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SELECTED WORKS (2008-2012)


● apbcOffices @ Straits Trading Building, Singapore

Broad Air Conditioning Experience Center, Shanghai, China

Chunghwa Line production plant, SHANGHAI Tobacco (Group) Company, China

● Bhartiya City - Residential Bangalore, India

● Tibet Natural Science Museum, Lhasa, China

Zhangjiang Creative Office Park, Shanghai, China

Makeway Ave Condominium, Singapore

Sentosa Management Office, Singapore

Nanjing Hexi Retail, Nanjing, China

Starhub Retail Shop Interior Design, Singapore

● China Life R&D Center Planning and Architecture Design, Beijing, China

Danang World Trade Center Retail, Danang, Vietnam

Ningxia Food Village, Wuzhong, Ningxia, China

● Photography

● Twenty Twenty Resort, Pecatu, Bali, Indonesia

Exim Residential Twin Tower, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Hyderabad, India

Danang Office, Danang, Vietnam

Banyan Tree Hotel Interior Design, Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan, China

Plaza Medini Mixed-Use Development Johor, Malaysia


â—? apbcOffices @ Straits Trading Building, Singapore

apbcOffices Serviced Office Interior Design, Singapore Project is located in Straits Trading Building in Central Business District in Singapore. It occupies a total area of 1566.32m², including entire 11th and 12th storey of the building. Inspired by nature source, extremely symmetrical hexagon honey comb cells, we begin by deconstructing the honeycomb like traditional cubical boring working place into an organic and dynamic environment. Straight corridor in ordinary design is replaced here by irregular and exciting corridor. At the meantime, in the joint of those interesting corridors, internal courtyard with illuminated feature BARRISOL tree structure is introduced to increase face-to-face integration of the people working inside.

Conference Room Island (11F)

11th Storey Floor Plan

Corridor Sectional Perspective (11F)

Hotels Location In Xiamen City

The Arc on the Seaside We believe that Arc is the most vivid line in nature. The God sketches the world with arc line, whether the community of plants and animals, or the unchangeable oceans and mountains, or even some galaxy which is so far away from us. Considering the site located in Xiamen, a city in China's southeast coast, and the building is orientated ocean, we are trying to use a language to explain the construction of its geographical characteristics, we eventually adopt in the shape of a common shellfish on the beach as the starting point of building intentions. Using a similar form of shells, the roof seems as waves in the ocean, and the intention of this construction happened to correspond to Zhongyuan Group’s ocean-going trade. At the same time, the shell roof of three-tier construction at the northwest and the four-storey of the southeast formed the landscape of falling roof. The white long arc of the balcony railing, pithily, rhythmically, and very gently reunifies the entire elevation of the building.

Internal Courtyard Perspective (11F)

Conference Room Interior (11F)

Internal Courtyard Perspective( 12F)

Internal Courtyard Perspective( 12F)

Conference Room Feature Wall (11F)


â—? Tibet Natural Science Museum, Lhasa, China

Tibet Natural Science Museum Crossed by the Kyi River, Lhasa grew up at the foot of the Mount Gephel. Surrounded by mountains, stretching its shape along East-West oriented waterway, Tibet Natural Science Museum stands out against this natural and impressive background. Its folded roof is like a transposition of the peaks’ skyline. The main body of the building, which welcomes visitors and houses the natural museum part, symbolize the hilly nature (relief), cradle of Tibetan civilization. It acts like a womb (matrix), source of humanity and progress, witness of the past. Two exhibition boxes located ahead are the representation of the urbanity; the shape is voluntarily straight and regular. They offer to the visitors spaces dedicated to Arts and Science. Past, present and future act in one space. The museum is more than an exhibition space. It symbolizes the expansion of the Tibetan civilization.

Site Location


布达拉宫 Potala Palace

大昭寺 Jokhang Temple

基地 Site

拉萨河 Lhasa River

North Perspective

Façade System The panels’ assembling forms a pattern which derives from symbolic elements. It is a combination between Mandala and Endless Knot representations, expressing mediation and interrelation concepts.

Basic Structure of Mandala

South Elevation

Basic Structure of Façade Pattern

Basic Structure of Endless Knot

Pattern Transformation


Pattern Transform & Organization



The work on the pattern permits to make the mash more or less dense. This gives the ability to filter the sun’s rays and, thus, control the light and temperature inside the building. The pattern changes according to the façade exposure, and shows different aspect from North to South.

Lobby Interior

Physical Model


â—? Bhartiya City - Residential Bangalore, India

Bhartiya City - Residential, Bangalore, India A truly integrated city spanning 125 acres in north Bangalore, complete with residential, retail, hospitality and SEZ realms woven together in a map of green goodness. Bhartiya City is the first of its kind in India. The residential site, precinct one in the new future city, occupies a total GFA of 3,404,235 sqft, including 2,582 apartment units of various room types. In the whole development, there are 9 resi-towers and 1 Black Swan Duplex tower, with link building blocks sit in-between. One podium level and two basement levels serve for retail, residential drop-off lobby, management office and M&E etc.

As a high-density project, various of gardens have been introduced to different areas/levels, such as central pool area with amenities, resi-tower courtyards, link building roof terrace, lift lobby and corridor-end viewing deck, not only to create a greenery soft scape, but also to bring and enhance the concept of interactive, vital and tranquil life style.

Landmark Tower (E) Pool View

Master Plan

Aerial View


Car Park entry/ exit c d



LAND USES ACCESS a Security Gate/ vehicular access b Drop-off (+ short term parking)



c Exterior car parking (150 spaces) b



AMENITIES e (Lap) Swimming pool



d Car Park entry/ exit c

d Car Park entry/ exit




p Link











f Recreational pool



Car Park entry/ exit i h


g Kids pool h Sports courts (tennis, basket ball, futsal) i

Jogging track (ca. 950 m)


BBQ pits (separate veg. & nonveg.)

k 250 seats amphitheater TOWER I



q s a Security Gate / vehicular access

m Recreational lawn



n Play area p Discovery trail

Black Swan Tower

q Retail promenade r Market street s Leisure walk

Security Gate / vehicular access


Section Tower F

Tower G

Link Roof Garden

Tower H

Link Roof Garden

Black Swan Tower

Tower I

Link Roof Garden

Link Roof Garden

External View

External View



Podium Garden

Podium Garden



Podium Garden

Market Place & Club

Podium & Basement Parking

Podium & Basement Parking

Tower Typical Resi-Units

Link Typical Resi-Units

Tower Penthouse Resi-Units

Black Swan Market Place & Club

Black Swan Guest Rooms

Black Swan Duplex Units

Black Swan Sky Bar

Lift Lobby Garden

Podium Courtyard Garden Central Garden Link Roof Garden

Corridor End Garden

Link Roof Garden

Link Roof Garden Typical Floor Plan (L17)

Central Park Perspective

Central Park Perspective


â—? China Life R&D Center Planning and Architecture Design, Beijing, China

China Life R&D Center Planning and Architecture Design, Beijing, China This is a design proposal for China biggest insurance company, China Life Insurance’s R&D center in Beijing. The project site is located in north-west Beijing, surrounded by water.



As an XL project, China Life Insurance Center combines multiple function areas, such as computer room area, disaster protection management area, comprehensive management office area, research office area, test office area, training area, logistic management office area, dinning area, energy power equipment area, parking area, financial operation center, business operation center, client service center and etc. Inspired by Chinese traditional seal carving, the whole development forms its masterplan layout and phasing dynamically and coherently. Five Chinese traditional culture elements have been introduced into the interior design, offering them unique space characteristics. External and internal courtyards with waterscape are designed to integrate with architectural spaces effectively and organically.

Day View

Site Concept Analyze

Concept Of Architectural Formation


Concept Of the Master Plan----Chinese Seal

Master Plan

地下车库 parking 连廊 corridor 下沉式广场 Sunken plaza

地下车库 parking

能源动力设备区 计算机机房区 Computer working Energy power equipment area area

餐饮休闲区 Dining leisure area 地下车库 Underground parking

能源动力设备区 Energy power equipment area

计算机机房区 Computer working area

节点 Nodes

Function Distribution for Phase 1 电子档案管理区 Digital file management area 综合管理办公区 Comprehensive management area 培训区 Training area 测试办公区 Testing office area 研发办公区 R & D office area 灾难备份管理区 Disaster protection management area

研发办公区 研发办公区 研发办公区 R&D office area R&D office area 研发办公区 R&D office area 电子档案办公区 值班培训住宿区 值班培训住宿区 计算机机房区 R&D office area 计算机机房区 计算机机房区 计算机机房区 Digital file management area Training lodging area Training lodging area Computer room area Computer room area Computer room area 综合管理办公区 Computer room area 灾难备份管理区 灾难备份管理区 灾难备份管理区 Comprehensive 综合管理办公区 测试办公区 Disaster protection Disaster protection 灾难备份管理区 Disaster protection management area Comprehensive 培训区 Testing office area 培训区 综合管理办公区 management area management area Disaster protection 培训区 management area management area Training area Comprehensive Training area 电子档案办公区 management area 值班培训住宿区 Training area 培训区 management area 综合管理办公区 Digital file management area Training lodging area Training area 测试办公区 Comprehensive 测试办公区 电子档案办公区 测试办公区 Testing office area management area Testing office area 电子档案办公区 Digital file management area Testing office area Digital file management area 值班培训住宿区 Training lodging area

计算机机房区 Computer room area 值班培训住宿区 On-duty training Lodging area 餐饮休闲区 Dining leisure area 能源动力设备区 Energy power equipment area 地下停车区 Underground parking area 客户服务区 Client service area 三期预留办公区 Reserve space

Function Distribution for Phase 2&3 电子档案管理区 Digital file management area

餐饮休闲区 能源动力设备区 Dining leisure area Energy power equipment area

地下车库 Underground parking

Facade Concept

综合管理办公区 Comprehensive management area

North outside facade combined by

South outside facade combined by

Glass Shutter

Metal Shutter

培训区 Training area Reflected sunlight in summer

测试办公区 Testing office area 研发办公区 R & D office area 灾难备份管理区 Disaster protection management area 计算机机房区 Computer room area 值班培训住宿区 On-duty training Lodging area 餐饮休闲区 Dining leisure area 能源动力设备区 Energy power equipment area 地下停车区 Underground parking area 客户服务区 Client service area 三期预留办公区 Reserve space

Accepted sunlight in winter

Closed glass shutter in summer

30℃ 三期预留办公区 Reserve space of phase 3 客户服务区 综合管理办公区 Client service center 值班培训住宿区 Comprehensive Training lodging area management area 培训区 Training area 1st Phrase South Elevation


Closed glass shutter in winter

0 10 ℃ ℃

Opened glass shutter in spring & autumn



Five Elements in Interior Design 木 Wood 位处东方,木曰曲直。 eastern direction strength, health, and vitality shaped into straight and curved pieces

木生火 Wood feeds Fire

火 Fire

土 Earth

金 Metal

水 Water

位处南方,火曰炎上。 southern direction passion and great energy moves upward

位处西南,土爰稼檣。 southwest direction nourishment and stability

位处西方,金曰从革。 western direction efficiency, preciseness, and being sharp and focused

位处北方,水曰润下。 northern direction purity, simplicity and comfort soaking and descending

金生水 Metal holds Water 火生土 Fire creates Earth 土生金 Earth bears Metal 水生木 Water nourishes Wood

木 Wood

火 Fire

土 Earth

金 Metal

水 Water

Night View

Phase I Physical Model


â—? Twenty Twenty Resort, Pecatu, Bali, Indonesia

Twenty Twenty Resort, Pecatu, Bali, Indonesia Located within the wider Pecatu Indah Resort Master Plan, Twenty Twenty occupies the most strategic location in the area. Spread across 5.1 hectares of beautifully landscaped terrain, this exceptional resort commands panoramic views of the entire west coast of the island. Luxurious and fun, relaxing yet vibrant, peacefully magnificent, Twenty Twenty is a thoughtfully imagined and sensitively designed resort nestled within the stunning landscape of Pecatu, Bali. Sitting in harmony with its beautiful, natural surroundings and uninterrupted views across the Indian Ocean, it offers the best of many worlds. Its location is unsurpassed. Its design is a stunning fusion of contemporary forms, earthy tones and natural materials. Its aura is one of tranquillity, escape and fascination. And yet all of this comes with an unexpected surprise: affordability. With its blue skies, white sands, clear waters and abundant landscaping, Twenty Twenty is both the journey and the destination.

Aerial View


Diagrammatic cross section through the hotel lobby ESCAPE ROUTE OF WARM AIR




Condotel & Main Lobby General Elevation

Condotel Typical Elevation

Pool View From Lobby Lounge

Condotel & Main Lobby General Elevation

2 Bedroom Section

Villa Exterior View

View From Golf Course

Wedding Pavilion


â—? Photography

Photography is more In my childhood, I was always curious about the device with a mysterious eyeball that can capture images, and wondering when I would be able to get one for my own. Till 9 years ago, I owned my first camera, which really brought me into the filed of photography. Nowadays, as the development of technology, various of digital cameras are available and affordable to almost everyone, and eventually photography is now becoming a way of life. After years of practice, photography to me is not only taking a well composed and correctly exposed picture, but also, it is a way of evoking feelings and telling stories. Photography is more.

Potala Palace, Tibet, China

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Esplanade Drive Bridge, Singapore

Esplanade, Singapore

Light Tail, Hong Kong

ION, Singapore

Langham Place Shopping Mall, Hong Kong

313@somerset, Singapore

H&M, Singapore

Yuelu Academy, Hunan, China

Kallang River, Singapore

Wat Arun, Bangkok, Thailand

Ocean, Singapore

Mountain, Tibet, China

Sanya, China

Changyi, Singapore

Red Ants, Singapore

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