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Beth Shaw’s YogaFit ISBN: 9780736075367

£10.99 | €14.30

Guiding Yoga’s Light ISBN: 9780736074285

£17.00 | €22.10

In this revised and updated 2nd edition, renowned exercise expert Beth Shaw presents a cutting-edge workout combining aerobic exercise with yoga for strength and flexibility. These 85 YogaFit poses are organised into routines that can be used daily for health, energy, vitality, a leaner body, less stress, better posture and improved concentration. Whether you’re a fitness buff searching for a new challenge or a yoga enthusiast looking to supplement your exercise routine, Beth Shaw’s YogaFit gets results in weeks, giving you benefits that last a lifetime.

Guiding Yoga’s Light leads instructors beyond the anatomical aspects of asanas, stretching, movement and balance toward a deeper spiritual understanding of hatha yoga’s 5,000-year-old philosophy. Through systematic integration, students are encouraged to take yoga out of the classroom, bringing clarity and calmness to their every day lives. 74 easyto-use lesson plans offer instruction in asana, pranayama, the yamas and niyamas, the chakras and understanding emotions. Also includes three new chapters and a glossary of Sanskrit pronunciations.

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Beth Shaw’s YogaFit. The style is very user friendly, approachable and contemporary..."

“Nancy's book is helpful for yoga teachers in planning their classes and for practitioners who want to have a class experience... I used it in my classes and my students loved it!”

Halima Malik, Yoga Magazine

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Sharon Steffensen, Editor Yoga Chicago

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Morning Pilates Workouts ISBN: 9780736059541

£11.99 | €15.60

A Pilates routine for every morning schedule! Morning workouts are a great way to exercise regularly, manage weight and energise your day. Includes light, moderate and high-effort routines lasting for 20, 40 and 60 minutes. Numerous poses, warm-up options and breathing techniques give you the tools to reduce stress and improve flexibility.

Instructing Hatha Yoga ISBN: 9780736052092

£29.00 | €37.70 Stretching Anatomy ISBN: 9780736059725

£14.99 | €19.50

This is just like having a full-colour X-ray of each stretch! Each exercise includes detailed instruction on how to stretch, when to stretch, primary and secondary muscle emphasis, as well as which supporting muscles are activated. Whatever the goal of your flexibility programme, this book will help you to see and feel the benefit of proper stretching technique.

Written by professionals who have taught yoga and developed training programmes for many instructors, this great book provides teaching techniques for instructors of all levels. It also includes a DVD, offering users a personal yoga instructor who shows how to teach sample postures.

Comes complete with DVD

Teaching Yoga for

...definitely one of the best books on stretching that I’ve seen.

Anne-Marie Lategan Woman’s Fitness Magazine

ISBN: 9780736070164

£14.00 | €18.20

Teaching Yoga can help yo for students. This book use of your students, particularl sport-based activities. Yoga can be adapted to anyone’s and discover, or rediscover, do it. With the expert guidan text, yoga can revitalise you

Morning Yoga Workouts ISBN: 9780736064019

£11.99 | €15.60

Now there’s a yoga routine to fit every morning schedule. Nine workouts offer light, moderate and intense sessions, suitable for use at home or in the studio. Poses include an in-depth exploration of sun salutations, as well as the full range of yoga asana and breathing techniques. A great way to start your day!

Hatha Yoga Illustrated ISBN: 9780736062039

£11.99 | €15.60

Presents 77 standard poses with over 600 fullcolour photos. Individual poses are presented from chapter 11 start to finish, illustrating Hatha Yoga how to achieve proper Routines alignment and breathing technique. 11 sample yoga routines show you how to design workouts to chapter 3 suit individual fitness levels and lifestyles. Balancing Sitting Postures




Balancing postures require a great and stamina. deal of focus, They develop strength, poise, agility, concentration. coordination, They require and you muscles and thus, your inner to draw into your core strengthening awarene ss. poses in which They are and precise muscle tone alignment is essential. Regular is created the balancing practice of postures shown you develop in increased control this chapter helps over your body.

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u create a safe and relaxed atmosphere es a diverse approach to engage all ly those who don’t enjoy traditional a requires little or no equipment and s needs. It helps people slow down , who they are. Best of all, anyone can nce and practical approach of this ur classroom and your students.

ISBN: 9780736062787

£14.99 | €19.50

Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, this book will allow you to see each position and movement in a fresh light. With clear, expert instruction and full-colour, detailed anatomical drawings, Yoga Anatomy provides a deeper understanding of the structures and principles underlying each movement and of yoga itself.

Peace of mind... 57

30 DAY

Balancing Postures

The yoga asanas described in this book are ally. Once you of great benefit become familiar when practiced sequential series. with the poses individuit is advantag This chapter eous to do them up a routine introduces a similar series in a provide a sequence to those you might experiencof asanas that collective ly make breath with your or flow to your yoga practice e in a yoga class. The routines movement. Along that allows you a greater sensitivit to coordinate with consciou your s breath and y to your physical them. It is this movement and energy body awareness that and the relationsh you’ll gain is the essence The routines ip between of alignment. also help to bring by making a mindful connectio the whole practice together the next. Yoga n between one is not only what pose and but also what happens during happens before the pose and after the movement from pose. Mindful pose to pose will help you make your yoga to center and experience a moving meditatio Please note that there are n. some poses that are not in the routines described in the text of this it is recomme book. Therefore nded , the book where that you master similar poses from possible to prepare these routines. yourself for

Yoga Anatomy


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Pilates ISBN: 9780736056236

£13.99 | €18.20

Pilates offers a range of benefits, including strengthening the body against potential injury, exercising all muscle groups, combining flexibility with strength, as well as improving posture and alignment. With over 200 exercises, this is the one book you need to improve posture, muscle tone, core strength and flexibility.

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