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VISUAL IDENTITY [CONCEPT] “香草風情” is a garden view restaurant. The owner grows organic herb used in herbal tea and all kind of meal, last but not least, the owner welcome new couple hold wedding ceremony here. The all visual look wants to give people herbal and garden feeling, so the elements are handdraw with curly lines like a vine. The rose tea packaging is a wedding gift for the guest, in order to promote the wedding place.

SPICE PACKAGING [CONCEPT] The drop shape represent the scent of the spice. The choose of colors are related to each spice, for instance, the pepper corns is red and green; the cinnamon is mainly brown. The illustration is also related to the spice, cinnamon is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several trees, so the illustration just like streamline trunk.

ENTER THE DRAGON [CONCEPT] In the begin of the movie, Bruce Lee cross through many bird cages above his head. Chinese people hang their bird cages in house, to them, bird is a ornamental animal. In the bottom of the poster there is a broken cage fallen down, that means someone break into the house. But who? Just go see the movie.

SEVEN RULES POSTER [CONCEPT] The poster is about how to understand design and designer. Simply using. typography layout to show the seven rules

PITURE BOOK [CONCEPT] “New life” is a picture book about a journey of a sprout travel by wind then grow on a beautiful mountain. The meaning behind the story is that “ Life will finds its way out”. Using hand draw and water color to produce the picture.

Coulrophobia [CONCEPT] Coulrophobia is a fear of clowns. When it comes to clown, I think of the big round red nose on their face. That is the reason why the main color is red. The pattern has circus elements to suggest the clown.

PLANKTON WORLD [CONCEPT] The whole work is made by Processing. The meaning of this work is to present “ life ” in digital way and how to show “ vitality ” by writing code. The reason why I choose plankton as my theme is we often ignore it because they are so tiny, but is truth that they are still tiny “ lives ” in earth. As you can see in the video, the plankton’s outline constantly change and their body is translucent like Single-celled organisms.

[ Hui Min Hsu Portfolio [

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