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racticing pediatric dentistry for over 25 years, Dr. Jay Felsenstein aims to make visits as painless as possible. His office is structured to make patients feel relaxed and comfortable. The waiting room at Kids Dental Kare is outfitted with televisions and the latest video games and toys. If that doesn’t put patients at ease, Dr. Felsenstein, also known as “Dr. Jay,” refers to himself as an “overgrown kid” and is able to talk to his patients in a way they can relate to. Dr. Jay and his staff avoid words that might trigger fear in a patient, such as needle, shot, drill or hurt. Instead, they practice using words that convey the same meaning, but won’t instill fear. While he and his staff excel at creating a fun environment during visits, they strongly emphasize prevention and education for their patients. What is the most common misconception among your patients regarding dental care? The most common misconception is that baby teeth don’t need treatment since they will eventually be replaced by adult teeth. These teeth are important for maintaining space needed for adult teeth to come in properly and are critical for eating, speaking and esthetics. .

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What are the most important qualities that a patient should look for when choosing a dentist? Ensuring the dentist can provide continuity of care to all ages. Parents should find an office that provides a child-friendly environment with a comforting team. Parents should also look for a dentist who stresses preventative measures, while providing any other necessary care.

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How do you ensure specialized care? We take the time necessary for each patient. Our team is friendly and caring, as well as experts in balloon animal making! We strive to make each visit memorable for children in a positive way. We take pride in our ability to see our patients come back visit after visit, implementing the skills we have taught them. Patients look forward to choosing from the prize drawer after each visit and participating in our contests. Are you using any new technology? We have digital x-rays. This ensures less radiation exposure and larger images allowing for earlier detection of decay. These digital images make it easier to display and educate parents on treatments. We also use the Isolite System, which helps children tolerate dental treatment while making an optimal working environment.

Jay Felsenstein, DDS MAIN ADDRESS 4521 Route 9 Howell, NJ 07731


(732) 905-0808


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Healthy Living: Top Dentists - Winter 2016  
Healthy Living: Top Dentists - Winter 2016