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Portfolio Hugo Fernandes

Index: 1-Self-introduction; 2-Drawings and product representations; 3-Product design concepts: -Furniture and utensils; -Electronics.


About Me My name is Hugo Fernandes, I am a recent graduate in Industrial Design through the Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e Ave.

Name: Hugo Fernandes Age: 25 Nationality: Portuguese College graduation: Industrial Design

Since i was new, i always showed interest in the creation of new objects and the mechanics of materials, which led me to take a degree in mechanics in high-school. What prompted me to get this degree was the embodiment to create one or more products that could serve the general public, meeting their needs and appreciation. As for my views in design, i follow a “form follows funtion” design language, clean and simple lines, that are timeless and clear to understand by the user. In this short portfolio will present some of my most relevant work performed during college years and personal developed projects.

Drawings and Product Representations

Representation of a Electric plug (China’s ink)

Representation of pliers (China’s ink)

Hand + 1st object (Graphite and coloured pencils)

Hand + 2nd object (Graphite and coloured pencils)

Mutated Object ( 1st object + 2nd object combined) (Water colour, graphite)

Mutated Object ( 1st object + 2nd object combined) (graphite)

Product Design Concepts

Furniture and utensils

An Helping Hand

This project had the purpose of developing a product to improve the life quality to a general or especific public. The product that i purposed for this project consisted in helping a person with na amputated arm, to be able to open a jar or bottle with only one hand. The product would support and grip the jar in a wedge, while it would hold itself into the border of a table or balcony. (Note: The images show a few early sketches of the idea for the product)

The product had to obey a few requirements that i put from the start: 1-It should be easy to use with only one hand; 2-It should be economically acessible to every body; 3-It should be light and easy to accommodate in a kitchen drawer; 4-Easy to clean and to be a durable product. (Note: The images show a few early sketches of the product)

The result was a product made in stainless steel and gripping rubber, that could open a great variety of small containers, with a very acessible and economical fabrication. (note: the bottom sketch was the drawing of the final shape of the product)

Schematics and rendering of the final product

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Note: Sketches of shape, colour and possible working environment.


Smart Remote

In this project, the proposed work was to develop a product which would require some type of interaction with the final user. The product chosen by the group was a universal television remote. (note: images show early sketches and digital processing of the product)

With inspiration on the recent mobile touch-screens, which allow for a unprecedented customization, we’ve created a remote control with touch-screen and different modes to use and control devices. (note: images show early sketches and digital processing of the product)

Thus, we can cover, practically, all the possible types of different users of the remote,from kids to elderly people. This work was developed by me in conjunction with student GintarĂŠ Hermanaviciute. (note:rendering of the final product)

(note: rendering of the final product)

BeoSmart Smartphone Concept

Feature in Yanko design: (note: rendering of the final product)

This is a personal project that i’ve developed of top-spec smartphone, which combines the best work of two great companies, Bang & Olufsen and Leica cameras. Featured in Yanko Design website, it represents a month of work, from beggining to end (Sketches, modeling, rendering, brochure artwork), as shown in the next pages. (note: main views of the final product, rendered)

For more information on my curriculum, project/concepts details and other personal data: Email: Mobile Phone: +351 934 767 593 LinkedIn: Online Portfolio:

This portfolio was all edited in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesing) All renders were created using Solidworks CAD software and Cinema 4D R13 with V-ray

Portfolio - Hugo AndrĂŠ Costa Vieira Fernandes- 2013

Personal portfolio  

My personal portfolio, with all of my latest works.