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BA Politics and International Relations General Description This degree gives you a firm grounding in international relations and organisations, strategy and security. Recent incidents of piracy and terrorism remind us that world politics remains a matter of, literally, life and death. In this degree we look beyond the headlines to study wealth, poverty, international law, international organisation, nongovernmental organisation and military strategy – the themes and issues that drive international politics today. This degree is ideal if you are hoping for a career in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, international organisations or the media. A BA in Politics and International Relations is also an excellent starting point for a higher degree and an academic career. Hull graduates have been successful in seeking employment in all these areas. The degree will also meet your needs if you have a more general interest in foreign policy and international relations but are not sure about wanting to pursue a career in it. We have found that in an increasingly interconnected world many 'blue chip' employers favour applicants who can demonstrate a sound grasp of international affairs, and this degree will give you precisely such a grasp.

Teaching Usually teaching is by a combination of lectures and tutorials. For lectures you will have the opportunity of studying with all your colleagues; for tutorials you will be divided into small groups to discuss set topics with the tutor in a more informal environment. Many first year modules utilise interactive lectures rather than the lecture/tutorial model. As the modules become more specialised, in the second and third year, the lecture & tutorial model may be substituted by two-hour long seminars. This allows for variety, as well as high levels of student participation. Each tutorial/seminar group has a maximum of 14 students.

Department of Politics and International Studies 2013

Internship Opportunities You will be eligible to apply for the Westminster Hull Internship Programme. This exciting opportunity, fully integrated into our assessment structure, gives selected students the opportunity to spend one semester of their final year working as an intern for a member of Parliament. There are also other internship opportunities at the The Hansard Society, Hanover Communications (London), The Public Affairs Co (Leeds) and The Royal Armouries (Leeds), and we are continuously expanding our internship opportunities.

Study Abroad Students can apply to study abroad during the first semester of the final year. The period spent abroad replaces that spent in Hull, with credits and marks awarded counting towards the final degree classification. The department and University have exchange agreements with institutions in Europe, the US, Australia and Hong Kong.

Careers This course leads to a variety of careers such as political consultancy, the media, the civil service, public relations, political parties, parliament, policy, research, risk assessment, as well as international organisations and charities. Recent examples include: Senior Communications Adviser, International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva; Foreign Correspondent; Corporate Risk Analyst; Head of the Asia Programme, Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies; Special Adviser at 10 Downing Street; Account Executive at Citigate Public Affairs and Researcher for the Jonathan Dimbleby Programme at LWT.

Entry criteria We like to take each case on its merits and, and a consequence, our offers may vary according to your specific case. However, our standard UCAS offer for BA Politics is AAB (340 points). If you are studying the International Baccalaureate our standard offer is 34 points with 16 from any three higher level modules. We welcome applications from mature students.

Contacts For further information please use the departmental website Course Co-ordinator: Dr Tom Kane, E

The modules listed here are indicative only. Applicants should check the Department of Politics and International Studies website under the relevant degree programme for a full list. Year One The Era of Total War Introduction to International Relations War and Humanity War and Politics Since 1900 Plus options from the following: Introduction to European Politics Introduction to Comparative Politics Foreign Policy Analysis Introduction to the Politics of the World Economy Introduction to Globalisation

Year Two Paths of Research in Politics Plus options from the following: Political Thought from Plato to Marx The Cold War and After British Government Understanding America Parties and Institutions in Europe International Security and Defence Policy Understanding States and Markets: An Introduction to Political Economy The United Nations and Global Security Sea Power New Media and Politics Modern Strategy The Global South and Development The Politics of the Environment ‘New Terrorism’ and Counterterrorism Post Cold-War International Politics and Security Ethnic Conflict Resolution and Peace Building The Shape and Shadows of War USRussia Relations 1945-1989 War, Politics and Society

Year Three Long or Short Dissertation International Relations Theory Plus options from the following: Bioethics – End of Life Decision Making Approaches to Presidential Power in the USA EU Politics and Governance EU Politics and Policies New Labour’s Legacy: UK Politics in an Age of Austerity The Reunified Germany in the New Europe Parliaments and Citizens China: Once and Future Superpower The International Politics of the Environment Contemporary Political Philosophy Intelligence and National Security Global Communications and International Politics The US In Vietnam Manias, Panics and Crashes Democratization in Latin America Nuclear Strategy Being Great Dangerous Minds: War, Fear and Conspiracy Critics of Capitalism Small Wars, from Malaya through Ireland to Iraq Maritime Security in the 21st Century New Media, Old Responsibilities ‘Why Weapons Work?’ The Social Construction of Military Effects BRICS – Emerging Powers in International Affairs The World We’re In: Globalisation and Democratic Governance in Practice’

Any Free Elective module from other departments

*Please note that there may be some small changes in the list of options offered, according to occasional staff research leave and staff changes. Politics & Intern Relations/4.12/Lou/Job no 2700

Politics Intern Relations  

Politics Intern Relations

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