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March 31, 2014 STATS, MOBILE RESEARCH & TACO BELL BRAND OBSERVATIONS OF THE DAY From my random collection of info sources, here are some highlights related to the brands of our times...

From the remaining gray matter of Jim Huebner

YOU ASKED FOR IT “Have you noticed that whatever sport you’re trying to learn, some earnest person is always telling you to keep your knees bent?.” —Dave Barry

• Ran across these interesting statistics from Outsell today. Good info for OEMs with dealer networks... -80% of live chat users will physically visit a dealership. -90% of customers leave a dealership website without leaving any information. -88% of live chat users buy within one month. • According to Google Think Insights, 55% of consumers using mobile to research want to purchase within the hour. Think about it...when do you do research on your phone? If you’re like me, it’s when you’re standing in the aisle looking at ten different kinds of leaf blowers trying to figure out which one is going to best meet your needs. Craftsman, Toro, Troy-Bilt and Husqvarna...are you listening? • Did Ronald McDonald REALLY endorse Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu?! The answer is: Yes. All 23 Ronald McDonalds did, in fact. Wha-huh? Taco Bell asked 23 different guys named Ronald McDonald to taste their new breakfast entrees and then captured all 23 of them on video stating, “I’m Ronald McDonald and I love Taco Bell’s new breakfasts.” What a great way to introduce your breakfast menu—somebody over there deserves a raise!

...but the good news is after she was discovered, she was found.

Brought to you by popular demand of a client, my mom, and some folks I met at a church potluck

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Social media: Purveyors of brand trust Building Brands Online: Part 3 If building trust in a brand is a critical step toward creating a premium brand (which it is), then social media may be one of the most valuable tickets down that premium-brand-path. How? Well, according to life and leadership coach Michael Hyatt, building trust takes: 1) Keeping your word; 2) Telling the truth; 3) Being transparent; and 4) Giving without strings attached. When you think about it, a social media platform like Facebook allows you to tackle all of these in one spot. For example, when someone has a legitimate complaint about your product and posts it on your company’s Facebook page, you have a unique opportunity to display your integrity, honesty and transparency by simply addressing their concern right then and there. Not only do you put the fire out before it has time to spread, but by handling it publicly on a social media platform, you’ve completely legitimized your brand as one that consumers can undoubtedly trust. But the power of a social media platform like Facebook doesn’t just stop at being a trust-building customer service center. The opportunities to “give without strings attached” also abound. Here’s one way our client not only gave without strings attached through an engaging Facebook promotion, but also built direct value into the brand along the way... A few months ago, we developed a Facebook promotion with our client to “create engagement and visibility” of their new brand promise. Since they’ve

been in business for years, we thought it’d be fun to see photos of their products through the decades. We asked Facebook users to submit photos of our client’s products, and the user who submitted a photo of the oldest product received a $500 Visa Gift Card, while the four runner-ups received $100 cards. This simple promotion generated hundreds of thousands of impressions, and created tens of thousands of total interactions with our client’s Facebook page. Even better, it generated more than $100,000 worth of new Facebook fans (according to valuation methods used by empirical research firm Syncapse.) Not bad for “giving with no strings attached.” If you’re wanting your social media platforms to work harder at building trust in your brand, here are some great things to keep in mind... • Keep your promises • Respond quickly • Use rewards to engage customers • Make most of your posts helpful or educational. No more than 20% should be self-promoting. • Take criticism well, and always respond respectfully • Tell stories when you can • Post often and post consistently • Be relevant • Invest in quality content • Help more than you sell • Empower staff to be social advocates • Make it fun

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Jim Huebner is President of HuebnerPetersen Integrated Marketing.The firm was established in 1989 and specializes in making companies heroes to their distribution channels through strategic brand positioning, integrated marketing, and front lines marketing services. You can reach Jim at or on LinkedIn. For “Hmmm” archives, CLICK HERE

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BRAND OBSERVATIONS OF THE DAY From my random collection of info sources, here are some highlights related to the brands of our times...

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