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31 JANUARY 2011

HUFS Bulletin Bringing Team News and Updates Straight to your Inbox

A Message from Jerome Greenhalgh, Team Principal

TEAM PRINCIPLE Jerome Greenhalgh 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering HEAD OF ENGINEERING Brian Houston MEng PhD Student


get back onto the building of the car it was felt that an

Imran Khan MEng

Welcome to our first Newsletter of 2012. With the

whole team having finished their exams and rearing to update of our progress over the past five months was much needed.

3rd Yr Mechanical Engineering

Charles Hexter, Aishwarya Gowda, Ben Rea, Daniel Reynolds, Yatine Nirvan, Amit Jimi, Joice Joseph, Nur Afiqah Yaya, Pouyan Mehryar, Suva Tamang, James Bright, Lim ‘David’ Seck, Luke Smith,

involvement with the biggest news being that the team have been accepted

2nd Yr Mechanical Engineering

Mayank Sharma, Roberto Rodrigues, Simon Baker, Daniel Padmore, Jack James, Linda Paine, Guy Wiseman 1st Yr Mechanical Engineering

Alistair Nicholson, Calvin Pritchard, George Kersey, Katie Walter, Sophie Sharples, Richard Perkins

This issue of the HUFS Bulletin has updates on all areas of team

to the IMechE competition held at Silverstone in July 2012. This is a big milestone for the team as it confirms that all the hard work that has been put in over the past 15 months has been worth it but also highlights the work that remains to be done over the next six months.

In other news the team now have 9 reputable sponsors whose

patience and willingness to support us in our endeavour is always appreciated, however the team are still looking for sponsors to ensure that the car is a successful as it can possibly be with just under a fifth of the total budget to remaining to be found.

To give an idea of the uses of having a racing team at the

University an event was organised at the end of 2011 with a Ian Livingstone from Gassco AS giving a talk about his career path before attendees were invited to have a go on our F1 simulator with Finance student Thomas Elliot eventually winning with a time of 1:28.552 around Silverstone.

Finally construction of the final car is well underway with, at the

time of going to press, the most important areas of the car; chassis, engine and bodywork are all underway. This ensures that the team remain on track for a completion date at the beginning of June.

Thank you for your interest in the team’s progress and if you feel

that you or your company would like to become involved with the team please do not hesitate to use the contact details at the end of the newsletter. Jerome Greenhalgh Formula Student Team Captain Hull University


31 JANUARY 2011

The Development of the HU-Challenger What the latest developments are on the first ever car to be designed at the University of Hull

T he aim of the For mula Student competition is for undergraduate engineers to design a prototype open cockpit, open wheeled racing car. This car is to be aimed at the amateur racing market and thus must be a cost effective race car. The vehicle is put through its paces at the annual competition consisting of the static and dynamic tests. The static tests aim to test the team’s knowledge of the car and the thinking behind it as well as the business plan were the car to be entered into production. The dynamic tests aim to test the acceleration and handling of the car. Version 12: Limited underbody or front aerodynamics. Progress over the past five months. The past semester has been a busy one in terms of design with two major design iterations taking place, the largest change from version 11 to version 12 was the aerodynamics that were greatly improved and which are being studied by one of our team members as a final year project giving us evidence of its total effect come the competition. The final stage to committing to a design was to build a full-scale wooden model of the chassis design to ensure that the CAD design was both realisable and practical. From the mock-up we arrived at the 13th major chassis design iteration which we feel has addressed all the main packaging and performance constraints. As a result of this we have designed our bodywork around this design. Version 13 is now the final design iteration with a shortened nose and improved underbody aerodynamics. With the help of our sponsors Linecross Ltd. and Progressive CNC Ltd. the production of our bodywork moulds is now well underway. Working with these two companies has allowed the team to develop the aerodynamics of the car, which was an aspect that we were not looking to develop initially. We believe that this will help at the competition, as it will be something different that few teams hold in high regard. Having the body work manufactured to such a high standard will also give the team a car that is very aesthetically appealing and give greater appeal to future sponsors as well as give us a good foundation for the future. The chassis has also been a big area of progress. Version 13 fixed the dimensions of all the chassis members and as a result the beginning of January saw 10 different team members take time away from revision to cut and prepare all the chassis members in order for them to be welded externally by one of our Silver sponsors; Edwin-Snowden Ltd. This has saved the team a great deal of time but crucially ensures that we have a reliable foundation on which to build the remainder of the car. Many lessons have Version 13: Full aerodynamics and shortened nose.


31 JANUARY 2011

already been learned regarding the manufacture of the chassis which will influence the design of future cars. Another aspect of the car that is hoped will be a long term investment is the engine which has been purchased from AB Performance Ltd. in Suffolk. This is being inspected and is expected to arrive shortly after going to press. This will be a key aspect of the car and many team members are eager to start working on it. Other areas of activity include, hubs, steering, brakes, drive-train, suspension, cock-pit and safety harness development to ensure that we have taken into account all the packaging constraints to save time during the manufacture of the car. The team look forward to bringing continued updates on the build. B. Houston & J. Greenhalgh

Visit to Linecross Ltd. Team members visit one of our Gold Sponsors. On Wednesday 14th December, 16 members of the Formula Student team had their first official group trip to Linecross Ltd. Following the drive down we were greeted by Russell and Paul as well as a much needed coffee and biscuits which were kindly provided. After a general introduction to who Linecross were and their operations, we all donned high visibility jackets and safety glasses before being lead on a tour around the facility and introduced to all the vacuum forming machines that will be used to manufacture our body panels as well as the CNC machines used to finish the parts after they have been produced. The different machinery and aspects involved within the company gave us a very good insight into what was involved in the manufacture of vacuum formed parts, the scale of the operations and the turnaround times for different parts. Finally we had a meeting to discuss the development of our body work, what had been developed and improvements that would help us in our continuing adventure to build the car. These changes would also ensure that the parts produced would reflect the high quality products that Linecross are capable of producing. This gave the team a valuable insight into the thought processes involved in producing a product from initial concept designs to the final product. I speak on behalf of everyone when I say the trip was a great success, it was very insightful to see all the processes that we have learnt about first hand and understand what exactly goes on behind the factory doors. Lastly I would like to extend many thanks to Linecross, especially to Russell, Paul and Stuart for their hospitality and their patience in answering all of our many questions. The team eagerly await the end product and are very grateful for the opportunity of working with Linecross to improve our engineering skills. Simon Baker


31 JANUARY 2011

Technical Partnership with AB Performance The team are thrilled to announce a Technical Partnership with AB Performance our engine supplier who have agreed to come and take a look at the car and offer advice on troubleshooting and design issues. They are ideally placed to do this thanks to their work in the manufacture of their own motorbike powered car: The Sabre. We look forward to working with them and to benefit from their experience. Please visit their website: EVENT 16TH DECEMBER: HULL UNIVERSITY STUDENTS UNION The team coordinated with East Yorkshire Region’s IMechE panel to organise their first event. Ian

Livingstone gave a talk on his career path from University until the present day offering a detailed insight into the opportunities available after University. After this the Formula Student team took over with a driving simulator using a our wooden mockup of the car equipped with a steering wheel and PlayStation 3. Attendees were offered the chance to set the fastest time around Silverstone with a best time of 1:28.552 ending a very enjoyable evening and helping raise awareness of the team and its activities within the University.


The next event planned by the team takes place on the 8th of February where a speaker from our

Technical Partner AB Performance will share his experiences followed by a Formula Student Alumni currently working at the Swift Group, our Title Sponsors, about how designing a car at University has helped him in his career. Finally the team principal Jerome Greenhalgh will give a talk about the team and the direction in which it is going before unveiling key aspects of the car. For more information please visit:


Sponsors & Benefactors The team relies solely on sponsorship from companies for its finance as well as the time and energy of its team members and the support of the Engineering Department. This is used to great effect in order to build the University’s first Formula Student car. The team offers four sponsorship packages; Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors, the fourth, Platinum, has been taken by the Swift Group. Every

31 JANUARY 2011

INTERESTED? If you are interested in the developments of the team or would like to get involved please do not hesitate to contact one of the team leaders. Any form of h e l p wo u l d b e g r a c i o u s ly accepted.

contribution is gratefully accepted and a variety of different advertising options are available. Please use the enclosed contact details if you are interested in becoming involved.

Team Leaders Jerome Greenhalgh

The team wishes to thank all our current sponsors for their support:


Platinum Sponsor

Mobile: 07936 849 937

The Swift Group Gold Sponsor

Sargent Electrical

Brian Houston E-mail: Mobile: 07891 029 289


Please visit the Hull University Formula Student team website at

Progressive CNC

or Silver Sponsor

on the Team Facebook Page:

Edwin-Snowden and Co Ltd.

Please follow us on Twitter @HullFS

Bronze Sponsors

Mollart Engineering

Locate Supplies Ltd.

Bensons for Beds

Wren Kitchens

Newsletter Edited by Jerome Greenhalgh If you have any comments please contact Jerome Greenhalgh directly using the afore mentioned details Images courtesy of Hull University Formula Student team and relevant companies. No reproduction of these images without the explicit written permission from the team or the respective companies.

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