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ACTION We have all seen through the recent media attention the impact that incidents of bullying and harassment can have on your workplace. The consequences are far reaching, affecting not only the individuals involved, but your employment brand and business overall. Whilst it is easy to think that incidents bullying or harassment are isolated to one or, at most, a few “bad eggs”, it could in fact be a symptom of a much bigger problem in your workplace. In our experience, someone does not wake up one morning and decide to bully or harass another person, usually they have gotten away with less offensive behaviour over a long period of time, and what is considered “normal” and “appropriate” behaviour shifts for them, based on their experiences. 


TO SUPPORT YOU IN PREVENTING BULLYING & HARASSMENT IN YOUR WORKPLACE Humankind can support you to focus on creating a great employee experience, supported by strong leadership, environment, tools and operations so behaviour like bullying and harassment is less likely to occur in your workplace.



We know that things shouldn’t be left to chance. Our model of employee experience highlights the four areas that need deliberate attention and effort. • First and most important is leadership that encompasses having a clearly defined strategy which is communicated often and aligned to operational performance. Employees need to know that there is a purpose to what they do and that they can follow leaders who are authentic in their approach. When it comes to preventing bullying and harassment, leaders must have the skills and capabilities required to inspire and motivate through authentic human connections. • The environment in which employees spend so much of their working days are critical to their daily experience. It is critical that your workplace is physically, emotionally and psychologically safe, that it creates a sense of belonging and allows employees to bring their best selves to work. • The tools employees use day to day are becoming increasingly important to their experiences in the workplace. This includes mechanisms for raising issues such as bullying and harassment, ensuring that they are raised at the right level so they can be dealt with effectively. Employee data can also give great insight into issues that are otherwise below the surface. • Lastly, every touchpoint, process, way of doing things, the operations within a business, has to act as an enabler for employees. An anti-bullying and harassment policy is just the start. Training, for example, will ensure employees can identify bullying and harassment and know what to do if they see it, empowering them to act and change what is tolerated in your workplace. • Above all else, what we say we do, has to be what we actually do. It is crucial to ensure the expectations that are set, such as zero tolerance to bullying and harassment, are aligned to what is done in practice, the workplace reality.



A compelling employee experience means bullying and harassment are less likely to occur in your workplace



Consider the following: • What culture and tone are your leaders setting for your organisation? • Do your leaders promote positive and appropriate workplace behaviours or do they tolerate poor behaviour? • Do they role model appropriate behaviours? • Are employees in your organisation willing to speak up about bullying and harassment, regardless of whether they are on the receiving end or are a witness, or do they fear retaliation? • Do your leaders know what constitutes bullying and harassment and how to respond effectively to complaints?


Consider the following: • Does your physical and virtual environment foster a sense of community and safety? • Does your physical and virtual environment allow employees to collaborate and support each other? • Do employees operate in isolated, disconnected silos, that enables bullying and harassment to occur?


Consider the following: • Do you use your monitoring tools and technology to help you get ahead of any incidents of bullying and harassment in the workplace? • Do you monitor employee absenteeism, particularly sick leave; performance issues; complaints or concerns raised internally and from external sources; exit survey data and employee engagement? • Do you look at your data across teams and at your supervisory level? • Do you have a simple mechanism for employees to raise concerns about bullying and harassment issues in a safe way, or even anonymously?


Consider the following: • Do you have strong organisational values that are truly embedded in all levels of your organisation? • Do you have a code of conduct for your workplace? • Do you have clear, easy to read, enabling policies that are aligned with your values so employees know what’s okay in your workplace and how they can seek help if they have concerns? • Do your policies specify that you have zero tolerance to bullying and harassment? • Do you train your employees and managers to know what bullying and harassment are and what to do if they witness them?  • Do your leaders know where they can seek help if they have concerns about any of their employees and are not sure what to do? • Do you have systems in place to support employees who raise issues or are the subject of a complaint of bullying and harassment?

We would love to help you... • A comprehensive independent diagnostic of the current state of your leadership, environment, tools and operations • Development of People Strategy aligned with Business Strategy • Culture development • Development and implementation of: • A Code of Conduct and Values • A robust anti-bullying and harassment policy and processes • A Speak Up/internal complaints programme • An employee support programme • A training programme including leadership training, bullying and harassment and bystander training • Reviewing your current data and identifying how that could be turned into knowledge and insights to monitor and predict employee issues and identify hotspots that need attention In the event that bullying and harassment does occur in your workplace, Humankind can undertake an independent investigation or provide support to your leaders as they manage the process for responding to a complaint.



umankind is an innovative and future- • We have an impressive team of professionals from diverse backgrounds and work together focused employee experience consulting as a team to provide great solutions for our business providing expert consulting and advice clients. to organisations and government agencies nationwide. We are a specialist business partner, • We say to our clients ‘when you work with one of us, you work with all of us, you just might working alongside senior leaders to enable not know it!’ The level of collaboration within organisations to achieve business outcomes Humankind is important for our clients, as this aligned with their strategy. is how we develop strong solutions. Humankind was founded on 1 April 2012 when • Humankind was named the ‘Fastest Growing Services’ business in Wellington and the Lower we noticed a lack of HR support for small and North Island in the 2015 Deloitte Fast 50 medium organisations, and the real need for awards, and was also placed 35th in the 2015 better HR services for all businesses. We are 50 fastest growing businesses in the country. passionate about the future of work and believe employee experience should be delivering more. • In 2015 Humankind was also recognised in the Wellington business gold awards as a finalist in the emerging services category. Key points regarding Humankind include: • In 2016 Humankind was a finalist in the 2016 AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards • We are working with a diverse range of and the Westpac Auckland business awards. organisations across numerous sectors in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch, to build market leading employee propositions and deliver exceptional people leadership.


Humankind is committed to developing long-term relationships. We work with you and get to know your organisation and people so we can truly understand your plans for growth and achievement.


Preventing Bullying and Harassment in Your Workplace  

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Preventing Bullying and Harassment in Your Workplace  

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