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Dear Madam/Sir, The main aim of this brochure and our company as well is to help you optimizing the use of labor. We are introducing the business interests and reasons, which may induce an employer to look for other opportunities instead of the development of labor. We are introducing the possibilities you are able to choose from and the situations it is worth to take advantage of the labor market services our company provides. We would like to acquaint you with some cost-effective solutions and raise many issues to consider assisting you with making objectively based decisions on the field of labor management. The qualification, knowledge and 18 years of experience of our corporation’s managers on the Hungarian labor market grants you to choose the most appropriate HR solution of some seldom exploited opportunities. Each HR issue is individual so therefore our services may also be combined to offer the right solution. This makes it important to create a close relationship with our partners, detect their work in order to offer the most effective service. As main market players we wished to express our addiction to this profession by transforming into a limited company after the 10th anniversary of our predecessor company. Humania HRS Group is paying special attention to the young generation’s possibilities of gaining practical experience and jobseeking. Within this scope we support young employees by CSR activities and several programs to enable their entry to the labor market by gaining valuable theoretical and practical knowledge. In this brochure you can find a detailed description of our company and its services offering you possible answers to upcoming questions referring the possible use, business advantages, profitability and legal background of labor leasing, student work, employment recruitment, outsourcing, structural and personal diagnostics, improvement of performance, and competence testing as well. We hope this brief introduction has aroused your interest and you will take few minutes to discover more about the issues mentioned above.

Humánia HRS Group Zrt. • HUMÁNIA Competence Kft. • Fürge Diák

Márkus Zoltán CEO


Company introduction We truly believe that the strength of the Humania HRS Group lies in our addiction to quality, flexibility and the creation of individual solutions.

The 100 % Hungarian Humania HRS Group Co. is a major player of the labor market due to its predecessor in title, Humania Ltd. The company has been cooperating with its co-company and strategic partner, FD School Co-operative (Fürge Diák Iskolaszövetkezet) for the last 10 years. The FD School Co-operative founded in 1994 has more than thirteen thousand members and it maintains a network of 18 offices, 25 000 employees in the country at the moment. The predecessor of Humania HRS Group was founded in June 2001 by the management of the FD Co-Operative as this could not match the growing demand in its original form. The management prepared a new strategy to use the existing infrastructure as well as the experience of both parties to turn to a major player on the market in order to carry out bigger orders more flexible and coordinated on a unified quality. Our local offices provide our own labor force to partners in cases when tasks are not worth or not able to be fulfilled by the existing employees or the ordered activity is outside the scope of the company’s activities. The Quality Management System ISO 9001 is being applied since 2003. Several external audits have stated the company’s regulated labor conditions and the emphasis it puts on the compliance of regulations. The 2012 satisfaction survey among clients using our employee leasing services came to the following results:   96% of respondents would offer our services to its partners or clients.   85 % of respondents reported cost savings after using our services.   Offers are dealt with a flexibility of 96 % according to respondents.   Professional competence of our staff members is rated 92 % by

respondents.   The services’ cost effectiveness is almost 90 %.   Compared with other market players we offer 95% better services than

our competitors.

2011 the company was expanded with a premium provider – Humania HRS Competence Ltd. focusing on labor recruitment and structural diagnostics.


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“Which service can certainly help me to optimize my manpower?” Many partners raised this question before our cooperation and were looking for immediate answers. Though we reach for a long-term-cooperation and being responsible service providers we can’t offer quick solutions. Each of our services may be the appropriate one though as professionals we put great emphasis on detecting the issue first and offering the suitable HR solution or portfolio of solutions then. We put special focus on the permanent contact with our partners and involve our local representatives in problem-solving according to their experience of 18 years on the Hungarian market. Our services are the perfect choice if you need a cost-effective and flexible way to reach your strategic and operative aims despite the fast-changing market situation. Humania HRS Group in cooperation with FD Co-Operative and its co-company Humania HRS Competence Ltd. is now able to provide high-quality services of 8 fields meeting all requirements: •  Employee leasing •  Student work •  Trainee programs •  Outsourcing – execution of projects •  Employee lease back •  Recruitment •  Structural diagnostics •  Consulting

Discover more about our services but remember that we are only able to create the appropriate construction after arranging a personal consultation, detecting your needs, possibilities and the existing system of your manpower management!

Humánia HRS Group Zrt. • HUMÁNIA Competence Kft. • Fürge Diák Iskolaszövetkezet


Employee leasing Our services are the perfect choice if you need a cost-effective and flexible way to reach your strategic and operative aims despite the fast-changing market situation.

Due to continuous changes of the macroeconomic situation companies had to get prepared to meet the demand more flexible. Its crucial part is the fast-changing manpower requirement. The service of employee leasing is able to fulfill these requirements rapidly and effectively. In case of employment leasing our company „leases” or lends its contractual employees to the client employer for work in exchange for a success fee. In that case activities are not carried out by the members of your apparatus but by leased employees. The right of authority and the decision-making referring the work schedule and the qualifications of the employees remains yours while the organization, recruitment, the whole administration process and the responsibility of manpower employment is assumed by Humania HRS Group. This form of employment delivers a fast - even temporary - solution for manpower development or the use of the existing labor force as well as for the decrease of non-wage labor costs. Using the service of employee lease back your company gets freed from administrational duties as well.

In which cases do we recommend this service? The following list contains some situations when you may consider to employ new staff members but the process would be a complicated, long-lasting, unnecessary and – at last but not least – costly process. •  If production changes continuously due to the company’s profile. •  If the company has no capacity to reorganize its labor force, to deal with external suppliers and to assure accommodation to the employees. •  If the lack of administrational capacity and time hinders the company to employ new employees. •  In cases of long-term illnesses, maternity leave or days off. •  In case of unexpected projects. •  To replace employees leaving the company. •  In case the employer is not certain whether to offer a long-term contract after the probation period.


© Humánia HRS Group Zrt.

What are the advantages of employment leasing?   Our partner can avoid turning into a “Social Security disbursement unit” (obligatory over the

statistic number of 100 employees) so that sick-pay doesn’t have to be paid in advance and than reclaimed from the state.   Fewer employees are required for payroll accounting.   You may need less or no apparatus being responsible for manpower management, recruitment,

selection and administration.   The recruitment process is carried out by experienced professionals in order to minimize costs

of fluctuation.   The choice of the appropriate quantity and quality of manpower won’t cost you anything.   All administrational tasks are carried out by the leasing company.   Training costs for payroll accounting and HR trainings can be minimized.   The services of Humania HRS Group enable disability employment force as well if it fits to the

production activities. In this case we take upon ourselves all administrational and – on demand – recruitment tasks as well.   The maintenance of wage documents for 50 years is handled by the leasing company.   The client company is not responsible for the maintenance of employment contracts

and information documents for 8 years.



One possible case of manpower requirements is illustrated on this diagram at a permanent but temporally inconsistent growth of production. The minimal manpower requirement is marked with blue. The color dark red represents the part of both the costs and the organizational activities, which is worth to apply the services of our company for.

Humánia HRS Group Zrt. • HUMÁNIA Competence Kft. • Fürge Diák Iskolaszövetkezet


Student work Our company’s most flexible and rapid solution guaranteeing you manpower in several hours.

The student work is on the one hand a wider, but on the other hand a narrower possibility of employee leasing. Wider, because the service includes not only the leasing of employees but enables the arrangement of complete projects (marketing actions, distribution functions) and offers an even more flexible use of labor than the employee leasing. Narrower, because it can’t be applied for tasks with the restriction that this activity has to be fulfilled by the same person permanently. This service is considered our company’s most flexible and rapid solution guaranteeing you manpower in several hours. A further advantage of student work is that you don’t have to calculate with additional costs (taxes, contributions) beside the contractual fee. You can order and pay only for the necessary amount of working hours and workers so you don’t have to calculate with sick-leaves and days-off. The activities may be occasional orders, projects or permanent tasks as well. In case of student work the control of leased students is an object of agreement between the contracting parties but administration is completely fulfilled by us.

In which cases do we recommend this service? Semi-skilled physical jobs •  if several of your workers wish to go on holiday (summer time) or they wish to be absent for a longer period •  if your business is the produces or sell seasonal goods and you do not need permanent employment, •  if you are moving, renovating, putting a territory in order, cleaning or just want to improve the look of your environment, •  if you don’t want to establish a position for regular tasks that can be finished in a few hours or days Distribution, preparation for distribution •  if you are looking for a network with considerable experience to distribute Your brochures, posters or casual prints, •  if you need to address, package or deliver numerous consignments Data recording •  if you are introducing a new system in your registering or are. reorganizing it and don’t have free manpower for the recording and processing of data. •  if your paper-form documents need to be archived. •  if you need manpower to register your questionnaires or data of inventory.


© Humánia HRS Group Zrt.

Market research and surveying •  if you would like to know the market’s opinion about your product or service and want to chart them to be up-to-date, •  if you do not have enough information for your planned investment Jobs on the field of agriculture •  if you are looking for laborers for seasonal employment Promotion, hostess service •  if you would like to arrange a program •  if you want to have your new product tested or tasted right at the place of the sale Mental, professional jobs •  if you expect foreign guests and require an interpreter •  if you want to have Your correspondence translated •  if you are looking for a colleague for office work for a shorter period of time. •  If you need professionals for the implementation of IT changes. What are the advantages of student work for your company?  The recruitment process is managed by our company.  You do not have to calculate with the additional costs and the related administration.  You are not contracted with individuals, but with a co-operative that has legal personality.   The leaders of our company guarantee the good work by controlling the members strictly

and continuously.   Through the work of our members you can get acquainted with the graduated ones of the future

and could satisfy the demand for young people of the profession.   If you know suitable students for a position – children of staff members, trainees – and you

would like to keep them further on we can offer them membership. In this case organizational costs are deducted from the price.

Humánia HRS Group Zrt. • HUMÁNIA Competence Kft. • Fürge Diák Iskolaszövetkezet


Organization and execution of trainee programs Our trainee program contributes to the promotion of talented young.

This program is made attractive to clients by the provided services of recruitment, selection, filtering, complete documentation of trainee programs and the availability of our database. Our programs are unique and created to suit our partners’ individual needs. We can provide further information after detecting the needs in form of a personal consultation. Advantages  The recruitment process is managed by our company.   You do not have to calculate with the additional costs and

the related administration.   You are not contracted with individuals, but with a co-operative that

has legal personality.   The leaders of our company guarantee the good work by controlling

the members strictly and continuously.   Through the work of our members you can get acquainted with the

graduated ones of the future and could satisfy the demand for young people of the profession.   If you know suitable students for a position – children of staff

members, trainees – and you would like to keep them further on we can offer them membership. In this case organizational costs are deducted from the price.   Our services are available at any time.   We recommend this service to companies who focus

on bringing-up trainees.   The trainee program enables to fill future positions and to create

an own database to save costs and time.   It may be especially important for providers where flexibility

is a crucial point in connection with mental jobs as well.   Our countrywide database includes the data of more that 66 000

students to make the choice of the ideal candidate easier for you.   We have exact information about our student members and besides

personal data their professional performance is documented too.     The employment of job starters is supported by the state as well. With the START card the employment of trainees is accompanied by several financial advantages for employers and the services of Student CoOperatives make the employment process and administration easier.


© Humánia HRS Group Zrt.

Outsourcing – Project execution Humania HRS Group undertakes to carry out complete support activities such as archiving, warehouse management, payroll, telemarketing, EDP etc. on favorable conditions and your only task is to accept the finished product and guarantee professional support. An increasing number of companies is trying to focus on its main activity and other tasks that can be carried out by sub companies under more ideal circumstances are sourced out. Humania HRS Group undertakes to carry out complete support activities with its properly qualified manpower. With this service we lift the biggest burden from our clients’ shoulders as we take upon ourselves the fulfillment of complex activities on a determined consigner’s fee. The contracting partner is not taking part in the execution of subtasks and Humania HRS Group is responsible for the granting of the conditions as well.

The use of our service results in cost- and time-saving.

Advantages for your company   We recommend this service if you don’t want to expand

your apparatus and there are professional activities, which can be outsourced.   The inspection of activities is the responsibility of Humania HRS Group.   This service enables the use of more manpower solutions.   During the execution of a project the partner gets only one invoice

and is completely freed from all tasks and responsibilities of manpower.   Our service is cost-effective and fast as we provide the perfect

solution within a short period of time.   Our professional skills, competence and flexibility guarantee

the high quality for your company.   Our service makes the management of your internal power source

easier and enables an easier and more transparent way of working.   It is easier to sanction.   The use of our service results in cost- and time-savings and

concentrating on your main activities may significantly increase your competitive advantage.   Using our service of outsourcing risks occurring during the execution

of the activity are taken by Humania HRS Group.   Performance is well-defined and measurable.

Humánia HRS Group Zrt. • HUMÁNIA Competence Kft. • Fürge Diák Iskolaszövetkezet


Employee lease back Using the service of employee lease back you can make sure to employ the ideal candidate.

Humania HRS Group hires the employee of your choice for a determined period of time and if he meets all the requirements we are putting him on our payroll list. This way the of new manpower employment can be calculated in advance and the risk of an eventual wrong selection can be minimized. It is a common situation when companies use the service of „employee lease back” their employees in order to minimize the employment-relating costs by restructuring their already existing staff to optimize their work. In this case the employee who is already tried and tested gets employed by Humania HRS Group and than lent or leased back to you for a certain period of time (while the right of supervision and instruction remains yours). The advantages of this solution are that cost-savings can be calculated precisely when comparing employee lease back with the traditional form of employment and labor costs are not considered wage costs.

Recruitment The long-lasting process of recruitment gets shorter with our help.

We are recruiting an employee according to the profile including your needs as an employer and selecting the employee of our choice by assuring guarantee. The new colleague gets directly employed by you. Normally we are following the steps of the process listed but it can be changed according to your needs if necessary. •  Creation of a profile according to the needs •  Creation of the text and form of the advertisement, cooperation with the media •  Pre-selection by phone •  Selection and evaluation of the applications •  Detailed interview with the applicants •  Checking of references •  Handling of the process of selection •  Summary of the results in written form •  Introduction of the applicants •  Coordination of the time-schedule of the interviews •  Evaluation of the applicants (refusing or keeping the candidates available)


© Humánia HRS Group Zrt.

HUMANIA HRS COMPETENCE Ltd. Due to the permanently changing requirements on the field of human resources Humania HRS Competence Ltd. was founded as a 100 % Hungarian co-operative of the Humania HRS Group. Our company offers a wide range of services such as recruitment and selection combined with structural diagnosis-based testing systems extended by the service of consultation. Our unique selling proposition is based on flexibility, our extended experience on different fields and our long-term strategic partnerships. We are continuously developing our services in order to keep our excellent position on the market. Our profile was extended by the service of qualified recruitment combined with the application of “Profiles” testing system. This system can be used separately as well offering all-round diagnosis and solutions to companies’ problems. We provide high-quality professional support, cost-effective and well-controllable, fast and flexible services under the banner of reliability and credibility. Our services Recruitment Using our service you can save costs and time by avoiding the process of recruitment, interviewing and selection. The profile of requirements is the basic document of recruitment and selection, which is created according to the provided information after detecting the partners’ needs. Using the available database and the fast filtering of incoming applications for the placed job ads enable us to meet and select the suitable candidates so that you can choose the most qualified and experienced person being the ideal choice for the vacancy. Structural diagnostics The method of structural diagnostics carries evident possibilities both in financial and business terms and is the basis of the cost-effective and targeted structural development of companies focusing on the rapid detection of failures and problems and offering solution possibilities to avoid these in the future. After contacting the client our consultant tries to detect the function failures within the organization making a well-considered structural diagnosis and makes methodical suggestions to solve the problems by determining the aims and profitability data and carries out the practical execution of the solution on demand. Consultation With our extensive structural diagnostic and evaluation methods and testing systems we enable our partners to gain a competitive advantage by assessing their possibilities, given conditions, identifying their structural and manpower development potentials in order to be more cost-effective and successful.

Humánia HRS Group Zrt. • HUMÁNIA Competence Kft. • Fürge Diák Iskolaszövetkezet



East-Hungarian Region Manager: Attila Kaluzsa

Central-Hungarian Region Manager: András Virágh West-Hungarian Region Manager: Balázs Rácz


© Humánia HRS Group Zrt.

CSR activity FD School Co-Operative started its CSR activity by supporting students and non-profit organizations and offered 1000 student working hours for charitable donations in 2008. This cooperation won the award of the Hungarian Mobility Youth Service for company co-operations. In April 2009 the program „Work on your future!” was introduced and has been operating since then. Within this program students with the most outstanding professional performance and knowledge were awarded. In 2011 our most complex program „Guidelines of the labor market” won the award CSR Hungary in the category „common responsibility – common issues” in the sub-category „culture and education”. “The specified class about the word of work” is the backbone of this program offering the opportunity for high-school graduates and teachers to get up-to-date about the word of work within the frame of a free conversation with our professionals. These classes are adapted to the educational framework and structure informing young people about their rights and duties at a workplace. At the end of the class the booklet about the regulations of the word of work was handed over to participants.

CO-OPERATIONS In 2011 FD School Co-Operative and Telenor Hungary Co. concluded an agreement of co-operation with the aim to create a partnership within the djuice myLife support program. Registrated members of djuice myLife received myLife credits for their performance and activities at FD School Co-Operative.

MEMBERSHIPS Since 1999 FD School Co-Operative is the member of the biggest representation of school cooperatives’ interests DIÁKÉSZ, founded in 1990. Since 2003, Balazs Racz the company’s chief legal and communications manager acts as the general secretary of the organization. Humania HRS Group is one of the founding members of MMOSZ, the Association of Hungarian Labor Leasing Companies. The aim of MMOSZ is to contribute to the strengthening of the position of labor lease as a legal institution and the implementation of a system of regulations in the Hungarian economic and legal structure, which supports and serves both the competitive advantages and the employees.

Humánia HRS Group Zrt. • HUMÁNIA Competence Kft. • Fürge Diák Iskolaszövetkezet


PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATIONS The professional competence of FD School Co-Operative and Humania HRS Group on the field of atypical employment is considered determinative in the Hungarian media. Our professionals’ comments are not only accessible in HR forums but on columns of national and regional media as well. Representatives of our group appeared in the print and online media as well as in radio programs of the Hungarian Radio and on Duna TV. Balázs Simon, our chief legal and communications manager represented the company’s professional attitude at the HR Mosaic Conference as a speaker, at the Conference for Labor Leasing as a participant of the round table.

HR NETWORK EVENTS In 2011 Humania HRS Group launched a countrywide series of events with 16 stations for almost 500 partners who provided useful professional feedback we reckon on for next years’ events as well.

OUR guest about HR Workshop: „I think the whole presentation was very useful, I liked especially the creation of the internal net. Yes, it was worth taking part in it.” „The event introduced some unfamiliar possibilities I will certainly use in my profession. I liked the part illustrated with examples, it made the presentation colorful.” „It opened new possibilities to me. The field of human resources management I haven’t experienced till now.” „I experience the advantage of speaking the MANAGER’S language in my work every day. I got some new ideas I will certainly try to implement as soon as possible.” „The introduction of the new Labor Code from both the employers’ and employees’ point of view, the determination of advantages and disadvantages is very useful for employers to estimate their own possibilities.” Encouraged by the success of the event the Hungarian HR Net Workshop will take place in 2012 as well. Beside many topics the main focus shall be on the new Labor Code and the personal and team competences in order to develop companies’ efficiency. Due to the elimination of training contributions the value of conferences has increased where participants receive useful professional information. The aim of Humania HRS Group with this event is to provide real professional support to its partners.


© Humánia HRS Group Zrt.

DATABASE Providing the described high-quality services to our partners could not be enabled without an appropriate database of employees. The guarantee for rapid and professional selection is the permanently developing database of Humania HRS Group with the data of several thousand employees as well as the 30 000 members of FD School Co-Operative. Professionals from different fields, experienced, qualified and multi-lingual candidates are available but we also carry out the selection for less complicated jobs without qualification requirements. The increasing quality of our services is achieved by detailed testing of the candidates’ skills, controlling their integration process and measuring the project’s execution. At the start our database was built with using traditional methods – vacancies, questionnaires at job fairs and in offices – but nowadays these activities are carried out online simplifying the registration process to our database as well. Our database as being essential to our partners is developed and updated continuously to find the ideal candidate for your requirements as soon as possible. After the detailed inspection of manpower needs possible employees are not only searched for in our database but we supply our partners with suitable candidates placing job advertisements and starting a process of recruitment to carry out our orders.

Quality management system Humania HRS Group and FD School Co-Operative work as a unified constitution with 18 offices in Hungary so we are able to arrange assignments smoothly involving bigger regions. We introduced our quality management system in 2003 according to ISO 9001 regulations of standard.

Humánia HRS Group Zrt. • HUMÁNIA Competence Kft. • Fürge Diák Iskolaszövetkezet



© Humánia HRS Group Zrt. Humánia HRS Group Zrt. • HUMÁNIA Competence Kft. • Fürge Diák Iskolaszövetkezet


Humánia HRS Group Zrt.- Introducing presentation  

The introducing presentation of the Humánia HRS Group Zrt.

Humánia HRS Group Zrt.- Introducing presentation  

The introducing presentation of the Humánia HRS Group Zrt.