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Connecting People  with  Communities  in  Need  

4th University  Scholars  Leadership  Symposium  

Share Moments.  Share  Life.   August  1  to  7,  2013  |  Manila,  Philippines    

Connecting People  with  Communities  in  Need  

University Scholars  Leadership  Symposium   One thousand of the world’s Outstanding Youth Leaders will come together for the 4th University Scholars Leadership (USL) Symposium in Manila, Philippines. This annual event hosted by Humanitarian Affairs United Kingdom is specially designed to provide the next generation leaders an understanding of key sustainable development challenges, and to motivate them to realise their potential as agents of change through challenging training with diverse international peers and inspiring interactions with experienced humanitarian leaders. The program will allow Youth Leaders from Top Institutions of Higher Learning and NGOs the necessary knowledge and skills to initiate humanitarian services to the Global Poor and work with communities towards their development. It will also provide them with opportunities for growth and involvement. The University Scholars Leadership Symposium will engage participants and enable them to deliver humanitarian aid to disadvantaged communities in poverty-stricken and disaster-prone nations.

Melaka Symposium  2010  

Pattaya Symposium  2011  

Bali Symposium  2012  

Connecting People  with  Communities  in  Need  

Manila Symposium  2013     The   Manila   Symposium   2013   is   a   Leadership   Programme   in   Social   Change.   It   is   strongly   supported   by   the   United   Nations   Youth   Unit   in   New   York.   The   local   partners   of   Humanitarian   Affairs   Asia  for   the   event   are   the   Department   of   Tourism,   the   Commission  on   Higher  Education,  World  Vision  and  Habitat  for  Humanity.     The  Philippine  International  Convention  Center  will  be  the  Official  Symposium  Venue   for  the  1,000   delegates  who  will   be  in  dialogue  with   world-­‐renowned  humanitarian  experts,   including  two  CNN  Heroes,  and  international  motivational  speakers.     Our  Speakers   Bam  Aquino   Tony  Meloto   Robin  Lim   Pushpa  Basnet   Francis  Kong   Lloyd  Luna    

Geraldine Cox   Peter  Baines   Lynn  Pinugu   Pamela  Wigglesworth   Simerjeet  Singh   Merry  Riana  

Connecting People  with  Communities  in  Need  

Humanitarian Affairs   Humanitarian Affairs provides a venue for young people to be trained in doing social development work in order to nurture them into world-class citizens with a global mindset towards alleviating the problems of communities in need. It runs programmes across different nations through the relief efforts they extend to countries and communities that are poverty and disaster-stricken. Humanitarian Affairs believes that encountering different cultures and providing aid to those suffering abroad facilitates both intellectual and emotional development for the young people it mentors. Through its projects, Humanitarian Affairs aspires to transform momentary feelings of compassion into a long-lasting sense of responsibility, community and sympathy for the Global Poor. Humanitarian Affairs is a London-based non-profit, non-government organisation. Humanitarian Affairs Asia is its Asia Secretariat based in Thailand. This Office administers the annual University Scholars Leadership Symposium and other programmes and projects held in the Asia and Pacific Region. Humanitarian Affairs is a member of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations and the World Alliance for Citizens Participation.  

Connecting People  with  Communities  in  Need  

What is  the  Impact  of  the  Symposium?   Our Outstanding Delegates Brandon Louise Medrano (Philippines) Brandon decided to do something worthwhile after attending the Pattaya Symposium. He set-up a Humanitarian Affairs Chapter in his college to benefit more young people. Under his leadership, the HA Chapter was able to collect 21,800 plastic bottles in a single day. The collected bottles were recycled and funds raised were used to buy 171 chairs for a school in the Isabella Province of the Philippines that was devastated by the Typhoon Washi back in 2011. In 2012, Brandon became part of the top 81 delegates of the 15th batch of the Ayala Young Leaders Congress.   Ibrahim Olouch (Kenya) Ibrahim was a delegate of the first and second USL Symposium. Ever since his participation in the two Symposiums, he had coordinated with the organisation to set-up Humanitarian Affairs Chapters in three African countries and has recently organised a training camp to teach more African youths on sustainable livelihood.

Teresa Seminara (Canada) In May 2011, Teresa was awarded with the Youth Medal by the Quebec Lieutenant Governor for her work with Humanitarian Affairs and through the Humanitarian Affairs Chapter which she initiated after having been inspired to do humanitarian work by participating in the USL Symposium in Melaka in 2010.

Connecting People  with  Communities  in  Need  

What is  the  Impact  of  the  Symposium?   Living   in   a   third   world   country,   I   was   exposed   to   numerous   instances   of   poverty   and   deprivation   in   everything   from   health   services   to   the   quality   of   education   for   men,   women  and  children  alike.       My   humanitarian   journey   with   Humanitarian   Affairs   has  given  me  a  wider  perspective  of  the  remarkable  things  that   can   be   achieved   through   the   collaboration   of   young   minds   blessed   with   a   passion   and   commitment   to   helping   alleviate   the  dilemmas  that  have  blighted  humanity  for  centuries.       Being  a  group  facilitator  enabled  me  to  witness  first-­‐ hand   the   mixture   of   bursting   emotions   that   are   awakened   in   co-­‐delegates   as   they   come   to   the   realisation   of   just   how   fortunate   they   are   and   find   themselves   learning   much   more   from   the   disadvantaged   children   than   we   had   ever   hoped   to   teach  them.       Indeed,  my  time  with  Humanitarian  Affairs  was  much   more   than   just   a   trip;   it  was   a   life-­‐transforming   journey  -­‐   one   that   I   will   never   forget   and   one   that   I   most   definitely   hope   to   repeat.     Von  Cathlene  Panot   Philippines       My   involvement  with   Humanitarian   Affairs  made  me   realize   that   there   is   a   bigger   world   out   there   crying   for   our   help.  I  really  learned  more  about  others  and  myself  during  this   humanitarian   journey   and   would   like   to   encourage   others   to   do  so.       Before   leaving,   I   knew   my   trip   would   be   a   life-­‐ changing   experience.   Yet   the   impact   it   had   upon   me   was   greater   than   any   I   had   ever   experienced.   My   advice   for   those   who   are   still   contemplating   [membership   in   Humanitarian   Affairs]   is   to   get   involved   and   be   ready   to   serve.   It   will   transform  your  vision  and  your  values  in  life.     Diana  Sitoianu   Romania       It   was   a   life-­‐changing   experience   for   me   when   I   realized   that   there   are   millions   of   disadvantaged   children   in   the  world  who  are  deprived  of  a  basic  education.       It  is  my  hope  that  each  of  us  will  do  our  part  in  a  life-­‐ long   fight   against   poverty.   Let's   reach   out   to   those   at   the   bottom  rungs  in  our  societies.  As  Norman  Rice  once  said,  "Dare   to  reach  out  your  hand  into  the  darkness,  to  pull  another  hand   into  the  light.     Laura  Archibald   Australia    

Going to  Humanitarian  Affairs  Learning  Journey  gave   me   a   lot   to   think   about,   because   I   thought   that   I   would   be   bringing  the  people  there  so  m uch,  but  when  I  arrived  I  found  I   could  only  give  so  little  of  myself,  and  take  so  much  back  from   them  in  return.       I  learnt  many  new  things  along  the  way,  and  it  is  the   accumulation   of   small   lessons   that   contribute   to   the   gradual   life   changing,   earth-­‐shaking,   tear-­‐inducing   process   that   is   growing  and  m aturing.     I   believe   that   it   is   in   our   hands   to   make   the   world   better,   and   we   are   far   more   interdependent   that   we   initially   realize.   We   need   to   work   in   collaboration,   to   make   use   of   the   available   resources   and   to   start   taking   action.   If   we   don't,   no   one  else  will.       Fernando  Barbosa   Bolivia       Perhaps   we   should   just   have   sent   them   money   -­‐   wouldn't   that   have   been   more   useful   than   going   ourselves?   I   don't   think   so.   What   we   gave  them   was   a   few   days  of  fun   and   entertainment,  transient  and  fleeting.       But  I  know  that  the  memory  of  those  days  will  linger   in   their   minds   and   in   their   hearts   for   years   to   come.   People   need  love  more  than  they  need  money,  and  if  nothing  else,  we   showed   them   that   we   cared   by   being   there   with   them.   And   I   know  this  m attered  to  them.  I  felt  such  love  and  gratitude  from   the   children   when   we   cooked   for   them   that   I   came   close   to   tears.     Yuri  Hirayama   Japan       I  learned  so  much  from  the  L earning  Journey  with  the   orphans   and   definitely   realized   that   the   ingenuity   and   creativity  of  human  beings  is  definitely  amazing.  I  realized  that   for  as  long  as  we  set  our  hearts  and  minds  to  it,  nothing,  even   deafness  -­‐  can  stop  us  from  living  our  lives  to  the  fullest  extent.       In   a   way,   I   was   blind   for   a   long   time   thinking   of   the   impediments   of   not   being   able   to   see,   but   really,   there   are   so   many   things   that   I   have   seen   by   closing   my   eyes,   and   putting   myself  in  the  shoes  of  the  less  fortunate.     Morne  Scholtz   South  Africa    

Connecting People  with  Communities  in  Need  

Why Sponsor  the  Manila  Symposium  2013?   Humanitarian   Affairs   would   like   to   partner   with   institutions   and   companies   that   share   the   same   vision   for   global   responsibility   in   the   field   of   humanitarian   development.   Through   this   partnership,   we   hope   to  reach   and  empower  young   people  from  all  over   the   world.   The  USL  Symposium  offers  an  opportunity  for  sponsors  and  partners  to:  

Reach out  to  1,000  of  the  world’s  most  Outstanding  Youths  from  Top  Universities  

Gain recognition  and  acceptance  of  products/services  by  an  international  audience  

Network with  world  renowned  speakers  and  humanitarians  

Participate in  a  respected  forum  on  key  humanitarian  issues  

Show their  commitment  to  CSR  on  a  global  platform,  and  

Be involved  in  the  largest  and  most  inspirational  gathering  of  young  leaders  in  2013  

Connecting People  with  Communities  in  Need  

Sponsorship Package  Summary    

Co-­‐Presenter (Only  1  Available)   PHP   1,000,000  

Major Sponsor   PHP   500,000  

Sponsor   PHP   300,000  

Donor   PHP   100,000    

Special Feature  Article  on   Your  Company’s   Involvement  in  the   Symposium  

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Connecting People  with  Communities  in  Need

Sponsorship Guide  

An opportunity to involve in an International Event in Manila, Philippines this Summer.

Sponsorship Guide  

An opportunity to involve in an International Event in Manila, Philippines this Summer.