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Human rights Every day, people fight for human rights. In poor countries, there is a bad situation, So many people decide for emigration! Life with faire-minded human rights Is maybe only dream Because in some countries the today’s Situation is extreme. People’s happiness isn’t in money, If we have human rights, We can be lucky. Everyone should respect all human rights And then everything will be all right. (written by Andrea, The Czech republic)

Have the right Have the right To personal choice To own my opinion To choose I want to be To state what I believe to be the truth To go where I need to go Because I have the right to be free. (written by Pavel, The Czech republic)

Human Rights

Sweet like honey

In this world we always fight Forgetting about the human rights Green is the colour everyone see’s Still some are fighting to be free. So don’t be selfish Have an open mind If you help others Happiness you might find.

Human rights are unfair And the whole world is in the air You don’t live your life in shadows While there is sunshine in the meadows Even if you have no money Do not be sad, because life itself is sweet like honey You do not forfeit your happiness For life itself is pure happiness

(written by Barbara Erika, The Czech republic) (written by Kateřina, The Czech republic)

Everyone has human rights Everyone has human rights From the birth for all his life Young or old, white or black Everyone should be respected We should also respect others But not only dads and mothers If we do that for many years We all can live there in peace. (written by Jana, The Czech Republic)

Human rights On the world live more than 6 milliard people There are white people, black people, yellow people etc. These people have got the same ancestor This ancestor is a monkey Why do some people hurt other people? Why do some people have more privileges than the others? Why? It isn’t fair!!! These other people need help They must have the same rights In the 21st century, it would be possible. (written by Nikola, The Czech republic)

Human rights

A poem about Human rights

We can do things For the better life And love our darlings Without violence and knife

People are all equal, all with same rights Men, women, children No race is better than others No religion is better than others But still not everyone is treated the same Why do we ignore the injustice? We are like blind sheep, desperately trying not to leave the line, to fit in... What are we? Ignorant, scared or selfish? If we don’t change our attitude, We will get what’s coming to us.

World is about freedom So just live properly Say no to racism And go to study World is so heavy for me I feel sometimes like zombie But every day when I get up I swear I’ll never give up! (written by Václav, The Czech republic)

(written by Petra, The Czech republic)

Human rights

I am black and you’re white

Everyone is free My brothers, my sisters even me. Human rights are rare rule. You know that if you’re not a fool. Who wants to break that rule is a really big fool. Yellow, black, or white everyone is right. We all live on the same planet So why we want to destroy it? I don’t want it but you do That’s a shame and you know it too.

I am black and you’re white, It doesn’t matter we’re right. I like you and you like me, Any problems I can’t see. I’m rich and you are poor We can go to same school. It’s quiet nice, I think, Racism to our lives is not good to bring. Bring to our lives peace, I want everyone to have freedom of speech. We want to have equal rights Stop with this never-ending colour fights.

(written by Lukáš, The Czech republic)

(written by Jana, The Czech republic)

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