Humana Obscura #02 (Spring/Summer 2021)

Page 14


Emerging from the reddish dolostone they announce themselves to the light, resilient in the way their first leaves unfurl like a prayer or pledge to always remain. Bellwort and bloodroot and bluebell, already tender and fleeting, and you left as an ephemeral would — here one day and gone the next. But the wildflowers continue to grow, keeping their word year after year, rising up through dampened leaf litter to embrace the warmth of faint spring light and again declare their perennial promise to endure what cannot be endured, but what must be to go on.

BECK ANSON (he/they) is a queer and trans emerging writer whose work can be found in Rattle and is forthcoming in RHINO. He holds two degrees in botany and lives in Burlington, Vermont.


humana obscura