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C-Sharp Biography Originally referred to as Sentimental Touch in the Jazz World C-Sharp came together in December 2001 with core members Aeion “Yaaka” Hoilett, Dwain “Wiya” Campbell and Ordean “Bingy” Francis while studying music at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. All hailing from the North Coast, the group began their musical journey in the renowned “Room 13” at the college, „jamming‟ for hours after classes. Needing to satisfy their insatiable appetite for playing music, during the first two years of coming together, the group played at weddings, school concerts and many other small events once the opportunity arose. During this time guitarist Lamont “Monty” Savory joined the group and C-Sharp formed alliances with great musical influences such as Ibo Cooper, of the famed Third World Band, that would later on prove very influential in their becoming the renowned group they are today. In perfecting their sound C Sharp changed faces by welcoming Randevon “Randy” Patrick as new drummer, and Chevaughn Clayton with his dynamic vocal skills as lead singer and percussionist both bringing a solid sound to an already eclectic five-man band. In ten years they boost an impressive resume, having toured most of Europe, parts of The United States of America and other parts of the world. In 2003 they were invited to represent Jamaica in Suriname at The Caribbean Festival of the Arts (Carifesta). Along with performing at Carifesta, the group was invited to share in Haiti‟s milestone of 200th year of Independence in early January 2004 then in 2005 represented the country and reggae music at the Jamaican Independence Celebration held in Beijing China. Upon returning from China the group released a single titled “No More”, the video for which spent 14 weeks on CVM Hit List Chart in the Top 5 position. The song got international recognition making radio charts from Africa to Europe and parts of the Caribbean. The group has worked closely with phenomenal; artistes such as Third World‟s Ibo Cooper, Gospel Sweethearts Robert and Jenieve Bailey, Taurus Riley, Abijah, Queen Omega, Turbulence and were the touring band for Reggae artistes Tony Rebel and Queen Ifrica. They also worked as opening act for Roberta Flack and Pebro Bryson at the Hilton Hotel in Kingston Jamaica at a special Valentine Day concert. Since 2005 they have worked as opening act for Rita Marley and the I-Three singers in Germany, Hungary, Italy and Ghana. C-Sharp made a presentation of some of their best tracks taken from their Debut album titled “What A Day” at Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest of 2005, Red Label Wine East Fest 2007 and Smile Jamaica Africa Unite 2008 showcasing a vibrant collection of sound and youthful melody. November 15, 2011 C-Sharp released their long awaited album „The Invitation” which had been receiving much love and support from local and international media. The album consists of 13 songs with Nurse and No More that were previously released as singles. C-Sharp continues to tour, and as they build their musical reputation a Sentimental Touch is left with fans worldwide.

Band and Album Reviews

C-Sharp Issues 'The Invitation' Published: Sunday | November 13, 20110 Comments

C-Sharp Band

Mel Cooke, Gleaner Writer C-Sharp had decided on the title of their sophomore set, to be launched officially in two days, long before doing a song with Busy Signal which just happened to have the same name. Two of the band's members started doing projects with producer Shane Brown which led to his charge, the Busy one, putting together a band. In turn, C-Sharp lead singer Chevaughn Clayton ended up opening for Busy Signal on tour, that upping the ante for a collaboration. "We always thought about it. We respect him," Clayton said. "The musicwas there, we were listening to it and we started writing. And we said that this is the track that Busy should be on." That track turned out to be The Invitation - just like the predetermined album title and comes in third on the 12-track CD, with the bonus track,No More, long having made its mark. That song about a single woman's singular struggle is the only track which those who have followed the band will be already familiar with. The Sunday Gleaner got the in-studio run-through at Grafton, Vineyard Town, St Andrew, and heard not only a mixture of musical styles resting on a foundation of rock-solid drum-and-bass reggae, but also many other C-Sharp members' voices

sharing lead time with Clayton's - bass guitarist Aeion Hoilett, keyboard player Dwain Campbell (whose voice-changing manipulations at the band's most recent Redbones concert brought the house down), and guitarist Lamont Savory. Randevon 'Randy' Patrick is on drums. It starts with Family Man, the Michael Sean Harris penned tale of a father's struggle which starts with near strains of R&B before the rockers hit. Reggae My Song is a thumping roots romp, simultaneously the band's rockers commitment to itself and a statement of product to the listener. The sharing of lead vocals starts on Reggae My Song and is featured liberally throughout the album. After the serendipitous title track the album goes reflective in pace, lyrics and delivery with Missing Peace, Dean Fraser, Nambo Robinson and Dwight Richards delivering the horns. Heart of a Child, which has an intriguing arrangement in which the trap set and hand drums have an extended conversation, precedes the first of two covers, the unflaggingBook of Rules. There is another change of pace with the almost liltingBetter Day Comin which features the superb voice of Bunny Rugs, renowned as Third World's lead singer and who has a brace of solo albums to his credit. The band is not afraid to take risks, not with a track entitled Jezebel and focusing on one lady's not-so-fine qualities. The second cover is Get Lifted, made popular by John Legend, I'll Be There swings along in flying cymbal tempo and features a strong guitar solo. Nurse is healing for a world of love hurt and Somewhere, coming before the bonus track, literally sings Jamaica's praises. Clayton said putting more C-Sharp voices on lead (they all sing harmony) "is something that we did not talk about. It just happened, touring as C-Sharp since 2006. It is just part of the dynamics of C-Sharp. To deny it would be unfair". Playing together as a unit and not a backing band has made a lot of difference between The Invitation and the first album as well. "On the first album it was just one drop. This one has a lot of fusion," drummer Randevon 'Randy' Patrick said. And, broadening their focus, "we put different personalities, instead of just us". C-Sharp recorded over 20 songs to narrow The Invitation down to 12, plus the bonus track. "We went all out for this, to ensure it covers all grounds, goes across all barriers," Clayton said. "For the album, we created a sound and we hope it works."

An Invitation Not To Be Refused C-Sharp Album A Must-Have Published: Thursday | December 29, 20110 Comments

Marcia Rowe, Gleaner Writer If the musical band C-Sharp is to be judged by the company they keep, much is to be expected from their album titled The Invitation. However, the lure of the 13-track CD, with its rather catchy, unique title, is not due to the brand-name associates the band invited for the collaborations on the album. It is the relevant themes, creatively written lyrics, the undeniably reggae beats, and the nicely arranged, and justly vocalised, songs that are an invitation. Nestled inside the back cover of the jacket is the CD. Its matching label simply says CSharp THE INVITATION in a rather stylish font. Suffice to say, all the songs are fantastic. The placement of each on the track was obviously given some thought. Most were written by some members of the group, in collaboration with others from the music fraternity. The first selection, Family Man, is the only non-collaborative effort. It was written by Michael Sean Harris. Riding on a slow reggae rhythm, Family Man captures the day-to-day struggles of the ordinary man who wants to take care of his family. The slow tempo continues in Reggae My Song, The Invitation andMissing Peace. Reggae My Song seems to be a tribute to reggae vocalists like Bob Marley.

The Invitation features Busy Signal, who is also credited with the penning of the lyrics. The music for Missing Peace is slow and sultry and builds up the atmosphere of romance which the song intends to pull you into. Heart of A Child's bouncy beginning may be misleading, but the deception is appreciated, as the song turns out to be about a persona searching for love. rich in sound and delivery Book of Rules, the Barrington 'Barry Heptones' Llewellyn classic, also gets the slow reggae treatment. The song is just as rich in sound and delivery as the original. Jezebel speaks of the paradoxical nature of a woman (not sure many will take to the title). Nevertheless, it is good to listen to, the abrupt end bringing an interesting twist to an already interesting song. Better Day Coming, another of the songs of hope, was written by Bunny Rugs and Mikey Bennett. Bennett is also credited with producing the track. The Third World Band is also featured on the track. While Better Day Coming is one of those must-listen-to songs, Nursestands out even more. Not only are the lyrics creatively written, but the vocals have been laid with a passion that engulfs each line. The uptempo, Dean Fraser-produced I'll Be There is preceded by Get Lifted. The album is completed with the patriotic sounding Somewhere and the bonus track No More. Certainly, creativity is not limited to the musical components of this 10th anniversary CD, but also to its presentation and packaging. Looking every bit like an invitation, the cover is dark brown. At the foot of the first page of the cover notes inside is brief background information on how the band started. This is followed by a photograph of the group on the other page. Subsequent pages not only provide the titles of each song, along with some important information, but candid shots of individual members. The only downside to the work is that the font size and perhaps the font colours are not very reader-friendly. But The Invitation will, undoubtedly, provide good company.

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C-Sharp Rider 5 piece Pearl Master Custom drum set or Yamaha Recording Series or DW Collectors Series on a riser 1 SPD-F Sampler Stand Ampeg SVT 3 or 4 with 2x4x10 cabinet 2 Fender twin reverb or 2 Roland JC 120 Guitar amp 1 Yamaha Motif ES (61 KEYS) or ES7 2 Triton Pro (61 Keys) (Triton Classic) 1 single keyboard stands 1 double keyboard stand Percussion rack with 2 Bongos and 2 Congas 5 vocal mics (1 wireless Shure SM58 and 4 wirelesses or wired Shure SM58 5 Boom mic stands 2 guitar stand 8 stage mixes Bass monitor mix Guitar monitor mix Keyboards 1 monitor mix Keyboards 2 monitor mix Drums monitor mix Side fills left mix Side fills right mix Front wedge mix for lead vocal

Input List 1. Kick 10. Overhead 1 2. Kick 11. Overhead 2 3. Snare top 12. Bass di 4. Snare bottom 13. Bass mic 5. Hit hat 14. Guitar di 6. Tom 1 15. Guitar mic 7. Tom 2 16. Keyboard L 8. Tom 3 17. Keyboard R 9. Timbale 18. Keyboard L 28. Sampler di

Band Management and Booking Hugh Hoilett 1-876-424-1094

19. Keyboard R 20. Keyboard (Mono) 21. Vocal Mic 1 22. Vocal Mic 2 23. Vocal Mic 3 24. Vocal mic 4 25. Vocal mic 5 26. Bongos 27. Toys

C-Sharp EPK  

C-Sharp Band Press kit, with music and booking information

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