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Kumi Naidoo: Happy birthday Marie-Ange !!! Hope you're having a lovely day ! Carmen Flores: With Gianna I imagine Carla Pertosa: Yes Marie-Ange Colin: Hi Ana! Carla Pertosa: hello Anna Anna Curto Naffissi: Hello everybody Barbora Hejnakova: Hi Anna! Carmen Flores: Hi Anna! It's Marie-Ange's birthday today :o) Kumi Naidoo: hi Anna ! Carla Pertosa: Anna, when are you coming to Chiety? Anna Curto Naffissi: Marie ange, happy birthday Marie-Ange Colin: thanks everybody! Anna Curto Naffissi: How are you? Marie-Ange Colin: fine for e! tired! Anna Curto Naffissi: Hi kumi Anna Curto Naffissi: hi everybody * Barbora Hejnakova left the chatroom. Anna Curto Naffissi: We came back from Prag last night Marie-Ange Colin: what was it like? Kumi Naidoo: you were in Prague ! did you have a good time ? Anna Curto Naffissi: and I am so late because I had to go to the shops Anna Curto Naffissi: It was wonderful!! Anna Curto Naffissi: nice weather and we saw a lot of things Carmen Flores: so you're enjoying the Easter break already... ;o) Kumi Naidoo: is the weather the same as in Germany ? I suppose so... Anna Curto Naffissi: yes Anna Curto Naffissi: we are Anna Curto Naffissi: What about you?

Carla Pertosa: Here It's cold and rainy again. Carmen Flores: Same as Italy in Spain Anna Curto Naffissi: Holger is sorry not to be able to be with us Marie-Ange Colin: so are we really going to work on theater in Chieti? and if yes, what shall we be doing next year?Nice weather in here! Carmen Flores: Monday it was sunny and warm... Anna Curto Naffissi: Ye3s I saw tghe weather forecast of Spain Carmen Flores: Amparo is tied up too Carmen Flores: her father's in hospital and she's really tied up Anna Curto Naffissi: Hoger sends you his greetings Marie-Ange Colin: poor Amaparo! Give her all my love Anna Curto Naffissi: He said that your poems are very nice Carmen Flores: Sure :o) Anna Curto Naffissi: and he liked the songs too Kumi Naidoo: you're lucky to be having warmer weather :( it's rainy but I'm not going to complain because we're on holiday and I spent almost the whole day in bed :)) Marie-Ange Colin: happy you!!!!! Anna Curto Naffissi: today I was so tired and I styed in bed very long too Marie-Ange Colin: stop!!! I've had a headache all day because I'mso tired! Anna Curto Naffissi: sorry for all the mistakes in typing Carmen Flores: It's so lucky to be able to sleep a bit more... Kumi Naidoo: pls give Amparo our love Marie-Ange Colin: same for me, mistakes Anna Curto Naffissi: yes un abrazo a Amparo Carla Pertosa: Yes, because Max will take drama teachers. We will work on theatre, music, poems but above all I hope youĂŹll relax and enjoy yourselves Carmen Flores: I have to tell you some things about EVALUATION... Anna Curto Naffissi: ok Marie-Ange Colin: I'm coming with drama teacher to

Carmen Flores: There are 15 responses from students Marie-Ange Colin: Carmen?evaluation? Carmen Flores: apparently no German students replied to the questionnaire Anna Curto Naffissi: are any responses missing? Carmen Flores: unless two of them are the mysterious two who replied to the questionnaire on 13th March Carmen Flores: and whose nationality I don't know Anna Curto Naffissi: but Holger told me that They did Carla Pertosa: We have only put it in the agenda, but we don't know what Max and ypu are going to work about Anna Curto Naffissi: it might be Marie-Ange Colin: they've been working very *** short scenes, as we had mentioned in Limasol Marie-Ange Colin: sorry, very *** scenes Carmen Flores: I have 1 response from Chieti, 1 from Nettuno, 2 from Greece, 3 from France, 2 from Czech REpublic, 2 from Poland, 2 from Sppain and 2 of unknown nationality Anna Curto Naffissi: as far as I know a drama teacher of ours is also coming to Chieti Anna Curto Naffissi: and I think they are going to work at a drama play Marie-Ange Colin: so good for france! for once! Carmen Flores: he told me too but their responses do not appear... Carmen Flores: French SS did their homework punctually... ;o) Anna Curto Naffissi: I'll ask them again about the evaluation Marie-Ange Colin: ouf! Carmen Flores: And Carla, perhaps you should remind your students too... Carla Pertosa: So we are late even if I told our students to do it Carmen Flores: no, it's not late Carla. Carmen Flores: Katerina hasn't closed the questionnaires yet Anna Curto Naffissi: Someone asked Holger who is going to stay with the students at the hotel Carmen Flores: what do you mean Anna?

Carmen Flores: stay where, in the room? Anna Curto Naffissi: the teachers of each delegation are going to be responsible for the students staying at the hotel Carmen Flores: each delegation should take care of their own students I imagine Anna Curto Naffissi: Germany will take 10-15 students to Chieti and most of them are going to stay at a hote3l Anna Curto Naffissi: so some teachers have to stay at the same hotel with the students I mean Carla Pertosa: students and teacher will be in the same hotel and each delegation will take care of its students Anna Curto Naffissi: right Carla Pertosa: Only Germany, Spain and Nettuno have students in the hotel Anna Curto Naffissi: Holger also told me that his students are going to illustrate some poems, not all of them, because they are too many Carla Pertosa: because they bring more than 3/4 students Anna Curto Naffissi: aqnd we just have two weeks time after easter holidays Marie-Ange Colin: my students are also illustrating and putting some in music * Barbora Hejnakova joined the chatroom. Carmen Flores: The two meetings are very close and time goes by very quickly... Anna Curto Naffissi: fine M.-ange Anna Curto Naffissi: I know Marie-Ange Colin: too quickly Anna Curto Naffissi: but you have been doing great work!!! Kumi Naidoo: I don't know if we'll be able to illustrate them in time. Barbara and I spoke to our Art teacher and he's got his hands full at the moment organising a Spring festival at our school for the public... Marie-Ange Colin: holiday tomorrow, then one week left Carmen Flores: We still have to ask the art teacher and the music teacher about that Marie-Ange Colin: and with all the coordination to take up it's been terrible Carla Pertosa: Do you want us to select the best poems for the award ceremony or do you prefer to select the poems together whwn you are in Chieti.

Carla Pertosa: when Marie-Ange Colin: that was the question I sent some days ago. together would be nice Anna Curto Naffissi: I think that it would be better to select the poems before Kumi Naidoo: I think it would be better when we're there... Carmen Flores: What do you mean by "select"? Marie-Ange Colin: we said 5 each and a competition in chieti Anna Curto Naffissi: But if there are too many ..... Marie-Ange Colin: that's no more than logos Carmen Flores: yes, they'll be 5 per delegation, won't they? Anna Curto Naffissi: I do agree M.-Ange Carla Pertosa: 5 per delegation, yes. Marie-Ange Colin: I find it better if it's done together Carmen Flores: Sorry, but I don't understand Carmen Flores: doing what together? Marie-Ange Colin: if the competition is in chieti Carmen Flores: Choosing the best illustrations for the poems? Marie-Ange Colin: no poems themselves, like logos Carmen Flores: I don't understand :( Anna Curto Naffissi: I think that each delegation will take 5 poems to Chieti and then there will be a competittion in Chieti Carla Pertosa: If we want to do like this, it will take longer and I have to change something in the programme, but no problem Marie-Ange Colin: yes Carmen Flores: but what should be done together? Anna Curto Naffissi: the illustrations are just to make an exhibition in Chieti I think Marie-Ange Colin: that was my question, remember Carla Marie-Ange Colin: yes for the illustrations Carla Pertosa: Yes, that's why I'm asking you that

Marie-Ange Colin: what do you think everybody? Carla Pertosa: tell me what you want to do Kumi Naidoo: I believe that we have to choose a winner and a runner-up for each category, the Italian and the English category Carmen Flores: YOu mean that the illustrations won't enter the competition, don't you? Marie-Ange Colin: yes carmen Carla Pertosa: The illustrations are something else Anna Curto Naffissi: no competittion for the illustrations, right Marie-Ange Colin: kumi I don't understand! Carla Pertosa: I think we're making confusion Kumi Naidoo: We have to choose the two best poems of all (one would be the winner and the other, the runner-up) Marie-Ange Colin: italian? Anna Curto Naffissi: % poems for each delegation and then the cojmpetition will decide wg´hich is the best poem Anna Curto Naffissi: 5 poems* sorry Marie-Ange Colin: yes Kumi Naidoo: The Italian category doesn't concern us, it's for the Italians :) The Comenius partners are in the English category Carla Pertosa: Let me explain: in a few days you'll find on the blog the regulation of the poem contest. Carmen Flores: But the results of the Comenius contest will be decided by an Italian jury or by a Comenius jury? Anna Curto Naffissi: there will be another competition for the best Italian poem at the same time I remember Marie-Ange Colin: ok, I remember Anna Curto Naffissi: I don't know Anna Curto Naffissi: I think a Comenius jury shou7ld decide Carmen Flores: Carla, have you decided about that? Marie-Ange Colin: I think we said comenius with andrea?

Carmen Flores: I also like the idea of a Comenius jury for the English poems Marie-Ange Colin: so do I Anna Curto Naffissi: so do I Barbora Hejnakova: I agree with Carmen Marie-Ange Colin: Anna? Anna Curto Naffissi: I do agree with you Carmen Flores: If there will be a Comenius jury, then it's not that important that the poems reach you on 15th April I think Anna Curto Naffissi: Comenius jury Kumi Naidoo: definitely ! Carla Pertosa: The Italian poems will be corrected by Italian teachers, the Comenius poems can be selected by English teacher in our school before you arrive or by a jury made by us. Carla Pertosa: I agree with you about a Comenius jury Marie-Ange Colin: made by us again is nic Marie-Ange Colin: nice Carmen Flores: Perhaps you could do a pre-selection of , for example, the best 10 or 15 poems, and then the Comenius jury could decide Marie-Ange Colin: good Anna Curto Naffissi: the jury could be made of representatives of our delegations and of some external English teachers of Carla's school what do you think?? Marie-Ange Colin: yes! Carmen Flores: Taht will be nice Anna Carmen Flores: That Carla Pertosa: yes Kumi Naidoo: that's actually quite a good idea Carmen and it would narrow the list down Carmen Flores: Yes because 45 poems are too many Marie-Ange Colin: ok Marie-Ange Colin: if that's settled can I go and have champagne please? Carla Pertosa: So are you going to send us the poems or not

Carmen Flores: Of course :o) Kumi Naidoo: yes Marie Ange !! a toast to you ! Marie-Ange Colin: for me, yes definitely tomorrow Carmen Flores: We are going to send you the poems but Anna Curto Naffissi: you have the right to celebrate your birthday!! Carmen Flores: in the case of Spain. We have organized a contest to choose the best 5. Marie-Ange Colin: so did we Carmen Flores: Children will give them to us on the 11th. Carla Pertosa: We can do what you want Marie-Ange Colin: bye bye everybody! big hugs! Anna Curto Naffissi: hugs m.ange Carmen Flores: and then, we'll go mad in order to have the 5 ready for the 15th April Carla Pertosa: Bye bye Kumi Naidoo: enjoy the rest of your special day ! Carmen Flores: Bye Marie-Ange. Enjoy your day!!!!! * Marie-Ange Colin left the chatroom. Anna Curto Naffissi: enjoy Carmen Flores: :o) Carla Pertosa: If you prefer, don't send us anything and we'll do iy together here Carmen Flores: Then, in our case, it would be releasing to know that we can send them to you on 16 or 17th April Carla Pertosa: Carmen, fell free Anna Curto Naffissi: I think we could bring the 5 poems to Chieti and then build a jury together with English teachers of Carla's school Carmen Flores: If we do that there wouldn't be time left for a preselection I think Anna Curto Naffissi: so that each delegation has got more time to choose the poems before Carla Pertosa: Let me know the final decisin Carla Pertosa: decision.

Carmen Flores: I don't know Carmen Flores: I'm only saying a few more days would be releasing for us Anna Curto Naffissi: that's also what I mean Anna Curto Naffissi: choosing the 5 poems till the end of April and taking them to Chieti Kumi Naidoo: maybe until the 20th of April and then the pre-selection can take place ? Carla Pertosa: why don't you bring only 3 poems and we select them here Carmen Flores: the 20th would be okay :o) Carla Pertosa: So they will be less Anna Curto Naffissi: I don't know wht we decided in Cyprus * Pilar Rodriguez joined the chatroom. Anna Curto Naffissi: Hola Pilar Carmen Flores: HI Pilar! Carla Pertosa: we also are late with poems Kumi Naidoo: Hey PIlar ! Pilar Rodriguez: Hi to everybody Barbora Hejnakova: Hi Pilar Carla Pertosa: hello Carla Pertosa: I think it would be nicer to do it here with less poems Anna Curto Naffissi: I think it is possible, Carla Carmen Flores: Shall each delegation make a preselection of three? Anna Curto Naffissi: to do it like with the logos Kumi Naidoo: The original date was 15th April and was then extended to 20th Pilar Rodriguez: I have to apologise because I have had a 2 years old visit (my nephew Carles) and my sister just at the meeting time Carmen Flores: 3 are easier to handle Carla Pertosa: Why not Carmen Flores: don't worry :o) Anna Curto Naffissi: I do agree with three

Carmen Flores: for me it's okay too Kumi Naidoo: 3 isn't a bad idea but we already sent you our 5 :)) Anna Curto Naffissi: Do we have to send the poems before the meeting?? Pilar Rodriguez: 3 poems for each delegation means 27 poems. I think that's enough! Carmen Flores: I think it's better we send them before Pilar Rodriguez: Hello Kumi, maybe you can decide which are the 3 ones to participate. Anna Curto Naffissi: yes Carmen Flores: it's a way to avoid forgetfulness when printing the poems before hand at home Kumi Naidoo: I suppose we could go through them again and choose the 3 best Anna Curto Naffissi: good idea Barbora Hejnakova: Ok, so Kumi, we should make new decision and choose only 3 Anna Curto Naffissi: right Pilar Rodriguez: good! Carla Pertosa: Ok, send them before but we'll wait for you to make a jury Anna Curto Naffissi: I'll inform every body and send a copy of this chat session Kumi Naidoo: yes Barbara, so we can do that when we go back on Tues Barbora Hejnakova: now it is not so bad, we have only 5 poems now ;-) Carmen Flores: Good idea :o) Barbora Hejnakova: OK Anna Curto Naffissi: does anybody know if the students had theitr chat session on facebook?? Pilar Rodriguez: Has anybody else sent the poems? Kumi Naidoo: exactly ! Carmen Flores: I don't know about Spanish students Barbora Hejnakova: Yes they had... some of our students were online Anna Curto Naffissi: fine Carla Pertosa: I have only one from Katerina, 5 from Kumi and some from .....I don't remember Kumi Naidoo: that's good

Barbora Hejnakova: and they spoke about bullying Anna Curto Naffissi: super fine Carmen Flores: no socializing this time? LOL Pilar Rodriguez: Carme, I think we'll have the Spanish poems on Wednes 12th Carmen Flores: yes, but we still have to hand them to our own jury and choose the best... Anna Curto Naffissi: Carla, can you please have teachers supervising the students when they work together in Chieti? Pilar Rodriguez: Sure! Carla Pertosa: How much time do you think we need to select the poems. It's for the agenda Anna Curto Naffissi: How long did we need for the logos? Carmen Flores: do you know Pi? Kumi Naidoo: I think we judged the logos in less than half an hour Pilar Rodriguez: With the logos we spent about 30 minutes Anna Curto Naffissi: I think just one morning for the selection and one hour for the final ceremony!!?? Carmen Flores: I think we'll need at least an hour Kumi Naidoo: but maybe we need more time for the poems because we'll have to read everything... Pilar Rodriguez: And then the votes of the jury, verification and revoting the draws. Anna Curto Naffissi: one morning to read them and to select them would be ok?? Pilar Rodriguez: It finally took about an hour Barbora Hejnakova: Kumi, you are faster than me... I do agree with you Kumi Naidoo: one morning sounds fine Pilar Rodriguez: I suggest to make a preselection Carla Pertosa: one morning changes everything in the agenda Pilar Rodriguez: and then vote the most beautiful ones Carmen Flores: A morning is too long, a preselection should be made to avoid such amount of time, I think Pilar Rodriguez: Then everybody must read the finalists

Pilar Rodriguez: Everybody of the jury Anna Curto Naffissi: do you want to do it online?? Pilar Rodriguez: That would be perfect Anna Carmen Flores: how could be that done? Pilar Rodriguez: Maybe the jury can read it the evening before Pilar Rodriguez: Sending the poems by email? Anna Curto Naffissi: befor what? Pilar Rodriguez: Before the final decisions Pilar Rodriguez: Ok, I'll try to explain better... Anna Curto Naffissi: do you mean during the meeting?? Kumi Naidoo: maybe everyone should get a copy of the best poems from each delegation, read it and vote Pilar Rodriguez: You send the poems the evening before the jury meeting. When the jury finally meet, they already have made a decision Pilar Rodriguez: And then it's easier to vote Anna Curto Naffissi: I suggest that each delegation shouls send its 3 poems to all the others before the meeting Anna Curto Naffissi: so the jury members can decide without any stress Pilar Rodriguez: But do you know WHO will be part of the jury? Carmen Flores: I think that's a good idea Anna, but we have to specify they are the ones for the contest Anna Curto Naffissi: we can choose them Anna Curto Naffissi: right Carmen Flores: No mixing them up with the poems that are to be illustrated (they don't enter the competition, do they?) Pilar Rodriguez: Last time, in Limassol, there were one teacher and one student from each delegation Anna Curto Naffissi: I don't think it is difficult to suggest the names of the jury members before Kumi Naidoo: we could follow the same example

Anna Curto Naffissi: no illustrations for the competition Carmen Flores: English teachers I think... Pilar Rodriguez: I agree Anna Curto Naffissi: yes Anna Curto Naffissi: but in Chieti there won't be any German English teachers Anna Curto Naffissi: I won't be with you Carmen Flores: But Germans usually have a good level of English (at least HOlger does) Carmen Flores: :o( What a pity, Anna... Anna Curto Naffissi: then it won#t be a problem Kumi Naidoo: what will we do in our case Bara ?? Anna Curto Naffissi: you needn't ask kumi Anna Curto Naffissi: I guess you are the expert Barbora Hejnakova: Kumi, I really don't know... :-( We have to say it to our headmistress... Carla Pertosa: I have a suggestion: bring or send three poems, in Chieti we'll do everything in a couple of hours if we divide into groups and we vote Pilar Rodriguez: Really, Anna? You'll leave Jens and Holger ALONE? (Sorry, I was kidding...) Pilar Rodriguez: And what about students taking part of the jury? Carmen Flores: Bara, don't you know hte teachers coming to Chieti yet? Kumi Naidoo: thanks Anna, but we have a big problem at our school.we still don't know who's going... Carmen Flores: I see... Anna Curto Naffissi: Jens is not coming Carmen Flores: Pilar, I think each team knows the student with a better level of English... I don't think it'll be a problem ;o) Anna Curto Naffissi: I'll be in Chieti but with another group of students Anna Curto Naffissi: not within Comenius Carmen Flores: Anna: Will you be there simultaneoulsly? Carla Pertosa: In a few minutes I need to go. I hope Massimilano Ciancio hasn't put the regulation of tje poem contest on the blog yet

Pilar Rodriguez: Yes Carla, there is a regulation of the poem contest on the blog Anna Curto Naffissi: and a Drama teacher and Veronika, Music and Ethics teacher will be with you Carmen Flores: Carla, you mean your school's blog, don't you? Anna Curto Naffissi: yes I will Carla Pertosa: I mean Comenius blog Carmen Flores: Anna: we'll meet then, won't we? Anna Curto Naffissi: I don't know Carmen Flores: @ Carla, okay Anna Curto Naffissi: I'll try to be with you one evening Anna Curto Naffissi: ot two Carla Pertosa: So please, what's your final decision about the poems Carmen Flores: Pilar is right Anna Curto Naffissi: I have to talk with Holger and then I'll let you Know Carla Pertosa: Don't make complicated decisions Anna Curto Naffissi: it won#t take too lopng Anna Curto Naffissi: long* Anna Curto Naffissi: Shall we stop now?? Carmen Flores: I see the deadline to send the poems have been extended: 25th April Kumi Naidoo: let us know your final decisions Anna Curto Naffissi: ok Carla Pertosa: I haven't understood what you are going to do with poems Anna Curto Naffissi: till 25th Anna Curto Naffissi: sending the 3 poems Anna Curto Naffissi: then you have to decide the members of jury Carla Pertosa: We can decide the members together Carmen Flores: Anna, why don't we summarize a bit what we've understood we'll do about the contest?

Anna Curto Naffissi: It's what I am tryng to do Anna Curto Naffissi: we have to send to Carla 3 poems till the 25th of April Anna Curto Naffissi: at the same time each delegation has to choose its jury members Anna Curto Naffissi: one teacher and one student per delegation, is ok? Kumi Naidoo: perfect ! Pilar Rodriguez: Yes Carmen Flores: :o) Anna Curto Naffissi: Carla has to choose some English teachers for the jury too Pilar Rodriguez: Maybe each delegation can vote the 3 best poems out of the 27. And then give 3 points to the first, 2 to the second and 1 to the third. Anna Curto Naffissi: and then the jury members will receave the 3 poems of each delegation Anna Curto Naffissi: and they have t make a preselection Anna Curto Naffissi: did I forget anything? Kumi Naidoo: and the pre selection will be done after the 25th but before Chieti Anna Curto Naffissi: I think so Carmen Flores: How many poems whould we preselect? Carmen Flores: should? Kumi Naidoo: how many poems will be chosen in the pre election ? Pilar Rodriguez: That system could preselect the three best poems, and then, in Chieti, you'll only have to choose which is the best. Kumi Naidoo: 10 ? 15 ? Anna Curto Naffissi: one or two per delegation? Carmen Flores: 3 is very difficult Pilar Pilar Rodriguez: REally? Kumi Naidoo: so maybe 2 from each delegation Pilar Rodriguez: Well, then let's take more poems to the final contest Pilar Rodriguez: But I intended to make a strong preselection Anna Curto Naffissi: we said that we want to have a preselection

Anna Curto Naffissi: I suggest one poem per delegation Carla Pertosa: I'm sorry, I don't agree with you. I think we should do everything together here in Chieti. And I think 2 hours are enough if we divide into groups Carmen Flores: but then, we should have read all the poems before the meeting in Chieti Anna Curto Naffissi: ok Anna Curto Naffissi: then you have to send the poems to each jury member Anna Curto Naffissi: before the meeting Anna Curto Naffissi: and then you have to take a vote in Chieti and choose among 3 poems for each delegation Carmen Flores: I think that makes sense, Anna Anna Curto Naffissi: ok Kumi Naidoo: it will take a lot of time...depends if we'll have a lot of time in chieti to spend on this Carmen Flores: "choose among 3 poems for each delegation" you mean choose 3 poems from all teh delegations? Anna Curto Naffissi: Carla is it ok for you? Pilar Rodriguez: I agree with Kumi Anna Curto Naffissi: We couls also have three finalist like for the logos Anna Curto Naffissi: these mistakes111 Anna Curto Naffissi: !!! Anna Curto Naffissi: could* finalists* Carmen Flores: 3 prizes or finalists is okay I think Anna Curto Naffissi: ok Anna Curto Naffissi: Carla ok for you? Carmen Flores: @Anna, so, you mean in Chieti each delegation chooses 3 poems. Kumi Naidoo: that's still 24 poems to read... Carmen Flores: each member of the jury I mean Pilar Rodriguez: Sorry 8 or 9 delegations? Anna Curto Naffissi: no

Anna Curto Naffissi: each delation bring 3 poems to chieti Carmen Flores: no, because some poems will have more votes, they will be repeated... Anna Curto Naffissi: I would do the same as in Cyprus Pilar Rodriguez: I'm still thinking about the scoring system: giving 3 points to the first, 2 to the second and 1 to the third, will lead to 3 finalists, and then things will be easier and quickly to do in Chieti Pilar Rodriguez: It's a kind of ranking Carmen Flores: wit the only difference that we willl have read all the participating poems before the meeting Carmen Flores: winning time then Anna Curto Naffissi: right Pilar Rodriguez: Yes Carme! Pilar Rodriguez: You got me! Anna Curto Naffissi: i do agree with you Carla Pertosa: Ok but how can we vote online? There should be a chart Carmen Flores: nope... the votes would be given in Chieti Pilar :o) Anna Curto Naffissi: no vote online Pilar Rodriguez: I think there's no need to vote online, just take the votes to Chieti Anna Curto Naffissi: right Carmen Flores: that's right :o) Carla Pertosa: Ok Anna Curto Naffissi: your family is waiting carla Carla Pertosa: Carlotta is hungry Anna Curto Naffissi: they are surely starving Carla Pertosa: Yes Carmen Flores: take care :o) Pilar Rodriguez: Ha! Ha! Ha! Pilar Rodriguez: A big hug Carla Anna Curto Naffissi: take care everybody

Anna Curto Naffissi: bacioni Carla Carla Pertosa: I haven'y cooked yet. Anna Curto Naffissi: oh Anna Curto Naffissi: That will be a long night Carmen Flores: arrivederci Carla :o) Carmen Flores: Anna will you send a copy of the chat? Carla Pertosa: just to make a summary: everybody will have bbeen sent the poems and vote, bringing the votes to Chieti Anna Curto Naffissi: yes I will Carmen Flores: with a summary as regards the contest? Carmen Flores: ;o) Anna Curto Naffissi: ok Pilar Rodriguez: Ok for me Anna Curto Naffissi: dear friends Anna Curto Naffissi: it has been a pleasure Kumi Naidoo: ok, bye everyone ! have a lovely evening ! Barbora Hejnakova: Bye, Carla, I send you an email as I know more information about the czech team Carmen Flores: The same here :o) Anna Curto Naffissi: the same to you Carmen Flores: Have a great Easter break xx Pilar Rodriguez: Happy Easter to everybody! Carla Pertosa: Bye bye everybody. I wish you a happy Easter Anna Curto Naffissi: happy easter to everybody * Kumi Naidoo is away Carla Pertosa: Rita apologiszses * Kumi Naidoo left the chatroom. Pilar Rodriguez: And good night! C U Someday... somewhere!

Anna Curto Naffissi: greetings to her Barbora Hejnakova: Dear Friends, I would like to ask you one question - about the students accommodated in hotel... How can I organize their freetime? and who is responsible for them after our meetings in Chieti (I mean in the evening)? or are there any differences between our countries? Carmen Flores: How many students are you taking Barbora? Carla Pertosa: They will be with the host families Anna Curto Naffissi: till 3 students will stay at host families Barbora Hejnakova: Bye bye, Pilar! hope to see you! Anna Curto Naffissi: the rest will stay at the hotel Barbora Hejnakova: I would like to take 3 students, but our headmistress suggested to take 5... Anna Curto Naffissi: so three will stay at a hostfamily and two at a hotel Carla Pertosa: right Anna Curto Naffissi: I think that the students can stay together in the evenings Barbora Hejnakova: and I am not sure about the programm of these two in the hotel in the evening and night Barbora Hejnakova: at night Carla Pertosa: Barbora, I really must go now. Write me if you need. bye * Carla Pertosa left the chatroom. Anna Curto Naffissi: you just need a permission from the families that thy can go out in groups Carmen Flores: I think we are all uncertain about that Barbora Hejnakova: from their families in the czech republic Anna Curto Naffissi: yes Anna Curto Naffissi: just three hostfamilies will be responsible for your students Carmen Flores: Anna, you've been in chieti before. Is it a very safe town? Anna Curto Naffissi: I think it is safe enough Anna Curto Naffissi: anyway my students went out together with their partners and nothing happened * Pilar Rodriguez left the chatroom.

Anna Curto Naffissi: but htey don't have to stay long out Barbora Hejnakova: I believe that it should be OK, but still I am worried about it Carmen Flores: I understand you :o) Anna Curto Naffissi: if you are worried then you have to take the students with you Carmen Flores: I think we'll have to combine it. Carmen Flores: some hours alone some hours with teachers Barbora Hejnakova: Ok, thank you very much for these information... Anna Curto Naffissi: you are welco9me Carmen Flores: :o) Carmen Flores: ok girls Anna Curto Naffissi: Now I have to stop otherwise my mistakes will get more and more Anna Curto Naffissi: Now I have to stop otherwise my mistakes will get more and more Carmen Flores: We'll go on talking by email or in the next chat session Carmen Flores: take care! Anna Curto Naffissi: you too Carmen Flores: And have a lovely holiday xx Carmen Flores: Bye Anna Curto Naffissi: ciao Anna Curto Naffissi: buona pascua Barbora Hejnakova: I am going to send an email to our headmistress... So have a nice evening and holiday! Anna Curto Naffissi: buene* * Carmen Flores left the chatroom. Anna Curto Naffissi: frohe ostern!! Barbora Hejnakova: und gute Nacht! Anna Curto Naffissi: gute Nacht Anna Curto Naffissi: Prag war fantastisch Barbora Hejnakova: das freut mich... :-)

Anna Curto Naffissi: wir haben so viel besichtigt Anna Curto Naffissi: ciao Barbora Barbora Hejnakova: ciao Anna, hope to see you in Chieti (at least one evening/night) * Barbora Hejnakova left the chatroom. SUMMARY: Each delegation chooses one teacher and one student as members of the jury for the poems’ competition. The illustrations of the poems will be used for an exhibition in Chieti. The jury will consist of 18 Comenius members (9 schools x 2) + some English external teachers from Carla’s school, I suggest 2. Total number of jury members: 20 (11 teachers + 9 students) It was suggested that there should be a preselection before the meeting in Chieti. It is not clear yet how to make this selection. Pilar suggested following scoring system: giving 3 points to the first, 2 to the second and 1 to the third, will lead to 3 finalists, and then things would be easier and quickly to do in Chieti. Or should we have 9 finalists, one for each school and a final competition in Chieti to choose the best one or the best three ones?? I this case each school should make an internal preselection, thus choosing the best poem and sending it to Carla before the meeting. If there are other suggestions about the scoring system to use and the preselection methods, please let us know as soon as possible.

Teachers' Chat Session in April  

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