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Cheap Chic: Shopping on a Budget

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Athleisure After Dark Grab your heels, your accessories, your gym shorts and let’s get sexy! Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

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Food 7

Ask a Dietician by Alyson Hickman


What’s Trending by Brooke Lewis


Meal Prep by Matthew Poland


Ask a Stylist by Brittany Washington


Snacking Made Easy by Matthew Poland


The Perfect Selfie by Kayla Mosegi


Two Can Wear That Look by Myaesha Ingram

Editorial Features Activewear Meets Active Style Activewear doesn’t have to be plain and ordinary. Activewear should be bold, fierce, and active!

Family 5

Healthy Children for a Healthy Future by Babette Hupke

Athlesuire After-Dark


Ever thought about wearing your athletic attire and dressing it up? Well you’re in luck because it’s trending now. Grab your heels, your accessories, your gym shorts and let’s get sexy.


Cheap Chic: Shopping on a Budget by Quintaya Forchion

2 Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

Mix in’ It Magazine offers readers a glimpse into the lives of Human Ecology students studying a variety of concentrations from dietetics to fashion merchandising. This magazine was birthed from the desires of Human Ecology students to share the importance of family and consumer sciences with the university, local community, and society.

We are very excited to share the first issue of Mix in’ It Magazine with you! We’ve worked very hard and hope you enjoy this first issue full of great information that is both interesting and helpful from tips for shopping on a budget to information about the latest technology apps. -Stephanie Duruji and Tanise Edwards

3 Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

Human Ecology Mission Statement

To empower students through education, discovery, and community outreach to become professionals serving individuals, families and communities to improve the quality of life in a diverse, technological and global society.

The department offers an undergraduate degree in Human Ecology with options in the following concentration areas: o Child Development o Dietetics o Family and Consumer Sciences o Family and Consumer Sciences Education o Fashion Merchandising o Nutrition 4 Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

Healthy Children for a Healthy Future By Babette Hupke

There are some children that get daily exercise going to soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics, dance, karate, field hockey, and many other extracurricular activities. However, being healthy isn’t just about the physical activities; it is also about eating healthy and making healthy choices. It is important for parents to explain healthy eating habits to their children. Children, both younger and older will enjoy helping out in the kitchen preparing meals for the family. One of the most important steps is to let children sample as many different foods as they are willing to try. It is better to start introducing foods to children at a younger age and to keep re-introducing the foods they turn away from. Also, parents should always remember to model healthy eating habits. Sometimes parents rushing kids from soccer to gymnastics opt for the quick fix of fast food to fill those little bellies. Let your child help pack healthy alternatives for lunch, car rides, or anytime they need a snack. 5

Children are constantly learning through physical exercise. They are learning gross motor skills, fine motor skills, sharing, cooperation, critical thinking skills, stability, and much more. Some children may be missing out on adequate physical exercise because families cannot afford extracurricular activities or because parents feel their living area is unsafe. For these reasons, it is important for families to learn how they can get their children physically active at home. There are many ways parents and children can be imaginative and create an indoor obstacle course or create one out in the backyard; this can be a fun and unique learning experience for both parents as well as their children. Another way for parents and children to be fit together is by exercising together to workout videos. Children have so much energy and without some form of physical activity, they tend to sometimes bounce off the walls and get into trouble. Let’s help our children become more physically active………..their future depends on it! Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

Brittany Washington is Junior at the University of Maryland Eastern

Ask a Stylist

Shore, studying in fashion merchandising. Ms. Washington is in the process of building her own clothing line, Matte Voltaire and she aspires to become a creative director, designer and stylist. Ms. Washington began began sewing sewing and and her her styling styling clothing at 16 and her favorite celebrity stylist is Shun clothing at 16 andMs. herWashington favorite Melson. Overall, loves styling as well as designing clothes and she celebrity stylistaiscareer Shunout Melson. plans to make of it. Overall, Ms.itWashington loves stylist? : What does take to be a fashion styling as well as designing As a fashion stylist you haveclothes to give your clients your top of the scale level of and she plans to makestylist a career outbeofwilling to give up late nights, early mornings, and creativity. A fashion must it. most of their energy when styling their clients. For beginners, organization is always the key to being a great stylist. Lastly, remaining attentive on the current trends is also a very important. Different trends start very often so as a stylist it’s your job to know what the trend is, and know how to incorporate the trend into your client’s wardrobe. Where do you look for inspiration? As a fashion stylist my inspiration comes from designers. Designers such as Laquan Smith, Shane Justin, Alexander McQueen, and Rhianna. Also, looking at designers’ collections each new season inspires me to create unlimited looks to try on new clients. Lastly, everyday people inspire me on a day to day basis. What would you say to younger teens in high school trying to become a stylist? My advice to anyone interested in a career in fashion is to stay focused and build connections even at a young age because networking can take you any and everywhere. I would also encourage others to create a blog showing their talent for creating looks daily as well as an Instagram page just for their styling. Promotion is everything so use social media to publicize your skills. Always think outside the box and always think ahead of the current trend to help your styling techniques standout.

6 Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

Ask a Dietitian

Alyson Hickman is a senior studying Dietetics. Alyson was chosen as the most outstanding student in the School of Agricultural and Natural Sciences. Also, she’s been accepted into the dietetic internship program at UMES, Her love for helping others stems from all the close relationships formed in her small, close-knit community. After graduating, Alyson plans to continue serving the community by providing diabetes education and services to the lower eastern shore of Maryland and Virginia.

What are the foods that promote weight loss and health in general? The most important thing that you can learn how to do is eat balanced meals, get out and move, and listen to your body. We need each type of food (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) to keep our bodies running smoothly. Finding the right balance of these types of foods for your body is the key to staying healthy and feeling great. Do unsaturated fats and saturated fats provide the same calories per gram? Yes. All fats provide 9 calories per gram. What do you eat in a typical day? I’m a creature of habit, so I eat pretty similar things every day. For breakfast, I usually eat an egg with a piece of whole-wheat toast or 2 slices of whole-wheat toast with mashed avocado, feta cheese, Sriracha, and salt & pepper. For lunch, sometimes I eat a salad with grilled chicken, lots of veggies, and oil & vinegar. Other times I may have homemade Greek yogurt egg salad or brown rice with black beans and mixed vegetables. Dinner time is when I really like to change it up, but generally I stick with seasoned grilled or baked chicken with steamed vegetables and brown rice or whole-grain pasta as sides. I also try to eat fresh fish at least once a week. It is important to remember that we are all different shapes and sizes, so when coming up with your own meal ideas it is important to eat for your body type (i.e. don’t try to under-eat or overeat). How can I make myself drink more water? I actually struggled with this problem myself during high school. Not drinking enough water can cause muscle cramps, headaches, fatigue, digestive problems, and so much more. For those of you who crave soda, I recommend getting some club soda-which is just carbonated water – and adding a fresh lemon slice or some cucumber for flavor. Also, buying yourself a really cool water bottle will help motivate you to drink more water.


Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

What’s Trending? By Brooke Lewis

Technology is taking over everything. It makes things convenient and makes everything available at your fingertips. When it comes to college students, all we use is our phones. Besides texting and calling we use our cellular devices for the apps. We check emails, listen to music, go shopping, keep up with our homework assignments, and social media Pinterest is an app that is for people that is looking for inspiration or likes vision boards. When you are working on a project, looking for guidance on an

outfit creation, or planning an event this app will help you see your vision. This app allows people to search for any topic and look at users different pins and boards about the topic. Anyone can make an account and is able to post their own inspiration boards.

8 Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

Meal Prep

Cooking the food is the fun part. Experiment with different flavors and combinations.

By Matthew Poland

Find out what’s good and what’s not so good. Think about it this way – a meal is just being made at a huge scale, and the leftovers are just enough to last for the rest of

At its core, meal preparation is simply

the week.

preparing meals ahead of time so when the

The final step is storage. Store the food in

going gets tough and time is tight, food will

the refrigerator for later use, it may even help

be one less thing to worry about. Meal

to label the storage containers with each day

prepping can be used by busy moms who

of the week. Now when heading off to class

don’t have enough time to make their

or sending the kids away to school with their

children’s lunch each morning, college

freshly cooked meals, don’t forget to store

students who are juggling multiple

the food in an insulated lunch box,

responsibilities or anyone who is looking to

preferably with ice packs. Also, try not to

maximize their time and eating efficiency.

forget about the prepped meals sitting in the fridge. After about 7 days from the prepared

The first step in the mystical road to

date they will mostly likely go bad and no

becoming a meal-prep pro is buying in bulk.

one likes to waste food.

Not only does this save money and trips to the grocery store but it also makes preparing a large amount of food all at once much easier. The second step is preparing the food. Make sure to obtain the needed large pots, pans and reusable containers for easy storage.


Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

The Perfect Selfie By Kayla Mosegi

Selfies are used by most

include: Facetune, PhotoShop Express, and Filterra. These people on social media. apps can help with make your Whether it is posting on photos clear and your face Instagram or choosing a new smooth. It can also enhance profile picture, there is always your makeup. Facetune gives a need for the perfect selfie. you the option of adding I’m sure we’ve all spent too highlight to your face, much time taking photos of concealing, and making ourselves and deleting the something matte. If you look picture because it wasn’t quite at my before and after pictures right. If you follow the tips I used the PhotoShop Express shared in this article you’ll app. The first thing I did was become a pro at taking selfies. choose a filter I liked then I The first step is to find your smoothed perfect out my GREAT LIGHTING IS THE angle. It may face. If you be the right KEY TO A PERFECT SELFIE. download side of your the app face or the that affect is called “reduce left. You may not even have a noise”. Reducing noise on bad angle so you can take your photo makes your selfie pictures from any side of your smooth and clear. The face. After you find the right “defog” feature on the angle for yourself you need to photoshoot app helps make have great lighting. Great your background clear and I lighting is the key to a perfect used that also. These apps will selfie. Without that you won’t definitely help you look great find out which photo of on any social media platform! yourself you like best. When you finally choose your favorite photo, you might think you are finished there but you are wrong. You should download a photo editor app or have an app you like that has different filters to enhance your photo. Some of the best photo editing apps 10




Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

Cheap Chic: Shopping on a Budget By Quintaya Forchion When looking for an outfit on a budget it is best to start at the clearance section to see if you can find anything that you may like and work your way around the store from there. There’s nothing more discouraging than finding a piece that you really like but it doesn’t fit within your financial limits. Even if you do not find an entire outfit you can still coordinate that piece with something you have at home, but to achieve a full look like this try on multiple pieces and pair them together to have a full look for your night out. The foundation to this punk rock, 80s look, is the mesh skirt and the metallic grey blouse. Together these pieces will total to $30.98 and can be paired with any accessory or shoe you have at home. If you have a little more to spend it can also be paired with another item to maximize your look.

Do you want more for your money at a cost efficient price? Why not start budgeting your account and living within your means. For most college students shopping on a budget is difficult, whether clothing or groceries, everyone can agree that finding what you need at a price that fits within your range is hard! In this article you will find a guide to help assist you with your next purchase. As a college student there are ways to save money on things you buy every day. Most companies have apps where you can earn rewards and receive coupons daily, but some stores may not have what you need at a price that you can afford. When the weekend comes around and your friends call you up on a Friday night to go out the first thing they ask is, “What are you wearing tonight?” Most people can agree that they can find something to put on in their closet, but for others they struggle with “not having anything to wear.” If you are looking for something new and trendy consider shopping at H&M. H&M is an international retailer of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories, with thousands of store fronts around the world. It’s dedicated to producing fast fashion apparel at an affordable price while providing the latest trends to consumers. H&M can meet the needs of every wardrobe offering everything from the hottest trends to the most essential basics at an affordable price.

This is a cost efficient way to save your money while getting more for less! Remember the next time you plan to go shopping for a night on the town stop by your local H&M to pick up your cheap chic look or if you have more time, choose from a wider variety online. Allow for shipping time and start downloading clothing apps for coupons and alerts for the newest markdown events. Let this article be a message to you that you can afford to be chic even if it’s cheap! Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1


Two Can Wear That Look by Myaesha Ingram

A day on campus where I spotted this casuallounge look sported by a student and surprisingly, the son of my professor. This is a repeating trend for spring 2018. It is not necessarily dreadful. There is something corky and comforting about pairing patterned socks with sandals. Also, the windbreaker jacket is the big thing in outerwear. This generic garment just may become the next vast trend on the runways. It’s a piece that you’ll see worn on average consumers and consumers of high-fashion. If you’re eyeing womenswear you’ll notice the gravitation to the sporty-chic trend, yet menswear is still emphasizing that nerdy, cool kid-on-the-block look. Let me just say, both looks can be sported with a windbreaker. T-shirt, pullover windbreaker, and chino shorts may be the best pieces to complete patterned socks and sandals. This is an often-feared combo that is actually trendy. Not only is the combo a smart idea for tricky transition weather, but it is a fashionable way to keep the toes warm and wear less-dense material.

Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1


Snacking Made Easy by Matthew Poland

It’s no doubt that snacking holds a place in each of our daily lives. When the stomach rumbling starts and there is no time or energy left in the tank to cook a full meal, snacking is the option we all turn to. Snacking can most definitely be an important and even beneficial part of our daily eating habits. In fact, Research published by the International Society of Sports Nutrition concerning meal frequency and snacking showed that an increased meal frequency appears to help decrease hunger and improve appetite control. This research also found that increased meal frequency seemed to have a positive effect on various blood markers of health, particularly LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, and insulin levels. The best tip for healthy snacking, or healthy eating in general, is if the food isn’t there, it can’t be eaten. Flex the will power at the store and pass up on the tub of ice cream because when its snack time and the search for food begins, the unhealthy options won’t even be on the menu. But, whether it is a bag of potato chips or a banana with peanut butter, eating a small bit of food can help hold us over until the next meal. Being aware of the strategies and tricks to healthy snacking is one step that can go a long way in controlling snacking and improving overall health.

Snacking can be tricky when trying to maintain or lose weight, control portions or even simply trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Throughout this article we’ll discuss some tips and tricks when it comes to snacking for adults as well as kids and a bit of scientific research investigating snacking and meal frequency. We’ve all had a craving for an after dinner snack and go to the kitchen searching for something sweet. Well what if it’s possible to satisfy the sweet tooth craving while still providing the body with essential nutrients. Take an apple for example; with the variety of types of apples out there, some sweeter than others, they can be a delicious snack that is light on calories, still satisfying, and can leave the stomach feeling more full because of the dietary fiber found in the apples skin, a vital nutrient that many unhealthy snack foods lack. Craving chips or other salty foods? Try out snap-pea crisps, made from whole snap peas or lentils, they taste just like salted potato chips but contain little to no salt and pack quite a large amount of fiber and protein. Portion size is a key part in getting a handle on snacking habits. When a full bag of pretzels is present during a before-bed T.V binge, it is more likely that a large amount of the pretzels will be eaten without the individual even realizing how much they’ve eaten. To defeat this issue, pouring out a small amount into a bowl can give a visual representation of there being more food actually being consumed.

Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1


Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1


Fashion Editors: Tanise Edwards and Stephanie Duruji

Photographers: Keith Garner Jr. and Juwanza Diggs


Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1


ctivewear Meets ctive Style ctivewear Meets ctive Style

Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1



Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

A c t i v e w e a r

18 Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

A c t i v e S t y l e 19

Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

Be Fierce.

Be Active. 20

Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

Be Bold.

Photographers: Keith Garner Jr. and Juwanza Diggs

Be Active. 21

Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

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Activewear Athleisure Child Development Dietitian Fashion Merchandising Fashion Stylist

Healthy Human Ecology Meal Prep Mixin It Nutrition Snacks 22

Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

Mix In’ It Crossword Puzzle


Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

The Department of Human Ecology is interested in connecting with alumni. If you graduated from UMES with a degree in Human Ecology let us know what you’ve been up to so we can include you in our Alumni Spotlight.

We hope you enjoyed the first issue of Mixin’ It Magazine and we would love to hear your feedback. Share your opinion about the magazine and any ideas you may have for future issues. To contact the Department of Human Ecology regarding the magazine please email Dr. Bridgett Clinton-Scott at or Mrs. Cathy Ferraro at


Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

Mix In’ It Magazine Photo Shoot Creating this magazine was a team effort with students from all Human Ecology concentrations contributing to this publication. Students exhibited great teamwork and showcased their talents. They had a tough time deciding what photos to include but their advisers helped them decide. 

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Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1


Credits Advisers Dr. Bridgett Clinton-Scott and Mrs. Cathy Ferraro Co-Editor Stephanie Duruji Co-Editor Tanise Edwards Contributing Photographers Keith Garner Jr. and Juwanza Diggs Makeup Artist Morgan Barnes Writers Quintaya Forchion Alyson Hickman Babette Hupke Myaesha Ingram Briana Knox Brooke Lewis Kayla Mosegi Matthew Pollard Brittany Washington

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Mix in’ It Magazine Issue 1

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