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BA Joint Politics and History General Description This BA in History and Politics is a very attractive joint programme that offers you a thorough grounding in the separate, yet complementary disciplines of History and Politics. It allows you to explore the relationships between these two disciplines and therefore deepen your knowledge and understanding of specific political events. It challenges you to join us in exploring the complex relations between History and Politics, and to identify ways in which each can throw new light on our understanding of the other. This is a carefully planned and integrated joint programme. You take half of your modules in each department which enables you to have a foot in two camps, and yet to be looked after as well as you would be as a single honours student in either discipline. We believe joint honours students should have the best of both worlds and, in the case of this degree, both departments work closely together to ensure that you do.

Teaching Usually teaching is by a combination of lectures and tutorials. For lectures you will have the opportunity of studying with all your colleagues; for tutorials you will be divided into small groups to discuss set topics with the tutor in a more informal environment. Many first year modules utilise interactive lectures rather than the lecture/tutorial model. As the modules become more specialised, in the second and third year, the lecture & tutorial model may be substituted by two-hour long seminars. This allows for variety, as well as high levels of student participation. Each tutorial/seminar group has a maximum of 14 students.

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Study Abroad Students can apply to study abroad during the first semester of the final year. The period spend abroad replaces that spent in Hull, with credits and marks awarded counting towards the final degree classification. The Department and Universithave exchange agreements with institutions in Europe, Australia and Hong Kong.

Careers A joint degree lends itself to various career paths. For those interested in pursuing a career in politics, this course can lead to a career in political consultancy, the media, the civil service, public relations, political parties, parliament, charities, as well as international organisations. Posts held by some of our joint honours graduates include Parliamentary Relations Manager for English Heritage, UK Corporate Affairs Director for Unilever UK, and Chief Executive Officer, Educational Publishing and Services Division, at the multinational publishing house of Pearson Education.

Entry criteria We like to take each case on its merits and, and a consequence, our offers may vary according to your specific case. However, our standard UCAS offer for BA Joint Politics and Philosophy is AAB (340 points). If you are studying the International Baccalaureate our standard offer is 34 points with 16 from any three higher level modules. We welcome applications from mature students.

Contacts For further information please use the departmental website Course Co-ordinator: Dr Xiudian Dai E

The modules listed here are indicative only. Applicants should check the Department of Politics and International Studies website under the relevant degree programme for a full list. Year One Introduction to International Relations Politics option: Introduction to European Politics Introduction to Comparative Politics War and Politics Since 1900 Introduction to the Politics of the World Economy Introduction to Globalisation History Options Asia and the World since the late 19th Century The Making of Europe, 1050-1250: The Middle Ages Representing the Past in Film Making and Meaning: An Introduction to the History of Art Consumer Cultures: Britain and America in the 1950s The Making of the Contemporary World: Themes and Context Global History: The Modern World Exploring the Past Brits Abroad: Understanding Diaspora 1801-2001 Elizabeth I Being Human: Friendship, Kinship and Sexuality 1000-1600 Raiders, Traders and Crusaders: Medieval Maritime History Class Status and Culture in Britain since the 1870s

Year Two Politics option: Political Thought from Plato to Marx The Cold War and After British Government Understanding America Parties and Institutions in Europe Paths of Research in Politics International Security and Defence Policy Understanding States and Markets: An Introduction to Political Economy The United Nations and Global Security Sea Power New Media and Politics Modern Strategy Comparative European Politics The Global South and Development The Politics of the Environment Media Ethics War, Peace and Society History Options Art and the City: Rome, Amsterdam, London, Paris and New York Mayans, Aztecs and Incas Thinking about the Past British Identity 1870-2000 From Slavery to Freedom: The Cariabean Reform, Revolution and Reaction The Age of the Crusades Emperors, Vikings, Scholars America’s Wars in Asia The First Global Economy: Britain 16881914 HIstory & Politics/4.12/Lou/Job no 2700

The Archaeology of Roman Britain Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael Art and Life in Renaissance Venice The British Empire 1840-1922 Piracy, Privateering and the Atlantic Economy Imperialism, National and Decolonization The Fall of Charles the First Patterns of Prejudice in Modern Britain Sword and Quill Discovery and Empire The Impact of the First World War in Britain Dying and Death in Western Europe Economic and Social History of Germany Emancipation to Revolution Indian Society and the Rise and Fall of British Dominion Ruling England 1066-1217 Year Three Politics options: Approaches to Presidential Power in the USA Comparative Legislatures EU Politics and Governance EU Politics and Policies New Labours Legacy: UK Politics in the Age of Austerity The Reunified Germany in the New Europe The Contemporary House of Commons Parliament in the UK: Approaches to Reform Parliaments and Citizens Long Dissertation Short Dissertation The International Politics of the Environment Contemporary Political Philosophy Intelligence and National Security Global Communications and International Politics The US in Vietnam Manias, Panics and Crashes International Relations Theory Democratization in Latin America Being Great Critics of Capitalism New Media, Old Responsibilities The World We’re In: Globalisation and Democratic Governance in Practice History options: The Archaeology of the Castle War in European History From Revolution and Romanticism to Sex and the City Sea Change Modern Art The Anatomy of Military Disaster Applied History The Gurkhas in Context The First Media Revolution The Parisi The 1960s Britain in Decline Command! The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union Dissertation

History politics  

History politics

History politics  

History politics