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The Gift of Choice

Welcome to featuring the SuperCertificate® Reward It’s the popular way to do corporate rewards that’s a favorite with employers and employees alike. Nearly 15 years ago, we pioneered this unique incentive…and even though others have tried to copy our success, there’s nothing like a SuperCertificate!

Companies like • AAA • Aetna • Mary Kay use as their reward of choice.


It’s a SuperCertificate® Unlike traditional gift catalogs or gift cards, SuperCertificates . . . • are not limited to one particular retailer • allow recipients to choose from over 175 gift cards to the nation’s most popular retailers, restaurants, hotels, and more.

You give the SuperCertificate… and your recipient can go online and choose which gift card – or combination of cards – she wants to spend it on.

SuperCertificate® is super versatile! • Email digital certificates • Give or send physical certificates • Add personal messages with your certificates

• Brand your certificates with your company or program logo

Physical SuperCertificate® Reward

It’s the gift of choice that won’t be forgotten! • There’s no expiration date or loss of value • Recipient experience is the best in the industry • We back each SuperCertificate with three

layers of support for our clients and recipients

Physical SuperCertificate® Reward

Custom SuperCertificate Rewards • Create your own unique physical or digital

SuperCertificate and bring your program to life

• Customize with your brand colors and logos • Create separation between multiple programs within a company

Meet Jane.

Jane’s looking for a better way to incent her team. Jane may be an HR Director, Sales Manager, Team Leader, or other executive. Regardless of Jane’s role, she is looking for the most effective way to incent someone in her organization. In this case it’s Dan – the service rep who just helped win a new account.

Meet Jane.

Jane’s looking for a better way to incent her team. She chooses the value She adds a personal message

Jane goes online and selects a SuperCertificate

She clicks to have it sent to Dan

Dan gets his SuperCertificate with a message from Jane. It says, “Great job on helping win the new account!�

Dan goes online to redeems his $250 SuperCertificate

He picks out a $50 gift card for his favorite Italian restaurant, a $25 gift card for a bookstore, and $175 to spend on a new putter at the golf store.

Every time he swings his new putter, Dan thinks about how well his company takes care of him.

Now everybody’s happy. Jane is keeping her team incented. Dan gets the kind of reward he wants. Their company has a turnkey solution for an employee reward programs that’s easy to manage online.

Your incentive program We can build a totally custom, turnkey rewards solution based on your company’s specific needs. From designs that reflect your company’s brand and graphics, to a customized online management system, we’ll take care of everything. Our Incentive Management System allows you to: • Create reports • Have multiple accounts • Order rewards in bulk and seamlessly through API • Manage programs real-time . . . and more!

We can tailor your solution to any incentive and recognition program

• Service/Anniversary • Wellness • Training & Development • Customer Loyalty • Customer Acquisition • Safety • Peer to Peer Nominations • Referral

• Sales Incentives • Consumer Promotions • Talent Acquisition & Retention • Survey/Panel • Occasion •



Staff Appreciation Week

Whether it’s employees, customers, prospects, focus group participants, trainees, or anyone else, everyone appreciates the gift of choice.

And how big is that choice?

Unlike that one gift card that ties you to a specific store, the SuperCertificate gives you all these options.

Still not enough options?

The SuperCertificate lets recipients choose from over 175 of the world’s most popular brands. That’s what makes it the ultimate gift – and reward – of choice.

Who is We are an Omaha, Nebraska-based, privately held company. We are: • Thought leaders in the industry • One of the first to offer this kind of solution • Recognized specialists in certificate rewards • The proven solution that has stood the test of time

Who has partnered with?


of the Fortune 100

30,000 5 million Corporate Clients

• Customizable program strategies • Dedicated support • Best-in-class security and reliability


Cash is forgotten or used on rent. Never remembered how it was spent. Rewards are earned or given to friends. The fun that they bring never ends.

Give the Gift of Choice

Special Pricing Proposal for Human Resources Pro Total Award Value Annual Commitment

Price per SC*

Standard List Price


0- 19,999


20,000 – 49,999


50,000 – 99,999




Example: Purchase 500, $100 SuperCertificates for employee award program Face Value of Certificates

500 X $100


Transaction Fee

500 X $0.25


Total Cost

* - must be committed to before 12/31/12



Call us today for a Demo To see how easy it is to get and give the gift of choice. Robert Griffard


Gift Certificate proposal for Human Resources Pro  

Gift Certificate proposal for Human Resources Pro

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