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Human Rights in Europe between Ideal and Reality Rights and Challenge for Students in the 21st Century by means of Poetry, Arts and Music – Comenius project 2011-13

Welcome to this issue, a collection of poems and illustrations. The works included here have been assembled around the subject HUMAN RIGHTS, to which the pupils-artists and authors have responded in different ways. The aim of this collection is to bring together interesting contributions of pupils of 9 schools from Karben in Germany, Limassol in Cyprus, Celakovice in Czech republic, Valence in France, Athens in Greece, Chieti in Italy, Nettuno in Italy, Poraj in Poland and Vallbona d’ Anoia in Spain in the framework of the multilateral school partnership on the topic of HUMAN RIGHTS. We would like to thank all contributors for their poems and illustrations that inspire us to continue our work as educators. You could find more works at May 2012 The teachers in charge Holger Schmidt, Anna Curto Naffissi Barbora Hejnakova Carla Pedrosa, Rita del Rosario Max Quattrini Marie-Ange Colin Carmen Flores Monika Leszczynska Rea Papadopoulou Katerina Fyssaki

Human Rights in Europe between Ideal and Reality – Comenius project 2011-13

Rights and Challenge for Students in the 21st Century by means of Poetry, Arts and Music

Contents  Preamble – p.2  Letter from the Editors – p.4  Poems and illustrations  France – p.6 / p.15  Spain – p.16 / p.23  Greece – p.24 / p.27  Nettuno, Italy – p.28 / p.29  Cyprus – p.30 / p.38  Germany – p.39 / p. 41  Czech Republic – p.42 / p. 47  The illustrators – p.46  Logotypes – p.47

Illustrated poems

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Illustrated poems

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Human Rights in Europe between Ideal and Reality – Comenius project 2011-13

Rights and Challenge for Students in the 21st Century by means of Poetry, Arts and Music

Find the courage to create… Human Rights are the inspiration… For many of us, Spring and Easter is a season, when school breaks and we can actually devote some time to relaxation and recreation. Instead, the students of the Comenius project “Human Rights in Europe”, besides all, seized the opportunity of the holidays to concentrate on a new activity; Poetry. They were encouraged to create poems, energizing their minds and spirits through immersion in a creative and intellectual journey; and building the momentum to carry us away into an ongoing experience. The period of poem-writing started after the 2nd Comenius Meeting in Limassol, on March 10 th 2012, and continued into the spring school holidays, which ended on April 25th. All pedagogical teams from the 9 partner-schools decided upon the best poem of their school, which participated in the Poetry Competition. All the other poems were shared for paintings or illustrations during the 3 rd Project Meeting from May 2nd till May 8th, 2012 in Chieti. All young students explored their creative potential and discovered new approaches to learn and disseminate knowledge on the Human Rights, showing their artistic talents through poetry and the arts. We now have a great pleasure to present this collection of all poems. Some illustrations are added, giving a deeper understanding and new insight. All operated under multiple skills, creative capacities and high sensitivity. In other words, you don’t have to be a poet or a painter to take part in a multilateral European project and to work creatively and to feel fulfilled. Congratulations to all creators and coordinators. Enjoy the works! The coordinator of the project Mr Holger Schmidt

The pedagogical Teams of the 9 schools Kurt Schumacher Schule in Germany, Gymnazium Celakovice in Czech Rep., Lycee Emile Loubet in France, I.T.I. “L. Trafelli” in Italy, I.T.S. “Fernando Gallinai” in Italy, SES Vallbona d’ Anoia in Spain, Lykeio Agias Fylaxeos in Cyprus and 3rd Upper Secondary School “Miltos Kountouras” in Greece Illustrated poems

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Illustrated poems

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Illustrated poems

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He’s just someone who loves someone He’s just someone who loves someone It’s not an illness, not a crime You hit them, you hurt them, you make them cry But do you think they deserve to die ? You’re laughing at them because they’re different; They’re laughing at you because you’re all the same Does it make you happy to see the pain deep in their hearts ? Maybe you don’t remember the pink triangle on their shirts You ask for tolerance but you allow yourselves to judge them Who do you think you are to forbid them to raise children ? You all think homosexuality is a mental illness But the real disease is the inability to accept they’re not like you There are no differences between humans, only preferences : Love can’t be explained and it has no gender Everybody deserves the right to be proud of whom he loves Nobody’s supposed to be ashamed of his feelings. Lucile, FRANCE Illustrated poems

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Illustrated poems

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Today is the Day Today is the day where we will speak freely The time when we don’t have to be afraid anymore It’s the day when we will think differently And when we’ll talk with everybody more and more Today is the day when we have to be free To express ourselves, to speak publically Yet, a lot of us are extremely scared, But why exist if we are so afraid? Today is the day when we will all stand up To say, to sing, to scream what are our real thoughts Our own dream must be true when we wake up And we’ll thank life for this gift it has brought Because today is the day of renewal The day when we will be proud to speak louder We were shy, and we used to be scared by all But now our dream came true, for today and forever. Alice, FRANCE Illustrated poems

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Illustrated poems

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Human Rights There is too much racism, There is too much discrimination, And when one man has a dream, It’s all the world who dream, That we are black or white, That we have different religion, We are all equal, In rights and in life, Racism is like a bridge, The entire world walks alone, And when one man is racist, He falls off the bridge, And he is bad, Today there are a lot of people, Who swim in the river under the bridge? Arthur, FRANCE Illustrated poems

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Illustrated poems

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A Better World I dream of lots of things That tomorrow will be better than yesterday I have full of dreams But why do I have to run away? I have wants and desires just like you Yes my skin is black But that's no reason to hold me back ! Yes your skin is white Does that make you right? This is a message to all Together we have to fight to become equal ! Black is a color just like white So tell me how can a color be decisive ? Now look in your mirror what do you see Two eyes, a nose, and a mouth just like me ! Your eyes are open but you refuse to see Illustrated poems

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Because of my color, I struggle to be free And that is a crime ! You think the only people who are people Are the people who look and think like you But if you walk in the footsteps of the stranger You'll learn things you never knew ! Together, the world will be better... Irina, FRANCE

Illustrated poems

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Everyone can't have it Everyone can't have it But it's really easy to get it Citizenship is important In this precious moment So now, don't pretend That you can't stand We are all equal And don't let it fall Because we are free But we need nationality Citizenship means equality and equality means liberty If you want to be a true citizen Fight for it until the end There is an opportunity to make our nation free. Citizenship is the key of equality Open the door and become free.

Illustrated poems

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Illustrated poems

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Growing Up All the World is standing up, crowds of people are getting up. But it isn’t enough we have a difficult fight, but one day, we will win that. Our prize won’t be money, fame or gold, our prize will be peace, safety and hope. It’s difficult to describe, this is what we want one world without crime without any wars. You have two options, hide or fight. It’s easy, you only have to decide. Illustrated poems

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My best option is fight and because of this I’m writing these words. Now I hope you feel the same. If we are united, we can win this game. Mariona Costa Llamas, SPAIN.

Illustrated poems

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I Have A Wish I have a wish It’s to understand the World That’s a difficult thing to do Without a big effort.

Justice or liberty These are human rights Be, believe or think Just to stay alive.

If we are all human We have to learn, Regardless of being European or African, To treat one another in the same way.

I have a wish It’s to understand the world We could reach this Together, with our work.

So I can’t expect I must act And with your help We can make it right. We are talking about life, The world and mankind We are talking About human rights. So let’s put our hands up Move our feet If we really want it, We have to take risks. Illustrated poems

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Elena Costa Llamas, SPAIN

Illustrated poems

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The Girl with No Name I once knew a girl, There she was Sitting alone Far away from home. People thought she was different A stranger from the rest What they didn’t know was she really did her best But fitting in isn’t always easy. For a start she had to work very hard Back home, playing wasn’t even a choice She had to scrub, rub and clean the house That was her life, she didn’t know better. If only she had known those two little words, It would have made a change and She would have been able to step out of her cage. She also had dreams, The dream of freedom,

And never again feel out of place. Human rights, we take them for granted But not for everyone it’s the same Because there are many children Like this girl with no name. Marloes E. Zanen, SPAIN

Of feeling the wind in her face

The Peace doesn’t Abuse the War If one day, all the wars finished,

If one day, all the children could eat, If one day, there were no guns, If one day, there were no slaves, If one day, all the human rights were completed, If one day, all the world could smile, We could get freedom. Sometimes the war abuses the peace, Sometimes the peace makes a little abuse to the war. If there were no bullets in the night, If the nights weren’t too dark, The days would be so clear. If some soldiers could see all the pain, If the poor people could work and eat, If the leaders could say “I’ll make a fair world” If all the children could survive, We could get the peace We could get a smile.

Sometimes the war abuses the peace. The peace doesn’t abuse the war. Cristina Garcia, SPAIN

Let’s Hold Hands (More Than Words) All around me I see people alone, people in pain I just hope that we don’t fight in vain Don’t we all have the right to live We are supposed to be free so let us breathe Lets all hold hands in a really big circle Across the earth make a united nation Why there is so much hate, so many poor Is it the money that make you cool? All that we need is food, maybe a home And be with the people that we love more Lets all hold hands in a really big circle Across the earth make a united nation If we all had equal rights no one could say You’re not white so go away Its just not so hard to make the perfect world All that we need to do is try more than words. Romanos, GREECE

Darkness in My Soul The sun comes up yet my heart weeps. It’s not my fault but I have no choice other than beat myself up. Violence is no solution but I have some hope left that in this way I’ll be saved. Cause death is my hope and life is martyrdom that knows no end. I’ll wait for the sun to set again for darkness to come so that it’s not just my soul that is dark.

Christina & Zoe, GREECE

The Shining Hope The time goes by but the ideas remain they are like the sun, that stays always on the sky neither the wind or the clouds, can stop its bright even after hundred storms or the most pounding rain Ideas are like the sand on the shore, being shocked by the sea, tides can come and bring it away but at the end the grains fall, dragged by their weight and they return to shore were they've always been Now our memory calls from the past the ideas of those who have fought once upon a time, of those who have offered even their own life for granting the basis of freedom to all of us And freedom, equality and brotherhood are more than words, they are perspectives which belong to all the human kind, shining like thunder they destroy the darkness of the oppression and this light is the one of Human Rights. Cristofer Pedroso, NETTUNO ITALY

Human Rights Every creature a real miracle Every miracle wants to live If you are alive Then you have rights. Stand up for them. Don’t forget your right to live. Save a few memories for tomorrow. Don’t just forget, but forgive. Keep accept and love. Overcome prejudice and bias. Then only you will win your right to live. Every creature has rights. Panayiota Taveloudi, Γ40, CYPRUS

Freedom and Peace Freedom and peace, some things that is hard to have and easy to lose… Can you see that child crying? It’s because they’ve violated his human rights because he is black and they are white. And that woman over there She’s being exploited every day By people who don’t respect her right for life. All that pain in their eyes Just because they are criticized Have you ever felt the way they do, When you tell them they’re not good They might be black And you’re white… They might be Muslims… And you are a Christian

But just to know You have the same rights. Stop abusing your wife or beating your child Stop ruining your own life and come with us to fight So that everyone will have the same human rights Iouliana Argyri, CYPRUS

Don't forget Learn how to appreciate, learn how to love We are all people, don't forget that, Just think that for all of us, one is the final judge, You don't have the right to deprive other people's independence. If for the crimes you get accused, don't get surprised; How not to be punished, when you have stolen something so precious from them? So learn to serve people's rights, because, one day you may be in the same situation as them.

Written by Constantinos Chr. Translated by Katerina Ch.., CYPRUS

To The Murderers Of Human Rights You fill up stores with diamonds and rubies by taking advantage of people who work day and night It's not worth having statues made of gold that write on their stamp" salary Deprivation" If you deprive the earnings from those who work long hours then you definitely deserve to be called a "Murderer!". How can you snatch from a poor man his food when with money your pocket is full? If you think that women are meant to be your slaves then you're a fool, as she is a human and has human rights too. Everyone has a chance in education, but for some that's also deprived as for your own benefits, you inactivate their minds. Even you interfere in their religion, culture and language and if with threats you don't succeed, war is the next step. Greed , Gluttony and Arrogance Characteristics that make a rotten world, as the Human rights are instantly murdered... Written by Constantinos Christoforou & Translated by Katerina Charalampous, CYPRUS

Human Rights You are unique und beautiful. Everyone has a reason why he feels, thinks and acts in his way. Everyone has the right to have rights. In this way humans are equal. Everyone has the right to be individual. You have the right to be heard, to use your voice and tell everyone else how to unfold. Freedom is good, but being protected is better. So take care of your rights and you’ll reach your goals better. Break a tie by giving yourself and your fellow men the needed respect, tolerance, acceptance, attention and loyalty. Other people will give these things back to you. And that is what lets us get along with all other people and nationalities. By Carla, Q2 (12th class), Germany

Even If Even if we are black or white, we all sleep and dream every night. Even if we are rich or poor, we all have the right for a cure. Even if we are Christians or Jews, we all follow the rules. Even if we are from Japan or Spain, we all feel the pain. Even if we are weak or strong, we all could be wrong. Ondrej Kuthan, Class 7.A, CZECH REPUBLIC

Why People are all equal, all with the same rights. Men, women, children, no race is better than others no religion is better than others but still not everyone is treated the same. Why do we ignore the in justice? We are like blind sheep, desperately trying not to leave the line, to fit in... What are we? Ignorant, scared or selfish? If we don’t change our attitude, we will get what’s coming to us... Petra Sklepnikova, Class 7.A, CZECH REPUBLIC

Poem... Whole Word is suffering People need money It’s kinda sad and It’s kinda funny Everyone’s powerless Everyone’s zero what are you waiting for, I’m not your hero !!

Justice is always hiding Creeping so far away Freedom is only phrase You don’t know what to say So you can raise your flag Shouting that we are free So blame your government It’s your enemy…

Everyday we can see Young people dying Nobody wants a change Nobody’s trying Everyone has a dream That will soon fade away Even your children dying In desert everyday

Life goes on and on… Take your gun And dress in green They waste your life For a gazoline World is drawing In black spleen Young boys are suffering for a gazoline

Life goes on and on And it is funny Life goes on and on You need a money

You wanna see the sun See better future Everyday problems

Life is your teacher There will be no more fighting There won’t be dying Everyone will be happy and no more crying… by Dennis Dvořák, Czech Republic

The Illustrators of the Greek Team Whenever we are feeling down, we come back to poetry, searching for inspiration. So we read the poems of our classmates and our friends of this project. We looked for images on the Internet. We changed the pictures using software. The next step was to bind images and poems together, to make them ours, in order to send our own voice further and further away, louder than the words... Promote and encourage the respect for Human Rights! The pupils: Christina Michou Zoe Qesko Nelli Zelelidou Konstantina Fouki Martha Makri & Christina Emmanouel Alexandra Kontogeorgou Andrea Lolas Aggeliki-Vassiliki Aggeli Curation by the teachers: Katerina Fyssaki and Stavriana Soubassi

Human Rights in Europe between Ideal and Reality – Comenius project 2011-13

Rights and Challenge for Students in the 21st Century by means of Poetry, Arts and Music


Illustrated Poems  

Comenius project 2011-13

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