOBER 10, 2012






BY HILARY FLINT Staff Reporter

This spice guy embraced the British Invasion when he told us what he really, really wants. That’s why he’s our... LIFE OF THE PARTY



A recognizable face among us

Maleah Sparks rocking her signature vintage look during a photoshoot for MuchMusic.

If fashion is considered an art, then Maleah Sparks is certainly an artist. Being in her second year in the public relations advanced diploma program, Sparks’ is a fulltime student with a rising career as a fashion stylist on the side. Her work has become famed around Toronto. The way she pieces together vintage items has sculpted a very unique style, that many would like to cop. She has been featured on Fashion Television, interned at YYZ Living Magazine as well as BOLD Magazine. Sparks’ coworker at BOLD, Jack Harding has nothing but fabulous things to say about her.

“Working with her was always absolutely wonderful. Her sense of style is so classic and elegant,” he said. “When she styled someone, I always was wowed.” Sparks’ also happens to be an identical twin. Her twin sister Brittany raves over their relationship, saying “Twins, best friends, business partners, whatever the label may be, we have a one of a kind connection. She constantly inspires me.” Growing up, the girls had to be creative to fit in. They did not have as much money as peers to spend on clothes, so they started shopping anywhere that they


Nuit Blanche

BY MEGHAN FOLEY Staff Reporter

The famous night full of creative pieces, art displays and innovative projects around the city of Toronto has in past years always left me disappointed. This year I was determined to give Scotiabank’s Nuit Blanche another chance. To make the most of my night I went on their website ahead of time to choose an area with specific projects and installations I was interested in. The website suggested the best time to enjoy the event was early in the morning, which suited me well; I wasn’t in the mood for waiting in lines and pushing through crowds. I decided to avoid the downtown core since that’s where I’ve been in previous years. Instead, my boyfriend and I stuck to Queen Street West. We were excited to watch the sunrise and see the creativity Toronto was showcasing in this alternative and art gallery-populated neighbourhood. Unfortunately, walking along Queen Street West at 4 a.m. turned out to be a letdown. Looking through the windows of galleries that were supposed to be open made me feel like I was at a museum, not an all-night interactive event. I still peeked in

could buy vintage. It became their own identity. Instead of fitting in, they stood out. Everyone complimented their outfits and they decided that the look was there to stay. Sparks’ is now on the show Style Me for MuchMusic. She also blogs for her website, She will soon be the host for the Whistler Film Festival on behalf of Sorel in November. When she is not at class or working, she attends events to build her network. She stays committed to Humber ITAL by not only being a prudent student but an Ambassador for the Lakeshore campus. She said, “The main thing I’ve learned is to multi-task. I reply to emails to and from school and work on blog posts during class breaks. When I’m filming for MuchMusic I bring my textbooks and do readings when the camera isn’t rolling. It’s definitely not ideal, but I manage.” Sparks’ credits her professors for much of her success. Without their understanding, she could not continue to take advantage of the opportunities she has worked for. Not many can say that the human body is their canvas, but Maleah Sparks uses her artistic abilities to make others beautiful.


and saw some pretty cool installations, even though thick glass was preventing me from getting close. The mannequins playing the violin and cello while wearing old-school pilot helmets were memorable but not worthy of being the highlight of the night. Our final stop was definitely my favourite one, although it still had its share of displeasures. We walked into the Gladstone Hotel and saw a wall with pieces of paper stuck to it (which was a little strange). We looked to the floor and noticed pieces of paper there as well. When it’s difficult to decipher if it’s litter or art, it’s definitely a bad sign. Things got better though. A musician was creating some really cool sounds using the rims of glasses and bowls. The dark room spotlighting the musician and kitchen utensils was weird to watch, but in a good way. The highlight of my night was the 12-hour zine. Different zinemaking groups from around the city got together every hour and collaborated with Nuit Blanche spectators to make a zine every 60 minutes. By far, it was the most creative and expressive thing I’d seen all night. The last 30 minutes, although I was impressed, didn’t make up for the rest of the night, wandering around closed installations. This all-night event didn’t go all night.


Name Chantelle Silva Program Media Communications, first-year Do you believe how you dress is a symbol for who you are? Absolutely, I think that how a person dresses defines their style, as well as their overall attitude. I work in retail, and I truly believe that someone’s personality shines through their style. What are your favourite stores? I work at Guess, so I shop a lot there. Other favourites of mine are Dynamite, Urban Outfitters and I do a lot of thrift shopping too. What’s your guilty pleasure buy? Scarves. Where do you get style inspiration from? Society in general, the way everyone dresses so different is an overall inspiration. Magazines and the internet are other places I get my style ideas from. What is the most you would spend on an outfit? Two hundred, tops.

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The minimalist feel in the General Hardware Contemporary Gallery is a treat for your eyes with the exposed brick featuring nouveau art.

4 4


If you’re interested in nouveau and contemporary art, the Lausberg Contemporary Gallery is perfect for you.

OCTOBER 10, 2012

Trinity Square Video is a downtown must for video art lovers. Check out some really cool films.

Get your art featured here! Humber and Guelph-Humber students, send your photography, artwork, graphics, graffiti, and more to for a chance to win amazing prizes! William transformed a plain basement wall into a mural for his niece and nephew.

This week’s winner:



A champion sticks by his team BY JESSICA ELLIOTT Staff Reporter


JESSICA ELLIOTT Mullen is happy to continue being a part of the men’s volleyball team by becoming team manager.

National Championship, a title Humber had not received since 1983. “That game was such a great one to go out with, I loved being a part of the team,” Mullen said. Having completed his five years of eligibility, Mullen found another way to get involved. “I thought I would feel good about having the extra time to concentrate on school, but there was something missing in my life, and I wanted to be a part of the team again.” Mullen had the opportunity of a lifetime when Wayne Wilkins, coach of the Humber Hawks

men’s volleyball team approached Mullen about a position as team manager. “I just started in September, and it has been amazing. I get to watch my teammates succeed and be there to help them,” Mullen said, who’s responsibilities extend from making sure the games are filmed, to keeping the boys hydrated. “I feel very lucky, and any way I can take part, I’m happy with that.” Mullen looks forward to a future in the marketing field and always keeping volleyball close to his heart.

Humber Hawks undefeated The Humber Hawks varsity women’s soccer team sat at the top of the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) West Division standings after they ended the Sheridan Bruins’ undefeated streak on Tuesday, Oct. 2 with a victory of 1-0. The start of the game was all but quiet as Humber relentlessly drove the ball down the field, forcing the Bruins to maintain a defensive attitude throughout the game. The match remained scoreless until the beginning of the second half, when forward Brittany Szcerbakow scored the first and only goal of the night, bringing the Hawks to victory. “These were great results. It was a really tough-played game,” Head Coach Mauro Ongaro said. “This was for first place, and the girls came out really strong. We were very deserving of the win but should’ve scored maybe another two goals.” However, that fight for first place was the exact tension that made the game so compelling. Striking moments throughout the game had spectators holding their breath. Both teams were on edge as Humber strived to maintain their place, and as Sheridan fought persistently to keep up, Humber forward Corinna Vanderchaaf made many tenacious



Closing in on the Sheridan Bruins: Humber Hawks midfielder Justine Robb chases down the ball.

attempts to push the ball down the field, coming close to giving the Hawks yet another goal. A free kick for the Bruins had spectators and players holding their breath, but a huge cheer roared throughout the field as goalkeeper Katerina Conde made a heroic save. With the OCAA Provincials drawing near and the Humber Hawks currently sitting in first place, the team is confident in what’s ahead for them. “The results were amazing,” first-year Recreation & Leisure student Alora Walcott, who plays defense on the team, said. “I think we’re looking great. We’re said to have a lot more opportunity this year than before.”

“We look very strong. We’ve got some depth,” said Ongaro, who is now in his 12th season as head coach. “Our veterans and our captains are excellent, and our young players that have come in have been very good. It looks like it’s a good mix that we have of veterans and young players.” The women’s soccer team, who now stands unbeaten as of this game with a league record of 7-0-0 this season, is set to face Fanshawe College tonight in London (Oct. 10), with the qualifying game later this week. With their confidence and skill, the team is sure to let no one challenge their undefeated reign.

A standardized game


Mark Mullen has been an athlete for as long as he can remember. The third-year Business student at the University of Guelph-Humber can proudly claim that he was on all of his high school varsity teams, with the exception of one. “Volleyball was the one sport that was always out of reach for me,” Mullen said. He looked to his uncle, who was his high school coach, to help him improve his skills. “My uncle was the one who pushed me, and finally in grade nine I tried out and volleyball became my biggest passion.” At the age of 23, Mullen excelled with his teammates for two years on the Humber Hawks volleyball team. “It was such an honour to play for my school,” Mullen said. “It was intimidating when I first tried out, it was very fast paced and a new environment compared to high school. I was playing with men instead of boys, and it was different, but awesome.” Balancing education with athletics was always on Mullen’s mind, especially during finals. As school got more intense, Mullen held on, and it was well worth it. Last year, in his final game with the Humber Hawks, Mullen and his teammates won the Canadian College Atheletic Association

Based on the actions of a varsity athlete, all varsity players might be perceived as one-dimensional.

Being an athlete comes with a certain responsibility. Actually, it’s more like a specific one, or two, or maybe even three. Not too long ago, Ohio State University, a football powerhouse, had one of its players tweet, “Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain’t come to play SCHOOL classes are POINTLESS.” Cardale Jones, a third-string quarterback for the team, reiterated to many what they had already presumed; athletes are one-dimensional. Strangely enough, the tweet and Jones’ Twitter account have vanished, but public networks were able to snag the words before they permanently went off the air. What’s ironic is that Ohio State has been recognized in the past two years due to its multiyear Academic Progress Rate scores. In 2011-2012, they’ve been ranked in the top 10 for all Division 1 football schools. Monique Haan, Varsity Academic Advisor at Humber ITAL and former Track and Field Athlete at Illinois State University says if you’re not going to pass, you’re not going to play. “Even though you’re ‘hired on’ as an athlete [via athletic scholarship], you need to understand that you’re a student-athlete first,” Haan said. “Schools are taking a gamble on you, because if you can’t maintain your GPA, you won’t play.” Essentially, when one athlete makes waves, the standard

is set for every athlete. Humber athletes are no different than any other varsity program. Regardless of his or her popularity, they can dictate the reputation and the standard set for their fellow athletes, solely based on something they do. The problem is athletes tend to work from the bottom up. The reasoning behind that though, is somewhat justified. Athletes are treated with a hierarchy as opposed to their classmates. They get special clothing that only an athlete is given, or are allowed to miss a class or two due to practices or games. Although this can mainly vary from one professor to another, it’s a bar that’s been set higher for athletes. That bar determines whether or not they play, so if that’s the motivation, so be it. In the above tweet, Jones expresses that he’s at school to play football; not go to class. Although that’s the case for a lot of athletes seeking the opportunity to play professional sports, a lot of them will not. Plain and simple, without class, you can’t play. Jones of all people should know that. He signed with the Buckeyes in 2011, but has yet to play a down for the school. Although he was ranked 33rd in the nation for 2011 college quarterbacks, Jones spent last year at a military prep school to boost his grades; only for the chance to wear a jersey in 2012.

Hawks men’s soccer team loses nail biter to long-time rival


BY GEORGE HALIM Staff Reporter

Roberto Galle, pictured above, plays the ball as Humber lost in their final home game of the season.

A rivalry was renewed when the Humber Hawks fell 1-0 to the Sheridan Bruins on Wednesday, Oct. 3 on their new home turf at the Ontario Soccer Association in Vaughan. “It was a tough game, but unfortunately we didn’t get the


result we wanted,” Assistant Coach Mike Aquino said. “Ideally we’d like to come out on top, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.” In a rematch of last year’s Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA), Humber versus

Sheridan is always set to be a barn burner. The visiting Bruins didn’t waste any time, capitalizing on a defensive miscommunication by Humber four minutes into the game. Shortly after, Sheridan was awarded a free kick near the Humber goal, and after a scramble in the penalty area, they nearly scored another, ringing the ball off the goal post. At the end of the first half, the score was 1-0 for Sheridan. To begin the second half, the Hawks came out hard and charging with a few tough tackles to swing the momentum in their direction. The shots started piling up for Humber. After a few shots on goal, it was difficult for the home squad to muster anything against

a solid Sheridan defense. After failing to capitalize on a couple scoring chances, tensions began to flare. Coaches, players and fans alike were on the edge of their seats and yelling for a blown whistle at nearly every play. Sure enough, with time winding down, a Sheridan player was sent off after exchanging a few words with the referee. The official wasted no time issuing a straight red, sending Sheridan to a 10-man handicap. Regardless of the advantage, Humber was still unable to find the back of the net. The final score was 1-0 for Sheridan. Third-year Marketing student, Yousif Yousif, feels as though the chemistry just wasn’t there when they really needed it. “The ball was bouncing all HUMBERLIFE

over and we didn’t have much control,” Yousif said. “If we’re going to win, we need to play better as a team, as a whole.” With the loss, Humber’s record sits at 5-2-0, good for second in the OCAA West Division. This was Humber’s final home game of the regular season. Next for the Hawks, they’ll be travelling to London on Tuesday, Oct. 9 to square off against the undefeated Fanshawe Falcons. Although Humber is in second place with 15 points, their next game is critical, as four teams are nipping at their heels and still within striking distance. Home field advantage for the playoffs is not a guarantee so winning their next game is crucial in the OCAA standings.

OCTOBER 10, 2012



The turkey dump How was your thanksgiving weekend?

I could take a turkey dump right now...

I was turkey dumped...

As one holiday comes to an end, another quickly creeps up on us. There still may be turkey leftovers in the fridge, but that doesn’t stop you from beginning to prepare for Halloween. There’s so much to do after all, from picking out a costume, to decorating your place, to planning parties and selecting one to attend. And all of this comes smack dab in the middle of midterms. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead for all that the month of October brings instead of pulling the usual student-move of procrastinating. Allot your time wisely, don’t stop using that handy HSF agenda, and prioritize what needs to get done first! While the search for the perfect Halloween costume is fun and entertaining, it is also time consuming. The hours you spend in your local Halloween store deciding whether to be Lady Gaga or Adele, can admittedly be used studying for that law exam looming in the near future. To save you even more time, we’ve found the perfect place to show off that fancy costume you have in mind: the HSF Halloween party! An even greater incentive for attending is having the

opportunity to win the best costume contest and walk away with a trip for two to Cancun Mexico during Spring Break! Remember, more than one month of this semester has passed, so continue working hard and putting in your best effort and soon enough those Christmas decorations that stores are already selling will actually be of use; marking the end of another school semester. It’s important to keep up the strong work ethic you proudly held when school first began in September. For those of you with too much time and nothing to do because you’ve had your Halloween costume picked in August and been lucky enough to avoid exams and assignments until November, you might as well use that extra time to do something good. The HSF Volunteer Crew is always looking for extra helping hands to assist with their charity and green initiatives. Make sure you visit for more details on the crew, and information on the HSF Halloween party. With these tips, October’s sure to end off as sweet as a bag full of Halloween candy.


How to make it through the October crunch

BY MEGHAN FOLEY Are you going through a rough time, or in the middle of a sticky situation? Do you need someone to give it to you straight and with no fluff? Whether it has to do with life on campus, academics, friends or romance, don’t hesitate to ask Meghan Foley for some advice. A fourth-year Media Studies student and Humberlife reporter, Meghan’s ready to listen and share her opinion and advice with Humber and Guelph-Humber students. Give it to me straight,

Give it to me straight,

I’ve been dating my girl since high school but we are now going to different schools and she seems to be too busy to hang out like before. I don’t want her to think I’m stalking her but I miss her and spending time together. Do you think she wants to break up or see other guys?

It’s been one and a half years since I’ve been living in Canada and still I feel like a stranger here because I have no friends. It really feels odd to have no one to hang out with. Maybe it’s because of my shy nature. It was an okay kind of a scenario before but now it’s really getting to me. I’m not able to concentrate on my studies. Please do suggest something.


-Lonely Stranger

Editor-in-Chief: George Halim Managing Editor: Naomi Leanage Layout Editor: Noah Lipsyc Staff Reporter: Meghan Foley Staff Reporter: Jessica Elliott Staff Reporter: Hilary Flint Staff Reporter: Marielle Torrefranca Staff Reporter: Rachel Waller Communications Director: Natalie Bobyk Communications Coordinator: Stephen Wong

Dear Confused,

Dear Lonely Stranger,

You should talk directly to your girlfriend. It’s totally okay to ask her what’s going on in her life without looking like a stalker, you are her boyfriend after all. She may just be getting into the swing of things at her new school and doesn’t know how to manage everything just yet. It’s natural for you to miss her but you really need to ask her what’s going on. It might not be that she doesn’t want to make time for you, maybe she doesn’t know where that time is.

It’s really important to have a balance in life, so it’s natural you feel the way you do. The best thing to do in your situation is to take action. You say you’re shy, but make sure you’re still approachable, that’s the first step. However, you can’t wait for people to talk to you. Try making conversation with your classmates about homework and assignments. To see maximum results, get involved on campus. Join an intramural team or get involved with many of the Humber Students’ Federation’s clubs. You won’t make any friends if you don’t give people the chance to get to know you.

-Give it to me straight

-Give it to me straight

Got a question for Meg? Email with a submission no longer than 120 words. Questions may be edited for length and/or clarity. Published questions will win a $25 gift card!

Humber Students’ Federation Room KX202 205 Humber College Blvd Toronto, ON M9W 5L7 Tel: 416.675.5051 Fax: 416.675.7453 Email:

BY MEGHAN FOLEY Staff Reporter Find and arrange the letters to reveal the Thanksgiving related answer:

A Bedi for your thoughts Words of advice from your HSF President Bhalinder Bedi “Have you introduced yourself to your instructor yet? Do it! You’re more than just a number.”

6 6


OCTOBER 10, 2012



Letter bank: T, Y, O, U, K, E, __, __, __, __ Did you figure out the Buzz Word? Send in your answer to for a chance to win a $25 gift card.

1. What’s the first letter of the program that Board of Directors member Emily Rockarts represents? 2. What’s the first letter of the new two-year initiative, at Humber ITAL and University of Guelph-Humber, against gender based violence? 3. What’s the second letter of the first name of the person who scored the only goal at the Women’s Soccer game on Tuesday, Oct. 2? 4. What’s the second letter of Pool Trick Shot artist’s last name?


Don’t mean to burst your bubble BY MEGHAN FOLEY Staff Reporter

When the choice is between the elevator, escalator or the stairs the decision is usually made through guilt. You see either the elevator or escalator and stairs in front of you and you choose to go with the stairs. Not because you want to, but because you have this feeling inside encouraging you to take the stairs for the purpose of exercise. If you take the elevator or escalator your legs thank you, but the rest of you is disappointed you could be so lazy. If you’re looking to become healthy and active all you need to do is take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. That’s sure to tighten up those glutes and thighs, right? Oh, how wrong and misinformed you are. Unless you’re running up and down the stairs of the Rogers Centre while watching a Toronto Blue Jays game, which is highly

unlikely, you won’t see any results from this so called “elevator/escalator alternative” route. Sure it’s nice to think you’re living a healthy and active lifestyle by walking up to the fourth floor of the University of Guelph-Humber but you’re living in a dream. Mostly because walking up the stairs to class is not the definition of exercise. Guelph-Humber students know what I mean; you get to class and you’re breathing like you’ve just finished a marathon, but remember you have not. However, with regards to your overall fitness, you haven’t accomplished much. Although your glutes may be burning as you reach the last few steps of the fourth floor, that burn is nothing compared to an actual workout. You won’t be feeling the tightness in your muscles for the days following. We would only be so lucky if we could justify eating a box of fried chicken, greasy hamburgers or deep fried butter if we carried it up the stairs of our apartments. Unfortunately, we’re not that lucky. The reality is, having a body that’s toned, defined and doesn’t ache after walking up some stairs,

requires some level of commitment. You have to work for the results if you want to see them. Dedicating a few hours out of your schedule, over the course of your busy week, to exercising is definitely the level of commitment I’m talking about. Don’t kid yourself by thinking you’ve put in your exercise for the day when you chose the stairs instead of the escalator. Don’t get me wrong, taking the stairs is a simple and easy way you can incorporate a level of fitness into your daily routine, but it’s a very low level of activity and shouldn’t be the only exercise you get. If you already take the stairs naturally, don’t start to take the elevator or escalator because of me. I just want to make sure you’re not being fooled. It’s a really nice illusion; taking the stairs is interchangeable with a workout. I think it’s such a wide-spread piece of advice because it’s so easy. Getting your dream body isn’t supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to be a lifestyle. Take the stairs, but incorporate other things into your fitness regime as well. That’s how you see results.

Someone loves you, drive safely BY JESSICA ELLIOTT Staff Reporter

I wasn’t there when it happened. They say your whole life flashes before your eyes. I’ve also heard that the world goes black, and your body goes numb. I’m so glad I wouldn’t know. It was a Thursday afternoon, when a transport truck smashed into the rear end of my friend’s car. Paige was in the back seat of her mom’s Pontiac Vibe in a full leg cast; she just had surgery on her knee, and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. She and her mom were on their way home, driving along in my hometown of Keswick; just like any other Thursday. No one could have seen it coming. It happened fast; the truck came from behind and crashed into the back of the car. One after another, car after car crunched into the one in front of it. A total of four cars were involved in the accident that

put my friend in a coma. One minute she was awake, and in a flash, thanks to one driver’s mistake; she was asleep. One in three Canadians are involved in some form of carrelated accident in their lifetime. Out of those accidents over sixty percent result in serious injury or death, and fifty-five percent of passengers in these cases were not wearing seatbelts. My friend Paige suffered severe head trauma, and multiple minor injuries. She was put into a drug-induced coma for three days. The car was destroyed in the pile up and since her body was so close to the point of impact, she was in too much pain to help her body heal while she was awake. None of her friends, myself included, were able to see her. All we were told was that in order for her body to heal, she needed to be asleep. In Canada, thirty percent of serious accidents are caused by impaired driving. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, excessive speeding, and texting while driving are only some of the stupid examples that result in the loss of someone’s child, mother,

or friend. Most of these unnecessary tragedies are involving youth aged 16-24, which is the age group that most of us are checking off these days. It’s scary but it’s not that hard to believe. We live in a world where we rely on our technology like oxygen, to the point where our cell phones take priority over our blind spots. Three days after the accident Paige woke up. She was soon released in good health to the love of her friends and family, and was welcomed with over 200 posts of support on her Facebook wall. Recovering at home, my friend will be just fine. So please wait until you get home to text your boyfriend to get a bag of milk, put on your seatbelt even if the party is just around the street, don’t drink and drive because you’ve only had a couple, and look out for those special people who’ve always had your blind spot. Keep your eyes on the road, and your foot light on the pedal. Most importantly, always remember that someone loves you. Drive safely.


OPINION Rock’s Back on Top


In 1996, The Backstreet Boys begged listeners to quit playing games with their hearts and in 2000, Britney Spears confessed that she did it again (oops!). In 2003, Beyonce and Jay-Z fell “Crazy in Love” and in 2005, it was Chris Brown’s turn to “Run It”. However, it wasn’t long until the Jonas Brothers caused fan hysteria in 2007, and this boy band craze carried on to the return of New Kids on the Block in 2008. Now, with modern pop icons like Carly Rae Jepsen, Taylor Swift, and One Direction still present, but riding along in parallel, a new contender has risen whose ancestors we haven’t seen around as often as some of us might like. Step aside, teenage pop acts. Rock has made its revival - but with a few sweet, new twists. Rock has had its phases: from blues, to classic rock, to grunge, to pop-rock. This time, it has come back with a more honeyed descendant. Trending on the boards is a more low key folk rock, that’s also sharing space with sometimes electro-garnished indie pop bands. Although this current genre seems somewhat incomparable to the past (many argue that a laptop is not an instrument), it’s simply the evolution we have come to find ourselves with. The talents above are only just some of the contenders within mainstream music, and it’s been some time since rock acts (and the like) have dominated the charts. Even the 2004 soft-edged song, “The Reason” by one hit wonder Hoobastank


(am I bringing back memories yet?) fell just beneath Usher’s hit, “Burn”. While bands like Coldplay, Green Day, Oasis, and Billy Talent have hit their peak in mainstream culture time and time again, today’s culture boasts acts like the acoustically fueled City and Colour. Similarly, folk rock band Mumford & Sons has had regular rotation on the radio waves, and their first single, “Little Lion Man” became a reason for their bringing home several awards. The genre even spoke for itself when America voted Phillip Phillips as the 11th American Idol winner, launching his soft spoken folk tune “Home” onto the charts. However, more iconically, it was two men from Ohio who brought a bluesy, garage-rock revival onto the radio waves. The Black Keys, known for their hit “Tighten Up”, recently sold out the Air Canada Centre as part of a stadium tour to promote their most recent album, ‘El Camino’. Other examples include acoustic-folk singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, indie-pop band Fun., and the mid-tempo indie-pop song “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye. With a lively music scene blossoming in places like Vancouver and Toronto, it’s no wonder that this genre is surely, yet humbly, taking over. With great timing, Toronto has also been recently approved to broadcast its first indie radio station, 88.1 Indie Toronto. While it can also be thought of as ironic that the evolution of rock has caused indie music to become the new mainstream, there isn’t much room for complaints. After yelling along to the catchy (yet overproduced) Taylor Swift tune about how we are never, ever, EVER getting back together, you can now turn the dial and find a finger-plucked guitar melody accompanied by some sweet, harmony-filled vocals. In my opinion, mainstream has won a sweet success.

What’s your way to relieve school-related stress? BY MARIELLE TORREFRANCA Staff Reporter

“Listen to music and go for walks. The path at Humber is a really good one.”

“The best cure to stress is laughing, so surround yourself with your friends, family members, and whoever makes you happy.”

“Going clubbing - it’s a stress reliever to just dance with my friends.”

“Chill out with some friends, play some video games, watch TV – just chill after a hard day of work!”

Devantée Glaves First-year Early Childhood Education

Angela Chiodo First-year Journalism – Print and Broadcast

Ariel Vogn-Bento Third-year Media Studies

Mike Ariganello Third-year Kinesiology



OCTOBER 10, 2012


DOLLARS and LAST WORD $ense Student guide to a little splurging BY MEGHAN FOLEY Staff Reporter

Horoscopes BY HILARY FLINT Staff Reporter


Dec 22 - Jan 20


You are deep and personal with your thoughts. This sensitivity can help you with your personal relationships if you let it. Remember to open up to those close to you. You don’t have to keep everything to yourself! Just be you because quite frankly, everyone will love you.

This student got rid of his data plan so he could splurge on the things he wants. The concert tickets are definitely worth using wireless internet for.

Cutting corners where you can means students have more money to spend on the things they like spending their money on. It’s important for students to treat themselves at the end of the week or month as part of an incentive to keep doing their best. Having a budget and understanding the difference between a “want” and a “need” are important factors in saving money. The Humber Students’ Federation’s (HSF) Finance and Operations Officer Frank Rizzi said a good way to cut corners is reexamining your cellphone bill and either getting rid of data or purchasing a smaller amount of it. “There’s wifi almost everywhere and there’s no reason you would need to receive an email at anytime of the day at all times,” Rizzi said. “It’s a nicety but I don’t think it’s a necessity.” For students who work out off-campus or pay for fitness classes elsewhere, first-year Journalism-Print and Broadcast student Angela Chiodo knows

how they can easily eliminate a monthly cost. “Take advantage of using the Humber Gym instead of paying for gym memberships at community or fitness centres,” she said. There are lots of services HSF offers that students aren’t taking advantage of. In some cases, they are paying for things they shouldn’t be, leaving them with no extra money for themselves. “I don’t think everybody knows what’s available in the health and dental plan,” Rizzi said. “So you’ll find people will be paying certain things out of their pocket not knowing that it is covered already.” The HSF Used Book Market is another service he mentioned. Students can sell their books for the price they want and also buy used books for much cheaper than at the bookstore. Another student expense that can be reevaluated is transportation method. Stay organized and buy tokens ahead of time so you won’t have to pay cash fare. It’s a small additional

fee to pay cash but it certainly adds up. If you’re not using your Metropass ten times a week, tokens are actually your best option. If someone who lives near you drives to school, there’s no harm in mooching a ride. “My mom drives past Woodbine in the morning. So if I take an 8 a.m. course she can drop me off. It saves me bus money and a lot of time,” Second-year Business Management student Danny Slewa said. Even though 8 a.m. classes aren’t at the top of his list, it’s a way he can save money to buy something he actually wants. Where and when you cut corners depends on what’s valuable to you. If you like high quality food then buying all generic brands might not be the best option. However, cooking at home and learning how to make your favourite foods is. Decide what are needs and wants and cut corners where you can so the occasional splurge won’t leave you eating canned meals for a week.


To whom it may concern... Dear Student, You thought you had it under control didn’t you? You thought things were going smoothly...ha, ha, ha!!!


Jan 21 - Feb 19

Everyone knows that you are wise but sometimes you need to hold back on the advice. Let your friends make their own mistakes and just be there for them afterwards. Sometimes you come across as a know-itall and no one wants to be that person.


Jun 22 - Jul 22 That commute might be a pain but going to class is worth it. If you keep skipping class, your grades are going to suffer. You won’t be happy, your teachers won’t be happy and more importantly your parents won’t be happy. No one likes a pissed off parent.


Jul 23 - Aug 22

Stop using that strong personality to butt heads with everyone. Instead, channel it towards social change. You have a strong voice that needs to be heard. Choose something you are passionate about and start a club, blog or protest. Only then will you feel at peace with yourself.


Feb 20 - Mar 20

You are an eternal optimist who sees the best in any situation. Sometimes you have to face reality though. Things haven’t been going so well lately and you need to step up and accept responsibility for your own life. Stop waiting for something to happen and make it happen.


Mar 21 - Apr 20

People say to make your own luck but that doesn’t mean you should carry around a sign that says “I’m needy and helpless.” It’s time to finally turn your life around. Start taking school seriously, break-up with your lowlife partner and get a real job.


Apr 21 - May 20

Tired of your mundane life and the same tedious day-to-day activities? Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Try sushi, go sky-diving, do anything to shake that boring image everyone has of you. You will learn a lot about yourself and find it all very liberating.

Aug 23 - Sept 22

Use your creativity to help others. If you finish your project well before it is due, help out a classmate. Not everyone is as blessed as you. Your colleagues will appreciate it and your teachers will take notice. Remember though; don’t do all the work for them.



Sept 23 - Oct 23

You forgive too easily and don’t bear grudges. Stop being so soft and hold those around you accountable for their actions. People need to see that you have a backbone so they stop pushing you around. You have a good heart and deserve much better.

Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22 Stop moaning and groaning about your roommate and do something about it. Don’t let them borrow money, make them pay their share of the bill and stop picking up after them! Take charge of your life because your friends are tired of hearing about it. Sagittarius

May 21 -Jun 21

You are the romantic mushy type that falls way too hard. You will meet someone new that immediately steals your heart, but be sure to give them space. If you can pace yourself and your feelings, it will all work out to your advantage in the end.

Sincerely, Midterms


Nov 23 - Dec 21

Although you aren’t really looking, you will find a new love interest in the middle of October. Not even your cynical self can deny the chemistry. Both of you will be shy at first but once you open up to each other, you will just know they are the one.

Stay connected with HSF HSF Winter Elections Information Session If you’re a full-time student interested in becoming the President, Vice President or Director with the Humber Students’ Federation, this meeting is for you! Friday, Oct. 12 North campus HSF Boardroom 10 a.m.


Blood Donor Clinic

Battle of the Bands

Open Mic and Variety Night

One donation can save a life. Did you know that 52% of Canadians say they, or a family member, have needed blood or blood products for surgery or for medical treatment?

Come out and see Humber’s top talent battle it out for $1000!

Lakeshore Open Mic Nights are back… but now with a twist! HSF will be hosting a variety show on a monthly basis.

Wednesday, Oct. 17 & Thursday, Oct.18 North campus Student Centre 9 a.m.

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