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The Evolution of the Criteria The HRC Foundation is committed to maintaining a rigorous, fair, attainable and transparent CEI rating system. Apart from the survey process itself, HRC Foundation staff

work year-round to develop tools for employers to meet the criteria through online resources and direct consultation. Resources for each of the criteria are available at The HRC Foundation continually examines the criteria and gathers input to guide the future of the criteria. Changes to the CEI criteria are necessary to account for: 1. 2.

The changing landscape of legal protections for LGBT employees and their families, both federally and from state to state, and Emerging best practices to meet the needs of LGBT employees and ensure that LGBT employees are treated fairly in the workplace.

The HRC Foundation is committed to providing at least 12 months’ advance notice of any criteria changes.

Criteria Evolution Timeline





The first CEI rated employers strictly on seven criteria which remain the basis for today’s scoring system. The original criteria were guided in part by the Equality Principles, 10 touch points for businesses demonstrating their commitment to equal treatment of employees, consumers and investors, irrespective of their sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.

The HRC Foundation released the second version of the criteria, with greater weight given to comprehensive domestic partner benefits and to transgender-inclusive health care coverage options. These criteria

The HRC Foundation announced the third version of the criteria, with comprehensive requirements for partner benefits, transgender-inclusive benefits, organizational competency on LGBT issues and employers’ public commitment to equality for the broader LGBT community. These criteria

went into effect in 2006 and remained in effect through 2010 (for

the CEI 2011 report).

c o r p o r at e e q ua l i t y i n d e x 2 O 1 2

went into effect in 2011

(for the CEI 2012 report).

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