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NUMB / ENCORE ‘Visual Music’ is a project in which the goal is to begin with a sound and end with a word by expressing the rhythm, beat, flow and pace of the song using lyrics as visuals. The traditional typographic approach of gridded blocks of text with even letter spacing and leading no longer suffices. I chose to work with Numb/Encore,’ a song by the rock band Linkin Park and rapper Jay-Z. This song is an upbeat, high tempo song with a slower pace in the final verse. The song is broken down with two different vocals, the majority of the song is comprised of fast-pace, upbeat rap. The last verse begins as a slow

Section 1

beat, low tempo rock that builds up into a faster beat and high pitched ending through the collaboration with the rap from the first verse. I decided to represent the song using two different typefaces for the vocals. The rap is visually represented by bringing the together, creating a form that feels like the music itself. The final verse of the song is expressed by extended alphabets that represent the rhythm and the pace of the vocal. This is gradually exaggerated to convey the high beat, high pitch climax of the song.

Section 2

Section 3

Visual Music