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Meeting in Valence

Scripts, scene and film (in January 15th?) – Outcome for the meeting in France

One script with 2 scenes or 2 scripts?

4 schools have already filled in the questionnaire for teachers about the Poraj Meeting evaluation

Stavriana translates the musical script (of Nettuno team) into English


Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: Hi Carla Anna Curto Naffissi: Hello Carla Carla Pertosa: hello everybody, how are yoy? Carme Flores: Hi Carla * Marie-Ange Colin joined the chatroom. Anna Curto Naffissi: we were talking about stress Carme Flores: we're fine :-) * Marie-Ange Colin left the chatroom. Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: Hello Marie-Ange * Marie-Ange Colin joined the chatroom. Carla Pertosa: Hello M.Ange Marie-Ange Colin: hello everybody Anna Curto Naffissi: talking about stress and m_ange arrives Marie-Ange Colin: :) Anna Curto Naffissi: Hello marie Carme Flores: Hello M. Ange :) Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: Can you imagine the stress of preparing a meeting Anna Curto Naffissi: I know Anna Curto Naffissi: I am thinking of the final one in Karben Carme Flores: It's a lot of work... Marie-Ange Colin: Brigitte says hello to those she knows, would like to participate next time if somebody invites her Anna Curto Naffissi: Holger told me he will try to join us later, because he has got another meeting Carme Flores: But so far all the delegations have done great Anna Curto Naffissi: I'll invite her Carme Flores: Say hello to Brigitte too Marie-Ange Colin: good, i'll tell her, I don't know how to do it!


Anna Curto Naffissi: Say hello to her too Marie-Ange Colin: ok Anna Curto Naffissi: just the initiators can invite so Carla Pertosa: Sorry, I'm reading your messages and at the same time cooking! Anna Curto Naffissi: I'll be back in a minute Carme Flores: It's hard to be a working mother ;-) Carla Pertosa: very hard Anna Curto Naffissi: The problem is that men don't want to help Carla Pertosa: 8.p.m: time for dinner in Italy! Carme Flores: For us 9 p.m.-10 p.m. Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: Andreas would like to have your address to send you the cd with the photos from Poraj Marie-Ange Colin: anna, I answered on FB. Not my fault Marie-Ange Colin: you can give my address Vivian Anna Curto Naffissi: it's ok Carme Flores: That's very nice of him Anna Curto Naffissi: thank you Carme Flores: does he need the school postal address? Marie-Ange Colin: tell him it's to get the best costs, and Max alredy wanted to know Anna Curto Naffissi: did you remind your students of the chat session tonight? Marie-Ange Colin: yes Carme Flores: Me too Marie-Ange Colin: 3 or 4 should be there Carla Pertosa: Yes, We did Anna Curto Naffissi: if this time only 3-4 students are there, then we have to think of alternatives Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: He needs your postal address Marie-Ange Colin: anna it was a quiproquo too


Anna Curto Naffissi: it is important that students develop communication skills Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: I told all my students hopefully they'll make it Marie-Ange Colin: as I thought you had the plane tickets with the names of course! Anna Curto Naffissi: I told you we'll come by train Marie-Ange Colin: did you have tickets without names? Carme Flores: I'll email you our postal address Vivian Anna Curto Naffissi: and they didn't need any names Marie-Ange Colin: sorry Anna Curto Naffissi: yes Marie-Ange Colin: I thought of a trian from lyon! Marie-Ange Colin: train Anna Curto Naffissi: I mean They will be sent the next days Marie-Ange Colin: sorry sorry Carla Pertosa: Vivian, do you want our postal address, too Anna Curto Naffissi: We'll take a train from Frankfurt and then the TGV from Paris and from Lyon on the way back Marie-Ange Colin: I read too quicly Anna Curto Naffissi: from Paris when we go to Valence Anna Curto Naffissi: via Paris Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: yes if you don't have the photos Marie-Ange Colin: ok, I didn't realize Carla Pertosa: We should arrive at 15.00 at Lyon Saint exupĂŠry, but the first train t is at 19.30 about. Marie-Ange Colin: just saw the arrival time Carla Pertosa: I've checked that there aren't any buses Marie-Ange Colin: not guessed it could be by train all the way Marie-Ange Colin: we have thought of that to for the meeting in Karben


Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: Can anybody invite Andrie youfka to the project as she wants to join us tonight but can't make it Carla Pertosa: OK, Vivian Carla Pertosa: My answer refers to the CD Anna Curto Naffissi: I don't think it is possible to invite so so quickly Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: Ok Carla Marie-Ange Colin: Carla, what do you mean by buses? from where? Carla Pertosa: From Lyon to Valence Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: Ok Anna I'll tell her. Marie-Ange Colin: no, right Marie-Ange Colin: but I cant' believe there's not another train before Marie-Ange Colin: did you go on the website I gave you, and when? Carla Pertosa: So we should be in valence at 20.30. That a pity to wait from 15.00 to 19.30. Marie-Ange Colin: I'm sure there's one Anna Curto Naffissi: you have to go to the TGV website Marie-Ange Colin: I'll check Carla Pertosa: Thanks Anna Curto Naffissi: Are there any questions about drama? Carme Flores: @ Vivian: The last email I sent to you was sent back, can you remind me of you email pelase? Marie-Ange Colin: carla, did you check from lyon part dieu? Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: Carla Pertosa: No from Lyon Saint excupĂŠry, if I'm not wrong! Carme Flores: Thank you :) I'll send you the address now Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: thank Carmen Marie-Ange Colin: ok, in my mail I told you you could go to part dieu; there you'll have trains Anna Curto Naffissi: Carla have you already booked the flight? Carla Pertosa: Not yet


Carla Pertosa: MAnge, should I go from Lyon Saint excuipery to pardieu, first? Anna Curto Naffissi: so we booked till Paris and from Paris we'll take the TGV at 18.07 Carla Pertosa: and then I'll take the train to Valence Carme Flores: M. Ange: If you need more data about our students to make the matchings, just ask Anna Curto Naffissi: for drama, you mean? Carme Flores: Thank you for the effort with meals. It'll be fine and cheap to have lunch at school Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: I agree with Carmen Carme Flores: not for drama for the host students choice Anna Curto Naffissi: yes I got it now Carme Flores: For drama, are students going to work in international groups as in Chieti? Carla Pertosa: About drama, should we also act it and make a DVD before coming to France? Anna Curto Naffissi: That's what we decided; didn't we? Carme Flores: I think I have a memory gap... <<<.<8 Carme Flores: :( Anna Curto Naffissi: That's why we write the minutes Carme Flores: we're sending the scripts in January Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: I didn't realise we would film it but if it is what you decided we'll do it Anna Curto Naffissi: so we can have a look at them Carme Flores: but are we supposed to represent the scene and film it before the meeting? Carla Pertosa: Andrea and massmiliano told us only about the script Anna Curto Naffissi: I don't know Carme Flores: I thought students would represent them during the meeting... Carla Pertosa: That's what Andrea told us Anna Curto Naffissi: we have to check it Carla Pertosa: but I want to be sure


Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: This is what my team told me, only the script Anna Curto Naffissi: I was not in the conferences all the time Carme Flores: I think it was a suggestion or a possiblity to reprsent it an film it before, but not something compulsory Anna Curto Naffissi: I'll check in teh minutes Carme Flores: and Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: please do Carla Pertosa: And how many script per delegation? Carme Flores: two, I think Carla Pertosa: OK Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: Two scripts? Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: I thought one Carla Pertosa: I'm just asking to be sure Carme Flores: Maybe we said one or two.... I'm getting old :( Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: As I wasn't there I'm very confused Anna Curto Naffissi: the only possibility is to have a look at the minutes Carme Flores: I think Anna will solve our doubts in a minute ;) Anna Curto Naffissi: and I'll do it after this conference Carla Pertosa: It's my fault, sorry! Anna Curto Naffissi: I need some time to do it Anna Curto Naffissi: if you wait Anna Curto Naffissi: I'll check now. ok Carme Flores: I'm gonna check it too Carme Flores: Oh... I can't. I thought they were already published on our blog Carme Flores: but we have Chieti minutes not P贸raj minutes... Carme Flores: Sebastian did th ejob in P贸raj Anna Curto Naffissi: Different theatre scenesProposal: Postpone the presentation of the theatre work to the meeting in France. Put aside the idea of sending video scenes to the other


nations.Instead: -Writing of a script which is to be performed in international groups in France. Two scenes of 2-5 minutes length. -Send the scripts to France in advance so that bigger pieces of props and setting can be acquired and prepared in France (deadline: January 15th). -Bring along small necessary items (props, clothes, requisites, etc.)11:25Discussion:Delegations should choose a specific topic for their scenes. (Unemployment, cheap labour, Terrorist Groups, …)-Include topics that younger students can identify with (Violation of Human Rights in everyday life, school, institutions, families…)-Form international teams of similar age in France. Anna Curto Naffissi: this is what was discussed in Poraj Carme Flores: Thank you Anna :) Anna Curto Naffissi: just one script Carme Flores: no: two scenes Carme Flores: then two scripts Anna Curto Naffissi: to be performed in internaTIONAl groups Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: One script with 2 scenes then Carme Flores: Two scenes of 2-5 minutes length. Carme Flores: One script with 2 scenes? Anna Curto Naffissi: yes Carme Flores: Ok Carme Flores: I misunderstood it then Carla Pertosa: OK: one script of two scenes of 2.5 minutes each Anna Curto Naffissi: so no film before Carla Pertosa: Perfect Carme Flores: I thought we had to prepare two different sketches or stories rather than one Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: Could we be a bit flexible with the number of scenes? Anna Curto Naffissi: I think so Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: or flexible in general with the way we present it? Anna Curto Naffissi: how many would you like to prepare? Carme Flores: For me one is OK Carme Flores: I just understood two in Póraj


Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: One script scene od 2-5' but of course it is up to the students to decide Anna Curto Naffissi: two scenes per delegations would be 18 scenes Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: It does depend on their inspiration Carla Pertosa: Too many to be represented Anna Curto Naffissi: about 45 minutes Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: One each should be ok Carme Flores: I think it's OK Carme Flores: Since we'll hand the script to Arnaud beforehand Carme Flores: he can decide to shorten it Carme Flores: or leave it int he original form Anna Curto Naffissi: received* Carme Flores: You mean Carme Flores: Do you know if Stavriana and Max are in touch so as to tranlate the musical script into english? She offered Anna Curto Naffissi: Stavriana mentioned this Carme Flores: Are they already working on it? Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: The sooner we have the script of the musical the better Anna Curto Naffissi: I do agree Carme Flores: of course... Carla Pertosa: of course Anna Curto Naffissi: ok Anna Curto Naffissi: are there any other things you would like to discuss? Carme Flores: Evaluation please Anna Curto Naffissi: oh yes Carla Pertosa: don't worry Carme Flores: Greece, France, Nettuno and Cyprus have already filled in the questionnaire for teachers (THANK YOU!)


Anna Curto Naffissi: do you believe that we haven't had the time to talk to each other properly Carme Flores: I believe it... We have a stressed life.... Vivian Toffi Chorattidou: I've been asking my students to do it but unfortunately they need to be reminded all the time

…………………………………………………………..…………………. End of the session

Chat seesion on 14th November 2012  

Human Rights in Europe

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