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Welcome Your child will be starting at one of our locations soon: childcare for toddlers, nursery or a before and after school club. Great! But a bit nerve-wracking too. Don’t worry! We will work together to ensure that your child experiences an enjoyable and valuable time with us. A warm welcome to you and your child or children! Childcare and child development are what we put our hearts, heads and hands into every day. You can find out exactly what that means and how we do it in this guide. Short and sweet. You will notice that we see and do some things differently to others, based on our expertise and strong vision on children. In short, we look at how we see the optimal development of a child and what that means in practice. A child can grow anywhere, but to really blossom? That requires something extra. You can read more about this on the Child development and educational theory theme pages. Every child needs time to get used to a new environment. A warm welcome, starting to feel at home in the group, getting used to us as carers, it’s all important for your child. And for us. Because we like to get to know your child well. See it as an introductory period. A good start as the basis for wonderful, valuable years together. And then? Once the newness has worn off, it’s time to focus on other things. What do we choose to do, along with the children? Where do we stand out? What is important to us? And finally: what can you expect from us? And what is important to arrange yourself? What if your child is ill? Can you switch days? You will find all this in the checklist. For our General Terms and Conditions and Supply Terms and Conditions, you can go to our website You would probably like to know what a day with us looks like. We can tell you now that this is different for every child because every child has different wishes and needs and sees the world through different eyes. Spread throughout this guide you will find Life according to... sections, which illustrates how we at Humankind make a difference for children: from growth to blossoming. If you have any questions, please know that you are always welcome. Ask your child’s mentor, one of tour childcare practitioners, send us an email or phone our customer service. Or take a look at our website.


A brilliant childhood lasts a lifetime.

Child development and educational theory Every child that grows into a strong adult makes our society better. And therefore the world. This wonderful, big goal starts with seeing and really getting to know every child just as he or she is. Paying attention and responding to the needs of the child. The offering that we have for your child is varied, built on the basis of expertise and contributes to his or her optimal development. Gaining awareness, with people and nature at the heart of everything we do. Independence, autonomy and taking good care of yourself and others. For a baby, the world is still small and life usually takes place at home or close to home. A little world full of promises and possibilities, with a foundation of safety and predictability. This gives your child a feeling of protection and trust. Emmi Pikler, paediatrician and education expert, states that movement and play in this relative freedom and real contact are crucial for the development of a child. You can see this reflected in the way we do things. Changing a nappy, for example, is a contact moment rather than a necessary action. The way the room is set up is also focused on allowing the youngest children to explore freely and independently. Children crawl and roll in a big playpen and the furniture is so low that the children don’t need any help with sitting down or eating. Anything you can do yourself, you will be allowed to do yourself with us. And discover. We offer children an environment and play materials that are completely tailored to their development. A toddler will soon start to feel the need to get out into the world. From the first moment that the child can walk, in fact. Toddlers find everything very interesting outside the group too. A world opens up for them, step by step. They start to experience all kinds of outside influences. The living environment plays an important role for a growing child. We offer all sorts of activities to stimulate toddlers in this journey of discovery, at the location but also outside. The neighbourhood, school, sports club, music school, library, whatever facilities can be found in the village or town. We go to buy bread from the baker around the corner together or we visit a care home and surprise the inhabitants. A young child at primary-school age has gained a whole world of independence. And you can really see it. Discovering their own talents, getting along with friends: as a parent you feel that you can let your child go a little bit more. That’s also how we treat children at the before and after school club. Within the boundaries of what is safe, a child should be able to fall over and stand up again. Thanks in part to enthusiastic input from the children themselves, our range of activities is varied and challenging. Before and after school club locations can also join in national theme weeks, for example, and therefore benefit from the size of our organisation.


Life according to Mila: Noticing that you matter and that it makes you so happy.

A good beginning You were looking for toddler childcare, a nursery or a before and after school club. You found Humankind. You came to have a look around, probably with your child. You may have been given a tour by one of our employees at the relevant location. In any case, you decided to sign your child up with us. From the moment that the contract is signed, your child is insured and they are warmly welcome on the agreed days from the start date. We will speak to each other in detail during the introduction meeting. Everything that you need to know and that we need to know, practical things, phone numbers, but also any points for attention such as health aspects, use of medicines, allergies and sleeping habits or rituals are exchanged between us. You will receive information about our vision when it comes to child development, how we work and how we do things on a day-to-day basis. We believe it is important for your child to come and practice with us, before the first real day. It’s good to see how your child reacts to the new situation, the childcare practitioners, the other children and vice versa. You and your child will get used to things and build trust at your own pace. Your child will have a mentor with us from day one. This is one of the childcare practitioners at the location who will pay special attention to your child. The mentor will keep a close eye on your child’s wellbeing and development and you can go to them with any questions or concerns. The personal mentor is you and your child’s contact point. No unnecessary rules. This applies for all ages, for our children and staff. We do make agreements if necessary, on the basis of what tends to work for most children. Together with you and your child, we will soon notice if things work out differently. We will then do something about that. Because we are led by what is best for everyone’s wellbeing and development. Once in the group, your child will start to become familiar with the habits within that group.


Life according to Noor: Experiencing the fact that freedom gives you space, and the world is open for you.

And then Days seem endless in the eyes of a child. Yet they still often go by far too quickly for us. Sleeping, playing, eating, crawling, dreaming, discovering, singing, dancing, running, mucking around, chilling... The littlest children still sleep a lot in our sleep room, far away in dreamland. If the weather allows and you are happy with this as a parent, your baby can sleep outside, in an outdoor bed. A toddler who suddenly needs an afternoon nap can tuck themselves into a nice sleeping space or daybed. With or without their own beloved cuddly toy, comfort blanket or sleeping bag. Children have a healthy curiosity, they are born explorers. They entertain themselves, together or alone. If necessary, older children help the little ones. A child who is allowed to try things and discover for themselves will continue to amaze you.

For and with our children, Humankind chooses:

Health Your child will be given bottle feeds, porridge, bread-based meals, fruit bites, snacks and drinks with us. What we provide is based on the advice of the Netherlands Nutrition Centre. What children eat and drink with us is always as healthy as possible, with the fewest possible additives. Taking dietary preferences and beliefs into account. This means that drinks are usually water, there is often fresh fruit and a sandwich will be full of healthy grains. If you would rather provide your own food or your child requires a specific diet, please let us know and we will try to make suitable arrangements with you.

Our neighbourhood, village or town You will find our locations in the biggest cities, in suburbs and in the smallest villages in the countryside. Whatever the size of the location, Humankind is always right at the centre of local society. We and our children are part of it, living, working and growing up in this local community. This can take the form of cooperation with a primary school or municipality but also organising (joint) activities, setting up new initiatives, exchanging knowledge or just through a visit to the local baker or petting farm. Or sometimes going further away.


Taking part, taking a role, taking decisions Every child has their own unique contribution to make. Children often come up with refreshing, ground-breaking ideas, that we as adults wouldn’t think of quickly. We challenge children to take part, take a role and take decisions. In practice, this means that slightly older children sometimes join in with deciding what activities will be developed and offered, for example. Children often know exactly what they need and where their limits are. We include children, with all their uniqueness and all their abilities, their opinion is heard and respected and their voice counts. Having your own say but also listening to others: these are elements of life that children often start to encounter from an early age and that also remain very important for us as adults.

Taking care of ourselves and others You can only pay your full attention to someone else if you take good care of yourself. Humankind has grown out of the humanist philosophy, which champions good citizenship, taking yourself and others into account. We are connected to each other and responsible for our own actions. We teach children to take responsibility for their living environment by standing up for themselves and others.

Love for people and nature Humankind is love for people and nature. You will see this in all respects, in various, often surprising forms, at all times, in each of our locations. We choose sustainable furniture and toys wherever possible, with as little plastic as possible. Autumn leaves are toys too, as are daisies. Our suppliers are also tested on sustainability. The clothes that our staff wear on location are made from recycled materials. Cleaning products are environmentally friendly, company cars are preferably electric and what others see as wastepaper, we use to make bunting.

Sun, wind, snow or rain Let’s get outside! It doesn’t actually matter so much what the weather is like, getting outside is (almost) always fun. Dirty or wet, it’s not a problem. As a parent, you will provide suitable clothing, depending on the type of weather. Clothes that can take a bump and are allowed to get dirty. Like welly boots. We will take care of the rest. Like sun cream and umbrellas.


Together we can do (much) more than we can alone #thepoweroftogetherness Joining forces, working together, offering each other a hand, learning from one another and stimulating each other to create something beautiful. That works!

Falling + standing up again = self-conf idence Of course we provide a child-friendly environment that is as safe as possible for our children. Taking on challenges and pushing boundaries are part of being a growing, learning child, gaining their own experience. This involves falling and standing up again. We give children the space to do this, within the boundaries of what is safe, and encourage them to be independent. This is good for your child’s development. Bumps and getting dirty are just part of that.



Life according to Memphis: Believing that respect for other people makes you a better person.

Activities Older children help to decide which activities are carried out themselves. So the activity calendar at the before and after school club is put together on the initiative and with input from the children. Have they brought in a great recipe, for example? Then we’ll make it! Each location has a subscription to DoenKids, an activity library that can provide a source of inspiration for special activities. Absence If your child is absent unexpectedly, you can report this via the Parent App. If you do this before 8.00 for the before school club, before 9.00 for the nursery and before 11.00 for the after school club, the day or part day can be swapped. If the absence is reported after this time, you will not be entitled to a swap. Drop-off and pick-up In connection with the organisation of activities for and with the children, it is important that the agreed drop-off and pick-up times are adhered to. If your child is to be picked up by someone else, please let the childcare practitioner know in advance. Of course we will not hand your child over to someone who is not known to us. Contact There may be times when we want to reach you as quickly as possible. Please make sure that your contact details are always up to date. News, newsletters and relevant information can be found in the ParentApp. Keypad lock code Access to many locations is secured with a keypad lock code. To make sure that strangers cannot gain access, it’s important that this code is not shared with third parties. Extra childcare You can request for your child to come for an extra day or part day in the ParentApp. This is possible if there is space, there are sufficient childcare practitioners at the group that day and the make-up of the group allows. You will receive an email confirmation of your request, if you have clicked this option in the ParentApp. The costs will be included in the next monthly invoice and collected through direct debit.


Photos and video material Photos and videos are taken at our locations: to record images around a theme we are working on, for a newsletter or for publications or on social media, for example. Through the Visual Material Permission Form, you can indicate whether you give permission for the use of visual material for various purposes. We can only use visual material featuring your child with your permission. You can withdraw your permission at any time for future visual material. Due to the privacy of our children and employees, we ask you not to post recordings on social media yourself. Municipal Health Service Guidelines The Guidelines for Childcare Locations are tested annually against quality requirements by the Municipal Health Service (GGD). Checks are carried out to ensure that the location meets statutory quality requirements, in relation to the educational climate, safety and facilities, for example. The direct link to the most recent report can be found on our website. Code of Conduct Children, parents, employees, we, you and I: all of us commit to treating each other with respect. We are responsible for this between us. Matters such as discrimination, aggression and (sexually) inappropriate behaviour or remarks are unacceptable and will be addressed by us. Family Situation If there are any major issues in your family, please let the childcare practitioner know. Of course your privacy will be guaranteed. Health Young children come into contact with pathogens. Where a lot of children are in the same place in particular, it is important that the right hygiene measures are taken. In addition to following the relevant (statutory) guidelines and standards, we are vigilant when it comes to blowing noses, washing hands etc. There is a smoking ban at all locations Hygiene Code Our hygiene code is based on the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment guidelines. We observe the procedures concerning food, indoor climate (air, temperature), heat protocol, cleaning, personal hygiene and the monitoring of all these aspects.


Vaccinations In general, children are vaccinated against a number of childhood illness. We can also place children who have not been vaccinated for any reason. If your child is given a vaccination, please inform the childcare practitioner of this, so that we can respond adequately to any reactions/side effects. Childhood illnesses We urge you to please inform us in good time and in full about any illness (childhood illnesses) your child may have or about any exceptional circumstances such as head lice. Complaints procedure We stand for quality and do our very best for children and parents. We are pleased to hear from you, your compliments but also if there is something you are not completely happy about. If you would like to submit a complaint, please ask the childcare practitioner about the complaints procedure and for a complaint form. Or check the ParentApp. Complaints will be handled confidentially. If you are not happy with the way your complaint is handled, you have the right to contact the Childcare Complaints Office or to go straight to the Childcare and Nurseries Arbitration Committee. Customer satisfaction You will be asked periodically about your experience with us in a survey. After the initial introduction, after the settling-in period and at the end of the care. The regular customer satisfaction survey is also carried out among all customers. As we work with the VerbeterMeter improvement tool, this will be the name at the top of the notification. We appreciate your participation, so that we can continue to optimally tailor our service to our customers. Costs The costs are stated in your contract, as well as the average hourly rate. You will be informed of the rates for the following year by 1 December at the latest. Costs cannot be reimbursed if your child is sick and/or due to public holidays. Quality register Our locations are listed in the National Childcare Register (LRK) and are inspected every year by the Municipal Health Service (GGD)(see also Municipal Health Service Guidelines).


Life according to Max: Feeling that you are protected and that you can be at home here too.

Employees We are the proud owners of the Best Employer 2019 and 2020 quality label. Our employees are all professionals in their field. Committed, enthusiastic and qualified in accordance with the collective labour agreement requirements. Each employee holds a Certificate of Good Behaviour and is registered in the Childcare Professionals Register. Medicines Does your child use medicines? Always inform our childcare practitioners of any prescription or over the counter medicines used. You are asked to complete and sign the ‘Use of Medicines Permission Form’ so that these can be administered. The medicines should be provided in the original packaging with storage instructions. As a parent, you always hold ultimate responsibility for administering medicines. Our employees will of course remain alert to signals from your child. Opening times Our locations are open on working days throughout the year. This means on every day of the week except for Saturdays, Sundays and the following holidays. 1 January, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, King’s Day, Ascension Day, Whitsunday and Whit Monday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and 5 May once every 5 years. You can also find the opening times on our website. Termination The agreed end date will be stated in the Placement Agreement. If you would like to terminate the contract earlier, it is important that you take a termination period of 1 month into account and that you submit this termination by email to the regional office. Parental participation Parental involvement is governed by legislation: per location (Parents’ Committee) and nationally (Central Parents’ Committee). These organisations play a solicited and unsolicited advisory role. The Parents’ Committee represents the interests of parents and children at a local level, contributes to considerations concerning policy and activities and advises the location manager. The focus is on general interest, not on the individual situation of a parent or child. They often also support the team at coffee mornings and other activities, for example. Every parent can stand for election to a Parents’ Committee, on the condition that they are not employed by HumanKind, are not a member of the Central Parents’ Committee and do not sit on the Supervisory Board.


The Central Parents’ Committee works nationally and offers parents the opportunity to have an input at national level on the policy implemented by HumanKind. This could include the rates, placement policy, training etc. The Central Parents’ Committee is a discussion partner of the Supervisory Board. Together with parents, HumanKind works not only on the quality of our offering but also on responsible business management. The matters on which HumanKind is required to ask the local Parents’ Committees and Central Parents’ Committee for advice are prescribed under the statutory right to be consulted in the Childcare Act. Privacy We work with correct, complete and up-to-date personal data and handle this carefully. All measures that we take to ensure this are explained in the General Information Security and Privacy Policy. Of course we observe all relevant laws and regulations. Our employees are familiar with the legally established procedures surrounding the General Data Protection Regulation. For further information, please see the privacy statement on our website. Spare clothes The children go outside every day with us. Sometimes clothes get wet or dirty. Make sure that your child is wearing suitable clothing and that there is a spare set of clothes for your child at the location. Swaps If you indicate that you would like to swap to another day or part day, we will look at whether this is possible. See the ParentApp for the swapping terms and conditions. Swaps are not possible for toddler childcare. Sleep ‘Safe sleep’, based on the guidelines provided by the safety body Veilig Nederland, is a procedure with practical recommendations on bedding, ventilation, temperature and monitoring by childcare practitioners. We put babies on their backs to sleep, in connection with the risk of SIDS. If you would like your baby to sleep on their tummy, we will ask you to sign a permission form for this. Specials With us, smaller locations can offer a large and spectacular range of activities too. Each location can benefit from the fact that it is part of a large, nationally operating organisation. This means that we can respond to and take part in national themes, with partners like IVN, NLSchoon and Nederland Zoemt. National theme weeks are organised every year, in the areas of sustainability and experiencing nature, for example.


Trainees We are a recognised training company, where trainees can work in accordance with collective labour agreement provisions and our internal trainee policy. A trainee is supervised by a regular childcare practitioner and parents will be provided with information about this. A trainee does not count as an employee and will therefore always be additional to the number of childcare practitioners required for the group. We also work with BBL apprenticeship students. They work in combination with study. How the student can work will be determined in consultation between the training institution, student and our work supervisor. Birthday treats When it’s your child’s birthday, we will celebrate this at the group. 0-4 years We do not recommend bringing in birthday treats in the baby groups. The children are too young to understand the concept. For toddlers’ birthdays, we ask you to bring in a healthy treat. This way, birthday treats fit with our food policy too. Before and after school club At the before and after school club, we do celebrate, but without treats that have been brought in. The groups are bigger and, since more and more children are only at the before and after school club for one day, someone has a birthday almost every week. Children also already bring treats in at school and sometimes at the sports club too. Second or further child You need to make a new application for a brother or sister. We will then look together at the placement possibilities. Holiday If you inform us of your holiday plans as soon as possible, we can take these into account in our planning and our programme. You will always retain the right to a place for your child, if your holiday plans change. Safety Evacuation practices, child first aid training and company emergency response training for all childcare practitioners, working safely and healthily on the basis of instructions: Humankind works continuously to provide a safe environment for our children and employees. Want to find out more? Ask about the Health and Safety Policy at your location.


Insurance Humankind has taken out legal responsibility and accident insurance. You will also need to take out your own liability insurance for your child. Humankind is not liable for loss or damage to property of children or parents. Care Nappies, cream, wipes and sun cream are included in the rate and you do not need to bring these, unless you have a preference for a different brand to the one we use. Four-year-olds Hooray, it’s your child’s birthday! The day after his or her fourth birthday, your child will start primary school. If this is not the case straight away, in most cases we can provide transition childcare. Please let us know in good time if you would like to make use of this. Our agreement will terminate automatically on the date stated in the contract. Continuation to the before and after school club is not automatic. You will receive an information email about this at age 2 and age 3, so that your child can attend our before and after school club from the day that he or she turns 4. Food Children will be given healthy food with us: bottle feeds, porridge, fruit (bites), bread and snacks. We will try to take dietary requirements into account where possible. If you would prefer to provide food for your child yourself, please discuss the options with the childcare practitioner. Friends Would your child like to bring a friend to the before and after school club on a particular day? Or go to play with another friend? Please discuss the possibilities with the childcare practitioner in good time. Early Years and Preschool Toddler childcare locations that work with an Early Years and Preschool Education Programme give children some extra help with their language development and playing together with other children. This is subsidised by the municipality. Want to find out more? Ask your childcare practitioner.


Swapping part days Would you like to change your agreed days temporarily or permanently? We will be happy to look at whether or when this will be possible for you. Please contact the regional office. Our Customer Services will handle your request and will do so within five working days. Independence Does your child make their way independently from the before and after school club to a sports club? We would like to make good agreements about this with you and your child, so please discuss this with one of the childcare practitioners. The same applies to playing outside the site. Illness If your child does not feel well or becomes sick, we will contact you to discuss this. You will sometimes be asked to pick your child up. The childcare practitioner will make a decision about this, with the wellbeing and health of the child and the health of the other children as the determining factor. If necessary, the GP will be called. On the first day that your child is feeling better again after a period of illness, we ask you to contact us around midday. A day with us of course uses more energy than a day at home.


Contact Your direct point of contact at the location is your child’s mentor. If your child is aged under 4, then you will be invited to a wellbeing discussion a minimum of once a year in any case. We will discuss how your child is doing together. This helps us to gradually get to know your child better. If you would like to make a personal appointment at another time, please arrange a time with your mentor. Of course you can also speak to the other childcare practitioners at pick-up and drop-off. Or, if you would like to discuss a problem or complaint for example, the location manager. If you have any questions about placement or planning, please contact the regional office. You will be kept up to date every day through the ParentApp and will also receive the most important information, newsletters and photos of your child here (provided you have ticked this in the ParentApp).


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