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Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Winter 2009

Happy Holidays!

Jasmine & Max waiting for a home for the holidays! Photo Courtesy of South Tampa Photography

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Sherry Silk Executive Director (813) 774-4309

Letter from the Executive Director As we approach the end of the year we have completed many remodeling projects in the shelter. We now have a covered, outdoor patio with 18 new dog runs. This will allow us to take another 18 medium and large dogs from our partner at Hillsborough County Animal Services. Prior to the opening of the patio, we were limited to taking mostly puppies and small dogs. This patio will save more dogs each week, especially those larger dogs which are more difficult to find homes for.

Board of Directors President: Holly O’Brien Co-Vice Presidents: Curtis Brown Joanne Spurlino Treasurer: Audrey Hirst Secretary: Cynthia Sarff Mary Birrell Trenton H. Cotney Tara Hood Connie Johnson Linda Reitz Joanne Rice Advisory Board: Victoria J. Alvarez, P.A. Councilman John Dingfelder Commissioner Rose Ferlita Shelley Harper, D.V.M. Callum Hay, D.V.M. Dennis McCullough Dominque Mellow Melissa Mueller, D.V.M. Karyn Ringhaver Billie Valloreo Bill Zingalie, D.V.M. Editor: Lisa Knight (813) 367-2078 Contributors: Sherry Silk Pam Backer Dr. Karla Bard Cathy Bellatin Brandi Burket Nancy McCall Ben Moehnert

Photo Courtesy of South Tampa Photography

We didn’t leave out the cats on this remodeling project. We know that it is “best practice” in shelters to not house dogs and cats in the same room. We now have a “Cat Only” ward. This larger room will house cats by themselves so they don’t have to share their space with barking dogs. Believe me the cats are much happier which translates into more adoptable cats.

With the increase in our intake of animals, we also needed to expand our shelter surgery suite. We now have more room to add another surgery table and additional equipment to help keep our animals healthy. All of these improvements were done for the sake of the homeless animals in our care. My wish for this holiday season would be that all of our dogs, cats, puppies and kittens get a home for the holidays. But until they find their next “forever home”, we will keep them as comfortable and happy as possible. I want to thank our loyal supporters and donors for making this possible. Happy Holidays to you and your family! Sherry Silk Executive Director

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Making Tracks is a newsletter published quarterly free of charge to our donors by the Humane Society of Tampa Bay located at 3607 N Armenia Ave, Tampa FL 33607 For further information please contact the Editor: Lisa Knight 813-367-2078 Page 2

Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Happy Holidays from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay! THE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS ‘Tis the day before Christmas, and all through the house The puppies are squeaking an old rubber mouse. The wreath which had merrily hung on the door Is scattered in pieces all over the floor. The stockings that hung in a neat little row Now boast a hole in each one of the toes. The tree was subjected to bright-eyed whims, And now, although splendid, it’s missing some limbs. I catch them and hold them; be good I insist. They lick me, then run off to see what they’ve missed. And now as I watch them, the thought comes to me, That theirs is the spirit that Christmas should be. Should Children and Puppies yet show us the way, And teach us the joy that should come with this day? Could they bring the message that’s written above, And tell us that, most of all, Christmas is love! -Author Unknown

Our Holiday Wish List… Monetary Donations Gift Card Donations – Walmart, SamsClub, Home Depot Kitten Food (Dry & Wet) Cat Food (Dry & Wet) Puppy Food (Dry & Wet) Cat & Dog Toys Cat & Dog Treats Cat Litter Simple Green Exam Tables (2) $550 each

Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

For the Homeless Animals

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4 Stars For HSTB!!

On October 1st, Charity Navigator, America’s premier charity evaluator, awarded HSTB a 4 star rating! That is the highest rating available and only 25% of charities actually attain this level. Donors can rest assured that the Humane Society of Tampa Bay executes its mission in a fiscally responsible way, and outperforms most other charities in America.

Don’t Forget Your Year-End Gifts Thanksgiving, holiday shopping, and celebrating the New Year – before you know it, tax season will be upon us again! If you need a tax deduction for 2009, please consider supporting the homeless and needy animals at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Make sure you are donating to a cause you believe in that is making the difference in our community! For more information contact Nancy McCall, Director of Development, at 813-774-4311 or

25 Years with HSTB! On September 10th, Karen Cheeks celebrated 25 years of service with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay! Karen began her career in 1984 as a Humane Educator. She has held various positions throughout the years and is currently our Office Administrative Manager. Thank you for everything you do Karen!!

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Casper’s Cupboard During this holiday season, many of you will be remembering those less fortunate by donating food to local charities who offer prepared meals and bags of groceries to anyone in need. We hope that you will also remember that many of them have pets who can be helped by Casper’s Cupboard. (Named for Casper, a highly publicized abuse case.)Through your generosity, our food assistance program has provided more than 200,000 pounds of pet food during the economic downturn of the past year. The need is still great. Please purchase an extra bag of dog or cat food for our cupboard. Bags can be dropped off at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay Tuesday and Wednesday from 12-7:30 and Thursday-Sunday from 12-5.

Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Shot Clinic-Riverview By Nancy McCall When the Community Foundation of Greater Sun City Center came to us and told us they might have funding for an animal cause that would help the community, we immediately brought out the photos from the Sulphur Springs shot clinics. After reviewing our grant application, they agreed and on September 26th we visited the International Independent Showmen’s Association where five veterinarians administered shots to 826 animals (635 dogs, 191 cats) from 486 households. In addition, Hillsborough County Animal Services issued 143 vouchers for low cost spay-neuter and 745 pet licenses. A great success of a day! Look for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s next free shot clinic in Wimauma on January 9th from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm at Bethune Recreation Center - sponsored by the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Community Foundation of Greater Sun City Center, and Hillsborough County Animal Services.

Fundraising Walk for the Animals “Bark O’ The Irish” Saturday, March 6, 2010 8:30am – 12:00 noon Al Lopez Park in Tampa 4810 North Himes Avenue You can make a difference! Collect donations as a “pack” or individual walker to help the Humane Society of Tampa Bay provide shelter, food, spay/neuter services and medical care for the thousands of animals that are relinquished to our shelter each year. For more de-“tails”, to download a registration form, or for sponsorship and vendor opportunities, please contact Cathy Bellatin at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Special Events department at (813) 876-4150 or log on to

Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

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The Annual Tree of Love Starting Wednesday, December 2nd through Saturday, December 26th, come visit our Tree of Love located in the Education Room at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. You may purchase an ornament or a paw print with your pet’s name on it. The ornament will go on the tree in honor or memory of your beloved pet, or in honor of the many homeless animals in need of a forever home. The paw print with your pet’s name on it will be displayed in the shelter. Your donation will help care for the thousands of shelter pets who need someone to love them. While you are visiting, don’t forget to leave a gift for the homeless animals (a toy, a bag of food, or treats) under the tree. Please place a paw in the shelter or an ornament on the Holiday Tree of Love for my pet(s): Number of Ornaments _____________@ $10.00 each for a total of $______________ Number of “Paw” prints _____________@ $5.00 each for a total of $_______________ Total Amount Enclosed: $_________________________________________________ This gift is in memory of:__________________________________________________ This gift is in honor of:____________________________________________________ ***Please specify “O” for ornament or “P” for “paw” print after each name.*** Example: Rufus-O or Ginger-P Name: ________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________ Phone Number: ____________________ Email: _____________________________ Credit Card: ________________________ __ Amex

__ MC

__ Visa

Exp Date:______________

VC _____

__ Discover

Signature: _____________________________________________________________ Mail to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay Attn: Tree of Love 3607 N. Armenia Ave Tampa, FL 33607 - 1322 or fax to (813) 876-0765 * For additional information please contact Cathy Bellatin-Special Events Director at or (813)876-4150.

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Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

10th Annual Pet Telethon raised over $168,000 Thank you to our supporters for another great Pet Telethon. Not only did we gross over $168,000 this year, but the best part is we adopted out 83 animals to their forever homes! Thank you to WFLA News Channel 8 hosts and staff for all of their hard work. Blue from the Tampa Yankees, Sparky the fire dog, The Tampa Bay Lightning Girls and The Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders- thanks for stopping by the studio and saying hello to everyone.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for their support and generosity: Progressive Insurance Camden Property Trust Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc. In-Kind Sponsors The Tampa Tribune MacDinton’s Irish Pub and Restaurant Datz Delicatessen Papa John’s Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company Ultra Pure Water

The New Barker Mise En Place Foodies Market Olympia Catering Krispy Kreme


Cathy, Cindy, Dave, Sherry, Desiree and Katie after a successful day’s work!

Chris & Desiree with some furry adoptables. Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Sherry, Captain Michael Pereira (Animal Hero of the Year) and Desiree. Page 7

Volunteer of the Quarter... By Ben Moehnert, Volunteer Coordinator Sheila Fite has been a volunteer here at the shelter for about two and a half years. She volunteers at the spay/neuter clinic and is a dedicated foster mom. Sheila has fostered countless kittens that had no other options. Fostering is not an easy thing to do when it comes to small kittens. The sad truth is some just don’t make it. This is something that keeps some people from fostering, because of the emotional roller coaster it can be. Sheila has seen it all when it comes to this and is still there when we have kittens in need. We couldn’t ask for a more loving and attentive foster parent. The kittens (and sometimes dogs) are lucky to have found her and so are we! Thank you for everything you do Sheila and keep up the good work.

Noel & Breeze By Sherry Silk, Executive Director When Dennis McCullough from Hillsborough County Animal Services called me one evening and told me Noel’s story, I knew that HSTB had to help. Noel was abandoned by her owner along with Breeze. Noel had obviously had a rope tied around her neck. Then she grew bigger and the owner didn’t remove it. After months, the rope actually became totally embedded in her neck. The flesh was cut all the way around. When the investigator took her back to the shelter, they discovered that even though she was in intense pain, she was a very friendly dog, offering kisses to her rescuers. After weeks of treatment, her neck is almost healed. She doesn’t seem to have any emotional scars from her mistreatment and she is now looking for a good home. Her “sister”, Breeze, didn’t have such a terrible wound, but did suffer from heartworms. HSTB took her in too, and she is undergoing heartworm treatment. Both are available for adoption at HSTB. I’m happy to report that their prior owners have been arrested for cruelty to animals!

Both dogs lived outside in terrible conditions.

Noel in surgery, removing the embedded rope.

Noel’s sister Breeze - She no longer has the sad face. She loves to play in our play yard.

Noel & Breeze happy at HSTB with Sherry. Page 8

Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Successful Adoptions… “… almost a year ago, my fiance and I adopted our very first dog at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and just this past week, we adopted our second. We just wanted to say thank you so much! Sinbad and Quentin are the loves of our lives and if it weren’t for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, we wouldn’t have our beautiful boys! Thank you so much! They are both doing so well and Sinbad LOVES having a baby brother!! -Ariana Lee

“I’m attaching a recent picture of Newton. He’s eating well, getting along with his new brother, and we’re so glad to have him.” -Kathy Nugent

“Couldn’t resist sending this picture of Silky and Kato watching a lizard out the can see how well they get along from this picture. They chase each other and roll and tumble all over the house. I don’t know what we ever did without her”. - Davieda Coy

“Lori is in intermediate obedience class, and will start agility classes soon. We had her tested and found that as well as 50 percent Boxer she is at least 25 percent Australian Cattle Dog! She has just been wonderful for our home!! – Amy DeStefanis

Lori looking for a home at Tuxes & Tails. Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Lori at her new home Page 9

Animal Proofing your Holiday Home By Dr. Karla Bard Be very careful of what is left unattended in your holiday-decorated house. Well-meaning gifts that might harm your pet if ingested include boxed chocolates and truffles and that delightful chocolate “orange.” Don’t leave the Whitman’s sampler where your pet can gain access to it; people can’t smell it through the unopened packaging, but your dog can. Even the specialty fruits that are just covered in chocolate may be enough to reach toxic levels when ingested by your dog. Many homes have lovely seasonal scents filling the air. Both dried and liquid potpourri may be inexplicably interesting to your pet. Many pets have been treated for toxic ingestion from a decorative bowl. If the bowl containing a liquid spills onto the pet’s coat, the pet will naturally lick the hair for clean up. Most of these materials are very caustic to the oral cavity and gastrointestinal tract. Lethargy, oral ulceration, inappetence, vomiting and diarrhea may be signs that your pet is in need of veterinary attention. The Holidays are a great time to give your pet some new treats! Hard cat treats are great for helping to keep tartar off your cat’s teeth and dogs still love old fashion Milk Bones!

A Dog’s Purpose (from a 6 year old) Recently a family, including a 6 year old boy named Shane, learned that their 10 year old Irish Wolfhound named Belker, had cancer. Unfortunately nothing could be done for Belker and the family decided to put him to sleep. The little 6 year old seemed to accept Belker’s transition without any difficulty. When the veterinarian wondered aloud about the sad fact that animal lives are shorter than human lives, Shane who had been listening quietly piped up, “I know why! People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life-like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right? Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay as long!” It’s true, we can learn so much from our dogs. Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. When loved ones come home, always run to greet them. Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride. Take naps. Stretch before rising. Run, romp and play daily. Avoid biting when a simple growl will do. When you’re happy, dance around and wag your entire body. Be loyal. And last but not least, when someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by, and nuzzle them gently. (Please remember that the Humane Society of Tampa Bay offers humane euthanasia and cremation when it is time to say goodbye.)

Peace. Love. Joy.

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Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Special Thanks Thank you to the following groups for holding Pet Food Drives for us: Outback Steakhouse Corporate Office Unity Church of Clearwater St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church Cub Scouts of Pack 45 at Christ the King Parish St. Paul Catholic Church Mark Miragliotta

Thank you to Amatheon for donating surgical sutures! Thank you Kforce for donating money collected from the fundraiser: “Pay to wear Jeans” on Fridays!

A special thanks to Banfield for donating 5 banks of stainless steel cages and a scale to HSTB! We truly appreciate these donations and will put them all to good use! Thank you Bayer for donating 252 doses of Advantage Multi for kittens! Thank you to Bob Reina of Talk Fusion for donating 60 Kuranda beds!! Thank you to Moate’s Florist for donating floral centerpieces at our donor reception. They were beautiful! Thank you to New Tampa Pet Resort for their continued support and donation of over $2,000!

Thank you to Courtney Frank, for organizing, collecting raffle prizes from generous local establishments and hosting a Halloween Costume Party at her home to raise funds for the animals at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. She and over 100 of her friends helped raise over $3000 in donations from raffle prize give-aways!

Having Halloween fun at Courtney Frank’s party!

Thank you to Precision Fabrics, a US manufacturer of technical woven and nonwoven fabrics, for donating 488 yards of surgery draping fabric in honor of Pam George of Superior Surgical. 488 yards of fabric being delivered!

Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

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Dedicated to ending animal homelessness and providing care and comfort for companion animals in need.

Humane Society of Tampa Bay 3607 N Armenia Ave. Tampa, FL 33607 (813) 876-7138 Adoption Hours: Sunday Noon - 5:00p.m. Monday Closed Tuesday & Wednesday Noon - 7:30p.m. Thursday, Friday, Saturday Noon - 5:00p.m. Spay/Neuter Clinic Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (813) 870-3304 Wellness Clinic Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (813) 870-3304 Call for an appointment

Calendar of Events December, 2009

March, 2010

Tree of Love - Humane Society of Tampa Bay Education Room, 3607 N Armenia Ave Tampa, FL Wednesday, December 2nd thru Saturday, December 26th Tree Lighting Ceremony 5:30pm on Dec 2nd at 5:30pm - a gathering of people sharing the joy and unconditional love we receive from pets. Tree ornaments are available for a $10 donation and Paw Prints for a $5 donation at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

22nd Annual Bark in the Park Bark O’ the Irish Saturday, March 6th - SAVE THE DATE!! 8:30am-12 noon at Al Lopez Park Raise funds for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and have a doggone good time! We invite you and your furry friends to dress up in your favorite St. Paddy’s Day attire to help us celebrate! Visit to learn more about how YOU can make a difference.

International Plaza photos with Santa and Pets Sunday, December 6th & Sunday, December 13th 8am-10am Please join us at the Grand Court at International Plaza with your furry friend(s) for a holiday photo with Santa. For photo pricing, please call International Plaza at 813-342-3780.

May, 2010

Photos with Santa and Pets in Hyde Park Tuesday, December 15 5-9pm Thursday, December 17 5-9pm Yappy Hour as well on this day! Saturday, December 19 Noon – 7pm Sunday, December 20 Noon-5pm Tuesday, December 22 5-9pm Christmas Eve 10am-2pm

Tuxes and Tails Saturday, May 15th - SAVE THE DATE!! 6:00pm-11:00pm at the Tampa Convention Center Tickets are $125 per person. Join us as celebrity models team with their pets or with a Humane Society of Tampa Bay adorable adoptable to strut their stuff on the catwalk. In addition to the fashion show, attendees will be treated to an evening of live entertainment, a high end silent and live auction and a sumptuous dinner.

Special Events are added frequently so please check our web site for updates:

MakingTracks Winter 2009  

The quarterly newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

MakingTracks Winter 2009  

The quarterly newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.