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The 6 Latest, Greatest Health & Fitness Apps By Amanda Wong


hen they say “There’s an app for that,” they’re not kidding! Today, there is an app for nearly everything. That’s why it’s difficult to decide which are worth downloading and, more importantly, plus worth spending your valuable data on. When it comes to health and fitness apps, there are just too many to determine which are the most effective ones and those that are easiest to follow. Have no fear. We’ve picked the top six apps to make it simpler for your health and fitness journey.

Nike+ Training Club It’s hard not to relate athleticism to the Nike brand, and with this app, you can train like an athlete at your own pace, create your own program and connect with friends. Choose from different fitness goals (get lean, get toned, get strong or get focused) and then choose your level (from beginner to advanced). A menu of workouts lets you select which one you want to tackle and provides you with information such as what equipment you will need, the duration of the workout and how many calories you are expected to burn. When you need motivation, the Sport Feed (resembling an Instagram feed) is filled with inspiration from professional trainers, or you can add friends and keep track of each other’s progress.

Charity Miles What if your workout could make a difference in the world? With Charity Miles, it can! For every mile you run, walk or bike, the app will donate money to a charity of your choice (25 cents for runners/ walkers and 10 cents for bikers). It’s simple:

choose from a menu of charities and be on your way. Now you’re not just changing your lifestyle when you work out, you’re changing the world.

Noom Coach The dread of dieting is eliminated with the Noom Coach, which aims to help you develop healthier eating habits rather than put restrictions on what you can eat. This app comes with a world-class food log and calorie counter that tracks your food intake. Noom Coach takes this information and gives you advice on how you can improve your eating habits and therefore your lifestyle. Connect with other Noom Coach users to share your experiences and motivate each other!

Sworkit Kids A family that works out together stays together! Based on the Sworkit adult version, Sworkit Kids gets your youngsters involved and in the habit of exercising with this app featuring fun routines demonstrated by kids. The app combines interval training with randomized exercises

so kids won’t get bored with the same routine. Choose workouts that focus on strength, agility, and flexibility to start your kids on a fun journey to getting fit.

Sleep Cycle Part of a healthy lifestyle rests on, Sleep Cycle takes the abruptness out of regular alarm clocks by waking you up in the lightest phase of sleep so you start your day feeling rested. The app monitors and analyzes your sleep using vibrations picked up by your phone’s microphone or accelerometer, then determines the best time to wake you up during a 30-minute span before your set alarm.

Lumosity Lumosity was designed by neuroscientists to help keep your mind sharp. Choose areas that you would like to improve, such as memory, attention and speed. The fun games help train your brain and keep those mental gears going. After all, what is a healthy body without a healthy mind?

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