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The Big Bang Theory Review

her into the apartment and somehow

By: Hui Da (David) Shi

invite her over for lunch as well. During lunch they can barely have a

The Pilot episode of Big Bang

normal conversation, and when

Theory introduces two nerdy

Penny cries they have no idea how

characters named Sheldon and

to comfort her either. Later when

Leonard. Because they are absurdly

their best friends Wolowitz and

different from the social norm, they

Koothrappali come along, they’re just

are socially stupid. In fact they are so

as challenged with girls. The episode

nerdy that they will make the typical

finishes with Sheldon and Leonard

geeks look cool. The episode opens

going to retrieve Penny’s television

with Sheldon and Leonard at a high

but ends up losing their pants to her

IQ sperm bank to make some extra


cash. However they decide to back

Big Bang Theory is a great

out because Sheldon believed it was

sitcom. After the Big Bang Theory

genetic fraud and that his sperm

Pilot episode, it has brought great

might not breed a genius. When they

anticipation to many viewers. It

got home, they noticed a new

gained its massive fan club in an

beautiful and sexy neighbor named

impressively short amount of time.

Penny moves in next door. Sheldon

This creative show has gained so

and Leonard awkwardly welcome

much popularity over the years

because its exceptional humor and

Sheldon makes the joke that they

unique characters captured many

can’t even carry it. We find humor in

audiences and kept them interested.

this because men are suppose to be

Big Bang Theory is often compared

strong physically, however although

to other popular sitcoms such as

Leonard tries to appear manly and

How I Met Your Mother or Seinfeld.

fails terribly when he arrives at

Although these sitcoms are

Penny’s ex-boyfriend place. Two girl

comparable, Big Bang Theory is the

scouts outsmarted Leonard and

most unique due to its different

Sheldon although their combined IQ

contents. Big Bang Theory shows

is three times the children’s. Later

how smart geniuses can be stupid in

their masculinity is even more

their own ways.

humiliated when Penny’s ex-

Throughout the show,

boyfriend steals their pants and to

slapstick, satire and sarcasm is used

wrap it up Sheldon complains to

often as humor. The screenwriters

Leonard that he has to tell his

incorporate these elements brilliantly

mother how he lost his pants.

resulting in a very funny outcome.

Penny’s intelligence was also

They also make fun of the

challenged during the episode.

masculinity of geeks as well as

When Leonard points out that

question the intelligence of blondes.

Penny’s story was based on her own

For example during the pilot episode

life, she denies it with a stupid

Leonard decides to retrieve the

comment. Then soon after she over

television for Penny, however

reacts and spills her life story like a stereotypical blonde.

Overall Big Bang theory is still in fact a fantastic comedy. Blending

Despite all the humor, people

amazing acting skills well thought out

can still be offended to some extent.

writing, this show definitely deserves

Geniuses might feel that the

honorable mentions. I would

depiction of them is over

recommend it to anybody with any

exaggerated. Not all nerds

sense of humor. Although it can be

necessarily play video games and

offensive to a type of group I think

cannot talk to women. Nor are they

we can overlook it and enjoy the

all socially awkward or street stupid.

humor within.

The show can lead to many misunderstandings and judgments towards geeks. In today’s society nerds are often picked on in school, however after watching Big Bang Theory people might feel the need to bully them even more because they feel its okay. In addition, Penny represents the “stupid” blonde, which can be offensive to many as well. Some may not appreciate this type of humor.

Big Bang Theory Review  
Big Bang Theory Review