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North Jersey Endodontics How do you ensure specialized care for your patients? At North Jersey Endodontics, we use an old-fashioned style of patient service. Since this is a small office, the patient won’t be seeing a different doctor every time they come in, which is the case for many offices nowadays. Due to our small size, I personally do the vast majority of all the procedures, which helps me build on my relationship with the patient.

EDUCATION + TRAINING Columbia University Dental School & Residency

SERVICES Root Canal Therapy Endodontic Retreatment Pain Management

Are you using any new technology in your office? Technology is always changing and advancing from one thing to the next. I ensure that what I outfit my office with is both cutting-edge and beneficial to my patients. Currently, we use state-of-the-art microscopes to observe the targeted tooth, Tulsa endodontic specialty rotaries and Calamus systems. These keep our practice both up to date on advancements and efficient.

O Fredric A. Lubit, DDS MAIN ADDRESS

1292 Hamburg Turnpike Wayne, NJ 07470

OTHER ADDRESS 11 Kiel Avenue Kinnelon, NJ 07405


(973) 633-1155



Healthy Living • 2016

ffering a variety of endodontic treatments including root canal therapy and endodontic retreatment, Dr. Fredric A. Lubit graduated from Columbia University, where he taught for several years before committing himself fully to his practice North Jersey Endodontics in Wayne, NJ. Along with his associate Dr. Eileen Hansen, he offers patients a compassionate approach and a comprehensive consultation to ensure full understanding of all procedures. “We go out of our way to help patients relax and perform procedures in the most painless and calming manner possible,” says Dr. Lubit. Voted one of the “Best Dentists in America” by the Consumer’s Research Council of America, Dr. Lubit performs thousands of root canals yearly while using the industry’s newest technologies.

What is the most common misconception among your patients regarding dental care? They think they are going to experience extreme pain or discomfort during or after their visit. We go out of our way to help patients overcome this feeling by providing detailed information and the step-by-step process of all procedures. This helps patients relax so we can provide painless procedures in a calming environment. What are the most important qualities that a patient should look for when choosing a dentist? Patients should look for someone who is compassionate, ethical and who will guide them on how to care for their teeth post-treatment. Our website thoroughly explains what to expect before, during and after root canal treatment. I also guide the patient on how to care for the treated area to ensure that it heals properly.

Healthy Living: Top Dentists - Winter 2016  
Healthy Living: Top Dentists - Winter 2016