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Copy From the Students’ Chat Session, April 1st 2012 Participants:

Christina M, Greece Barca, Czech Republic Zoe, Greece Ralph, Germany Marcelina, Poland Christina E., Greece Mateusz, Poland Despoina, Cyprus Panagiotis, Cyprus Honza, Czech Republic Jelena, Czech Republic Barbora, Czech Republic Guillaume, France Katerina, Czech Republic Popi, Greece Page 1

hello guys




wats up?


is the chat meeting today?



It seems so.

Miss Curto said the first sunday of april....

hellooooo Page 2

i totaly forgot so thanks for start writing

how are you everyone?

how r u all doing? Pias th mia je faka th pas thn allh!

i'm fine and you?

fine you?

alla good! all*



i'm fine but i still miss you

kala christina mas exeis pri3i

Let's say i'm fine, but tired

xaxaxaxxa Page 3

i mean

haha ai ree

please, dont ask other people how are they and write something thats according to the theme, because its a time the same, we are not chatting about human right, but about how are we.

skato pou tha mu peis emena



our theme i think that is bullying

hey relax it's allright so let'S start

to paizei diaxeiristria auth twra edw?..mou pire tn 9esi?

i aggree with ralph

who wants to start?

By the way , what's the chat's topic?

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haha xesthna rrr

i don't like bullying i made the start

me neither

me too

i think that no one likes bulling ralph

imean we are all equall

everybody! michou you are so smart

that was only the beginning


ok but we don't say nothing....



Page 5

bullying is not fair, it's not your fault where you're from or witch religion you've got

lets face it... we dont like it but we do it sometimes... we have to realize we are all euqal and start acting like it!



we are all human beings!

wow milano!


so that's all

ai mwri ;p


Really? That was fast.

haha Page 6

i mean saying somthing only once or twice is ok but feeling afraid of somebody because of bullying is too much

well, any experience with bulling?

. that's all

for me it's good


have you guys ever been a victim of bulling?

i think that i have i was once a victim of bullyng

hmmm would you like to share it with us?

yeah no problem

Bullying, in multiple widespread forms, was a ubiquitous feature of the fascism of Italy under Benito Mussolini.[10] Virginia Woolf considered fascism as a form of bullying, and wrote of Hitler and the Nazis in 1934 as "these brutal bullies High-level forms of violence such as assault and murder usually receive most media attention, but lowerlevel forms of violence such as bullying have only in recent years started to be addressed by researchers, parents and guardians, and authority figures.[13] It is only in recent years that bullying has been recognised and recorded as a separate and distinct offence, but there have been well documented cases that have been recorded over the centuries. The Fifth Volume of the Newgate Calendar[14] contains at least one example where Eton Scholars George Alexander Wood and Alexander Wellesley Leith were charged, at Aylesbury Assizes, with killing and slaying Page 7

the Hon. F. Ashley Cooper on February 28, 1825 in an incident that would now surely be described as "lethal hazing."[15] The Newgate calendar contains several other examples that, while not as distinct, could be considered indicative of situations of bullying.

So much Wikipedia.




eleos, 3erw kai egw na kanw antigrafh epikolisi peite ths...

so i'm not from greece and once i have a bad experience with my "friends"

useful information

i think it is very good to know something about history

michou said that she also know to make copy paste how+

yes, of course it is DESPOINAAAA -.-

miss you

Page 8


miss you too <3

me too really interesting chat ;P

Definition:Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behavior in order to intentionally hurt another person, physically or mentally. Bullying is characterized by an individual behaving in a certain way to gain power over another person.

i like toast

marcelina what news ?


despoina, how can you survive without us in cyprus? ;P

My godness...

ralph me too

...... why to chatting privacy?

Page 9

sorry but i think that is good to talk about bullyng ans say our experiences and no copypaste please

whats up mateusz?

Oh, i'm fine What about you?

me too im great

so tell us your experience:)

she did i think..

i agree with Zoe

anyone else? any other experiences? personally, i have no experience with bulling..


I propably had, but i can't remember who was it... or where...

but i dont wanna to tell it ??

Page 10

its ok barca its kind of personal thing so its ok

i've got a lot of experiences but it's only because i'm so awesome

of course

hahahah marcelina xD


but why you said that marselina

That's called self-confidence

kind of


ok anyone else?????


Page 11

Honza Volin says helo to you, because, he cannot come today, hes out of his home:)

bla bla bla oooh say hello to him too!

I think, that the pnly reason for bullying is weakness. People are afraid, that someone is better than them, so they bully that person, to show , how strong they are Uff That was long

ok Christina

you're right mateusz i totally agree with you!

you 're right i think

hello there!

me too

what are we talking about?

also it's a way to look stronger than others

Page 12


panagiotiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :DDDDDD


about bullyng woult you ve any experience ?

ive experienced bulling!


when i was younger

panajoh!tis!! !!!!!!!!!!

and much shorter than the others...

would you tell us?

Page 13

Hello to everyone! yeap they were laughing

so we are ready to hear you

i was out of the company the were ignoring me... i was the nice kid for everyone

that isn;t bad

well it was...

are you sure ????

ti den einai bad mwri!

so what's wrong?

one sec i forgot the word pws einai to agnow?

yeah of course ignore


Page 14


thanks! thanks again

a re panagiotara me tis istories sou!!!

they were ignoring me outside from school

please write only in english!

that's bad

but when they needed some help the forgot everything and "can you help us"

marcelina he just asked for a word

oh i know that you mean

its ok


im done i think... who is next? Page 15

so I have guestion for every one.. have you bullying at school?


i think that we hve

like every one

It can be..

in our school not really often

we've got

i dont no, but sometimes we have problems whit it

in our school the third ages bully the first ages

what about a story in your school

Let's say it - everyone has it. Someone more , someone less Me?

i agrre agree Page 16

yes its true


me too

some of our first ages(the majority)are REALLY SNOB and some times i wanna bully them so so so SO badly!!



hello honza



ฤรกu bรกro.

hi honza

tak co matika?

Page 17

tzz pana ia mou! (don't know how to write that )

hahahahahahha well done ralph hahahahaha xD


Παναγία µου Panayia mou

First greek, then czech... Marcelina, pogadamy po polsku?

she asked me, if i studied math for tomorrow.

and what about english?

means=Mother of God

apo pote to means simeni afto?

dobra zobaczymy czy zauważą

from when?

sorry ignore the =

Page 18

madonna ?

madonna? wtf?




the fuck

rolf= rolling on the floor laughinh

Madonna is Holly Mother in Italian,right?


anyway, leave the "madonna" and lets go back to bulling ;p

right right

Be right back

Page 19


i'm from germany and proud of my bit greek, ok?!

so, is there some person in your school (psycholog or somebody else), who is responsible (or has got obligation) to take care of bullying or to solve it?:)

no problem ralph no way..are you crazy?

no we don't have anyone

the teachers are supposed to do that..

np BUT we must!

but its not really often

you mean i'm crazy?

not you ralph :**

yes but we have got one teacher, that is school counselor

ofcourse Page 20


I am back What's going on?

but i think that bullied people are not proud of it or they dont wanna to tell it to teacher...


probatly not...



we've got a school-sociality-group, you can talk to them and they will help you or try to


but sometimes youhave to be strong and take care of your self

its not easy ..

but you have to try sometimes it's hard

Page 21

still, i think its really hard, especially if you have to face it alone.

you may trust your friends and tell them what you feel

and what if you dont have friends despoina?

thats is a personal problem i think

or you have some guys that are supposed to be your friends and they are actually not

Then you can refer to your family For example of course

you are not socialable personality

yeak, its more often, that people without friend are bullied


i agree

you can go to psychologist

Page 22

It's true

or something like that

its too much i think ..

but i've you have no mony for that? .... i would talk to my parents or teachers

I think, that psychologist is not a good idea

people here think that if you go there you have a serious prob...

You should talk to your parents, or teachers Or change the society you are in

panayioti actually if you have to go to the psycologist you have a serius problem ..

but if you tell to teacher, there is possibility, that it will get worse

i think it isn't good to change the society you are in

But when you can't find a friend in society you are in, and people are bullying you, do you have any reason to stay there?

christina i disagree with you

Page 23

when you are sick you go to a doctor lets say that you have problem with your eyes

i agree with you

you have to go to a doctor i don't know have to eplain

and you have some solutions to bullying?


yes i know, i just mean, that problems such bulling are better to be solved between teachers or family

doctor wont solve the problem..

teachers? O_o

pou leei o logos ;p


probatly Page 24



parents ar other people of family *or

báro to už tu psali asi milionkrát.

sory no

já to čtu jednou za čas

i don't think that's parents can help us like we what to

but some people don´t like tolking about theirs problems with parents


hi katerina


Page 25

I agree with Katerina

me too

seriously!who would talk to hers/his parents i wouldnt

yes you're right....

why not?

i would

your parents are supposed to know everything that happens to you or..almost everything.

hello:) im sorry im late:/

hey jelena! hi bara!

I disagree with Panatyytiotis

its ok

Page 26



why Mateusz

what are we talking about?


firstly i dont know how they will react

Hello !

i cant read it whole, you are all writing all the time

about bulling bara..we try to finnd solutions!



hi gulliaume!

i know so.. i understood that someone would talk to parents and someone would not Page 27

right? hello everyone



in my case i would definitely tell to my parents, i trust them

hi and i agree

i agree

parents could help

parents it think can be more useful thaan anyone solve the bulling problem.. because they really care about thei children.

not always

for examle i would tell to parents more than to teacher. i dont trust them as much as i do with parents



not all parents care... it's sad but true Page 28

sure.. you always have exceptions you have some exceptions, sure:)

yes sure there are exceptions..

I am not tolking with parents about my feelings so much, we have some really different opinions, so in some cases they can´t help me...

i agree

but when you don't trust anybody

me to

Maybe, but i think, that bullying is a seriously problem So it would be very good to talk with them, in this case

i think the first step is to make friends

you have friends to talk with them, parents, and in the last case for me there are teachers

its not easy to make friends..

i agree

you cannot trust everyone. Page 29

i'm sorry guys, i have to go now interesting chat bye

yes but you have one or two people that you trust

bye bye!!

bye Ralph

so you can tell them about your problems

bye ralph!

Auf wiedersehen!

so they can help you find solutions christina

i have to go to bye!

bye ralph


Page 30

bye marcel

bye marcelina!



i agree with Despina you must trust one or two people!

i personally think, that those two people are your parents..

maybe,maybe not




hi popi!

twra piannoume ta xhrotera senaria? Page 31

how are youu?

i agree with christina michou!

µιχου αργησα αλλα µπηκα ;ρ

I guess i have to leave. Bye everybody!

and what about people which haven´t parents?

epitelous stamati ;p bye mateusz!

bye bye c y soon!


i must go bye


byeee :))) Page 32

bye everyone!

bye bye Barca

i'm sorry but i have to go, too. I have a lot of homework for tomorrow... and i have to study so bye..

fevgeis kai esi> ?

egw edw eimai den feugw bye jelena!


bye jelenaa


den feugei h michouuu

michou stays, as always ;p


Page 33

she cannot leave until the end of the discussion ;p


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Students' Chat Session, 1st April 2012  

Comenius project monthly student chat session.

Students' Chat Session, 1st April 2012  

Comenius project monthly student chat session.