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Planet Water! Abolishing water poverty…one community at a time

Planet Water is a non-profit 501(c)3, international development organization focused on providing clean, safe water to disadvantaged communities in the developing world. Our solutions are focused on schools and rural villages where we install community-based water purification systems and deploy educational programs on Water-Health and Hygiene.

Our Vision A world where people no longer die simply

because they lack access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation facilities

Our Mission To alleviate waterborne disease, illness, and death through providing access to clean water and improved sanitation in the world’s most disadvantaged communities

Today, more than 1 billion people lack access to clean water Today, 50% of the hospital beds on Earth are filled by people with easily preventable waterborne diseases Today, 4,000 children will die from water related illnesses simply because they lack access to clean drinking water

Water-Health & Hygiene Education Planet Water has developed and deployed an exciting educational program on Water-Health & Hygiene which has now become an integral part of our solution. Â Commencing with the installation of our clean water solution, our four week program educates children on the important aspects of hand washing and protecting against germs through a child-friendly, activity-based program incorporating games, drama, song and dance. Through our focus on children, we are influencing life-saving behaviors that will last a lifetime.

Our Clean Water Projects We focus our projects on schools and rural villages in the developing world where we currently have projects in nine countries. In 2011, our AquaTower solution will be extended to support other important needs in the schools and communities where we operate. Â As part of our 'Water Village' approach, our AquaTower will incorporate drip irrigation systems to support nutrition gardens, pressurized sanitization to help keep latrines clean, and a remote monitoring capability to provide visibility on the performance and capability of our installed base.

Donor Employee Engagement In support of our donor partner corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, Planet Water provides the opportunity for employees to participate in our clean water projects. Here, participants involve in the construction and commissioning of water towers as well as help to deploy our educational programs on water-health & hygiene. Such involvement boosts employee satisfaction, helps to attract new talent, and illuminates the corporate brand in the communities where our projects are focused.

The results: Access to clean water! Our clean water projects have an immediate effect in transforming entire communities. Not only does access to clean water improve the health and wellbeing of the people we strive to help, but it also has an immediate impact on the lives of women and girls who typically walk hours a day collecting water. Â By having access to clean water, women will be able to focus their time on activities to enrich their lives, and girls will be able to replace their water buckets with school books!

How you can help There are many ways to get involved! Sponsor a clean water system for a school or village, participate in our monthly giving program, or make a one time donation to bring people in need clean, safe water for life! Please see our website for more information on how you can help. Thank you!

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