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IE–MBA Intensive English for Master of Business Administration Master English before your MBA: Our specially-designed language training program for non-native speakers of English

How will a Hult IE-MBA help me? Hult’s Intensive English program (IE-MBA) is designed for candidates with suitable business experience and qualifications, but who have insufficient English proficiency to pursue a top-ranked U.S. accredited MBA. The program equips you with business fluency and the MBA foundation skills needed to succeed in a competitive MBA program taught entirely in English. The Hult IE-MBA will also get you direct access to Hult’s top-ranked, oneyear MBA program through a simplified “Single Application Process”, allowing you to take your career to new heights in the shortest possible time. The Hult IE-MBA is offered in both 3 and 6-month formats, depending on your language needs. The program is composed of three major building blocks: basic language skills, business English, the case study method, and an optional module to prepare you for the GMAT. Apart from the traditional classroom training, you are granted unlimited access to self-study content from the world’s most flexible online English school: Hult's IE-MBA is offered on our Boston and Cambridge (U.K.) campuses.

“My MBA has helped me to address complex issues from a sophisticated, multicultural vantage point. The curriculum gave me the tools necessary to thrive as a professional in a leading investment bank. My experiences with my classmates from all over the world provided me with a spectrum of ideas that I use to tackle everyday business situations.” Antonio Lanuza Philippines International Equity Research Sales Merrill Lynch Class of 2001

Key Benefits Single Application Process A single application for both the Hult IE-MBA program and the Hult MBA program ensures a smooth transition into your MBA career. Small class size for personalized attention The Hult IE-MBA course is taught by an expert English instructor in a small class setting (maximum class size of six people*) to ensure you receive the individual attention necessary to maximize your language learning. A small class size also guarantees that your individual language needs are addressed. A curriculum that combines intensive language training with MBA preparation Alongside language learning, the Hult IE-MBA curriculum is designed to give you the other relevant skills required to complete an MBA in English, including: applying your English skills to solve a Hult business case, building your vocabulary in specific business disciplines, writing a presentation, and giving a full business report. A professional atmosphere with highlyexperienced classmates During your Hult IE-MBA, you will study with a group of mature and experienced young professionals. Your classmates hold middleto-top level management positions and come from a wide range of industries. You will learn as much from them, as you will from your program. Access to the Hult MBA community from the start Particularly for our Boston students, one big advantage of doing your pre-MBA language training at Hult is you will have a head-start in getting acquainted with Hult’s MBA community and establishing yourself at the school. You are welcome to participate in any of Hult’s myriad of weekly student activities, including: networking with talented Hult MBAs and alumni from around the globe, participating in a wide range of Hult executive seminars, attending project presentations and guest speaker series, and getting to know your professors in relaxed settings. * In the event that the class size is below six persons, you may be placed in class with other non-IEMBA corporate language students at your level.

“At first I thought my classmates were quite different from me. I was the only Italian in the class––but by the end of the year, they became part of my family! The year I spent at the school gave me the opportunity to start a new career in the U.S. Being exposed to a multitude of different cultures at Hult helps me with my current job.” Consuelo Del Castillo Italy Senior Treasury Analyst Fresenius Medical Care Class of 1988

Which IE-MBA course is right for me? The 6-month IE-MBA program consists of 2 terms, each 12 weeks in length. Students on the 3-month program will be placed in the second term. Upon successful completion of the course, you will take an exit examination and receive a language competency profile and certificate showing your participation in the course and level of English proficiency.

Term 1

Term 2

Basic and Intermediate English Skills

Higher Intermediate and Advanced Business English Skills

This is to give you the basic tools you need to feel confident and successful in your use of the English language. They will serve as building blocks for the rigorous English training to follow. Upon reaching an intermediate level of English, students will continue on the fast track 3-month course. Start date: Every March

Comprehensive 6-month IE-MBA program This course has been specially designed for students with lower level English skills who require some of the basic building blocks of the language before moving on to more advanced English training.


3-month Advanced Skills IE-MBA Program This course has been specially designed for students with intermediate level English skills but who may lack a number of the more advanced English and communication tools to be successful in the MBA program.

Key Focuses:

Program Start and End Dates: 3 months: May 30, 2011 – August 19, 2011



Tuition fee



Living expenses*



3 months

6 months Tuition fee



Living expenses*



* Our Student Service Teams in Boston and Cambridge are at your disposal and will assist you in finding the accommodation arrangement you may need—student residences, apartments, hotels, etc. Living expenses listed above are estimates and may vary according to accommodation type and other factors.

Start date: Every May Lesson: • 25 weekly lessons with teacher (40 minutes per lesson) • 5 weekly lessons in iLab* with instructor • Unlimited use of self-study license for Key Focuses:

• Grammar – Levels I, II, III

• Hult Case Study training – Apply your English skills to solving increasingly complex Hult case Studies

• Listening – Listening exercises designed to help you understand a range of English accents and dialects, and to improve your listening comprehension

• Advanced Business Vocabulary – Build your vocabulary in specific competencies such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and Management

• Pronunciation and Intonation – Working with words and phrases to improve clarity, speed, and rhythm

• Advanced Reading – Speed Reading III & IV

• Reading – Basic reading skills, finding key information in a text, Speed Reading I & II

6 months: March 7, 2011 – August 19, 2011

• 25 weekly lessons with teacher (40 minutes per lesson) • 5 weekly lessons in iLab* with instructor • Unlimited use of self-study license for

This is to give you the advanced tools you need to feel confident and successful in your use of the English language. They include many of the relevant skills you will need for completing an MBA in English.

• Vocabulary – a) Working with commonly used words, phrases, and expressions b) Basic business vocabulary • Market Leader Case Study series – Case Study exercises will give you the opportunity to use and test all of your newly acquired skills through presentation and writing assignments. * iLAB - Enhanced learning by innovative language lab technology plus interactive online learning.

• Advanced Writing – Learn to write business memos and correspondence, reports, sales inquiries, and summaries • Advanced Grammar – Grammar IV, V & VI • Communication, negotiation, argumentation, and critical thinking • Advanced presentation and interpersonal communication skills • TOEFL / TOEIC Training in the iLab* Test Preparation We recognize that students are concerned with their TOEFL and GMAT entrance examination scores, and therefore we offer online TOEFL training and 8 optional GMAT training lessons included in the cost of the course. The 8 GMAT lessons will be held offsite at the Boston Center for Adult Education (this offer is only available in Boston). The cost of the textbook will be reimbursed. However, the cost of the test will be at the students’ expense.

IE-MBA program outline Week

3-month program

6-month program


Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

tests Pronunciation - Words and Phrases

Listening test - followed by listening program


Vocal Training - Speed Control

Listening Comprehension I


Grammar & Mechanics I

Listening Comprehension II


Writing Skills I - Emails and business coorespondence

Listening Comprehension III


Grammar & Mechanics II

Listening Comprehension IV


Reading Comprehension I Scanning/Finding key points

Listening Comprehension V


Grammar & Mechanics III

Business Vocabulary I


Accent Reduction I

Business Vocabulary II


Grammar & Mechanics IV

Business Vocabulary III


Writing Skills II Resumes and Cover letters

Advanced Vocabulary I Finance and Accounting


Grammar & Mechanics V

Advanced Vocabulary I Marketing and MGT


Reading Comprehension II Speed reading

Advanced Vocabulary I Sales and Advertising


Testing and Skills Assessment

Presentation Skills I Body language and speed control

Report writing week - from Hult information


Describing Data and Trends I Working with Statistics

Presentation Skills II - Targeting the audience, developing content

Writing workshop Executive Summary and Reporting


Writing Skills III Outlines and Proposals

Presentation Skills III Visual Aids and Self-awareness


Describing Data and Trends II Reporting Findings

Listening Comprehension VI Question and Answer

Hult Case Study 1 - reading and discussing, writing a report and an executive summary, giving a final presentation


Grammar & Mechanics VI Grammar in use

Listening Comprehension VII Interviewing techniques


Advanced Vocabulary II Finance and Accounting

Listening Comprehension VIII Interviewing techniques


Advanced Vocabulary II Sales and Advertising

Listening Comprehension VIII Business Conversation


Grammar & Mechanics VII Grammar in use

Writing skills - SWOT Analysis


Advanced Vocabulary II Marketing and MGT

Accent Correction workshop pronunciation, tone, intonation


Cross-Cultural Communication

Communication I Questioning and gaining information


Grammar & Mechanics VII Grammar in use

Communication II Negotiation and persuasion


Final Assessments Making a self-study plan

Communication III Debating and argumentation

Test week - Englishtown, written and oral


Case Study: Market Leader - Intermediate

Case Study: Market Leader - Upper Intermediate

Hult Case Study 2 - reading and discussing, writing a report and an executive summary, giving a final presentation Hult Case Study 3 - reading and discussing, writing a report and an executive summary, giving a final presentation Hult Case Study 4 - reading and discussing, writing a report and an executive summary, giving a final presentation Hult Case Study 5 reading and discussing, writing a report and an executive summary, giving a final presentation

Optional GMAT preparation course

Course Length

IE-MBA in Boston

Hult International Business School

IE-MBA in Cambridge IE-MBA in Cambridge Accreditation & Rankings Hult International Business School is ranked in the top 20 business schools in the U.S. and top 30 in the world by The Economist.

Hult International Business School is currently ranked in the top 100 business schools by the Financial Times.

Hult International Business School’s worldwide operations are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

Frequently asked questions How can I determine if I should enroll in the 3 or 6-month IE-MBA? During the application process, you will be interviewed by an Admissions Officer of the language training program and given a diagnostic English test to determine your language abilities. If the result of this assessment is positive and corresponds to the entry criteria, you will be placed in one of the two courses. What are the application requirements? 1 Possess a Bachelor degree from a recognized university 2 Have at least 3 years work experience 3 A GMAT test of 450 and above 4 Have Completed the IE-MBA application form A 5 A positive diagnostic English test and interview 6 A TOEFL test score What are the minimum TOEFL scores required for being interviewed before entering the IE-MBA program? 3-month program: TOEFL iBT 70 to 84 or IELTS 5.5 or equivalent 6-month program: TOEFL iBT 50 to 69 or IELTS 5.0 or equivalent If you do not possess an official English Language examination score before the start of the IE-MBA, please contact a local admission officer.

How much does the IE-MBA cost? For the most updated tuition fees, please refer to the enclosed application booklet.

Will I be guaranteed direct admission into the Hult MBA program at the Hult International Business School? Your admittance to the Hult MBA program is dependent upon attaining a satisfactory GMAT score as per the admission policy and your exit English evaluation when completing your language training. Will you help me apply for my U.S. visa? Our dedicated counselors assist all accepted students in preparing and processing the student visas. Can I bring my family with me? Yes, we welcome families to accompany students to our Boston campus. Spouses and families are welcome to join many of the school social events and optional tours.

“The school helped me gain the international exposure and the American academic preparation that I was looking for in my career transition. The school’s career advisors helped me to create a strategy to find the right job for me. The MBA program changed my life and is definitely one of the most worthwhile experiences I have ever had.” Karina Liendo Peru Senior Consultant, Intrix Corporation Class of 2001

Hult International Business School’s MBA program is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA).

Hult International Business School is recognized as efficient by the British Accreditations Council of Independent Further and Higher Education.

Hult International Business School is a partner of:

Email: Americas Admissions Office 1 Education Street Cambridge, MA 02141 United States Tel: +1 617 746 1990 Asia Pacific Admissions Office 2301-08, Shell Tower, Times Square Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Tel: +852 2111 2399 Europe Admissions Office 46-47 Russell Square, Bloomsbury London WC1B 4JP United Kingdom Tel: +44 207 341 8555 Middle East, Africa, India Admissions Office 7th Floor, Block 10 Dubai International Academic City PO Box 502988, Dubai United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 375 3088