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Liz Cooper Associate, HRC Foundation Workplace Project Liz Cooper joined the Workplace Project in August 2010. As a Project Associate, Liz engages directly with employers to identify and improve LGBT-inclusive policies and practices. Cooper brings her background in academic and sales marketing research to develop the Project’s resources on LGBT diversity and inclusion best practices aimed at employers, employees, and consumers. In her capacity she has enlisted corporate support for LGBT equality under the law. She also uses her advocacy to help elevate the role of allies in the LGBT community. By making allies a more visible part of the workforce, Cooper hopes to make a fully inclusive culture the new standard for employers, allowing employees to be authentic and open in their workplace environment. Cooper holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Davidson College in North Carolina.


Special thanks to Workplace Project staff interns, Cy Latham and Drew Waxman for working directly with survey respondents, guiding them through the survey process and responding to survey inquiries. Thanks to temporary Workplace Project staff Simone Walls and intern, Diane Pike for assisting in the research leading up to the Corporate Equality Index survey release. Thank you to HRC staff Janice Hughes, Anastasia Khoo and Robert Villaflor, for editorial and design guidance. Thank you to David Smith, Cathy Woolard and HRC’s leadership. Thank you to Daryl Herrschaft for his direction leading up to the 2012 CEI, and for his continued guidance and expertise on LGBT workplace inclusion. Thank you to Mark Bromley, Julie Dorf and Michael Guest from the Council for Global Equality for their collaboration on the global operations section. Thank you to Andre Wilson and Jamison Green, Ph.D., of Jamison Green & Associates for the consultation and expertise throughout the CEI process. CEI 2012 was designed by Tony Frye.

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Corporate Equality Index 2012  

The Human Rights Campaign’s 2012 Corporate Equality Index chronicles a decade of progress in workplace equality. 2012 marks the first year...