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Hugo Bovea


Hugo Bovea Caracas: +584166568730 16.08.1994 23 years old About me

Educational background

Completely passionate for architecture as a way of life instead of a discipline, committed to an integral professional vision and constantly seeking for innovation. I strongly believe that excellence should be the ideal and the only way to get things done is by giving the best of yourself. I am always looking forward to challenges that allow me to grow and develop my potential to the fullest both as a professional and as a person. Architect Cum Laude


2011 – 2018

Simón Bolívar University Caracas, Venezuela

Contest for Latin-American Students “Pensar la Vivienda, Vivir la Ciudad”

2016 / february Organized by: “UN – Habitat” and National University of Córdoba, Argentina - Faculty of Architecture

Urban regeneration in Curundú, Panamá / BID Urban Lab 2015 2015 / july

Organized by “Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo”

Affordable Housing Contest “Convive IX Paisaje Cultural Vivo y Sostenible” 2015 / january

Organized by “Escala” Magazine and “Ministry of Culture of Colombia”

Awarded with honorable mention

Work experience Frutimarket, C.A.

El Hatillo City Hall




2016 / Sep-Dec

Caracas, Venezuela Architect Volunteer

2016 / August

Barquisimeto, Venezuela Design and rendering services

Spanish – native language English – speak fluently and read / write with high proficiency German – basic knowledge AutoCad 2D / 3D - Advanced Revit - Advanced Photoshop – Advanced

Illustrator – Good InDesign – Good MS Office - Advanced

Graphic design / solo singing / guitar - piano - drums player / travelling

Portfolio Academic New Urban Fabric / Eco-Industrial Caracas Graduation project March - December 2017 multi-scale / urban / hybrid / architecture

Marketplace / Restaurant & Bar 13th term April - July 2016 public / multi-purpose / architecture

Urban Proposal / Collective Housing Contest 12th term January - March2016 multi-scale / urban / residential / contest

Cultural and Civic Center 12th term January - March 2016 public / architecture

Eco-Region / Affordable Housing

Contest 9th term September 2014 - January 2015 multi-scale / regional / urban / rural / residential

Personal Fruit Store

August 2016 commercial / architecture / rendering




Contents Public

*Pixel Wall - 8th Term

01 Mu

New Urban Fabric / Eco-Industrial Caracas year place

march - december 2017 Graduation project Caracas, Venezuela

The proposal conceives a new role for urban industry, seeking innovative solutions through operations to achieve urban fabric regeneration. The objective is to achieve the consolidation of a much denser, mixed, complex and dynamic environment of the inactive industrial areas of Caracas. Therefore, in the project works in multiple scales centered primarily on achieving a more self-sustainable city through local industrial production. To do so, the proposal is structured in three scales of intervention: The first one establishes the Eco-Industrial Caracas Net, the second one intervenes an existing industrial area in Los Cortijos, and the third one sets up a new mixed urban industry typology.

02 Pu

Marketplace / Restaurant & Bar year place

april - july 2016 13th term Caracas, Venezuela

The idea is to revitalize an abandoned area next to an existing supermarket in Santa Paula, an urbanization in Caracas. The aim of the exercise was to use a flexible / detachable structure to create a low scale / high impact building. The new project is conceived as a space that flows and integrates inside and outside, with no divisions, creating a multi-functional space that supports an itinerant market that places there three it days a week, but also hosts a Restaurant / Bar. This idea is achieved by using a light roof, a permeable skin surrounding the building and multi-purpose furniture that is able to adapt to both functions.

Roof Panels

Structural Node

Column Base


Work Infrastructure Domestic Scale Jobs Complementary Equipment Housing

03 Mu


Urban Proposal / Collective Housing year place

Neighborhood Uses


january - march 2016 12th term Caracas, Venezuela

The competition is part of The United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat 3) and its aim was to design a multi-scale proposal for a city in Latin-America, thinking of new ways of living. Based on that, the proposal is located in an abandoned industrial area in Caracas, and it’s focused in a socioeconomic study of the Latin-American and Venezuelan family, offering new urban and domestic experiences, understanding the needs of new types of families as well as the increasing growth of the city. The new urban development reuses pre-existing structures and proposes progressive-growth housing as well as a mixture of uses resulting in a much more dynamic and active area.


Soft Structures Soft Use



Programmatic Transformations


Hard Structures Soft Use




Business Training

Technical Training

Single Mothers



Mixed Traditional Family

Hard Structures Hard Use Social Entrepreneurship


Extensive New Types Of Families




Progressive Strategies

Public Space Residential Space Community Space Private Space

Productive Privacy Scales

Shadow Roof Recycled structure

Rain Roof Rainwater harvesting Green Roof Community agriculture

Waste Recycling

Community Yards Reuse of rainwater Crops


Reconditioning of unused building

Site Analysis And Proposal


BB’ Section

Activation of proposed pedestrian trail

Proposed Buildings Community Spaces -Kitchen -Social Areas

Public Space AA’ Section

Subway Stations Avenues Streets

Community Market Sale of local production

Public Space


A Type Growth

B Type Growth

Shadow Roof

Dwellings Houses Crops

Community Uses

Floor Plans A and B Modules

04 Pu

Las Mercedes Cultural and Civic Center year place

january - march 2016 12th term Caracas, Venezuela

The main idea for the project is to restore and expand the current CADA Shopping Center, an iconic 50's building in Las Mercedes. The proposal is conceived as an ode to the modern heritage of the city. The idea is to preserve the outstanding elements of the structure articulating it with two new buildings through public space. The existing one is intervened to become the main gallery, and the others host a library, an auditorium and a City Hall. The proposal has dynamic and changing spatial sequences, allowing an inside - outside integration through the use of transparency.




1. Existing Building (Main Gallery) 2. Building Extension (Library) 3. Sculpture Garden 4. City Hall 5. Auditorium 6. Garden of Memory




05 Mu


Eco-Region / Affordable Housing (Awarded with Honorable Mention)


september 2014 january 2015 9th term


Circasia, Colombia

The Academic International Habitat Competition CONVIVE IX is focused in facing the rural development situation in Circasia Municipality. This is a multi-scale project centered primarily on sustainable water management processes. The main operation is turning Circasia, into a city / region, guaranteeing that the activities of its existence do not demand more natural resources than the ccity can self-manage. The proposal works on four scales: a regional scale, contemplating the design of an eco-region; an urban scale, reorganizing the town center; a rural scale, equipping a rural settlement and an architectural scale, proposing two models of houses, a suburban and a rural one. ru

Water Footprint

Blue Green Gray Footprint Footprint Footprint



Blue Volume of water consumed from the surface

Green Rainwater kept in the soil as humidity

Reuse Gray Water contaminated by human activity

Rural House

Suburban House Public Space Guarantee of protection to the ravine by creating a front towards it

Water crops: Purify water through an organic process (Phytoremediation)

Housing Complex: Suburban houses for farmers

Dry Crops: Strategy to stop runoff

Tourist Viewpoint / Stores: Tourist attraction to the city

06 Co

Fruit Store august 2016

year client

Frutimarket, C.A.


Barquisimeto, Venezuela

The idea was to create a warm flowing space for a new concept of fruit store in the city. Job description: - Consulted with clients to determine functional and spatial requirements for the fruit store. - Drafted furniture designs adapted to floor plans, working closely with a furniture manufacturer. - Created, printed and modified drawings. - Modeled and rendered images. +584166568730

Hugo Bovea - Architecture Portfolio  
Hugo Bovea - Architecture Portfolio