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More than Consulting

Hultin Partners Ltd is one of the leading consulting companies in Europe when it comes to Russia - Europe internationalization expertise. We have excellent connections in Finland as well as in other European countries such as Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Estonia. If your company is seeking to enter the international markets, Hultin Partners’ experience, expertise and wide collaboration networks is what you need. Start your business in Finland, get experience and expand to Europe. Hultin Partners Ltd I Maaherrankatu 13C, FI - 53100 I FINLAND I I Tel. + 358 40 556 0961

Establish your Business in Finland Enlarge your succes in Europe

Hultin Partners Ltd offers you a three-step package for your breaking into Europe:

Market Scan in Finland A general overview of the Finnish market for your business A general overview of your product business potential General picture of the main players in the market General picture of the supplier distribution channels Comments & recommendations from local experts A proposal for a Market Channel Solution

Establishement Package

Business Support Services Business Plans & Strategies Sales & Market Services Financial Consultation & Application Services Board Membership Local Representatives Hosting Services

Other European countries MarketScan in agreed countries Establishment Strategy

Business start-up services for one week Official Permissions & Bank Accounts Project Management ( Premises, Recrutement, IT Solutions , Insurances) Accounting & Financial Services Legal Services

Hultin Partners Ltd I Maaherrankatu 13C, FI - 53100 I FINLAND I I Tel. + 358 40 556 0961

For More Information:

Hultin Partners Ltd. Maaherrankatu 13C, FI - 53100 FINLAND E-mail : Tel.+ 358 40 556 0961

More than Consulting

Establish your business in finland  
Establish your business in finland  

Discover how Hultin Partners can help you in establishing your company in Finland.