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1 Prof. Umberto Guerini 2 Portrait – colored pastel collage – 1980 – 1992 – 70 x 100 cm 3 Pope – colored pastel collage – 1992 – 150 x 100 4 Seated figure - colored pastel collage – 1989 – 150 x 100 cm

HISTORY AND EVIDENCES OF THE DRAWINGS DONATED BY FRANCIS BACON TO CRISTIANO LOVATELLI RAVARINO By Umberto Guerini Cristiano Lovatelli Ravarino owns a series of artworks in large format, drawings, pastels and collages that was given to him by Francis Bacon, as is demonstrated by a deed of gift, dated and signed by the Irish painter. This deed of gift reads: “02/04/1988. I left all my drawings to Cristiano Ravarino. I am indebted to him and Italian renaissance culture. I also have the suspicion that in all those years Marlborough Gallery cheated and robbed me thanks to awkward situations created by the Gallery itself. With love, Francis Bacon.” Dr. Ambra Draghetti – expert in graphology at Bologna’s Court – tried that the day and signature found on the deed of gift were both written by Francis Bacon. In addition to the aforementioned deed of gift, the authenticity of the drawings is further confirmed by the following evidence:


• the sentence handed down by Bologna’s Court on July 8, 2004 and the evidences collected during the trial, in particular the testimonies of Giorgio Gaggioli, Gloria Zanella, Elisa Menardi and Prof. Vincenzo Lucchese.

• Testimony from Cristina Pezzoli, known as “Bebella,” who declared that she was given a drawing as a gift directly by Francis Bacon in 1982/83, while the two were at the Osteria dei Poeti, a restaurant in Via dei Poeti, Bologna, one evening. • New expert analysis of the signature and graphological signs conducted by Dr. Ambra Draghetti. • Testimony from the Marquise Horacio de Sosa Cordero, who was such a close friend of Francis Bacon’s that he was asked by John Edwards to go to Madrid in April 1992 in order to identify the artist’s body. During a press conference held in Buenos Aires on October 22, 2010, the Marquise de Sosa Cordero confirmed that the drawings exhibited and the signatures found on the drawings are both Francis Bacon’s. He also recognized and identified many of the people portrayed in the drawings. In an essay written for a convention that focused on Francis Bacon’s drawings, held on June 26, 2012 at the Gate Gallery in Prague as part of the exhibition “Francis Bacon–Bhoumil Harabal,” Horacio de Sosa Cordero declared as follows: “Very few people frequented his studio in London on a daily basis: Peter Beard, whenever he came back from one of his photographic

safaris in Africa; David Sylvester; Lucian Freud; George Dyer; and I; years later John Edwards, who sometimes arrived from Italy accompanied by a young, very friendly Bologna journalist named Ravarino. Francis Bacon toured Italy together with Ravarino, visiting Rome, Sicily, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Bologna, Tuscany and other Italian cities… The truth is that Francis Bacon began to make periodic trips to Italy, where things were quiet and he was away from the watchful eyes of Gilbert Lloyd, or the sister Angela or Pierre Levin, his right-hand man in NYC, today director of the gallery. Then he would eagerly dedicate himself to drawing, as well as producing collages and mixed media, some of which can be seen on display at the Gate Gallery in Prague, and many of which represent his magnificent series of Popes, in addition to studio portraits, or compositions, some of which I saw in his atelier in Paris. Francis Bacon was involved in his relationship with Ravarino, his ‘man in Italy,’ a companion, lover and the inheritor of these magnificent works that I would call “the major works from Francis Bacon’s secret period in Italy.” • Testimony from Stephen Conrad, an english art historian who in an email sent to me on June 11, 2012 declared as follows: “The facts, as I recall them, are these. I was persuaded by my friend,


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Artmagazin, Kunst, Arte, Artists, Kaleidoscope, Hugo V. Astner, Francis Bacon, Lucio Fontana, Hermann Nitsch, Canaletto, Leo Andergassen, Lu...

Artmagazine kaleidoscope milionart  

Artmagazin, Kunst, Arte, Artists, Kaleidoscope, Hugo V. Astner, Francis Bacon, Lucio Fontana, Hermann Nitsch, Canaletto, Leo Andergassen, Lu...