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A Flower for the Enemy The humanity lives by decades under a blanket of hate, the harmony, went lost We curse who is different all contest. For stupid reason the grudge explodes fast But what makes your interlocutor not fair? His color, his culture, I don’t suppose! There isn’t a reason to create friction Inside we all can became pure and mild. I’m asking only life, love and freedom I only want to have the right civil law I offer a flower to my enemy I hope that one day can be born a good friendship. by Lorenzo Leggieri & Davide Quaranta) ITIS Trafelli Nettuno, Italy

Human Rights Freedom for everyone Fight for your rights! You have the right, Sleep in silence at night. You’re protected by the law In Europe the people care. But in many countries The law isn’t fair! Don’t care if you’re black, Don’t care if you’re white, If someone’s racist Stand up and fight: So come on: Fight for your rights ‘Cause you have the right Sleep in silence at night! By Julian Brauner, Germany

We all We all want to feel safe We all want to have a choice We all want what is ours Everybody needs something No one wants to be left alone We can’t pretend that it’s right But we keep on fooling ourselves We can’t pretend that it doesn’t matter But we keep on lying ourselves We all think it’s not worth it It won’t change a thing But if you’re too proud to follow rivers How you ever gonna find the sea ? We all hope that the world will stop fighting Stop turning into worse I hope that we can fix it all I really hope that someone will notice I’m hoping it’s not hopeless I hope you didn’t lose your faith I hope you didn’t give up Just because you think you’re too proud to follow rivers. (by Karolina Nocun, POLAND)

I Wish I wish I was a butterfly, coloured and free to fly without the fear of showing my colours. I wish I played hide-and-sick and not hide myself from the evil. I wish I stayed with my little brothers and not bring them flowers. I wish my mother told me a story and not have to wipe her tears. I wish I lived in a world of peace and not in a world of war. I wish, I wish... maybe am I asking too much? by GIADA CAVALLO, Chieti - Italy

Fight For Human Rights: Imagine A Better World Imagine our world was different And there were no injustices Imagine people were free and peace dominated Imagine all of us were equal Dancing harmoniously with the rhythm of life But the thread of prejudices is hanging over us And it makes people forget They’ve forgotten the overwhelming feeling of hugging a friend The priceless feeling of receiving a smile See, we’re all the same: Eyes that create diamonds when a sad feeling rules, Lips that break into a sunny smile when we see people we love, Hands that form a hug for those in need of one, A heart beating in our chest ready to live Embrace diversity. Accept, give, and care.

By Ioanna Kakouratou, CYPRUS

The world isn’t the place it used to be We used to admire the starlit sky Today, the city lights make us blind to the stars. Think about the friends you have made Act for the friends you haven’t met yet A star alone may not shine enough A hundred stars light up a small flame Millions of stars can set the sky on fire. Fight for human rights, Fight for diversity, Fight for the future friends, Fight for life.

Human Rights Everybody has his rights, black and yellow people had for them to figt. In the last century had white people bad mind, but now they are to them more kind. Black people are really good in athletics, white are only looking in tv on Jetix. A lot of people are different, but everybody can be really good friend. On the World there is sometimes really hell, but at the end rings happy bell. . By Filip Zajic, Czech Republic.

We Are Equal Hey my friend! There’s a thing called respect There’s a thing called life And you must respect them ‘cause all the people have one. All the people fall in love All the people have red blood All the people have fear when things get hard. Hey my friend! If you think black people are stupid Look at Nelson Mandela If you think women are useless Look at your mother If you think the Arian race is the best Look at Hitler. All the people fall in love All the people have red blood All the people have fear when things get hard. I only ask you to look around And you will know that We are equal. By Aleth Martí Saumell, SPAIN.

In Every Woman's Heart In every woman's heart Light and hope were born When for the first time They could lay in the urn The envelope of liberty In every woman's heart Prestige and glory were born They optioned the work of their dream In every woman's heart Something was like a break When for their pay a zero was missing In every woman's heart Happiness and longing were born When they got back home In every woman's heart Something was like a break When they had to do the cooking and do the washing But in every woman's heart Hope and ambition are still here One day, we’ll be all equal. by Nora Descamps, FRANCE.

The Hope Of The Desperate I roam alone without a home no food, no water; They see and pity me but no one helps. It’s not fault I’ve ended up this way It’s life that’s brought me here I hate to live with fear but, I have no choice. I’ve reached my destination; the melting point. But, what’s the point? I’ve got nothing left but my bad breath. I know I won’t live long but as long as I still can one thing I want to say: EACH ONE’S FREEDOM IS A NEED, INDEED! by Zoe Qesko, GREECE

Poetry contest  

Comenius project 2011-13 Chieti Meeting

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