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Advertising and Fish

by AB3 Design

Attention-grabbing poster ad campaigns

Advertising and Fish Attention-grabbing poster ad campaigns The key to effective poster advertising lies in a simple relationship between words and image. They act as a yin and yang where one can’t do without the other. Yet this simple relationship nearly always requires a detailed approach to research, both in terms of client objectives and to the product, service or event that is being highlighted or promoted. The most successful and memorable ad campaigns are those that get their message across in a simple, thought-provoking way. Classic advertising from the past, such as Saatchi’s Labour isn’t working campaign, is a great example of not just how words and image work to great effect, but also of research into the subject advertised and the target audience.. Thus, before setting out on devising an ad campaign, we ask our clients (and ourselves) two questions: what do we want to say, and who do we want to say it to? By doing this, we determine the key aspects and values of what we are promoting, and the audience to whom we are reaching out. Whilst we embrace creativity when devising our clients’ campaigns, we never lose sight of the fact that advertising has to achieve results, whether they are measured in terms of sales, generating awareness, or by influencing opinion. The purpose of this brochure is to portray some of our own creative advertising campaigns and to show the thought processes involved when we conceive, write and design ads to achieve maximum attention.

by AB3 Design

Lobbying against spending cuts in the Food & Drinks sector NIFDA Background Agri-food is part of the DNA of the Northern Ireland economy. With the threat of Government cuts, it is not just this vital sector that would suffer financially, but the whole of the NI economy. Brief A campaign was required to call on Government to make the growth of the Food & Drink Manufacturing sector a central pillar of its economic policy. It was to highlight the vital influence of this important sector to Northern Ireland’s economic growth. Concept Our campaign proposal was designed to generate awareness of the detrimental effect that Government cuts would have on the Food & Drinks industry. Developed under the theme “Food for thought”, the campaign was aimed directly at stakeholders. Succinct messages with a simplicity of style were to form the basis of the campaign.

Agriculture needs to keep growing.

All economists agree on the importance of growing exports in order to build prosperity. Northern Ireland’s Food & Drink industry is growing. It exports 70% of its output, and by so doing injects significant amounts of new money into the Province year after year. However, proposed cuts in public sector funding will be to the detriment of economic growth. Agriculture needs growth. Don’t cut funding and investment in this vital market sector.

food for thought

The ‘Food for Thought’ campaign begins with a strong, positive statement.

Invest in Northern Ireland’s stock market.

The Food & Drink Industry is the most important engine of Northern Ireland’s economy, and a vital source of export revenue. Public sector policies need to ensure support for the agriculture sector in order to guarantee future prosperity and growth. Cuts in public sector funding must not be to the detriment of economic growth in this crucial area. Agriculture needs continued public sector investment. Don’t cut funding in this vital sector.

food for thought

Investment is key to the economy.

Beef cuts. Lamb chops. Agricultural crops.

The government in Northern Ireland is expected to make cuts of £1.2 Billion in the agriculture sector between now and 2015. The Food & Drink industry is the heartbeat of Northern Ireland’s economy. Cuts in public sector funding must not be to the detriment of economic growth. Agriculture needs continued public sector investment. Don’t cut funding in this vital sector.

food for thought

A play on words.

Dairy / London Dairy

It’s a big political issue that requires thinking further afield. Globally in fact. With increased global consumer demand for dairy products predicted*, it’s not a time for making public sector cuts in a market that is crucial to Northern Ireland’s economy. Globally, the Food & Drink industry is demonstrating strong growth and is a vital source of export revenue to Northern Ireland. The industry needs continued public sector investment. Cuts in public sector funding will effect Northern Ireland’s global Food & Drink exports.

food for thought *Source: Irish Government’s Food 2020 Strategy.

A well documented political issue is used to highlight economic problems on a global context.

One for the road.

Cuts in public sector investment could mean the end of the road for Northern Ireland’s Food & Drink industry. Currently, the industry exports 70% of its output, and by so doing injects significant amounts of new money into the Province year after year. However, the industry will struggle to digest the proposed £1.2 Billion government cuts in funding. Northern Ireland’s Food & Drink industry needs continual public sector funding.

food for thought

The Drinks sector would literally dry up without funding.

Highlighting the dangers of smoking in cars with children Action Cancer Background Second-hand smoke can cause lifelong health problems for children. Children in cars are particularly vulnerable to smoke and many of them have no choice but to enter this dangerously toxic environment on a daily basis. Brief Action Cancer wanted to highlight the case for legislation banning smoking in cars with children. The campaign featured as 48-sheet posters and adshels. Concept This was a direct, hard-hitting campaign designed to shock as well as educate parents. It visually projected children in danger, encouraging the onlooker to delve further into the shocking statistics that reveal the extent of health problems caused by second-hand smoke in cars.

You smoke, I choke 9 out of 10 adults support no smoking in cars with children

The first ad had to be hard-hitting.

Va-va-fume Lighting up with kids in your car, exposes them to serious health risks. 9 out of 10 adults support stopping smoking in cars with children

Research suggested an arrogance by drivers who deemed it ‘their right’ to choose whether or not to smoke in their own cars. The core message was, ‘Go ahead – smoke in your car! But consider the consequences first.’

Smoking in my car is my choice I wish it was mine 9 out of 10 adults support no smoking in cars with children

Children don’t have a choice when an adult decides to smoke in a car.

Advertising the world’s largest outdoor arts festival CowParade© Background CowParade is the largest and most popular public art event in the world. It features life-size reinforced fibreglass cows that are painted by local artists and community groups, sponsored by local businesses, and displayed throughout streets, parks, and other public places. It has taken place in South America, Asia, Europe and the USA. ©

Brief CowParade© in Northern Ireland was to be projected as promising a festival of fun, art and creativity across both communities. The advertising styling needed to tie in with our branding solution for the overall event. Concept Our keywords for outlining the brand were: quirky; creative; culture; carnival and community. In our search for a theme that would visually project the multiple ingredients of CowParade©, we researched Victorian ephemera – including circus imagery – and deemed it to be outrageous, arresting and unusual. Perfect for introducing a parade of arty cows to Northern Ireland!

HELLO BOYS CowParade, the world’s largest and most popular public art event, is right here in Northern Ireland until September 2012. Come and say hello! visit

It’s Quirky!

HERE COME THE GIRLS CowParade, the world’s largest and most popular public art event, is coming to Northern Ireland, May to September 2012. visit

It’s Quirky!

The exhibits were flirtaciously portrayed, with a play on the famous Wonderbra™ ad.

Banners announced the key aspects of CowParade.... being quirky, creative, cultural, carnivally and cross-cowmunity!


These key aspects were advertised individually in various publications and were promoted extensively in a marketing campaign that included drink mats. Quirky...





Cultural... Carnivally...



Creative and... hard to describe really!

Lobbying support for Government education strategy Early Years Background The objective of Early Years was to begin a process of developing an understanding of the reasons for a comprehensive 0–6 strategy, why its implementation would be of benefit to NI, and why it would provide the best possible start to life for the children of Northern Ireland. Brief The ad campaign had two seperate objectives: 1) to influence politicians at Government level in terms of lobbying support for the Early Years education strategy, and 2) to make parents of young children aware of the importance of early education. Concept Our campaign focused on education through a child’s development from birth to year 6. The key objective was therefore to influence the importance of early education in terms of a child’s future development. Another aspect of the campaign was to project Eary Years as the key organisation in promoting this important initiative.

The campaign launch at Stormont.

The alternative early education policy. Don’t close your eyes to our children’s educational well-being.

Shape the 0–6 Strategy

The opening ad emphasised the importance of being involved in this important initiative.


The education debate starts now. The 0–6 Strategy emphasises the importance of education from birth.

Shape the 0–6 Strategy

Research proves that education begins while the child is in the womb.

Look who’s talking! Education begins at birth and early interaction with your baby stimulates development.

Shape the 0–6 Strategy

Early interaction between parents and child stimulates development.

Mum’s the word. Parents are at the centre of their own children’s learning and are crucial to developing their child’s vocabulary.

Shape the 0–6 Strategy

Emphasising the crucial role of parenthood.

Team Toddler.

Early Learning education promotes teamwork and builds the vital interpersonal skills required throughout life.

Shape the 0–6 Strategy

Early education promotes teamwork.

She’s counting on our early learning initiatives.

We’re aiming for higher standards in early education.

The 0–6 Strategy is vital to the education and well-being of every child in Northern Ireland.

Staff working with children have a major impact on children’s early learning and personal development. We aim to build an early childhood workforce whose expertise matches the needs of the children and families it serves.

Support the 0–6 Strategy

Support the 0–6 Strategy

Press advertising concentrated on communicating Early Years’ initiatives.


Look at education from a new angle The 0–6 Strategy is the most important initiative in NI education in a generation.

Shape the 0–6 Strategy

The campaign ran on 48-sheet posters, adshels...

Look at education from a new angle.

The 0–6 Strategy emphasises the importance of NI education.

The education debate starts now. The 0–6 Strategy emphasises the importance of education from birth.

... and was promoted extensively on bus T-sides and Supersides.

Promoting Ireland’s inspirational landscapes Belfast Telegraph Background The captivating, beautiful and dramatic scenery throughout Northern Ireland has been a valuable source of inspiration to some of Ireland’s finest writers. Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels takes it’s inspiration from Belfast’s surrounding hillscape. Seamus Heaney has a particular fascination with terrain where land and water meet, and C. S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia are said to be inspired by the Mountains of Mourne. Brief We were asked to produce a one-off ad to appear alongside an article in the Belfast Telegraph which assesses the relationship between Irish writers and the inspiration that they drew from surrounding landscapes. Concept The ad features the Mountains of Mourne aka Narnia, and was designed to suggest that inspirational lands of magic and fantasy really do exist.

narnia is real THE MOUNTAINS OF MOURNE were the inspiration for Belfast-born writer C. S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia.


The Mountains of Mourne are perceived as being of magical inspiration.

Promoting a music festival Open House Festival Background Belfast’s Open House Festival is attracting more and more attention year on year. With a diverse range of music on offer (from folk to jazz, hymnal to bluegrass), the event hosts a plethora of musical talent. Brief The diversity of the music on offer meant that the promotional material needed to appeal to a wide-ranging public. Concept The poster proposal is a symbolic one – the tree represents the stage (or various stages) from which a diversity of music springs forth. The eco-style eye represents the observing public. The typographic styling and layout projects an avant-garde and philosophical demeanure. Incidentally, the tiny, lucky black cat is introduced to counter the fact that this is the 13th festival!

Our poster concept uses symbolic imagery.

Advertising aggregate surfacing products Turley Bros Background Established over 50 years ago, Turley Bros are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Resin Bonded and Resin Bound Aggregates in Ireland. Turley Bros’ leading surfacing products include ResinBond and ResinPath, the former being used to great effect at Phoenix Park in Dublin, where the pathways blend with the natural aspects of this world famous park. ResinPath has recently been used extensively at Malahide Castle, enhancing the charming and historical surroundings. Brief Turley Bros wanted to concentrate almost exclusively on the commercial market: public gardens, school playgrounds, parkways and streets. Consequently, their target audience included decision makers within the town planning and architectural environments. Concept  Combined with a targeted marketing programme, our advertising concept was aimed to appeal to these decision makers. The campaign highlighted key aspects of the surfacing products, projecting them as durable, safe and aesthetically pleasing.

The campaign ran as 48 sheet and adshel posters that were positioned outside and during relevant UK and Irish trade fairs.

Blends beautifully Lovely, durable, safe surfacing from Turley Bros.

Picture shows Turley Bros’ resin bond surface.

Large municipal parks and country estates were key market areas.


Take a walk on the smooth side Lovely, durable, safe surfacing from Turley Bros.


Picture shows Turley Bros’ resin bound surface.

The resin bound aggregate surface is one of the most upmarket surfacing products in the UK and Ireland.

Advertising a UK-wide student living experience Liberty Living plc Background Liberty Living plc is the UK’s fastest-growing provider of large-scale student accommodation, providing modern, stylish and affordable living within exciting and progressive learning environments. It is the UK’s second largest provider, with student demand for accommodation increasing rapidly. Brief This fast-developing and successful operation needed to promote its superb accommodation and facilities to students and universities in a way that reflected a dynamic and exciting student living experience. The camapign ran on bus T-sides and Supersides as well as in national and regional student related publications. Concept From the outset, we wanted the ad campaign to emphasise a fun, vibrant student lifestyle. Bold eye-catching and thought-provoking words were chosen to grab the attention of young people, with risque phraseology paramount to portraying this exciting student environment.

Bus Superside camapaign.

Regional bus campaign.

Specific bus routes to and from halls of residence, were targeted.

Regional supplement advertising.

An internal poster campaign also appeared througout all of Liberty Living’s halls of residence.

Promoting a series of cookery books Grub Street Publishing Background As the name suggests, Grub Street is one of London’s finest independent publishers of cookery books, having won several prestigious awards in the cuisine publishing industry. Brief In order to promote their new Mediterranean Cuisine series of books, we were asked to design a poster which would convey traditional Mediterranean cuisine with a modern twist, featuring the lead title in the series. As well as appearing throughout major railway stations, the poster ad featured in Bookseller magazine. Concept Cuisine Niçoise obviously takes its name from the capital city of the Cote d’Azur. The image of the fish sunbathing under a lemon, emphasises the two main ingredients featured in the majority of the recipes throughout the series of books.

RED HOT RECIPES FROM THE MED Cuisine Niรงoise, Recipes from a Mediterranean Kitchen is published by Grub Street. Available now from all good book stores or online at

Fish and lemon feature in the recipes throughout the series.

Hugh Adams provides visual communication solutions involving design for printed material as well as web and digital mediums. Areas of proficiency include corporate identity, marketing literature, advertising and web design. Hugh previously worked as a designer at Penguin Books and Pentagram in London, and was a founding member of The Chase in Manchester. Graduating in Graphic Design from University of Central Lancashire, he has lectured in Visual Communication at Middlesex University and University of Ulster. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and has won national and international awards for design and typography from D&AD, Communication Arts of America, The Roses and the RSA.

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Creative concepts, designs and illustrations contained within this brochure copyright Š Hugh Adams AB3 Design 2012

Advertising and Fish  
Advertising and Fish  

Attention-grabbing Poster Advertising by AB3 Design