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Everyone wants to know more about the dentist they are considering. While personal recommendations are certainly valuable, most people want to know about a dentist’s credentials and experience as well. That’s where NJ Top Dentists comes in. “Patients essentially meet their dentist in our magazine or on our site before they even schedule their appointment,” says Cristina Mendez, Director of Marketing & Client Relations. “The custom provider webpages on our website answer the most frequently asked patient questions, all in one convenient resource.” To be featured in the magazine and/or profiled on the site, each dentist must qualify and is extensively screened and approved. These providers were chosen based on a number of criteria, including but not limited to: • Verified dental licenses and credentials • Years in practice • Review of malpractice insurance • Continuing education requirements • Patient reviews • Awards and accomplishments “Peer-to-peer selection is not used in our process. Each dentist featured has earned approval based on merit,” says Ms. Mendez. So take a look for yourself. While all the dentists listed in the approved directory have passed NJ Top Dentists’ rigorous review, many of the providers also have an advertorial in the magazine and/or custom webpages online. Custom client webpages detail a provider’s education, training, services provided, hours of operation, insurance information and more invaluable info. NJ Top Dentists is a division of USA Top Docs, which features approved Top Doctors and Dentists. For more information or to submit an application to be reviewed, please visit: • •

Healthy Living • 2016


Healthy Living: Top Dentists - Winter 2016  
Healthy Living: Top Dentists - Winter 2016