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Welcome to the First Edition of the Dunn Journal. The verv first mailing of a dream we hope will endure and be welcomed in your Family. The simple goal ofthe Dunn Journal is to reach out to members of our family, share some of our experiences, explain a bit of our history and hopefully inspire a greater appreciation of our heritage. Gen and I were blessed by having parents who taught us the value of Family ...and a Family who were gracious enough to make themselves available and known to us. We know these Family members and they know us. ':'-,:-'


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g~~~ Published bimonthly, it's sole purpose is to foster i sense of family, our history and traditions... .Editor. Todd Dunn ,Assistant Editor. Tommy Dunn .Corr«:$pOndents. Janice Walsh. Marie Wilcox Tommy Dunn .Consultants. Howard Dunn. Teresa Decoteau Lwrence Dunn .Historical Consultant. Peggy Auger .Publisher. Tom Dunn

graciously given us .illlportanfflndmgs~E1X:riafinalIydidi@newportnet. corn on the West coast has provided significant new information for us to share . We ha:vea.lQt9~P:t"~rns,alotoftalent, have a ball and alotofTnsheyesWilIibesmiling

and with your support we will ...

We will be interested in publishing notes of interest such as births, deaths, weddings and engagements, promotions, anniversaries and other similar events. Janice Walsh will be our representative in the Southern district. If you have notes of interest please call her at (603)893-0259. Marie Wilcox will be our representative in Northern Vermont and she can be reached at (802)334-2184 . Lawrence Dunn will serve the most Southern region and you can call him at (508)248-7456.

Dunn Family Holds Reunion VER..~ON- On Saturday, August 23, descendants

and friends of the James Dunn family (c. 1818) assembled for their annual reunion in Vernon. James Dunn came from Kilkenny Ireland, arriving in New York City in 1848 and quickly settled in Newport, Vermont in early 1849. The original homestead was on Dunn Hill, now called Poginy Hill. Peggy Decoteau Auger has done an outstanding genealogical survey locating nearly 600 descendants of James Dunn. Relatives and friends were treated to several albums of old pictures and documents including an original picture of John Dunn from Newport, Newport, who was killed in the Civil War in 1864 at the Battle of Wilderness in Virginia. The luck of the Irish brought us cool, but sunny weather and after good food, great gossip, our annual meeting was held. President Tom Dunn called our meeting to order and after a prayer offered by Howard Dunn, Secretary Treasurer Peggy Auger gave awards to; Lawrence Dunn : for making the largest contribution to the Dunn story, nine children, 20 grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren. Tom Dunn and his son Tommy were given awards for their contribution to the family history. An award was given to the youngest child at the reunion, that being George El'Khoury, grandson of Ray and Peggy Auger and son of Mary Auger. Brian Colburn of Newport, received the award for having traveled the furthest to attend our reunion. Those attending were: Mrs. Teresa Dunn Decoteau of Brattleboro, Vermont (granddaughter of James, daughter of Dan DunwLinda Whipple); her daughter Peggy Auger and husband Ray of Lawrence, Mass. and granddaughter Mary El'Khoury and husband Joseph, and great-grandson George: her son Peter, and grandsons P.J.. and Philip and Peter's friend Dana Bock all of West Hartford, Ct.; her son Kevin and granddaughter Chelsea of Leverette, Mass; Mr. Howard Dunn and wife Mabel of Spofford, N.H., (grandson of James, son of Dan and Linda) and his stepson David $taken, from Newport Daily Express, Monday, September 1S, 1997

Coombs and wife Charlotte of Guildford, Vermont; Mr. Lawrence Dunn and wife Audrey Mosher of Charlton, mass., (grandson of James, son of Dan and Linda); and their daughter Tammy of Charlton, Mass. and their granddaughters Jenstina, Kahana, Jualizina; Mrs. Janice Dunn Walsh and husband Jim of Salem, N.H.., (great-granddaughter of James, daughter of Maurice and Ruth (Griggs of North Troy, Vermont); Thomas Dunn and wife Geneva of East Hardwick, Vermont, (great grandson of James, son of Arah Dunn! Alice field Troy, Vermont and their son Thomas and wife Monique of Hardwick, Vermont; Mr. and Mrs. Everette Dunn-Delworth of Spofford, N.H. (great grandson of James); Marie Benoit Colburn Wilcox, (great-granddaughter daughter of James); daughter of the late Lena Dunn Benoit of Derby, Vermont, and her son Brian Colburn and grandsons Carmi and Jason of Newport, Vermont. The family decided our meeting next year will be held at the residence of Lawrence and Audrey Dunn in Charlton, Mass. on August 22, 1998. Given that this will be the 150th anniversary of our arrival in America plans are being made for a festive and special celebration.

~fllJJlJrjlJJJJ= JJJJI.Iw.__ ~ rvJf t _ In Loving Memory of MARIE F. DUNN 1995 - September 23 - 1997

Two years has passed and I still feel As if you just left us. I think of you every day and night, I say a prayer for you every night. All I have now is memories, In my heart you hold a place, That no one can ever fill. Rest in Peace my love, We will meet again someday. God Bless You Harvey Dunn

--~"~---.--/,,--"Y:--'7-----------------------d-~--~n~;=--~~"',...~---~------------------// ~~~~r:~/~'?',~"Y'.~'7 . !M:IJJ UJJJPS = Friends and family were shocked to hear that on Sunday, August 24th. 1997, Carmi. Cobw:n.-son of Brian and Cynthia Coburn- was senously Injured in an auto accident that killed Carmi's best friend. Carmi was with us at the family reunion just two days before this terrible traged):'. The. latest is that Carmi is recovering slowly but IS terrIbly saddened bv the loss of his friend. This was quite a shock to the community as well. Both of these young men were greatly respected by their community. Cameron Dunn recently visited his parents, lawrence and Audrey Dunn. Cameron liv:es in Chucky, Tenn. with his wife Kathy and children. Cameron was on a business trip for the company he's worked for past 15 years. Jim and Janice Walsh returned for a weeks vacation to Niagara Falls on September 20, 1997. They were there 36 years ago on their honeymoon. Jim and Janice celebrated 36 years of mamage on September 30, 1997. Tom Dunn, Sf. Recently visited Richard Dunn and his mother Yvonne in North troy, Vermont. Richard is the son of Walter Dunn, grandson of Andrew Dunn and great-grandson of Th~mas Dum:. Yvonne will be celebrating her 99th. bIrthday thIS December. While visiting, Richard took .Tom to ~he local Cemeteries and shared alot of InfOrmatIOn about his family history. As they say "you'll never know who you'll run into" ...While in Irasburg I overheard a gentleman introducing himself as Mitchell Dunn. Upon introducing myself I learned Mitchell was related to me. Mitchell is the son of Mitchell Sr., grandson of Earl Dunn, great-grandson of Tho1?as DuIlIllJ?sth~r Shippee. Mitchell Sr. And Tom Will be meetIng ~n the near future. Both Mitchell's live on Irish HIll (guess that makes sense!) in Lowell, Vermont.



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MATTHEW TIM:OTHY RODGERS A son was born to Deborah and Leslie Rodgers of Newport on March 27 at 6:39 a.~. His name is Matthew Timothy Rodgers and he weIghed 7 pounds, 11.2 ounces and was 20 % inches long. Matthew joins two brothers, Joshua, age 6 and Joseph, age 5. Maternal grandparents are Roy

Colburn of Jamestown California and Marie Wilcox of Newport. Patern~l grandmother is Pauline Rodgers of Sonora, California. Maternal greatQTandmother is Blanche Colburn of Newport. Paternal great-grandmother is Sara Hale of University City, Missouri. Garv and Laura Benoit have a daughter, Shaughnessy and I suspect Shaughnessy's grandparent's Gorden an.d Denise Benoit have bragging rights in Derby LIne, Vermont. A daughter was born to Michael and Liz Dunn on August 25, 1997. Megan Elizabeth is their first child and proud parents they are. Equally proud are Megan's grandparents Jim and Nancy Dunn of North Andover, Mass. Megan's paternal weatgrandfather is Morris Dunn and the late Ruth Gnggs of North Andover, Mass. October 2nd sees James Walsh, Jr., son of Jim and Janice (Dunn) Walsh, and Maxine (French) Dunn wife of Mitchell Dunn, son of Lawrence and Audr~y (Mosher) Dunn celebrating their birthdays. October 3rd saw Melba Dunn Osgood, daughter of Dan and Linda (Whipple) and her sonin-law Jim Indemaur, and James Dunn (son of Lawrence and Audrey Dunn) blowing out candl~s. (An old Irish proverb: never upstage a rnother-mlaw!) October 6: Esther Agnes Dunn, daughter of Edmund and Esther (Turner) Dunn, granddaughter of Adam and Chloe Dunn, and Richard Conno~s, husband of Patricia Walsh and son-in-law of JIm and Janice (Dunn) Walsh will toast with a pint. October 12: Ronald Benoit, son of Carmi and Lena Dunn Benoit will jig a bit. October 14th and Marc Auger, son of Ray and Peggy Auger, and grandson of Teresa (Dunn) Decoteau will also blow the candles. October 17th will fmd little Amy Donovan, daughter of Tim and Beverly (Dunn) Donovan and grand-daughter of Jim and Nancy (Skeffington) Dunn and great granddaughter of Morris Dunn and the late Ruth (Griggs) Dunn being honored for her third year.

October 18 celebrates the birthday of Christopher DUIlR son of Leo and Rosalie (Albertie) Dunn, grandson of the late Lloyd Dunn and Dorothy (Jenness) Dunn. Justin Martin will be 3 on Friday, October 24, 1997. Justin is the son of Tammy and Daniel Martin, grandson of Gorden and Denise Benoit and greatgrandson of the late Carmi and Lena (Dunn) Benoit. October 27: Connor Indemaur, son of James and Mary (Osgood) Indemaur will be spoiled Gust a little) by his grandparents Wayland and Melba (Dunn) Osgood. October 30 will be celebrated by Dale Dunn, son of Leo and Rosalie Dunn and grandson of Lloyd and Dorothy Dunn. October 31st is the 84th birthday of Myron F. Dunn, son of Edmund and Eva Racine Dunn, grandson of Adam and Chloe (Coolbeth) Dunn.

(Dunn) Osgood and a granddaughter of Da? a~d Linda (Whipple) Dunn. Mary and James bve m Wethersfield, Ct. Cheryl and Michael Dunn will salute their 12th anniversary on October 19th. Michael is the son of Arnold and Claire (Lewis) Dunn and grandson of Lloyd and Dorothy (Jenness) Dunn. Lynn and Eugene Mahon mark their 8th wedding anniversary for Wednesday, October 22nd, 1997. Lynn Marie is the daughter of Arnold and Claire Dunn and grand daughter of Lloyd and Dorothy Dunn. Mary and Joseph EI Khoury prepare for. their 2nd anniversary on the 29th of October. Mary IS the daughter of Raymond and Peggy (Decoteau) Auger, grand daughter of Teresa (Dunn) Decoteau and the late Charles Decoteau. Mary and Joe live in Lawrence, Mass.

=Idi1fJls NfJII= Brian and Cvnthia Colburn celebrate their wedding on October 2nd, 1997. Brian is the son of Roy Colburn and Marie Benoit Colburn and grandson of Carmi and Linda Dunn Benoit. Valerie and Robert Savoie will honor their 24th year of marriage on Saturday October 4, 1997. Valerie is the daughter of Lawrence and Audrey (Mosher) Dunn, grand daughter of Dan and Linda (Whipple) Dunn. Patricia and Richard Connors celebrate 12 years of marriage on Sunday October 5, 1997. Patricia is the daughter of Jim and Janice (Dunn) Walsh and grand daughter of Morris and the late Ruth (Griggs) Dunn. Patricia and Richard live in Salem, N.H. Debbie and Leslie Rodgers will honor their 9th anniversary on Friday, October 10th, 1997. Debbie is the daughter of Marie Benoit Wilcox; grand daughter of Carmi and Lena (Dunn) Benoit, They live in Newport, Vermont. Mary and James Indemaur will celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary on the 15th of October, 1997. Mary is the daughter of Wayland and Melba

Congratulations!! You have just suffered through the first edition of the Dunn Journal. Hopefully we haven't given accuracy a bad rap, but if we have please write or call us with the correct information. If you have news or information you would like to share with your Family please call us: Lawrence Dunn in the South, Janice Walsh in the Southeast or Marie Wilcox in the North. If you have suggestions, criticisms, special interests you would like to see written about, call us. We sincerely hope this Journal can truly become a Family Affair. Thanks,

Tom Dunn RR 1~Box 2415 ~


East Hardwick, Vermont 05836 ($2)742=6840>


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The Dunn Journal #1 Oct 1997  

Dunn Family History

The Dunn Journal #1 Oct 1997  

Dunn Family History