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American studies

American Studies offer the research degrees of MPhil and PhD on a full-time and part-time basis.

Research areas In history, our principal areas of expertise are • • • •

immigration war and 20th-century American society the culture and history of the 90s history on film

In literary and cultural studies, the main areas of research activity include • • • •

Jewish-American fiction Modernist and Postmodernist aesthetics women’s writing the visual arts (cinema, painting, photography, sculpture, etc)

Special features The best indication of how the interaction of our small unit works to the advantage of our students lies in the work of our recent PhD candidates. The fertile crossing of disciplinary borders is apparent in current projects such as ‘How Can One Tell the Truth About My Lai?’, which is examining how historians, novelists, journalists, film makers and the United States Army itself have sought to ‘explain’ and represent the massacre that occurred in March 968 in the Vietnamese hamlet of My Lai. Another student is drawing upon cultural studies, gender studies and Cold War history to explore ‘Masculinity and Myth in Marvel Comics, 96–9’, while a study of representations of ‘The Pregnant Body in Post-Colonial Literature’ brings gendered and philosophical debate about cultural ‘control’ of the reproductive body to bear on the literary analysis. More ‘traditional’ – but no less impressive in their results – are the PhDs in progress concerned with politics and race relations (‘The Republican Party and Civil Rights, 928–98’), cultural constructions in literature (‘The Representation of the Other in the Contemporary American Novel’) and the American film industry (‘Exploiting Fear: The Hollywood Horror Franchise’).

Admission Applicants for MPhil and PhD degrees are asked to submit a detailed research proposal (a few pages of description and a brief indicative bibliography) together with examples of their written work (approximately 5,000 words on any pertinent subject). At least two members of staff with appropriate expertise will read this material independently and confer, to ensure that proposals for research are viable from the outset. Once admitted, you will be allocated a specialist supervisor who will remain responsible for your academic progress and well-being throughout the period of study. If you want to discuss ideas before drawing up a formal proposal, please contact David Eldridge, Director of Studies, for further advice (

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American Studies postgraduate course at The University of Hull 2010-11