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MAY 1998 VOL 1 ISSUE 8


MARRIED 71YEARS Frank and Candis Langevin will celebrate 71 years of marriage on 28 May 1998. This couple lives in Westford, Vermont near their daughter and son-in-law, Janet and Frank Perrault. In the February issue of the Dunn Journal we ran an article featuring Frank.

the Dunn Journal Published whenever, it's sole purpose is to foster a sense of family, our history and traditions ...

Editor Todd Dunn

Assistant Editor Tommy Dunn

Correspondents Janice Walsh, Marie Wilcox, Tommy Dunn

Frank will be 97 years old the 10th of this month and Candis will be 91 in September. Their health is good and are doing great. Occasionally, they ride to Newport and visit old friends. I have visited Frank and Candis on two occasions and I can say without reservation they are truly fine folks. Truly gentle people who have lived with dignity, a great deal of humility, and above all gentleness and patience with each other. Both of them are to be congratulated on their success in their marriage. This couple has made a difference and their family,friends, and community are the better for having known them. May God continue to bless and smile fondly on this wonderful couple!!! Frank and Candis would love to hear from us.

Their address is:


1843 Vt., Rte 128 Westford, Vermont 05494

Howard Dunn, Teresa Decoteau,Lawrence Dunn, Earl Dunn


Historical Consultant Peggy Auger

Publisher Tom Dunn RRI Box 2415 East Hardwick, VT 05836 (802)472-6840 e-mail:

Part 1 [of a bunch] tom dunn 1998 will mark 150 years the descendants of Thomas #1 Dunn and Mary Higgins have been in America and nothing more fitting can be conceived to honor our ancestors and ourselves than by reflecting on our heritage and keeping alive our family story. The Potato Famine of the mid-1800s in Ireland was one of the world's worst human disasters and many Irishman saw fit to leave their homeland to survive. One such family was the Dunn family of Kilkenny, Ireland. But first. .. History 101! In the middle of the 17th century Britain invaded Ireland and broke the"

the Dunn Journal bac._ .of the Irish chieftains and immediately forced upon the Irish their feudal system of

Britain and very quickly in Ireland was the Potato, imported initially from the Andes.

government and forbid their Catholic religion. Hugh O'Neil, one of the displaced Irish leaders attempted to militarily force the British out of Ireland, was defeated and forced to escape to Italy. (Becoming a legend revered for his loyalty to Ireland and noted for his fierce strength.) Within a few short years the Irish people had become a wandering, homeless, poor, disposed people within their own country no less, and committed to an existence as tenants and servants to their English conquerors who at best regarded them as lazy, drunken fools incapable of self

This root vegetable quickly found favor in the Irish climate, was inexpensive to grow, withstood the damp climate, easy to store and could nourish whole families throughout the year. Understandably it quickly became, along with wheat and barley, their primary sustenance. For the poor Irish, (3 million in number) it literally became their breakfast, dinner and supper and was used even to feed their livestock. (It brings to mind even as I write, watching my grandfather, Daniel Dunn, feeding potatoes to his cattle in Troy, Vermont a hundred years later!)

direction.[1650 or 1998?] On any given English estate might be found as many as 10,000 of these tenant farmers owing their dependence on British Lords whose collection of taxes/levy's was persist-

The ritual cycle evolved over the years suggested the soil be prepared starting February 1st, potatoes are planted on St Paddy's Day and all the crops harvested starting on Halloween. Between planting

en!. Important to remember that emigration from Ireland began shortly after the British conquered Ireland. Boatloads of emigrants were heading for the New World, America, even while the Irish population tripled at home, to escape the tyranny of their British conquerors. Equally important to note here, that emigration was favored by Britain to the point that often landlords would finance their travel. One landlord calculated that it cost about 7 pounds to keep a starving, indigent tenant one year on welfare. The cost of a boat ticket to New York about 4 pounds, to Quebec 3 pounds; half price for the children. It was officially seen as one answer to the "Irish problem", an economical way to downsize.

and harvesting, the men were forced to leave home and find work either at the ports or in England itself to supplement their meager income. In the fall of 1845 the Irish awoke on a rainy, foggy day to an overpowering stench that filled the air. Investigating they suddenly discovered to their shock the potato plant so vital for life turning black and dying. One can only imagine their despair. Ireland was in crises.

Ironically, with the next 50-75 years the British Lords found themselves in a unique position as well. Out of regular contact with England and with less and less influence in parliament; having purposely estranged themselves from their Irish subjects, they became isolated themselves; finding themselves alone in a country they really couldn't call home. As we shall see this will become a serious problem for the Irish poor in later years. In the late 17th century and early 18th century the British trading companies were scouring the world for trade and one of the items surfacing first in

The British had seen in the recent pasts, many crop failures, and in fact reacted quite quickly to this one, importing corn and barley into the country and in reality they managed to save the lives of millions of Irishman that year. As the disaster spread across Ireland and its magnitude became known to the crown it was seized as an opportunity to "reform". By 1846 the second potato crop failed, millions of Irishman had died ... and emigration became a reality for millions more, fueled by desperation for their lives ... no sense of adventure here. Meanwhile, in England, Trevellian became the Exchequer for the Crown. A fiercely dedicated loyalist, workaholic, who became obsessed with the "Irish Question"; an idealist who saw the need but was equally insistent that the Irish be made to work for their living and determined not to raise page 2

the Dunn J ouma! generaL~:lls dependent on handouts. He established a plan of building roads across Ireland, putting the responsibility for social refonn into the hands of the estate lords. "So much pay for so much stone". Blinded by his idealism, shortsighted in his enthusiasm, he failed to grasp the obvious. The Irish were dying ... by the millions. A prolonged period of starvation had taken its toll. Nutritionally incapable of doing the labor demanded of them, barefoot, unclothed, suffering from typhus, dysentery ... The solution became the problem. Millions more died on the rock piles struggling to eke out a meal. As mentioned earlier, the estate lords, many of them incapable, incompetent buffoon's heretofore content to live off the taxes of their tenants became increasingly indebted themselves and frantically sought relief from Britain. Others, most notably perhaps Lord Sligo of Sligo county, (northwest of Kilkenny) passionately pleaded on behalf of their subject for relief but to no avail. These men for the most part had lost their influence in Parliament, had no real political constituency either locally or in Britain. Again, the real innocent victims were the Irish people themselves. In NovemberlDecember Ireland was hit by a blizzard, the worst ever recalled in history. 7 weeks of blowing snow, drifting often to depths of 50 feet! Imagine if you can millions of people homeless, starving, living in caves, one room stone lean-to's ... The Irish began to believe they were "cursed altogether". Death became a blessing ... Perhaps an even greater disaster affected our Irish ancestors. Apathy. Historically an aggressive, fiercely pugnacious people, they suddenly became sullen, withdrawn, passive ... almost indifferent to their realization they were "cursed altogether". In the mid 1800's a Famine ship left Sligo for Quebec with 500 people aboard bound for the New World. Less than 12 could walk off the ship on arrival in Quebec! More than half died either on the voyage and were thrown over board at sea, or died in the infinnaries in Port.

They tell the story of a man and his wife with 2 children sailing to New York and the baby dying of the "fever". The mother is wailing with grief and not willing to part with her daughter. The Captain of the ship pulls the baby from her arms, throws the body over the side ... the mother jumps over to be with her cherished daughter. The weeping mother abandons ship, To where her child has gone

The dry-eyed captain Smokes his pipe

And the sailing ship Sails on. Author unknown That is the way it was in 1848. In October of 1848, a young 29-year-old Irishman, James C Dunn, left his family and sailed to New York City determined to create a home for his family. Within weeks of his arrival he had settled in Newport Vermont. Within the very next few years 6 of his siblings were to follow and our American heritage begins. Note: I \Vfote the above paragraph in October of 1997 ... part of an introduction to publication of our Family History. Today it sounds trite ... almost surreal ... suggesting a dream-like quality that could not have been further from their truth. James Dunn left Ireland in October of 1848 desperate, period. Frantic for his family, especially his new wife and their very young daughter. .. probably grieving over the possible loss of his parents who more than likely would perish in the famine and be among the millions of unknown bodies strewn about the Irish country side in unmarked, hastily dug graves, worried sick about his 6 siblings he left behind and scared to death of what lay before him James Dunn made it to Newport, Vermont, hiswife and daughter followed, his siblings arrived and all page 3

the Dunn Tow:nal


of us , "e here today, beneficiaries of the strength and determination of this one Irishman.

A lonely Irishman Boards a ship

Dunn. It was said he could make a dog smile. 92 years ago ...Eva E Dunn married Thomas W Reeve on 26 May 1906. She was 21 at her marriage. Eva was the first born of Adam/Chloe Dunn. We know very little about this fami1y..please write if you have information.

BENCHMARKS His sad eyes looking fro A nothing-ness.

But in his heart Hope-a glow! Author unknown (maybe ... )

LEST WE FORGET 135 years ago ...Simion Dunn, was born on May 22, 1863, the ninth child of James/Ellen Croake Dunn, grandson of TomlMary Higgins Dunn. Sim married Nellie Winslow in 1885 and they had two children, Bernard and Burleigh. Everett DunnDelworth, great grandson contributes alot to our history and Eileen Dunn, a 2nd great granddaughter is a recent "find" we are excited about knowing.

3 May old Wheelock boy, Alfred R Hudson [Raymond Merl,Mattie Dunn,Adam,James C. Tom ::1} will lift a you know what. Close to the big 50 4 May ...Verla Berry can vote as of today! !Verla married Melvin Hudson [Mattie Dunn, Adam,James C. Tom #:1] in 1941 and they had 4 children. Melvin died in 1975. Have a Happy, Verla .. Lisa Ann Dunn [Durwood, Vernard,Bernard,Simion,James, Tomri1} hits the ..[don't go there tom] and I'm sure she'll enjoy. Donald L Lancey [Bonnie Parson, Virginia Dunn,Richard F,Richard, Thomas, Thomas Oil hits the dreaded big --, but will have a ball anyway! 5 May ...nobody escapes ... not even Nancy Skeffington who is married to R James Dunn [Morris Frank,Daniel A1athew,James C.Thomas #llNancy and Jim have 3 children. Jimmy promised her a day at the Cape ..lobster and swordfish. Happy Birthday!

127 years ago ...Lawrence E Dunn, was born on 1 Mav 1871 , the 13th child of James/Ellen Dunn. Lawrence died on 7 Jul 1877 of lung fever, the young age of 6 years. Lawrence's dad had died in 1873. This must have been hard for Ellen.

7 May ...Jean C Gionest has this day all to herself. [Hazel Dunn,Richard F,Richard, Thomas, Thomas ::.1} Now whoop it up!!

113 years ago ...Ella Mitchell was born in May of 1885 in Sheffield, Vt. She married Ernest Ross Dunn in 1899 and it is believed she died in 1900 during childbirth, barely 15 years old.

8 May ...John Frazier, sitting on a yacht in New Bern. N.C. ...a long way from the Bronx. John married Patty Dunn [my sister! !][Arah E, Daniel 1.\4, James C. Thomas #1}

101 years ago ...a baby was born to Adam/Chloe Coolbeth Dunn and died at birth. Adam and Chloe had 19 children, 2 more would die at birth. Adam was the 7th born to James/Ellen Dunn, grandson of TomlMary Dunn

9 May ...26 big candles for this southern [N.H.] lady.[Debbie Dunn, Thomas Wayne,Harry Edward, Richard, Thomas, Thomas #1} Thanks to Ron/Jane Marie for the Thomas line!


94 years ago ...James A Dunn married Myrtle Jane Cutler. They had 3 children. It is unclear when Myrtle died but James died in 1967 and is buried in Morrisville, Vt. James was the son of Thomas HlLindy Lathe Dunn, grandson of JameslEllen

Angelique Mispel, 9 today!Daughter of Fred/Barbara Rule, grand daughter of RichardlRuth Dunn Rule. [Barbara Rule! Ruth Dunn/Harry/ Richard/Thomas/Thomas # 1} 10 May •••Crystal will do a jig [yeah right] in page 4

the Dunn loumal


Sturbl~~6epart of Mass. Crystal is a daughter of Valerie Dunn. [Lawrence,Daniel M,James C. Thomas


Frank Langevin is 97 years old today and a finer gentleman one couldn't possibly meet. Frank and Candis live in in Westford, Vt. {Ella Dunn,Michael,Thomas #1J As close to the top as it gets!!

11 May ...Jon Steppic might [a slim chance at least]toast his day. John and Melody have 3 daughters. Melody is a daughter of Lawrence/ Audrey Dunn [Daniel M,James C.Thomas ~I j. Melanie Hudson deserves this day off. She is a daughter of Roydon.{Kenneth,Mattie am,James C, Thomas ti: 1J

Dunn, Ad-

Eric Hudson, a cousin not to be out-Dunn [yuk] has a May day too! Eric is a son of Ransom Hudson.{Kenneth,Mattie Thomas #IJ


Adam, James


12 May ...Little Anthony Prause [comey..tom] hits the big #1 today!!Anthoney is a son of Michael/ Pamela Dunn Prause. {Pamela, Leo, Lloyd,Ernest R.,Thomas H,James C.Thomas :xIJ 14 May ... Sharon Edith Dunn celebrates her BDay.Sharon is a daughter of Francis Kingsley/ Shirley Walker Dunn.{Burleigh,Simion,James, Thomas #IJ

17 May ...Timothy Wilson should relax and enjoy

this Sunday..Tim is married to Dianna Dunn, daughter of Francis/Pat Simino Dunn. [Francis! Richard FRichard!Thomas/Thomas


Fratie L Dunn was born on this day..Fratie is a daughter of Melvin/Mary Duffy Dunn. [lvlelvin; Andrew/Thomas/Thomas #IJ We know very little of Fratie..again if Fratie or someone that knows of her would write us it would be appreciated. David M Dunn..c'mon on this date in the old Heaton Hospital in Montpelier, Vt. A son of Lorenzo/Jennie Mears Dunn. [Lorenzo/Edward/ Adam/James/Thomas #IJ Edward had a large family. Would really enjoy hearing from his descendants. We know Lorenzo died in 1885 in White River Jet, Vt., a truck driver for many years. Its a good thing they named me's what everyone calls me!? 19 May .•.Melanie Delworth ..have a greeat day!![you are in my computer twice..Melanie and Melanie J, so double up on the celebration!!] She is a daughter of EverettlBertha LeFevre DunnDel worth. [Everett/Vernard/Bernard/Simion/ James/Thomas


ti: 1

Also this day is RJames.Dunn's moment [sounds classic]Jim knows the cedars on the West Road in Troy and how to make a leather holster]Wife Nancy, who celebrated earlier will boil extra potato's tonight! !Jim is a son of Morris/Ruth Griggs Dunn. {Daniel Af.,James C.,Thomas #IJ

20 May ...Mitchell Dunn born in the great town of Hardwick, the greeat Hardwick hospital with the greeat Dr. Warren [or was it Densmore]..boy that was a busy day,wasn't it Audrey? Son of Lawrence/Audrey Mosher Dunn. [Lawrence/Daniel M/James CThomas #IJ I actually remember that day quite well!

My brother went into the breeding business...crossed a rooster with a a very cross rooster ..[ouch] Just needed the break..oh,well

Cindy A Dunn a great nor'easter for you [nor'east Vermont Kingdom, and it is]Daughter of Randolph and the late Patricia Farrand Dunn. [Randolph/ Harold/Timothy R/James C/Thomas #1J

15 May ...Phillip K Dunn,Sharons brother, older by 366 days could celebrate together but this is ill advised..story of two oh, well 16 May ...a Saturday and can celebrate her day all week end. Debra is a daughter of Lawrence/ Vivian Dunn Home. [ViviarvVernard/Bernard! Simi01l1James C/Thomas #-1J

21 May .•.James A Dunn [now that's Irish], can lift a pint gently...son of AldenlElIzabeth Foster Dunn and nephew of Earl one of our contributors. [AldervLloyd!Ernest

RlThomas H/James C/Thomas

#-1] 22 May ...Judy's the big day..daughter of Richard/Irene Dunn Frazier. [Irene/Harry/Richard! page 5

the Dunn r oumal


Thorn•.,'! Thomas;; I}

Thomas dI}

Leslie Rodgers ..from San Jose, Ca [have a song 'bout that I bellieve] married to Deb Colburn, daughter of Marie Benoit Wilcox. [Lena Dunn Daniel/vi/James CThomas ::;: I}

Lynn M Dunn married to husband Eugene Mahon ...ah a faire Irish couple ... will do her thing on this her day. Lynn is the daughter of Arnold Dunn and the deceased Claire Lewis Dunn. [ArnoldLloydErnestR/ThomasH!James CThomas #IJ

23 May ...ah ..yes! Our friend Everett DunnDelworth ..what a great guy! Married to a great lady Sybil.:and provides a very useful public service by keeping Uncle Howard in check. Have a Haooy ... that was supposed to read Happy!! {Vernard/Bernard/Simion/James/Thomas ::i: I} Oh boy ..little Alyssa Boyce is 1 year old!! What a pretty name ..its special. Alyssa is the daughter of Doug/Brandy Dunn Boyce, grand-daughter of Mitchel/Maxine Dunn. Maybe her and Dad can do something together. [Mitchel/Lawrence! Daniel lU/ James CThomas ;iI} Lisa Rule, the hour is upon you ...daughter of Richard/Dorothy Paro Rule. [Ruth DunnHarry Richard/Thomas/Thomas =i: I} 24 May ..•Timothy Dunn [a fine Irishman] knows how to celebrate this day. Son of Francis/Pat Dunn. [Francis/Richard PRichard/Thomas/ Thomas #IJ Lynn M Dunn married to husband Eugene Mahon ...ah a faire Irish couple ... will do her thing on this her day. Lynn is the daughter of Arnold Dunn and the deceased Claire Lewis Dunn. [Arnold/Lloyd/ErnestR/ThomasH/James C Thomas == 1J 25 May ... Young Jeremy Sherburne celebrates his 10th year. He does birthday's real well. Jeremy is the son of Michael/Jennifer Sherbume.[Michael/ Ronald/Bertha HudSOn/Mattie Dunn/Adam/James CThomas 'J.I} Mary I Dunn [Dunn's have such pretty names] was born on this date. Mary is the daughter of William/Mary Watkins Dunn. [William/Royce. James A/Thomas H/James CThomas #I} We are just beginning to discover this branch of our family and it's exciting for us. Michael Auger has his 26th birthday and Mom Peggy will read histories of both families to him [yuk] Mike is a son of Raymond/Peggy Decoteau Auger [Peggy/Teresa Dunn/Daniel MlJames C!

26 May ...Cynthia Whitehill is honored not only for her birthday but she lives with not l..not2 ...but 3 boxers!! Cynthia is married to Brian Colburn and her two sons are Golden Glove champs ..Dad just manages [Actually Cynthia kicks the butt but don't let this out] whew! this last sentence almost did me in as a joumalist...[Brian/Marie Wilcox/ Lena Dunn/Daniel/James/TJwmas #I} Marlon Dunn hits the big 40 ...the secret's out! Marlon is the son of Lawrence/Audrey Mosher Dunn. [Lawrence/Daniel MlJames CThomas #IJ Linda A Dunn will celebrate it in style with all her animal friends at Seaworld ..she must own that place by now!! Say hi to San Diego. Daughter of Morris/Ruth Griggs Dunn. Ruth died in 1987.[Morris/Daniel iWJames CThomas #I} 28 May 1998 ...Karen LaMarre will modestly acknowledge this day! !?Karen is the daughter of Norman/Janet Hudson LaMarre.[Janet Hudson/ Roberf/Mattie Dunn/AdamUamesCThomas riI} Kelly Dunn is 8 years old and this is her moment! !And proud she should be. Kelly is the daughter of Michael/Nance Dacey Dunn, cherished grand-daughter of Earl Dunn and Gisela Eitner Dunn. Bet she has it her way today!! [Earl Norman/Lloyd/Ernest R;Thomas H/James C Thomas ==IJ 30 May ...Kevin Dunn might toast a wee bit! Kevin is a son of Thomas/June McIntosh Dunn [and thats all Irish! ..well maybe some Scotch] [Thomas W/Harry: Richard/Thomas/ Thomas #.1}

My wife called me. She said "There's water in the carburator". I said "where's the car?' She said "In the lake".

page 6


MILESTONES 1 May ... Tammy Benoit and Dan Martin celebrate 4 years of marriage {my how time flies]Tammy is a daughter of GordenJDenise Pouliot Benoit. [Gorden/LenaDunn/DanieIMlJames C/Thomas # I} 2 May ...Michelle Arnosky and Rodney Sherburne celebrate 11, years of marriage. Rodney is a son of RichardlPriscilla Clark Sherburne. [RichardBertha HudSOn/Mattie Dunn/Adam/James CThomas #:I} 8 May...Seth and Hannah Delworth celebrate 1 year of absolute bliss. Seth is a son of Raymond Delworth[Raymond/EverettDunn-Delworth/ Vernard Dunn/Barnard/SimiOnlJames CThomas :iI} 9 May ...Michael and Nance Dacey Dunn celebrate 11 yeara of marriage on this day. Michael is a son of Earl Dunn and Gisela Eitner Dunn[Earl/ Lloyd/Earnest RlThomas H/James CThomas #I} 11 May ...Matthew and Angela Richards Dunn honor their 2 years of marriage. Matthew is a son of Gail/Denise Madelle Dunn.[Gail/Lawrence/Daniel MlJames C/Thomas #I} 12 May ...Howard and Mabel Parsons Coombs Dunn will honor 37 years of marriage. A great couple ..and as Howard said .."she was worth waiting for" ..[Daniel M/James CThomas #llHoward is one of the few 3rd generations Dunns. Richard and Priscella Clark Sherburne celebrate 36 years of marriage today. Richard is a son of George and Bertha Hudson Sherburne. [Bertha! Mattie Dunn/Adam/James C/Thomas #I} 18 May ...Jeff and Tammy Dunn Santaw tip to 13 years of marriage. Tammy is a daughter of Randolph Dunn and the late Patricia Farrand Dunn. [RandolphiHaro1<JJTimothy/J amesC/Thomas #1] 21 May ... George and Marie Willette Kovacs,Jr celebrate 21 years today. Marie is a daughter of Clarence/RoseDunn Willette. [Rose/Daisey/Richard F/Richard/Thomas/Thomas # 1] 25 May .â&#x20AC;˘.Dale and Becky Burger Dunn do it up right on their 7th anniversary. Dale is a son of Leo and Rosalie Alberti Dunn. [Leo/Lloyd/Ernest R/Thomas HlJ ames C/Thomas # 1]

There's only one thing that keeps her from being a happily married woman ...him!

PROFILE RICHARD E. DUNN [Richard F.. Richard, Thomas, Thomas #: 1] Richard was born in 1917 on the family land on Long Hill Rd. (which is now known as Cram Hill Rd.) West Swanzey, N. H. In later years the family moved to what was known as Schoolhouse #8 at the top left side of Mill Hill Rd. (which was changed to Dunn Hill Rd. in 1996 because of the new 911 service). He went to school in a one-room schoolhouse in Westport, which is like a suburb of West Swanzey, with grades 1-6 & the teacher was Margaret Freeman. He quite school in about the 8th grade to work in the woolen mill in West Swanzey, N. H. to help the family with bills. His father could not work much because he had heart problems. Richard told me, his son Ronald, that while he was in the Army he drove ammo trucks over in Germany. He said he was driving a truckload of ammo from storage to one of the gun sites when bombs from enemy sites started hitting all around him. He said they never hit close enough to hurt him. While he was in the Army he would send money home to help the family with bills. Richard was driving his father, brother (John), & sister (Leona) to town so they could go to bingo while he went to the VFW. Richard picked them up after bingo & went to Gomarlo' s Grocery Store to pick up a few things. Then they started home & when they were about 3 miles from home his father slumped over on to him. They thought that their father had fallen asleep. But when John tried to sit him up they realized he was not breathing. They drove the rest of the way home. When they got there they called Dr. Fox who lived in Winchester N. H. (which is the next town over, kind of southwest). The Dr. pronounced him dead at the house. On Nov. 18, 1950 he married Evelyn DeRosier. She had a daughter named Janice June Naylor. He page 7


treatel.. her like his own, but never adopted her. After they were married they lived on the comer of Armory St. & Spruce St. in Keene, N. H. They had a son Ronald Richard Dunn on Jan. 13, 1953. They moved a short while after to 42 Winchester Ct. Keene, N. H. In Dec. 1962 a few days before Christmas they had a fire which burned the house down. A faulty oil burner furnace caused it. They rebuilt in summer of 1963. In 1976 he & his wife went to Alaska to visit their son Ronald & his family who were stationed there in the Air Force. From there they went to California to visit wife's brother, Disney Land & other attractions. From there they went to Nevada & did a little gambling. This was the first time that they had been further than New York State. His wife Evelyn died on Sept. 21,1989 of cancer. He remarried in 1990 & moved to Florida a few months later. While in Florida he came home several times to have yard sales of the stuff he had left behind so he could have money to do what he wanted to. His new wife had come back to Keene on Oct. 8th, 1991 to see if I could care for him back here because she could not do it anymore. On Oct. 9th, 1991 I (his son) received a phone call from a Dr. in Florida stating that Richard was gone. I asked what he meant by that. He stated that he had died just a few hours before he got a hold of me. Dr. said that Richard had been admitted to the hospital that morning not feeling well. Dr. said that he was in the room talking to him. The Dr. turned to leave the room, when he heard a noise. He turned to see Richard take his last breath & there was nothing he could do. He was a typical Dunn. He would fight with his brothers & sisters. He complained that everyone took advantage of him. He liked to fish & hunt. There is a story about him hunting with his brother John. John had him sit on a stone wall while he & a relative did a drive to get the deer moving toward him. When John & the relative got back to were they had left him, he was gone. They found him back at the house having a coffee. They found out that he had been there since about Y2 hour after they had left. He also liked to do wood working, such as windmills & animal statues. He worked at several different jobs throughout his

life. He worked in the Woolen Mill in West Swanzey in his younger days, Lynwood Heel & International Narrow Fabric both in Keene in his middle years, W.T. Grants & NGM both in Keene & Troy Mills in Troy N. H. in later years. Had to retire because of a heart attack. He had a couple of other jobs but it is not known where. Note: This article was graciously prepared and submitted by Leona [Richard's sister], Jane Marie [Richards niece] and by his son Ron. Jane and Ron have made significant research into the Thomas Dunn lineage. Weare grateful...

POST SCRIPT The application for the Memorial of John Dunn has been filed with the Veterans Administration. I expect to hear from them within a month. Documentation appears to be fine so...just wait and see now. Got an unbelievable call from Eileen Dunn in Van Nuys, Ca. last week.[Durwood/Vernard/Bernard/ SimiowJames/Tom :il] Eileen is very excited about our work and promises to be a very valuable resource..Yahoo!! THE DUNN FAMILY REUNION IS



Peggy Auger is at it again!! Peggy is presently researching the Whipple Family History. Linda Whipple Dunn, married Dan at the turn of this century. Linda comes from an important family in the early history of the Newport, Vermont area and the clear signals are they were an important family in the early history of this country. She has clearly identified scores of this ancestral tree and is working on vital records needed from New Hampshire to link it all together. It looks real promising! ! Maybe soon we will have a Whipple Journal! page 8

The Dunn Journal #7 May 1998  

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