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Tampa Bay Business Journal 2011 Non-Profit of the Year! Environment & Animal Category

Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Fall 2011

You’re Never Too Young to Make a Difference

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Summer Fun at Critter Camp! Inside This Issue Critter Camp Fun Non Profit of the Year Award Homestead Dog Rescue Helping Community Cats

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Sherry Silk Executive Director (813) 774-4309 Board of Directors President: Connie Johnson Vice-President: Mary Birrell Treasurer: Michael Neff Secretary: Patti Sutherland Rose Ferlita Brian Funk Mike Gratz Tara Hood Justin Klatsky Morris Massey Bob Reina Linda Reitz Allison Roberts Cynthia Sarff Christopher Stephens Advisory Board: Victoria J. Alvarez, P.A. Sheila Sims Anderson City Councilwoman Yvonne Yolie Capin John Dingfelder Carol Funk Richard Gonzmart Callum Hay, D.V.M. Dennis McCullough Dominique Mellow County Commissioner Sandy Murman Karyn Ringhaver Cathy Smith Bill Zingalie, D.V.M. Editor: Lisa Knight (813) 367-2078

Letter from the Executive Director The kids have gone back to school and Critter Camp 2011 has ended. Our camp for kids was so popular we had to add another week! Not only did they learn about compassion and empathy for animals, they also helped groom, bath and play with the 300 animals that are housed at our shelter. A few of them even brought back their parents to adopt an animal. Speaking of compassion, over the last few months we’ve seen that in action. You can read about 4 rescues that were done by our volunteers or employees. These cat and dog rescues highlight our capacity as humans to love and care for our less fortunate four legged friends. Thank you to everyone who lends a hand when an animal is in need. Sincerely,

P.S. You can now follow us on Twitter@HumaneTampaBay

Sherry Silk Executive Director

Safe from the Sewer! ... If you happened to be driving down Howard Avenue on August 11th, you may have wondered why traffic was backed up and there were so many HSTB employees looking down a sewer drain! A little black kitten was abandoned on our property and ran into Howard Avenue. When it was almost hit by a car it became so scared it ran down into a sewer drain. Fortunately a good samaritan alerted an HSTB employee what she saw happen. HSTB employees sprang into action and worked to get the kitten out for over 24 hours! Fortunately we were able to get the kitten out with a trap and bring him to safety. Special thanks to employee Stephanie Surber who actually braved the sewer system! “Tadpole” is a sweet kitten and is now ready for adoption.

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Making Tracks is a newsletter published quarterly free of charge to our donors by the Humane Society of Tampa Bay located at 3607 N Armenia Ave, Tampa FL 33607. For further information please contact the Editor: Lisa Knight 813-367-2078 Page 2

Stephanie being lowered into the sewer.

Victory! After 24 hours we finally have the kitty

“Tadpole” rescued from a sewer and looking for a home!

Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Critter Camp Fun…

Giving some TLC to a kitten.

Making New Friends!

You’re never too young to make a difference!! If you are too young to volunteer at a shelter that doesn’t mean you can’t help and make a difference in the lives of animals! You can support and help the animals at a shelter and those in the community in several different ways. ØØ Have a bake sale and donate the proceeds to your local shelter ØØ Instead of birthday presents, ask for gifts for dogs and cats to donate to the shelter ØØ Make “Adopt Me” T-shirts for dogs or cats who have been here for awhile ØØ Organize a yard sale ØØ Happy socks: take an old clean sock and put some catnip in the toe, stuff with another sock or batting, tie or sew up the end ØØ Kitty/doggie blankets: you can knit or crochet a blanket or take two pieces of fleece, fringe the edges, and then tie the edges together

This dog has never had this much attention before! Socializing a new arrival. Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Time for a catnap. Page 3

HSTB Receives Non-Profit of the Year Award… On June 23rd the Humane Society of Tampa Bay was honored to win the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s “2011 Non-Profit of the Year” award in Environment & Animals. This prestigious award is given to Tampa Bay-based 501(c)(3) organizations who exhibit fiduciary responsibility and are accountable with regard to program outcomes. In 2010 HSTB spent 86 cents of every dollar raised on our programs and services, 9 cents on fundraising and only 5 cents for administration. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has also received a 4-Star rating from Charity Navigator for the last two years. Sherry Silk with Board Member Patti Sutherland accepting the Non Profit of the Year award.

When you give a charitable donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, you can rest assured that it is being used as it was intended – to help homeless and needy pets in Tampa Bay. Also, please remember to give locally. While the national humane groups do great work, only donations to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay help animals locally.

Purchase an Honorary or Memorial Plaque as a tribute to your favorite pet while helping the homeless animals! Cost for the plaques: $500 for one year or $250 for six months. Monthly payment options are available. For more information, please contact Jeanette at: (813) 774-4306 or jwilson@humane

SCRATCHERS NEEDED! Please consider purchasing some scratchers for your feline friends at HSTB! The cats at HSTB love these little scratching posts! They attach right on to the cage and are also great for the cats to rub against. For ordering information please visit:

Also, HSTB is always in need of new toys for our cats and dogs!

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Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Volunteer of the Quarter… Jo Ellen Lapides started volunteering at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in 2005 and has more than 500 hours service. She loves cats and spends one afternoon a week caring for and playing with our cats. Usually the first thing she does is make sure that everyone has plenty of toys. When we run low on cat toys, she buys some for us. On Tuesday afternoons, you can usually find Jo Ellen either training new cat volunteers or standing with a feathery wand in front of a bank of cages entertaining 12 cats at one time. If you are looking for a cat to adopt, Jo Ellen is the one to ask because she knows almost all the cats by name and can usually tell you a little about each one. We chose Jo Ellen as Volunteer of the Quarter for the enrichment that she brings to our cats lives while they are waiting for their new homes and for her dedication to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Thanks for all you do Jo Ellen!

Keep Cool and help HSTB!! How would you like a picture of your very own dog or cat (or any pet) on your koozie while you are sipping a cold one? They make a unique, personalized gift and you will also help homeless pets because HSTB receives 100% of the proceeds during the month of September! To participate, visit (MeowingDeals. com if you have a cat), select HSTB under the Shelter Program and take advantage of the custom koozie deal. You receive a custom drink koozie with a photograph of your furry friend on it. Every purchase makes an impact!

Support HSTB and Purchase Your Pumpkins at The Pumpkin Patch! October 15th – October 30th Hyde Park Village Monday – Friday 5-8pm Saturday 10am-8pm Sunday 12pm-6pm Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

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Helping Homestead Dogs… A park ranger in the Everglades (Homestead, Florida) discovered an area being used as a dumping ground for animals. There were about 15 dogs left abandoned to fend for themselves. A few kind citizens stepped up to bring the dogs food and water and were desperate to get the dogs to safety. When they reached out to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay we couldn’t say no. We agreed to help and took 4 of the dogs (pictured below). We’re happy to say all 15 dogs have been placed in various rescues and are receiving the medical care and love they need.

Arriving to safety at HSTB!

Fighting to survive in Homestead.

Melinda is a 5 year old Border Collie mix. She enjoys playing outside with people as well as other dogs. She is shy at first, but warms to you quickly and is eager to find a new home where love will be ever present.


Sadie is a 3.5 year old Border Collie mix. She is fun to be with, enjoys playing ball and being cuddled by people. Her affectionate nature makes her a great companion.

Jethro is a 4 year old big boy that loves to cuddle with you. He is very affectionate and basically a love machine. He has heartworms, but his friends here at the shelter are taking care of him. He is ready to show you what a sweet boy he is!

ADOPTED Prada is a shy girl of 3.5 years. She is a Border Collie mix and likes hugs, soft toys and playing outside. Her shyness disappears quickly when you talk to her and give her snuggle time. She’s a little sweetie that’s waiting for a new home.

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Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Crates for Sale… The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is now offering dog crates for sale. Crates are priced very affordably and all proceeds help fund Casper’s Cupboard, our free food assistance program. A win-win for you and animals in need! To purchase a crate please visit our adoption office in the shelter.

Crate Training Your Dog Crate training can be a great tool to housetrain your dog while appealing to his natural instincts as a den animal. Since dogs don’t like to soil in their dens it will help him control his bladder a little easier and a little sooner. A proper, gradual introduction is key to the successful experience for you and your dog. Using treats and praise each time he enters it will go a long way in his training. NEVER use a crate for punishment. Remember the crate only serves as a training tool. There are many advantages to having a crate trained dog:, such as housetraining, keeping him safe from “exploring” a little too much and getting into harmful things like lamp cords, etc.and keeping your own home safe. Listed below are some websites that offer detailed instructions on crate training your dog and we encourage you to visit them to find the method that works best for you and your dog. Once your dog is established in his routine and his “den”, he will be a happy and secure addition to your family.

Casper’s Cupboard Through our Food Assistance Program, Casper’s Cupboard, we have been able to help thousands of families keep their pets when going through financial hardship. We know no one wants to surrender their pets because they can’t afford to feed them. Casper’s Cupboard at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay provides free pet food to families who are unable to purchase food for their dogs and cats because of their financial situation. If you would like to donate to Casper’s Cupboard, please drop off food donations at the shelter during open hours. Thank you for helping hungry animals in our community!

Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

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The Crisis of Cats in our Community and what HSTB is doing to tackle the problem A Hillsborough County Animal Ordinance makes abandoning an animal a crime. The definition of abandonment means to “Forsake an animal entirely or to neglect or refuse to provide or perform the legal obligations for care and support of an animal”. This ordinance applies to both dogs and cats. National experts tell us that we have approximately 200,000 feral or free roaming cats in Hillsborough County. Maybe it is more like 100,000 or even 300,000. We really don’t know. But we do know that there are too many cats. Every day our phones are ringing with people wanting to know what can be done about all of the stray cats in their neighborhoods. HSTB has provided a humane alternative to the cat crisis for years and this program is called TNR, Trap-Neuter-Return. Since 2007, our TNR program is one of our core programs. You can contact our full time TNR manager and she will rent you humane traps and show you how to use them. She will also make a spay/neuter appointment for you at a discounted rate. We dedicate every Monday in our high volume spay/neuter clinic to sterilize Over 100 feral cats receive surgery each Monday. just feral cats. We sterilize the cats, vaccinate them for rabies and distemper, and tip their ear. That is an international symbol that shows that the cat has already been sterilized and vaccinated. Then the cats are released back to their colony or neighborhood and a caretaker feeds them each day. This humane program keeps cats out of our shelters. Feral cats that are turned in to open admission shelters across the country are euthanized. This is because they are not social and often cannot be handled. However, in our county the cats are in a community database. If they are picked up and taken to Hillsborough County Animal Services, the caretaker can be notified first due to the tipped ear. To date we have 2,150 colonies and 15,034 feral cats that have been sterilized and vaccinated. Through this program, the cats can live out their lives and not have to die. For more information, please check our website at www. or contact Mary Ann O’Donnell at 813-625-0910.

This graph shows the effect that TNR has had on the euthanasia rate of cats in our community.

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Clinic staff and volunteers hard at work on a Feral Cat Monday

Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Helping Community Cats…2 Sad Stories with Happy Endings… By Vicky Tillman (HSTB Volunteer) I received a call from a friend who was frantic about a community cat that had just been run over by a car and was hiding because of the rain. The caretakers, Diana & Cindy, tried to get the cat they had named Spanky, but he was scared and jumped into the storm drain with his back leg dangling! Our TNR Manager, MaryAnn O’Donnell, and I ran over to see if we could help. My husband Rob came and took off the manhole covers and MaryAnn went home to get a net. I jumped into the storm drain and spotted Spanky, so I inched my way toward him in mucky wet sand. I finally reached the other side about 100 feet in and he somehow darted past me. So I turned around and started all over again. Finally he was so tired and in pain, he gave up. I picked him up as I crawled through to the other side and rushed him to Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Services.

Spanky at home recovering from his broken leg.

At the vet’s office Spanky saw Dr. Meyers. She took an X-ray and it was determined he had a broken leg but was otherwise in great shape. He spent 2 weeks at my house in recovery, but is now back with his mom and is expected to make a full recovery! Special thanks to MaryAnn O’Donnell, The Humane Society of Tampa Bay and Dr. Meyers of Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Services.

“Sarah”, a young adult tabby, was abandoned with her 3 kittens when the owners moved away and left her behind. They booted her outside and left the young kittens in the house. An animal lover named Sherry found Sarah and discovered that she had been shot with a .22 caliber bullet. The bullet lodged inside her front left leg. Sherry put up fliers in the neighborhood offering a reward to catch the person responsible for this cruelty but no one responded. In the meantime, children in the neighborhood knocked a hole in the wall of the house and retrieved the kittens. After medical care, Sarah recovered from her bullet wound. Sarah and her kittens have now found their forever homes.

Sarah recovering from her bullet wound.

Sarah’s kittens getting spayed and neutered and ready for adoption! Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Page 9

Successful Adoptions Just wanted to let you know that Missy is doing great! I adopted her in May. She is an affectionate, energetic little dog and has settled in her new home very quickly! She loves to explore her back yard! Can’t believe someone gave her up and I was lucky enough to find her. Thank you!! - Catherine Conti

I visited the Humane Society looking for a family member for my other dog named Lillian. As I walked thru the center, I saw lots of dogs. But, at the very end of the last aisle I saw HUGO. I just fell in love with his face and demeanor. He looked at me with those big eyes as if to say “Are you going to take me home?” Hugo, is so smart and loveable, I could not believe that old owner gave him up because she got a new puppy. I am so happy he has come to live with my family. He has been a blessing of happiness and excitement everyday in my home. Thank you Humane Society for Hugo. Sincerely, The Brantley Family

We just wanted to say thank you for our lovely Lola! She is the sweetest cat ever. I know that black cats are often overlooked at the shelters, and I really don’t understand why. She’s affectionate and well-behaved and absolutely gorgeous! The staff at HSTB was so nice and they made us feel so appreciated. Thanks for rescuing her and allowing her to become a part of our family. We can’t imagine life without our sweet Lola. -The Wilsons

We fostered Weston for two months while he underwent the last of his heart worm treatment. Initially he was very docile, not much personality, and low key. Once his treatment was up he had to return for shots. Finally after about 90 days his true personality began to shine through. He is amazing! He is spunky! Loves walks, other dogs, people, and toys. He is very well behaved and just a little lover. We had to adopt him. We couldn’t see him belonging to another family. He just fits in so well here. I don’t know what we would do without him. Thank you so much for treating his heart worms and giving him a second chance. He deserved it and is so happy and grateful just as we are! - Billee Ivie

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Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Special Thanks...

Thanks to Haley Calderone for hosting a lemonade stand to raise funds for HSTB!

Thanks to Grand Court Tampa for holding a dog wash! They raised $372 for HSTB! Thanks to employees at Hunter Warfield for staining our decks and walkways! They look great!

A Special Thanks to the following companies for helping HSTB! Academy of Hope Aveda – International Mall Bank of America Barefoot Wine and Bubbly Chili’s – Tampa Stadium Ferman Mini of Tampa Bay Fuzzie Buddies Hunter Warfield Company

Thanks to The Tampa Yankees! The 5th Annual Bark at the Ballpark raised over $1,500 for HSTB!

Hyde Park Village Tom Johnson Kforce Krewe of Pandora Mister HotShine Carwash & Lube Centers N. Hillsboro Moose Riders Nu-Way Networking

Thank you to Maddie Grill for hosting a bake sale and raising $265 for HSTB!

Making Tracks • Newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Storm Tampa Bay Yankees The New Barker The Westin Tampa Bay – Aqua Bar & Grille United Church of Christ United Health Care Yard of Ale

Thanks to the N. Hillsboro Moose Riders! Their poker run raised over $1,700. Motorcycle enthusiasts really love animals! Page 11

Calendar of Events Dedicated to ending animal homelessness and providing care and comfort for companion animals in need.

Humane Society of Tampa Bay 3607 N Armenia Ave. Tampa, FL 33607 (813) 876-7138 Adoption Hours: Sunday Noon - 5:00 p.m. Monday Closed Tuesday & Wednesday Noon - 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Friday, Saturday Noon - 5:00 p.m. Spay/Neuter Clinic Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (813) 870-3304 Wellness Clinic Thursday-Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (813) 870-3304 Call for an appointment. Walk-ins also accepted until 1:30pm.


Yard of Ale hosts “Ales for Tails” The First Saturday of Every Month September 3rd, October 1st, November 5th Join us from 5pm-7pm at Yard of Ale located at 406 South Howard Avenue. Enjoy drink specials and chance drawings with your four legged friends, all for a $5.00 donation that will benefit the animals at The Humane Society of Tampa Bay. We hope you and your four legged friends can join us for a yapping good time!

September 2011

Columbia Restaurant’s 14th Annual Community Harvest September 1st-30th The Columbia donates 5% of all guests’ lunch and dinner checks to the charitable organizations chosen by their customers during the month of September. Please be sure to select the Humane Society of Tampa Bay when dining and enjoying the wonderful food! Block PAWty in Hyde Park Village Thursday, September 15th from 6pm-9pm Proceeds Benefit the Humane Society of Tampa Bay You and your 4 legged friends are invited to a yip-yapping good time at the courtyard area outside of Downtown Dogs, located at 1631 West Snow Circle. Win great prizes and enjoy drink specials and give-aways.

October 2011

Yard of Ale hosts “Ales for Tails” The First Saturday of Every Month Join us on Saturday, October 1st from 5pm-7pm at Yard of Ale located at 406 South Howard Avenue. Enjoy drink specials and chance drawings with your four legged friends, all for a $5.00 donation that will benefit the animals at The Humane Society of Tampa Bay. We hope you and your four legged friends can join us for a yapping good time!

Hyde Park Village Live Music Series Wednesday, October 26th from 6pm-9pm HSTB is one of the benefiting charities for the great line-up of music acts. All beer sales benefit HSTB. 10th Annual Pumpkin Patch Dates: Saturday, October 15th - Sunday, October 30th Location: Hyde Park Village 742 S Village Circle Tampa, FL Find plump pumpkins, decorations and pets in costumes. Hours are: Monday through Friday: 5pm-8pm; Saturday: 10am-8pm and Sunday: 12pm-6pm. Pet Masquerade at the Pumpkin Patch Saturday, October 22nd Location: Hyde Park Village 742 S Village Circle Tampa, FL Registration begins at 10:00am and the costume contest begins at 10:30am. Check our website for details! Passion for Pets Thursday, October 20th Location: Wyndham Hotel 700 N Westshore Blvd Tampa, FL 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Annual fundraising luncheon. If you are interested in attending, please contact Nancy McCall (813) 774-4311.

November 2011 Fall Adoption Expo Saturday, November 5th 10:00am-4:00pm Florida State Fairgrounds-Special Events Center 4800 Highway 301 North, Tampa, FL 33610 Join HSTB and 40 other rescue groups where you can choose from hundreds of adorable adoptables! 2012…HSTB’s 100 year Birthday! Bark in the Park – Saturday, March 10, 2012 Tuxes and Tails – Saturday, May 5, 2012

For more information on upcoming events and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Special Events at 813-876-4150 or

Making Tracks September 2011  

The quarterly newsletter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.