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Executive Presence Inspiration Trip - Sep. 29th to Oct. 6th 2018

Explore new frontiers Human Insight and Top Executive

Flying into San Francisco and staying in

Care are inviting you to join us on

Monterey, this is your chance to spend a

an inspiring and insightful journey to

week with inspiring partners in a global

Silicon Valley from September 29th to

hotspot of innovation and ecology.

October 6th.

Accompany us as we visit several of the world’s leading tech companies to study how they approach leadership, innovation and transformation, then train your own leadership and communication abilities in the renowned workshop Executive Presence from one of our business partners Bob Sadler.

Visit the heart of innovation and ecology Home of some of the world’s biggest

Besides the frantic energy of the

leading tech companies, Silicon

Valley, we will be staying in the

Valley is one of the global hotspots of

tranquillity of Monterey, one of the

innovation, transformation and rapidly

world’s most ecological environments.

jumping S-Curves. Our journey will

From the world-famous Monterey

take us past interesting organisations

Bay and Aquarium and the leading-

where we will receive presentations of

edge wild-life preservation to the

change makers and will have the unique

vibrant, cooperative business and arts

opportunity to ask questions around

communities, the region breathes

innovation and leadership in one of

ecology and sustainability and is a true

the fastest moving environments in the

example of the power of living systems.


Executive Presence Masterclass Bob Sadler is an experienced consul-

Through the years, Bob developed the

tant who has earned his marks advising

Executive Presence Masterclass, utilising

some of the world’s largest corporates

his experience and knowledge of work-

and coaching executives on success-

ing with top executives and executive

fully leading and implementing change

teams. The Executive Presence work-

programs. Being one of the lead con-

shop helps leaders, executives, entre-

sultants to lead the merger between HP

preneurs and many other professionals

and Compaq in the mid-nineties, he has

to become more aware of the impact

a long history working on the forefront

they have on their organisation, other

of major changes in Silicon Valley. Ad-

people and how they can communicate

ditionally, he is an important and en-

more efficiently to get the most out of

thusiastic partner in implementing and

their interactions with- and presenta-

building out Human Insight in the Unit-

tions for other people.

ed States.

What’s in it for you? The Executive Presence inspiration trip offers you the following:

• Develop leadership skills and insights

in the California sun • Gain insights in how the biggest

companies in the world approach

• Discover your natural leadership- and

communication style and develop these to their fullest potential. • Learn the value of authenticity in

innovation and deal with

communicating and presenting ideas

transformation and disruptions.

and develop the skills necessary to

• Learn practical tools to optimise

create and tell truly authentic stories.

your verbal and non-verbal

• Enjoy deep, meaningful discussions

communication, to clearly

and exchange ideas, visions and

communicate your ideas and visions

opportunities with our esteemed and

and to develop traction with your

experienced partners in one of the


most inspiring environments on the planet.

Investment, contact and registration Interested to join us on exploring these

Feel free to reach out to us but don’t

new frontiers, or would you like to

hesitate too long, as we only have room

learn more? Please contact us at info@

for 12 participants. We look forward or sign up on

to hearing from you and travelling to

our website

California together!


Your investment is

â‚Ź 5.995,- excluding VAT Including hotel and breakfast, transfer, workshops, Silicon Valley Tour and dinner for 2 nights.

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Executive Presence - Inspiratiereis  

Human Insight organiseert speciaal voor haar gewaardeerde klanten een bijzondere reis naar Monterey, California.

Executive Presence - Inspiratiereis  

Human Insight organiseert speciaal voor haar gewaardeerde klanten een bijzondere reis naar Monterey, California.