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Appendix C Corporate Equality Index: Ratings by Industry, Descending Score Corporate Equality Index Rating Criteria

1a Prohibits Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation (15 points) 1b Prohibits Discrimination Based on Gender Identity or Expression (15 points) 2a Offers Partner Health/Medical Insurance (15 points) 2b Has Parity Across Other “Soft� Benefits for Partners (10 points)

(half credit for parity across some, but not all benefits)

2c Offers Transgender-Inclusive Health Insurance Coverage (10 points) 3a Firm-wide Organizational Competency Programs (10 points) 3b Has Employer-Supported Employee Resource Group OR Firm-Wide Diversity Council (10 points) Would Support ERG if Employees Express Interest (half credit)

Ratings in Gray


Positively Engages the External LGBT Community (15 points)

(partial credit of 5 points given for less than 3 efforts)


Responsible Citizenship Employers will have 25 points deducted from their score for a large-scale official or public anti-LGBT blemish on their recent records (-25 points)

Unofficial rating of the Fortune 500 companies that have not responded to repeated invitations to the CEI survey. These ratings are based on publicly available information as well as information submitted to HRC from unofficial LGBT employee groups or individual employees.

c o r p o r at e e q ua l i t y i n d e x 2 O 1 2


Corporate Equality Index 2012  
Corporate Equality Index 2012  

The Human Rights Campaign’s 2012 Corporate Equality Index chronicles a decade of progress in workplace equality. 2012 marks the first year...